dholbachgood morning08:21
czajkowskigoood morning08:44
dholbachhi czajkowski08:55
czajkowskidholbach: hello how's things?09:00
dholbachgood good :-)09:00
dholbachhow are you?09:00
czajkowskigood taking thursday and friday off this week as USA are off which means I can enjoy the quite time of no email over loading :)09:01
dholbachvery nice09:02
dholbachwe went to see Fat Freddy's Drop last night with a couple of friends - it was a great concert :)09:02
dholbachsalut davidcalle09:03
davidcallehey dholbach :) Solved, the main db issue this night with help from #webops, currently deploying09:04
dholbachwhat was it?09:04
dholbachgreat work davidcalle09:04
davidcalledholbach, we have a storage volume and with each new deployment, juju attaches the db with this volume. Sometimes, metadata of the volume gets corrupted and juju can't find it.09:05
dholbachis there a way we can prevent this corruption or do something about it?09:06
dholbachOr was this old metadata and it won't happen with the new shiny stuff we have now?09:06
dholbachdavidcalle, looks like django cms upstream will very soon release a new major version........... :-)09:07
davidcalledholbach, not really, it shouldn't happen, what we can do is detach the volume before each new deployment, but I haven't found clear steps on how to do this09:07
dholbachah ok09:07
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davidcalledholbach, it's really not related to our stack, simply using juju+postgre+storage volumes09:08
davidcalledholbach, our Django stack, I mean09:08
dholbachok, yep, makes sense09:08
davidcalledholbach, hum, no it's failing while doing syncdb : django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: no schema has been selected to create in09:09
davidcalledholbach, I need to get some coffee :)09:09
dholbachmore like running a2dissite and a2ensite before and after a deployment (or something)09:09
dholbachdidn't we have the same problem a few days ago?09:09
dholbach... at least you said "I need to get some coffee" and not "I need a drink", which in this situation would have been absolutely understandable as well09:15
dholbachok, looks like they plan to release today09:26
dholbachso there's probably a bunch more good fixes waiting for us :)09:27
popeyWho can fix the ubuntu on air calendar? I see a mis-match between the Q&A time today. It says 15:00 UTC but my calendar says 16:00 UTC09:37
dholbachjose probably09:53
popeydholbach, you and me for Q&A today?09:59
dholbachsounds good :)09:59
popeyI'll set it up.10:04
popeyshall we do it at 16:00 UTC or 15:00 UTC dholbach ?10:04
dholbach16 would be nice10:04
dholbachthat's the EOD slot it was in before DST changes :)10:05
popeyyeah, will do that10:07
popeyI still don't understand how it moved tbh10:07
popeyoh, it's in jose's calendar, which probably doesn't do DST10:07
dholbachah ok10:08
dholbachI'm going into an early lunch break which will likely consist of yelling at somebody who charged me twice, bbl.10:16
davidcalledholbach, solved the db issue. We have a "resetdb" command on the spec that was not doing the right thing (it dropped/recreated the psql db, but forgot to set the right permissions afterwards). New deploy of r145 (the one that we have in prod) with all fingers crossed, then I'll attempt an upgrade...11:20
* davidcalle braces for impact11:22
davidcalle(after lunch!)11:22
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popeydholbach, when you get a moment, I just uploaded a new music app to the store which needs manual review.12:11
czajkowskipopey: is that because your taste in music is bad :p12:12
dholbachdavidcalle, brilliant! thanks!12:28
dholbachpopey, will do12:29
popeyer, \o/12:33
dholbachdavidcalle, django cms 3.2 looks nice12:47
davidcalledholbach, indeed :)12:55
davidcalledholbach, another issue I've just discovered a change to the spec was making it impossible to select the prod branch revno, it was always pulling latest trunk regardless of what I was asking, leading to a lot of confusion (eg. watching some treebeard config log on 1.6)12:56
dholbachwow, good catch12:57
davidcalledholbach, I'm having some issues with prod revno150 (upgraded from 145). It's deployed, but the experience is not great. Can you poke it (try to create pages, etc.) ? https://developer.staging.ubuntu.com/en/13:48
davidcalledholbach, since this is taking some time... maybe we should upgrade to 1.9 directly? At this deployment pace, 1.8 will be deprecated the day it reaches prod :D13:50
dholbachdavidcalle, I tried to login, but that didn't seem to work13:51
dholbach"This page encountered an error, don't worry - we have been notified. Please accept our apologies."13:51
davidcalledholbach, hmm, it works for me13:51
dholbachno, not for me - not even in a private window (without cookies)13:52
dholbachnot with firefox either13:52
dholbachdavidcalle, regarding 1.9 I'm a bit unsure as I saw a bunch of deprecation warnings around 1.9 :)13:57
dholbachso I'm not sure all the stuff we have will work :)13:57
davidcalledholbach, right :)13:57
marcoceppidpm: I don't know what you did, but it sounds glorious, wrt ubucon deployment14:39
mhall119dpm: how did you remove the Site objects?14:46
dpmmorning :)14:52
dpmmarcoceppi, mhall119, I went to the django admin, and I changed the Sites object domain from example.com to ubucon.org, as I've done before in other deployments. I must have not been too attentive and pressed Delete instead of Save, with which obviously it deleted it14:54
marcoceppidpm: haha, interesting14:54
dpmlive and learn :)14:54
dpmmarcoceppi, I'm thinking rather than trying to fix it, the easiest thing would be a new deployment?14:55
marcoceppidpm: yup14:55
dpmbut as I said, I prefered not to do it untily you guys were up14:55
