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ochosiflocculant: i'd say if adwaita exposes it too, then it09:33
ochosi's for sure not a shimmer-themes problem09:33
ochosii'm more afraid it could be an xfwm4 issue, but i seriously hope it's "just" gtk309:34
flocculantochosi: from what I've read - it's not just us, u-gnome, ubuntu 12:42
flocculantochosi: marked mine a dupe of one that's got upstream linked to gnome-bugs12:50
flocculantand seb bacher has seen that one 12:50
slickymasterWorkknome, krytarik, saw the MP13:05
slickymasterWorkwill review it tonight, when I get home13:06
slickymasterWorkand it won't be a sillyyyyy review knome :P13:06
knomeslickymasterWork, it will, because i have already done the technical review (and made sure it works), and there isn't really much for the content side to ACK13:32
ochosiflocculant: ok, that is comforting to hear13:56
flocculantochosi: seen more now - they think it's an ubuntu specific patch, and I thought I'd let you know as soon as I read stuff :)13:59
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krytarikknome: Just notice we are copying too much with the new 'common-libs' target, but we did before too. :P  Also, if you haven't done it yet, and aren't opposed to it, I'm gonna try and merge the startpage CSS with the main one.  Will have another diff upcoming.16:07
knomekrytarik, just don't :P16:29
knomekrytarik, i *want* to keep the stuff that is there, separate16:29
knomekrytarik, at least for now, before i do the revamp for the abstract or whatever16:30
krytarikGood, less work for me, I suppose. :P16:30
krytarikHowever, here is the new, complete technical diff: http://paste.openstack.org/show/NeQmvZTwrGe1TSONcNVD/16:38
ochosiflocculant: sure,that's cool!16:38
krytarikknome: ↑16:39
krytarikknome: Did you fix the startpage style issues I mentioned yet though?16:42
knomekrytarik, no, i didn't16:59
knomekrytarik, and what "complete"? is it more complete than your MP and my MP?16:59
krytarikWell, you asked me for a technical review of yours - and I posted a diff yesterday, and this is an extension to that.17:00
knomeif you want to further changes, do another MP that depends on mine please...17:00
krytarikParticularly, as I mentioned, fixes that *everything* in 'libs-common' is copied.17:01
knomesigh :)17:01
knomei don't think we're really building the startpage without the docs17:01
krytarikHuh?  Look what else is in there.17:01
krytarikI'm fine with copying too many images for the startpage, that is.17:03
knomejust let's merge what we have now17:22
knomethen you can do the diff on top of that17:23
pleia2knome: thanks for reviewing the post17:23
knomepleia2, np17:23
knomepleia2, fwiw, i didn't do the changes related to things i specifically highlighted to you17:24
* pleia2 will make edits and things in a bit17:24
krytarikknome: I messed the latest diff up again, of course - no proper testing and checking this time. >_<18:30
krytarik+ a bit18:31
krytarikHowever, that doesn't matter anyway right now.18:31
krytarik( http://paste.openstack.org/show/k6n6d1JB59CwMEMdUtRP/ )18:49
krytarikFixed the bottom border of the startpage too.18:50
pleia2knome: post updated and with photos added if you want to have a look before I hit publish19:15
knomepleia2, just a sec19:16
pleia2no rush :)19:17
knomepleia2, looks good to me, you can go when you are ready19:19
pleia2knome: want to tweet?19:20
pleia2I fb and g+19:20
knomeyeah, i just logged in19:20
knomeand yeah, we need the blog entries on the front page sooner or later19:20
knomeit's really hidden now19:20
knome(and in the menu)19:21
* pleia2 back2work19:25
slickymasterkrytarik, knome, flocculant pushed up to revision 49021:42
slickymasterweren't you also to do a MP, knome?21:43
flocculanthe did afaik21:44
slickymasteryou're right flocculant, Found it21:46
slickymasterknome, do you want to wait for krytarik's ack or can I just go ahead and merge https://code.launchpad.net/~knome/xubuntu-docs/startpage-common-libs/+merge/278264?21:48
krytarikslickymaster: I posted a diff earlier to fix some issues.21:49
krytarik( http://paste.openstack.org/show/k6n6d1JB59CwMEMdUtRP/ )21:50
slickymasterso everything is ok on your side, I assume krytarik 21:52
krytarikslickymaster: It's not applied yet.21:55
slickymasterit's merged already krytarik 21:57
slickymasterknome's branch is dependent on  your branch which is merged npw21:58
slickymaster* now21:58
krytarikslickymaster: I'm referring to knome's MP, of course.21:58
slickymastermissunderstood you21:59
knomeslickymaster, just merge mine when you are ready22:00
knomeslickymaster, krytarik ack's22:00
knomekrytarik, once he's done, push a new MP with your changes22:01
krytarikknome: To fix yours?22:01
knomekrytarik, well if there were errors in mine, then yes22:01
knomekrytarik, or whatever you were planning to stack on top of it22:02
slickymasterdone knome 22:04
krytarikknome: Isn't this 'DONE' too?: "[knome] Move the Strategy Document to the contributor documentation with necessary formatting changes: INPROGRESS".22:44
knomekrytarik, yes and no22:44
knomemaybe i should split it up22:45
krytarikknome: Since you are there, can you set mine to 'DONE' too? :P22:46
krytarikI was just in the editor then, that is.22:48
sidioh god i forgot about stupid CSD. Do you allow CSD on Xubuntu or do you force SSD?22:49
Unit193Luckily Ubuntu patches a few of them out, but otherwise...22:50
sidiGNOME apps have them?22:50
sidi(brb going home...)22:51

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