sakrecoer_OvenWerk1: thanks! good to know :)09:39
zequencesakrecoer_: Nice work on the graphics workflow. I might not look at it for a couple of days, so don't feel bad if I don't answer yet.10:28
sakrecoer_zequence: no worries! :) is there a complete list of all devs and different team members with  their email somewhere? i'm thinking about those interviews....11:20
sakrecoer_maybe i should just post a call for the purpose on the user list...?11:20
sakrecoer_yesterday was GIMP's birthday <3 20 years!!!! 11:30
sakrecoer_like we say in sweden: "systemmyndig"... (system authority) you have to be 20 to go to the licorstore here which is a statemonopoly company called "Systembolaget"... sorry for OffTopic, thought someone might giggle a bit about it :D11:45
OvenWerk1sakrecoer_: :)14:04
OvenWerk1sakrecoer_: In Canada The age varies from 18 to 21, 19 where I am in BC14:04
zequencesakrecoer_: No list, really. There's the launchpad teams, pretty much.17:06
sakrecoer_good enough! i'll post something to the user list anyways. I think its about time you longterm devs get a bit of love for your work, so i'll start with you. But i'm sure there must be lots of great content creators on the userlist too.20:46
sakrecoer_by dev i mean the hole team from pr, to support and all that :)20:48
OvenWerk1Some of the people on the user list have been around a lot longer than I have.20:50
sakrecoer_i wont include myself tho, at least for the comming future... i think it would remove a bit of the authenticity. selfpromotion is delicate subject on internet i have noticed...20:50
sakrecoer_i know some of you mostely code, but i think that is a creativity that needs some love too. so i will forge questions for that aswell.20:53
sakrecoer_and its good for the community to get to know a little bit about the humans behind it. make it lively... :)20:54
sakrecoer_didn't see your reply OvenWerk1 ... sorry for typing you by...22:29

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