daftykinsmore idiots tonight02:52
Bashing-omignore mode can get engaged mighty quick .02:53
daftykinstime to leave the trolls to it i think, later folks o/03:11
Bashing-omnighty nite daftykins .03:13
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:54
TJ-morning :)05:57
lotuspsychjehey TJ-05:58
lotuspsychjei hope more barebone companys will rise up07:02
lotuspsychjeso winblows wont be attached to hardware07:02
lotuspsychjethose clevo machines are nice, msi also07:06
TJ-People for some reason keep letting MS off the hook, but they've never stopped doing what they started in the 1990s: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish"07:06
lotuspsychjeyeah the sheep are so easy07:08
lotuspsychjei wonder why companys dont bet on more horses then MS?07:08
lotuspsychjeits a good thing your hardware is wanted for multiple Os right?07:08
TJ-Both MS and Intel have a long history of giving 'marketing rebates' to manufacturers for only shipping their stuff. Both Ms and Intel have been found guilty of it and made to pay large fines07:10
TJ-I find it amazing why so many people still use Windows, on this basis alone:07:10
TJ-Here, why don't you use this whizz-bang amazing software of mine?07:10
TJ-I don't think so - every month for the last 15 years you've issued security updates to fix vulnerabilities and you've still not fixed it, and meanwhile I hear millions of PCs in the world get infected with malware and become part of bot-nets as a result07:11
lotuspsychjei think users are trapped in 'a safe feeling' of the known07:11
TJ-No one in their right mind would still drive an automobile with such a history07:12
lotuspsychjewhy goto another Os when you feel safe inside the windows07:12
TJ-So, I think they get what they deserve07:12
lotuspsychjeits like tradition right07:12
lotuspsychjea fake safe feeling of the known07:12
TJ-feel safe... no... too lazy to try something different: yes (comfort zone trumps security)07:13
lotuspsychjebut then you need to know someone who can support you, most users only find the start button07:14
Ben64can't figure out my partitioning problem :(07:14
TJ-Most modern Linux don't need support, no more than a similar Windows system07:14
lotuspsychjeBen64: whats up mate07:14
TJ-Ben64: we're here to fix it :)07:14
Ben64I have an external drive, 3TB Seagate. The SATA->USB bit on the bottom broke and can no longer access the drive with USB. I plugged it into SATA and was able to access it, but the partitions are screwed up. Testdisk finds an "Intel" MBR, as opposed to GPT, and so the partition it can recover is limited to 2.2TB of the 3TB. How can I fix this?07:14
TJ-Ben64: ooo ooo ooo I know! I know!07:15
lotuspsychjeBen64: can you get further with photorec?07:15
Ben64well the data all seems to be intact07:15
Ben64even finds the partition and I can browse it and everything07:15
TJ-Ben64: the USB bridge was doing logical/physical sector size translation, direct SATA connection isn't07:15
Ben64TJ-: boo, i was hoping not that07:15
TJ-so the kernel is now seeing different sector sizes, so the relative LBA addresses are now wrong07:15
TJ-You're the 2nd person with this issue this week07:16
TJ-makes no difference, the original problem was caused by the USB bridge translation07:16
Ben64hmm.... so how to fix07:16
TJ-instead of passing through what the drive actually reports, it 'munged' it07:16
TJ-Ben64: can you show us "parted /dev/sdX unit s print" ?07:17
Ben64you can see the 2.2TB it found07:18
TJ-Ben64: how many partitions are on it?07:19
TJ-Ben64: OK... "pastebinit <( dd if=/dev/sda count=16 bs=512 | hexdump -C )"07:21
TJ-Ben64: this is t identify where the GPT starts07:21
Ben64bah, living room computer turned off07:21
Ben64hardly use it, so i have the power saving set to maximum07:21
TJ-Ben64: I expected to see the GPT header at either offset 512, or 4096, since the logical/physical sizes are those07:23
TJ-GPT should start in LBA 107:23
TJ-We'd best look further!07:23
TJ-Ben64:  "pastebinit <( dd if=/dev/sda count=32 bs=512 | hexdump -C )"07:23
Ben64i'm not sure gpt exists at all on this07:24
TJ-Ben64: No, not GPT there07:24
Ben64why is it the same data?07:25
