daniel_i need some help02:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:58
keithzg(I know, I know, I'm hours late on this :P)03:58
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WoomlaI'm trying to start a konsole from another konsole, execute some commands and keep the konsole open. I've tried "konsole --hold --separate -e echo hi". This opens a separate konsole window but it is not interactive.09:07
ikoniaWoomla: because it's executed it's command, so the shell ends09:08
Woomlaikonia: Ok. How can I keep the shell running?09:10
ikoniahave to look at the options, dont know what consoles arguments are off the top of my head09:11
valoriewill & at the end do it?09:11
Kwaadpepperyou can type & at the end of command09:11
valorieI mean, `&`09:12
ikoniathe & will tell it to continue running in the background09:12
ikoniathats not the right thing to do09:12
Kwaadpepperbut if you close your host console the child will close too09:12
ikoniaI guess it woudld technically work....09:12
ikoniabut I don't think backgrounding the job is the right approach09:13
Kwaadpepperthe basic of fork processes09:13
WoomlaI've tried `konsole& --hold --nofork --separate -e echo hi` but that doesn't execute `echo`09:20
ikoniakonsole & does not seem a good thing to do09:28
hateballWoomla: konsole --separate --hold -e echo hi09:35
hateballworks as expected here at any rate09:35
hateballand you can disown it with & at the very end if need be09:36
jubo2I'm getting really bummed out with this faulty HW10:58
jubo2I'm viewing the temperatures with Psensor so it is that or the SW hates me.. a lot..10:59
jubo2and that just doesn't make sense because I'm on the new Kubuntu15.10 and I don't pirate software11:00
Woomlahateball: That leaves a konsole saying 'hi'. But you cannot execute any commands in it.11:00
jubo2Today I take the non-faulty RAM from the carcass of another computer of same maker and model11:01
jubo2If the problem goes away or not it'll help rule out faulty RAM coz the previous machine never did this11:01
jubo2I'm starting to doubt if I should go for the 3rd gen i5 used and cleaned Lenovo or some other solution11:02
jubo2I gonna be splashing on 2x8GB RAM so I can throw _all_ OS enough11:02
jubo2plus I hear it helps to get gameable framerates at mid-settings in Eli Ted Angerous11:03
jubo2I saw an ad for a new laptop for the same money but this one has 5th gen i5 and a real GPU with 2GB RAM11:05
jubo2horrible 15.6"er11:05
jubo2and prlly unusable due to too wide keyboard11:06
jubo2I like 268-270mm wide11:06
hateballWoomla: ah, you need to keep running commands in it11:11
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hateballhello mario___, do you have a question?11:36
jubo2Took me 10 minutes to swap the memories from machine-to-machine12:13
jubo2Now gonna run stress on it12:13
nullkuhlI am using an nvidia driver (its a must for me) and i get Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". on running glxgears, any idea ?12:13
jubo2'stress -c 10 -m 5 -i 5 -d 10 -t 600'12:15
lordievadernullkuhl: Is the nvidia driver loaded?12:16
nullkuhllordievader: yes , i selected it with prime-select nvidia and its loaded12:16
lordievaderHmm, since this is a typical error when it ain't loaded.12:17
lordievaderYou mention prime, are both drivers loaded?12:17
nullkuhllordievader:  am not sure about that.. i remove the mesa link from alternatives as it never allowed nvidia driver to be loaded12:17
nullkuhllordievader: i am also on kdm as when i switch to lightdm i end up with a black screen, not sure if its related though :(12:18
lordievaderIt could very well have the same cause, yes.12:18
nullkuhllordievader: hmm.. do you need me to paste some logs ?12:19
Woomlahateball: yes I do. So the question is how to keep the console open running commands in it.12:19
lordievadernullkuhl: Well if you could pastebin the output of 'lspci -k|grep -A 3 VGA' that might help.12:20
lordievaderMust say I do not have a lot of time.12:20
nullkuhllordievader: will try to be fast12:21
nullkuhllordievader: http://pastebin.com/i9qTiP1012:21
lordievaderHmm, yeah that looks allright...12:22
lordievaderNot really sure what the problem might be.12:23
nullkuhlxorg log then or any query to do ?12:23
lordievaderErr, I'm sorry I don't really have time to look at that right now. But I'm sure someone else can help you out. Else try #ubuntu.12:24
nullkuhllordievader: thx12:24
jubo2nope. wasn't a RAM issue shutdown occours again12:25
