RonWhoCaresWhat program should I use to record HD video?  I've just received a camera I ordered on E-Bay "Cheese" isn't sensing it as an HD web cam.  Do I need update drivers?  Thoughts?20:54
zequenceRonWhoCares: You should look up if that camera has linux support20:58
RonWhoCaresIt comes up in Cheese20:59
RonWhoCaresJust 640 x 48020:59
zequenceI have very little experience in video capture myself. Let me which IRC channels might be easier to get help on21:02
zequenceOther than that, I would recommend forums. linuxforums, or ubuntuforums21:02
zequenceCan't find anything, but I suspect anything to do with Video For Linux.21:03
zequenceAh, #v4l21:05
zequenceThat could be a good place to ask21:05
frohhi, i just did an update, ad catia started to act up, jack stopped after a while and so on21:58
frohso i deleted .config/Catia and .jackdrc. It turned out that i had to start qjackctl to get a proper .jackdrc before cadence could behave properly22:00
frohsorr , wrote catia when i meant Cadence22:00
sakrecoer_i'm affraid i can't help you with cadence froh. if no one answers try the mailinglist22:39

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