soeegood morning07:12
lordievaderRiddell: Would it be allright if I invite a couple of friends to the saturday dinner at FOSDEM?07:43
ghostcubehmm kernel 4.2.x  will be backported to 14.04.03?10:44
Riddelllordievader: sure, just put them down on the page11:22
lordievaderWell, we still need to talk about it. Just wanted to see if it would be okay :D11:39
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) 8d87449 * Harald Sitter: .bzr-builddeb/default.conf12:54
pursuivantremove leftover from bzr12:54
BluesKajHI folks13:07
shadeslayerthe X1 carbon has a option for 16GB of RAM17:40
yofelmost of the better equipped notebooks do by now. (My T550 has 16)17:44
clivejoyofel: ping18:42
clivejodo you know whats going on with 15.08.3 apps in xenial?18:43
clivejohow come they are in wily?18:43
clivejoor in staging for wily?18:43
yofelbecause scarlett merged stuff into wily skipping xenial18:44
clivejoI thought xenial came first, then wily?18:44
yofelusually yes18:44
* clivejo scratches head18:44
yofelno need to. She just put the order upside down to get the packages done for wily18:45
clivejodoes that cause problems for the automation tools?18:45
yofelwith our fancy git branches, "backports" is really just a label18:45
clivejowould you have time to help me stage them?18:46
yofelwith our tooling I would be happier if you don't do it :/18:49
yofelI might have some time to do it later, and I guess I could do it in a container so you could watch18:50
yofelor we could do it together18:50
clivejogive me a shout when you have time18:50
yofelok, in an ~hour18:50
soeewhat is the ci server status ?18:58
yofelon that topic19:01
yofelsitter: how does one actually reach clemens?19:02
soeeyofel: you should talk with DO, i ahve there 3 droplets and they work perfect19:29
soee+ the snapshts feature etc.19:30
yofelsoee: that was the plan (and I'm using DO myself). But Harald said that we could maybe take over the existing server, which would give us some more time to set things up ourselves19:31
soeeyofel: but the existing one would be for free ?19:31
soeei think DO could sponsor open source project19:31
yofelprobably not unless blue systems would keep sponsoring it (unlikely)19:32
yofelRick said that he got talked to DO and was offered $500 free usage at least19:32
soee$500 free usage at least :19:32
yofelRick said on trello "We have the opportunity of $480 of Digital Ocean hosting."19:33
yofelyou'll have to ask him for details19:33
yofelthat would cover the server costs for over a year I think19:34
yofelafter that we can apply to the ubuntu community fund19:34
yofelclivejo: sorry, I won't get to applications today anymore22:02
clivejook :(22:03
* tsimonq2 is gone: test22:26
shadeslayerRiddell: where's the group picture?22:27
clivejoIm trying to upload to LaunchPad, but everytime the upload hangs on - Uploading calligra_2.9.8.orig.tar.xz: 190104k/190105k, why is this?  Driving me insane22:28
shadeslayeryofel: do you have any good pictures? :P22:28
Riddellshadeslayer: facebook? flickr.com/jriddell too I think22:30
shadeslayermeh, I look weird in that22:31
shadeslayerbugger it then22:32
Riddellnonsense, you look very fetching22:32
Riddellclivejo: put on a web server somewhere and ask someone else to upload?22:35
Riddellkamoso 3.1 is out!22:35
clivejobut why wont it work :/22:35
clivejowasted over a Gb trying22:36
Riddellgosh I get e-mailed about new shadeslayer blogs22:36
shadeslayerdid you know that eleven plus two is a anagram of twelve plus one22:38
shadeslayerthe useless things QI teaches you22:38
shadeslayeralso, moon starer is a anagram of astronomer22:38
shadeslayerwhich is what they called themselves back then22:38

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