liuxgdoes anyone know how to install mysql into snappy?02:52
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fgimenezgood morning08:11
dholbachgood morning08:21
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dholbachtedg, do you know how close we are to releasing snapcraft 0.5?09:12
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mattywmorning folks - the first thing to be said is that I'm very new to setting up bridge networks - so go gentle, but is there any equivalent to bridge-utils for snappy? I'm trying to create a bridge so I can create lxc containers that get ip addresses from my router, but I don't see a simple way of being able to create a bridge device09:19
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday and happy Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day! 😃10:09
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asacChipaca: yeah, so having rest api working (TM) on 15.04 would be great11:54
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tsimonq2hmm, are there any snaps that need to be made? :P15:28
sergiusenstsimonq2, can you maybe be more specific?15:43
tsimonq2sergiusens: or rather tasks that need to be done? I would like to contribute to Ubuntu Snappy15:53
sergiusenstsimonq2, you can try and write a snapcraft plugin to handle a source type if you want; there are snappy clinics on youtube getting into the basics16:08
sergiusensanother things could be using Ubuntu Core, finding bugs and maybe fixing them16:08
sergiusensnot sure what you are into16:08
elopioplars: I need to look at the output of the latest script. Can you get it for me please?17:44
elopioI think it would be easier if I add set -x and rerun, right?17:45
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kami__Hi. I have installed snappy ubuntu core on raspberry pi 2. Does anyone know if it's possible to compile Qt for it?19:56
kgunntedg: ping20:15

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