TJ-Ben64: "losetup /dev/loop1 --offset $( echo 2048*4096 | bc ) /dev/sda" then "blkid /dev/loop1"07:25
Ben64no output07:26
TJ-Ben64: OK, "losetup -d /dev/loop107:27
TJ-Ben64: "losetup /dev/loop1 --offset $( echo 2048*512 | bc ) /dev/sda" then "blkid /dev/loop1"07:28
TJ-(we're now trying 512-byte sector sizes)07:28
Ben64/dev/loop1: LABEL="nessie" UUID="4d2222f6-3b59-4177-a586-2911d65a6ec1" TYPE="ext4"07:28
TJ-That what you were looking for?07:28
TJ-OK, so what we did there was make the starting offset to partition 1 (which we know from the MBR starts at LBA 2048) different by multiplying the starting LBA by 4096 and 512, to find which was the correct one to use07:29
TJ-so the USb bridge was using 512<>4096 translation whereas directly on SATA there is no translation07:30
Ben64thats annoying07:30
TJ-One of the 2 reasons I don't like USB bridges - the other being I've had several just fail (burn themselves out literally) when used with sustained data transfers07:31
Ben64yeah i think thats what happened here07:31
TJ-I prefer to use eSATA, on a laptop via an ExpressCard<>eSATA adapter07:31
Ben64which is disappointing for a usb3.0 drive07:31
Ben64think it could handle it07:31
TJ-I have external cabinets that can do both eSATA and USB, and I use the eSATA always07:32
TJ-the protocol can, but the chips don't have the cooling needed for sustained high-speed transfer07:32
Ben64i guess my next drives are internal, and I'll use some old box as NAS07:32
Ben64so if i get seagate to send me a new usb part, and i run testdisk again, it'll find all 3TB?07:33
TJ-like I said - eSATA is the way, that also supports external port multipliers. Just ensure the SATA chipset in an ExpressCard is a recent one. older varieties can have disk capacity limitations07:33
TJ-You've got it all now :)07:34
Ben64honestly, the drive kind of sucks07:34
Ben64the sata ports are too recessed, had to trim a cable to get it to fit07:34
Ben64don't have a esata cable i'm willing to sacrifice for this07:34
lotuspsychjeTJ-: is there pcie card to esata to use it internal?07:35
Ben64loop1    7:1    0   2.7T  0 loop07:36
Ben64:o it is all there07:36
Ben64/dev/loop1      2.7T  2.6T   17G 100% /mnt07:36
lotuspsychjewb seagate :p07:37
TJ-If you notice, the ending sector number for partition 1 in the MBR 4294969342 isn't the same as the end of the drive, so that PT is wrong07:37
TJ-Ben64: which suggests that USB bridge was doing something more than simple LBa translation, it may be actively using its own partitioning system somewhere else on the device07:38
TJ-Ben64: might be an idea to create another loop device pointing to the sector following partition 1 and see what is there07:39
Ben64i'll see if seagate wants to send me new bits07:39
Ben64don't have a free sata on this computer to use07:40
TJ-Ben64: "losetup /dev/loop2 -o $( echo 512*4294969343 | bc ) /dev/sda"07:40
Ben64oh, i think thats because of testdisk07:40
TJ-Oh! you allowed testdisk to write to the disk?07:41
Ben64it originally had one partiton, around 340GB, unknown filesystem07:41
Ben64it showed the partition, how many sectors, etc07:41
TJ-Did you take a back-up of the original MBR before doing that?07:41
Ben64i did the math and it was the full 3TB, but I forgot about the MBR07:41
Ben64so it wrote 2.2TB :|07:41
Ben64uh... nope :S07:42
TJ-darn! first rule of recovery, *always* take a back-up of anything you change on a live system. The MBR is only 512 bytes :)07:42
Ben64yeah, i messed up07:43
Ben64i was just thinking, well it won't delete anything07:43
TJ-you should be able to re-write that MBR though. delete P1, then create a new one, starting at 2048 and ending at the default (end of disk), set it's type and that should be it07:43
Ben64i don't think that'd work07:43
TJ-it'd end at 5860533167 then07:44
Ben64i bet the 340GB partition was the whole thing07:44
Ben64and with whatever seagate's sata-usb thing does it works out07:44
TJ-but we know what you have now, and it's there on /dev/loop1, so you can write a partition entry that matches what is there07:44
TJ-we know it starts at LBA (sector) 2048, and it uses the entire disk, so there's no risk of losing some later partition07:45