jubo2I should look at the logs but I'm not very good at determining which log I should see for problem X12:25
hateballjubo2: If you're having the machine shutdown while running stress... sounds to me like CPU overheat prevention in bios12:26
jubo2in BIOS you say..12:27
hateballjubo2: Well does the machine die during normal operation or just during stress?12:27
hateballI see12:27
jubo2I'm looking at Psensor12:28
jubo2fine range now12:28
hateballThat's pretty warm for a CPU, but it shouldnt shut down12:28
hateballAre fans spinning OK?12:28
jubo24000RPM says the Psensor. I can feel a hot airflow but it is not very strong12:29
jubo2hateball: I want a 100% functional machine12:29
jubo2what should I buy12:29
hateballWell, if sensors are wrong (which they might be) it might be overheating I guess12:30
hateballjubo2: Is it an old machine?12:30
jubo2and do want 3-display capable one12:30
jubo2hateball: yes 2011 make12:30
jubo2Gaming laptops (new ones cost 1500-3000€)12:30
jubo2Mi budget is 500€12:31
hateballjubo2: Depending on how it has been used it is possible the fan exhaust is clogged up with dust. what model is it?12:31
jubo2Lenovo ThinkPad X201 with 1st gen i512:31
jubo2I can get used 3rd gen or new 5th gen12:31
jubo2I'd really like to not buy HP12:32
jubo2Their printers are infamous for sucking up more then one paper at a time12:32
jubo2I mean how hard can it be.. Other mfgrs do it12:32
jubo2plus all the 15.6" I've tried have too wide keyboard for my finger memory12:33
jubo2I got's to have a 268-270mm wide keyboard12:33
hateballWe had a model here at work that used to clog up so we had to disassemble and blow out the dust12:34
hateballIt doesnt take a lot in a laptop, since they are so cramped12:34
hateballWhich is why they will work fine if cooled down and then started and idling12:34
jubo2Buying a used Lenovo 410T ~ 240€ is one option12:34
jubo2it's a 14" economy business line12:34
hateballWell, we only use HP here at work. The nice thing about them is they are very Linux-friendly12:35
hateballI don't think I've come across a model that didnt have everything working ootb12:35
jubo2hateball: I gots to try that cleaning thing if the bottom comes off nicely12:36
hateballjubo2: google gives http://www.myfixguide.com/manual/lenovo-thinkpad-x201-disassembly-clean-cooling-fan-remove-keyboard/12:38
Lex_Hello A few Days ago i installed Kubuntu as the main System on my Terra-Laptop. Everything works fine ecept for my Mausecoursor I think the driver isnt working, it says: synaptics not found. I tried to install synaptics in the terminal but the mousecouror is still not working correctly. It jumps the whole time on my screen. Do you know how i can fix this, i cant find any information in the internet. Thank you and greetings from Germany12:59
jubo2hateball: Couldn't figure how to remove the KBRD13:05
jubo2from that myfixguide13:05
jubo2but I vacuum cleanered the fan exhaust13:05
jubo2time to run stress13:06
BluesKajHI folks13:07
SmurphyMorning ... :)13:07
jubo2The temperature reading has wide variance13:08
hateballjubo2: oh well. usually it is a must to disassemble it to remove dust stuck on fan blades etc, and between the fins of the heatsink13:11
hateballit tends to buildup like a wall of dust on the inside of the exhaust13:11
SmurphyThat's why I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner... Sucks dust out like a pro :D *hrhrhr*13:12
hateballOnce you get that buildup on the inside it wont be able to get sucked out through the heatsink fins13:18
hateballAlso it is advised against using vacuums for the static discharge. Altho I do it myself :p13:18
BluesKajI use a can of air plus the vacuum cleaner , it really gets the dust out, but the statically coated buildup has to be cleaned with q-tips dipped in isopropyl to get the heatsink fins really clean13:19
Smurphyhateball: Well - problem is that yoiu need to get the dust off. Power-Air-Spray won't help. I usually dismantle the fans completely and clean them. Then I also remove the heat-sinks, clean everything and apply some new heat-past etc.13:19
Lex_Hello A few Days ago i installed Kubuntu as the main System on my Terra-Laptop. Everything works fine ecept for my Mausecoursor I think the driver isnt working, it says: synaptics not found. I tried to install synaptics in the terminal but the mousecouror is still not working correctly. It jumps the whole time on my screen. Do you know how i can fix this, i cant find any information in the internet. Thank you and greetings from Germany13:22
