mamarleywgrant: When you get a chance, could you please increase the size of ppa:mamarley/staging?  I am uploading a bunch of packages and I am about to hit the limit.00:37
wgrantmamarley: Done.00:49
mamarleyThank you! :)00:49
mamarleytseliot: Is there a reason why the nvidia drivers haven't been registering themselves as an alternative for EGL?  I got an email from someone complaining about that yesterday.11:05
tseliotmamarley: I didn't use to distribute the EGL libraries because of a potential conflict in mesa. Then things were fixed, I added the libraries but, apparently, I forgot to add an alternative for it11:11
aratseliot, ping11:20
tseliotara: pong11:21
mamarleytseliot: Cool, well I have uploaded new versions of everything from 340 to 358 with an alternative for EGL.  In my testing, it works fine (es2_info and es2gears both run) on an 8600m GT, a NVS 5400m, and a GTX 970.11:48
mamarley(To my staging PPA, that is.)11:49
mamarleyricotz: ^You might be interested too.11:49
tseliotmamarley: have you added the alternative yourself?11:53
mamarleytseliot: I put it in the postinst and prerm scripts with the other alternatives.11:53
tseliotmamarley: can you point me again to your staging PPA, please?11:58
mamarleytseliot: https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging11:59
tseliotmamarley: thanks12:00
mamarleyNo problem12:15
ricotzmamarley, tseliot, noted12:29
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