Ben64well... usb thing is alive07:47
Ben64[423695.404476] sde: p1 size 34359738360 extends beyond EOD, truncated07:52
TJ-the partitioner should set it to 586053316707:55
Ben64doesn't seem like its letting me write to the disk07:56
TJ-what error?07:56
TJ-are you talking about the warning that the kernel's partition table couldn't be updated?07:56
Ben64Partition: Write Error (from testdisk)07:56
lotuspsychjecant you scan the whole hd with photorec and recover the data?07:57
TJ-Ben64: don't use testdisk.07:57
TJ-just use fdisk07:57
TJ-lotuspsychje: the data doesn't need recovering, we have it fine07:57
Ben64lotuspsychje: yes, but the filesystem and everything is fine07:57
lotuspsychjeah kk07:57
lotuspsychjegood job07:57
Ben64don't really use fdisk a lot07:57
Ben64TJ-: delete partition, create partition?07:58
TJ-Ben64: run 'fdisk /dev/sda' ... delete any existing partitions. create a (n)ew, it will likely suggest the default starting sector as 2048, if not, type it, then for the ending sector just press enter to accept the default (will be end of disk), set the type 8e, and then check the table with (p)rint. Then if it looks good, (w)rite it07:58
Ben64start is at 256 now07:59
TJ-Ben64: 256 in what units?07:59
Ben64uh.... sectors?07:59
TJ-delete anything thats there, create the partition you need using the instructions above ^08:00
Ben64ooh maybe it does need to be 2048 still08:01
Ben64using your loop trick, shows up 2048*51208:01
TJ-yes, it HAS to be 204808:02
Ben64First sector (256-732566644, default 256):08:02
TJ-ahhh, that's because it's looking at the physical sector size 409608:02
Ben64oh duh, thats why 2048*512 worked still... because that doesn't care about sectors08:03
TJ-echo '256*4096; 2048*512' | bc => 104857608:03
Ben64created partition, wrote to disk, no error, mounted partition08:05
TJ-Ben64: if the kernel is using the 4096 byte sectors you can redo the start is 256, or you can pull a neat trick. Create 2 partitions, one starting at 256 and the other at 2048... you have to do that editing manually of course on-disk using 'hexedit' but it's a clever way of being able to access the file-system no matter what translation is operating08:05
TJ-Ben64: so you now have a working /dev/sda1 ?08:05
Ben64well its /dev/sde1 over here, but yep :D08:05
Ben64dunno how the usb part came back to life08:06
Ben64tried it days later and it still didn't work, now it does08:06
TJ-bad connection on the cabling/sockets - possibly cracked solder where the sockets are soldered to the PCB08:06
Ben64so I should still see if it's under warranty08:07
TJ-I often see that, and just reflow fresh solder/flux on the pins and ensure the socket itself is well soldered down on its lugs08:07
TJ-OK, well, I have to go out now. Don't go breaking it again :)08:07
Ben64i'll try not to write too hard to it anymore08:07
lotuspsychjei also have a 1TB seagate with double usb ports cable, works like a charm08:08
Ben64double usb ports?08:08
lotuspsychjeyeah to give it enough power08:08
lotuspsychjeits from few years ago08:09
lotuspsychjenow its all 1 usb cable08:09
lotuspsychjemine is still split08:09
TJ-devices are much lower power now, so they don't need more than the 0.5A per USB2 port they could expect09:00
lotuspsychjehi cfhowlett :p10:45
lotuspsychjea lot of big companys apologiys recently :p10:47
Ben64maybe they shouldn't pull dumb crap like that10:49
lotuspsychjeyeah indeed10:49
lotuspsychjeMS forced updates, VW cheating system,...10:50
lotuspsychjeits all going bad :p10:50
TJ-it's because 'developer' does NOT equal 'engineer' - Engineer implies a professional, with ethics, standards and so forth10:54
TJ-If bridge Engineers worked the same way software developers did there would be uproar over all the bridge failures10:55
lotuspsychjeTJ-: you remember how many devs worked on windows710:57
lotuspsychjeand after a year MS sacced them all10:57
TJ-I don't recall seeing that11:01
lotuspsychjeTJ-: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-07-08/microsoft-fires-7800-second-biggest-mass-layoff-its-history11:04
TJ-That's this year, nothing to do with Windows 711:09
Ben64Microsoft also announced the reduction of up to 7,800 positions, primarily in the phone business11:10