BluesKajLex_, which kubuntu and have you updated and upgraded since installing?13:26
Lex_newest version and yeah i updated13:31
BluesKajand upgrade?13:32
Lex_is there a difference?13:32
BluesKajabsolutely, update just finds the packages that need upgrading or installing , upgrade installs them13:33
Lex_how do i do it?13:33
BluesKajsudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade13:33
Lex_okay tnx ill try that13:33
BluesKajin the terminal13:33
hateballLex_: Does the device show up at all if you run "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" ?13:34
Smurphy /usr/bin/xinput --list13:35
Smurphyworks better ...13:35
Lex_i can use the touchpad but the courur junps around while im doing it13:36
hateballSmurphy: well it gives a prettier list, but not any specifics to google for :) Anyhow it appears it is detected13:38
Lex_what does this synaptics mean?13:39
hateballLex_: are you able to configure it using the touchpad config gui?13:39
BluesKajLex_, isn't there a sensitivity settings option in synaptics?13:40
hateballThere should be a whole bunch of options to tweak, like palm detection etc13:40
Lex_i dont know what synaptics is its says if i open device management13:40
hateballLex_: press alt+space to open krunner, search for "touchpad"13:40
hateballThat should get you the configuration gui13:40
Lex_ok wait its still upgrading13:41
Lex_if i open touchpad settings there is a red bar with: synaptics backend not found13:45
hateballhmmm, that might be https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=344958 I guess13:47
ubottuKDE bug 344958 in kcm "No touchpad found" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]13:47
hateballI am on 14.04 on this machine13:47
Lex_yeah im on this site too in this monent .D13:49
Lex_i dont understand what these guys are doing there :D13:51
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Lex_Hello A few Days ago i installed Kubuntu as the main System on my Terra-Laptop. Everything works fine ecept for my Mausecoursor I think the driver isnt working, it says: synaptics not found. I tried to install synaptics in the terminal but the mousecouror is still not working correctly. It jumps the whole time on my screen. Do you know how i can fix this, i cant find any information in the internet. Thank you and greetings from Germany13:55
glxhello, I've got a problem after upgrading kubuntu (64) to 15.10. kinit, plasma and krunner crashes on startup, a message says "Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0" " I tried fglrx, fglrx-updates and OS driver. I was looking for solution for couple of hours. can anyone help please?13:59
soeetry to backup your .kde and .config folders and remove them14:03
glxok, thx14:03
glxbut the problem is that I treid starting twm and it neither works14:04
glxand plasma also doesn't start on newly created user account, so probably it has nothing to do with configuratiopn14:06
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jubo2is it normal for temperature sensor readings to flux 15-20C16:28
jubo2or is it lying?16:28
rom1504maybe if your computer is in a fridge16:30
jubo2I need fresh laptop16:30
jubo2also need fresh desktop to play Eli Ted Angerous16:30
jubo2can barely afford either one of these needs16:31
rom1504get a job16:32
jubo2rom1504: difficult. capitalist likes to make the rules for the bottom of the pyramid unreasonable and the compensations for the top of the pyramid unreasonable16:39
jubo2I go now search for studio technician education opportunities16:40
MichaelP15.10 installer don't like partitions with os on it... Goes from select language to prepare goog... but then click next.. and it hangs.... cancle it... do mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda2... then start again and it does like it is supose to16:40
jubo2I'm in Finlan so all education from creche, day-care, pre-school, school, high-school, and multiple doctorates are free of charge16:40
jubo2I don't care. I got Ph.D. in the art of the obscure things16:41
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MichaelPWhat does ph.D have to do with anything ?16:44
jubo2MichaelP: sounds like you have weird bug16:49
jubo2not that I'd know about computers16:49
jubo2Yesterday I opened a G3 128MB 20GB mac from the wrong direction16:50
MichaelPHow you open a computer from the wrong direction ? they only open one way16:53
geniiMaybe things fell out16:54