marcoceppidpm: if you want to follow along I can show you in the terminal14:55
dpmmarcoceppi, that'd be awesome14:55
dpmthis is like watching TV14:57
marcoceppidpm: could you make your terminal a bit wider?14:58
dpmoh, didn't know it affected everyone else's width too14:58
marcoceppidpm: yeah, a bit. tmux will resize to the smallest terminal connected to avoid clipping for that person14:59
marcoceppidpm: that's basically it15:02
marcoceppidpm: just wait for ubucon/0 to say "ready"15:02
dpmexcellent, thanks15:02
marcoceppidpm: finally, the IP address will show up in the top window15:02
dpmmarcoceppi, so we're all set in terms of hosting too? I.e. do you still need to set up the AWS credentials from one of us, or are you using existing credentials from a Canonical account?15:04
marcoceppidpm: I created aws credentials for you, this juju is using them15:04
dpmmarcoceppi, ah, ok. I just thought it'd need me to do some action on my side to enable the credentials. Even better if it's transparent15:05
dpmor is there anything I need to know wrt those credentials?15:05
marcoceppidpm: they're available in ~/.juju/environments.yaml but it's safe to ignore them15:08
dpmah, gotcha15:08
marcoceppidpm: looks like it's ready15:08
dpmmarcoceppi, a couple of other questions: if I want to temporarily enable the django debug mode config option: is this possible at run time, or just at deploy time?15:09
* dpm starts adding initial content15:09
marcoceppidpm: it's a configuration option, but I don't think it works15:10
dpmmarcoceppi, not an issue, I was just wondering why I couldn't make it work15:11
dpmmarcoceppi, also for debugging purposes when working on the site's code, local deployments, etc, it was useful to start/stop gunicorn as it was set up as an upstart job. How can we do that with the new charm?15:13
marcoceppidpm: I'll add an action for this, but you can for the time being just run `juju ssh ubucon/0 "sudo service circus restart"`15:14
dpmmarcoceppi, ah, great. I tried all possible things, but didn't know what circus was. That helps!15:15
popeydholbach, want to pimp us, 30 mins before, now?15:29
dpmmhall119, call?15:33
dholbachpopey, yes, will do15:38
dpmmarcoceppi, it seems that on the latest deployment none of the apt-packages in there got installed, without which we cannot upload images. This worked on the deployment you did last week where we uploaded images during the hangout. Any ideas how to debug this?: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubucon-site-developers/ubucon-site/ubucon-layer/view/head:/django.yaml16:00
marcoceppidpm: the jusmpstation does not have the deployment16:08
marcoceppithe deployment is on amazon16:08
marcoceppi/var/logs/juju doesn't exist16:08
marcoceppidpm: try now16:09
dpmmarcoceppi, doh, just realised that, /me facepalms16:09
marcoceppidpm: the issue was likely permissions16:09
marcoceppinot missing packages16:09
mhall119jose: did you get my GSoC notes email?16:09
marcoceppidpm: you should bea ble to upload now16:09
dpmmarcoceppi, let me try16:09
dpmmarcoceppi, works perfectly now, thanks16:10
marcoceppidpm: I'll fix the base layer16:11
dpmgreat, thanks!16:11
mhall119marcoceppi: what was the cause?16:11
marcoceppimhall119: /srv/ubucon was owned by root and not djanog16:11
mhall119ah, ok16:11
* dpm continues to add content now16:12
dholbachall rightie... I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:26
josemhall119: yes, have them here! thanks!18:00
popeyjose, could you please push the community team Q&A to 16:00 UTC? It's at the wrong time currently (15:00 UTC).18:06
josepopey: it's been fixed now18:06
popeyok, thanksQ!18:06
dpmmhall119, jcastro, marcoceppi, http://ubucon.org :)19:47
marcoceppidpm: sweet!19:47
dpmthanks so much for help making it possible guys19:47
marcoceppidpm: I'm going to blog about it if you don't mind (deploying ubucon.org using Django and charms)19:48
mhall119dpm: \o/19:48
dpmmarcoceppi, absolutely! If you could just wait for tomorrow when we've got more content and we've done the site announcement, then we'll have a bigger reveal effect :)19:49
dpmI'm going for dinner now, but will be adding some of the content later on19:49
mhall119dpm: I've uploaded the sponsorship brochure to http://ubucon.org/media/cms_page_media/9/UbuCon_Summit_Sponsorship_Brochure.pdf19:52
mhall119there's currently a link on http://ubucon.org/en/events/ubucon-summit-us/?edit19:52
mhall119I wanted to make sure I could easily upload the file19:53
dpmmhall119, ok, cool, it means I won't have to remember the link, thanks :)19:53
dpmmhall119, could you follow up with nhaines wrt the meetup registration some time in your day? I pinged him in my afternoon on #ubuntu-locoteams, but he might not have been around yet19:54
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mhall119sure, I'll see if he's available20:01
balloonsjose, did you manage to contact all the flavors?20:41
popeyballoons, jose added tvoss (as per his request) to mentors21:21
balloonspopey, I saw :-) It seems the flavors haven't been asked yet21:27
balloonsI'm happy to send off some emails, just curious21:27
popeyI ased Ubuntu MATE21:27
popeyMartin is considering some tasks, but hasn't committed to be a mentor, I'll keep pushing though :)21:28
balloonspopey, ;-) I try and remind that they don't have to really mentor the students the same way you'd think of something like GSOC. It's much much more low-key, especially for something like a documentation or outreach task21:28
popeyI will impress upon him the lightness of touch :)21:29
balloonspopey, any news from didrocks btw?21:29
popeyYeah, he's updated the task list, but not complete. Once done I'll get them in the site21:29

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