Bengan_Good morning. I tried to install Lubuntu onto a machine yesterday. I got as far as Installing bootloader, then it crashed! Has theproblem been fixed?07:21
filiskowhy on lubuntu default theme when I change the colors they never change?09:43
cimbakahnIs anyone out there?'14:32
cimbakahnI cannot find vlc and ubuntu-restricted-extras in Synaptic PM.14:33
bioterrorsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras vlc14:34
cimbakahnIt looks like it might be working.14:41
cimbakahnYep!  It worked.  Thank you very much!14:44
bioterroryou're welcome14:46
cimbakahnI wonder how i was able to get both of those without having a PPA for them......14:46
bioterrorthey do not need PPA14:49
cimbakahnIf they were not in Synaptic, how was i able to get them with those commands?14:52
tsimonq2hi, I was wondering how I could make VLC the default media player in Lubuntu14:53
tsimonq2for all video and audio files14:53
cimbakahnI was just trying to do the same thing but i can't figure it out yet.15:06
cimbakahnI went to Prefrences / Default Applications for LXSession.15:08
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Needing-helphello, please anyone, i need help, i installed lubuntu live iso on usb flash drive, and booted it, but failed with a kernel panic, i read something related to this processot is not supported, but i`m not sure, because my processor is a VIA c7 x86 compliant, Can anyone please help me? i tried to boot with safe parameters, but the initial menu is broken (is missing safe options).15:11
Needing-helpi`m waiting, thanks in advance.15:12
cimbakahnI don't know the solution to your problem.  Maybe someone else does.15:14
Needing-helpthank you15:14
Needing-helpdo you know how to boot with acpi=off, but instead of using (install acpi=off) use .... something live iso ....... acpi=off ?15:16
cimbakahnNo.  Sorry!  I don't.15:21
cimbakahnThere will be many more people here later.  I'm sure someone can help you.15:22
cimbakahnDoes this really work on this page ----> http://askubuntu.com/questions/57919/how-to-open-all-video-files-with-vlc    Editing the mimeapps.list at ~/.local/share/applications16:32
cimbakahnI wouldn't be screwing anything up if i did it, would i?16:33
cimbakahnIs this correct? ---->  https://paste.teknik.io/2437      Or should each line have a ; Semi-colon after it?17:14
krytarikcimbakahn: For reference: http://standards.freedesktop.org/mime-apps-spec/mime-apps-spec-1.0.1.html17:30
cimbakahnThank you Krytarik!  I'll check it out.17:31
cimbakahnWhat is crossposting?  So i can make sure i don't do it again.17:38
krytarik!crosspost | cimbakahn17:40
ubottucimbakahn: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.17:40
cimbakahnI see.  I didn't know that.  I was just doing that in hopes that i would get an answer.  There have been times in the past where i never got an answer at all and i was very patient.  Sometimes i waited an hour.  Sorry!17:44
wxlcimbakahn: such is the nature of irc. not everyone available always has the answer to a specific question. also don't forget we're all volunteers and have regular jobs too XD17:45
wxlcimbakahn: if you can'17:45
wxlt get an immediate answer, using alternative means like askubuntu or mailing lists wqould be suggested17:45
cimbakahnThank you for the other ideas!17:46
wxlnp and good luck with yoru issue :)17:47
OpenSorceHi guys! I'm looking for a way to edit .desktop files so that I can make the app launch with it's own titlebar (decoration) without the system decoration. Is there a way to do this?21:42
OpenSorceOr maybe find an exclusions list like blackbox uses to exclude some apps from being decorated?21:43
* tsimonq2 is gone: test22:26
iynqueTEST FAILED. You will not inherit the chocolate factory. GOOD DAY.22:27

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