jubo2Maybe I just buy rad desktop gaming rig and run Konversation in virtual machine in VirtualBox16:55
jubo2I would like a nice gaming desktop ( not as energy restricted and not as heat restricted ) and a laptop but cannot afford both16:56
MichaelPGuess next give it to someone that knows computer..... Tech work.. for people that know what they doing16:56
MichaelPtime reboot into installed system16:58
jubo2MichaelP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktwlN_ocL-o - Franz Ferdinand - Michael (2004)16:58
* jubo2 hits the proper volume-button16:58
jubo2Michael is an ancient Wikipedia troll and sock16:59
jubo2Really hated by the sysop(presseur)ators16:59
jubo2maybe mild hate16:59
jubo2not the physically real hate maybe, just the watered down of noun thanks to interwebz17:00
jubo2Good news is that in a little while the current Internet will be known as "Legacy Internet"17:00
jubo2[Wednesday 04 June 2014] [23:08:08] <jubo2>     "We could patch in the Legacy Internet onto this new network but really, why bother?" ~ http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Some_guy in 201817:01
jubo2Yeah.. Teh Scots are going to save the world from data protection, retention and transmission done badly17:02
MichaelPWikipedia.....Michael /ˈmaɪkəl/ is a male given name that comes from the Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל / מיכאל‎ (Mīkhāʼēl, pronounced [miχaˈʔel]), derived from the question מי כאל mī kāʼēl, meaning "Who is like God?"[1]17:03
jubo2"Maikkel.. Are you there?" *presses turbo-boost*17:03
jubo2Kitt does not want toxic waste sludge dump17:05
MichaelPGuess 15.10 plasma 5.4.2 has same bug as debian testing... 50 secounds before desktop does anything17:12
jubo2Got fed up with that machine shutting down17:14
jubo2Gonna move irc here to the 268mm keyboarded netbook17:14
jubo2just about any minute now17:15
MichaelPSounds like something wrong with it.. of it shuting down17:15
jubo2'tar czvf irc-logs-2015-11-24.tar.gz ~/logs/'17:15
nullkuhlin plasma 5 login screen, clock and date are written in a different language, how can i switch them to english ? i have all regional settings set to english us17:15
jubo2nullkuhl: one way to get English language error reports from CLI programs at least is to set the environment variable for locale to C17:16
jubo2they really help17:16
jubo2I am from Finlan17:16
jubo2so Finnish error reports aren't easy with English language support like Freenode irc17:17
nullkuhljubo2: am not sure if i get you, can you elaborate more17:17
jubo2nullkuhl: Suppose you have Finnish or Swedish or French GNU/Linukka17:17
jubo2then you get error17:17
jubo2set the locale to "C" in the env and all programs should print in US English17:18
jubo2this way the user does not need to attempt and fail and translating it17:18
nullkuhlbut am not talking about errors here, its login screen clock17:19
jubo2nullkuhl: but is that a biggie17:19
jubo2computers are and have been full of glitches17:19
nullkuhlyes, because its in arabic and i dont understand arabic numerals17:19
jubo2sometimes restarting layer by layer fixes the problem even if it isn't a credible proof how the problem got sorted17:20
jubo2nullkuhl: noh noh.. Latin uses arabic numerals17:20
nullkuhlits hindi numerals17:20
jubo2Yiddish has those letter/numbers / number/letters tsydem17:20
nullkuhljubo2: and now u are just trolling XD17:20
MichaelPnullkuhl: maybe this will help...  https://github.com/sddm/sddm/issues/20217:21
jubo2jubo-jubo in the controlls. kick back and enjoy refreshments.17:21
jubo2nullkuhl: I dunno Hindi letters but that Mother Amma is nice17:21
jubo2come all the way to freezing North to hug people and give them gifts17:22
MichaelPHe thinks he smart because he have PHD in obscure things17:23
nullkuhlMichaelP: locale -a : ar_EG.utf817:23
nullkuhlthen comes en us,, so how can i remove the ar_EG from locale17:24
nullkuhldid it, will reboot and see17:26
MichaelPnullkuhl: where is locale in kubuntu ? arch in etc/locale.conf17:27
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hazamonzohey folks. Anyone know if i can specify a .pem with a fish:// connection in dolphin?19:56
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* tsimonq2 is gone: test22:26
clivejoanyone know of a decent temperature plasmoid?23:44
valorietemp of computer, or temp as in weather?23:46
valoriethat said, I dunno for either23:46
clivejoCPU, GPU, HDD etc23:57
clivejoah found one23:58

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