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BluesKajHI folks13:07
krabadorhi BluesKaj13:08
BluesKajhi krabador13:09
retrojeff$ sudo sed -i 's/trusty/xenial/g' /etc/apt/sources.list23:47
retrojeffwill this work?23:47
retrojeffthe only errors I saw are 404's on the extras23:47
retrojeffoh crap when I marked all the upgrades in synaptic package manager its showing so many broken packages23:52
retrojeffso this is a bad idea23:52
TJ-how about do-release-upgrade --devel23:53
retrojeffin synaptic is says on the bottom23:54
retrojeff3416 packages listed, 3485 installed, 4 broken. 3295 to install/upgrade, 141 to remove23:55
retrojeffbroken ones are pidgin-twitter, swig, telepathy-haze23:56
retrojeffand pidgin-encryption23:56
retrojeffI guess I could purge these23:56
retrojeffok selecting to purge swig installs swig3.023:57

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