Ben64yeah, not windows11:10
cfhowlettno surprise.  hard to get transaction against iPhone11:10
Ben64you mean android11:11
Ben6482.8% android11:12
Ben6413.9% ios11:12
Ben642.6% windows11:12
cfhowletteh?  that's seems rather high.  source for the stats?11:12
Ben64thought it'd be lower actually11:12
Ben64thats units shipped 2015 q211:12
cfhowlettsays who?11:13
TJ-I'm very surprised MS/Elop weren't charged criminally for the way they destroyed Nokia. Even more amazing is the shareholders sat back and took the destruction of value. From this side of history it looks like MS set out to destroy Nokia, any way they could11:16
Ben64microsoft was in the business of destroying competition11:17
TJ-1. Get MS executive onto Nokia board. Elop appointed CEO - CHECK. 2. 'pivot' from existing dominance of mobile market into making only MS Windows devices - CHECK. 3. Destroy value of Nokia - CHECK. 4. Buy remains cheaply - CHECK. 5. Fire the remaining inherited staff and close down the business - CHECK11:18
TJ-One hell of a way to run a railroad!11:19
Ben64cfhowlett: well they don't seem to be doing it like they were before11:19
TJ-They're still funding partisan 'industry associations' to attack competitors both politically and legally11:21
TJ-And providing 'marketing rebates' for Windows-only devices for those manufacturers that toe the line11:22
cfhowlettand for all that, their phone division is failing.11:22
TJ-right, both on 'phone and search they really don't understand the market drivers11:22
TJ-They're used to dictating how users behave I guess, and have problems visualising how to leap-frog what is now the incumbant: Google11:24
Ben64the only reason people use windows is because its what most people use11:24
Ben64they're not used to people having choice11:25
TJ-we were on about this earlier :)11:25
TJ-"who in their right mind would choose a product that over 15 years has needed security patches every month?"11:25
Ben64some people still imagine linux being like the lines of code in the matrix11:25
Ben64i like how they don't even push patches until a certain day11:26
lotuspsychjeneo took over my computer11:26
Ben64eh whatever, stay vulnerable till next patch wednesday11:26
TJ-I'm glad it does, that way you get an idea what it is doing11:26
Ben64windows 10 is increasingly scary sounding, so thats good for linux11:27
lotuspsychjei agree on that Ben6411:28
lotuspsychjewill be good for my ubuntu shop :p11:28
Ben64you have an ubuntu shop?11:28
cfhowlettwindows has been scary for YEARS and linux is still stickied at ... what?  2 - 4% market penetration?  Hell, even OSX has more than that.11:28
Ben64its scaring more normal people now11:29
lotuspsychjeBen64: not yet, next year ill start11:29
Ben64forced updates, privacy stuff spelled out11:29
lotuspsychjeBen64: ubuntu + ssd + tweaked11:29
Ben64selling ubuntu computers?11:29
lotuspsychjeyes also11:30
lotuspsychjeand phones and tablets11:30
Ben64do you need to do anything with canonical11:30
lotuspsychjeill contact them before i start to ask that11:30
Ben64not sure the licensing stuff for ubuntu11:30
lotuspsychjebut ubuntu is free right11:31
Ben64"Ubuntu" isn't free11:31
Ben64Ubuntu is free11:31
Ben64If I'm remembering properly11:31
lotuspsychjeyou mean the name mentioning on someone elses website then11:31
Ben64I think its like the iceweasel thing11:32
lotuspsychjei could also mention 'a linux distro'11:32
lotuspsychjeBen64: well, you know system76, ill do a bit liek them11:33
Ben64or just ask permission11:33
lotuspsychjeyes i will contact them11:33
Ben64"To use the Ubuntu trademark, you must secure the Canonical's OEM services team's permission. You can contact them to see if what you're doing is okay. This should not be too difficult, as several small vendors like System76 and ZaReason have secured an agreement."11:34
Ben64Sounds pretty easy11:34
lotuspsychjeBen64: https://system76.com/disclaimer11:36
lotuspsychjelast 3 lines11:36
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^11:49
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje11:49
EriC^^what's up?11:49
lotuspsychjeoh nothing much, easy chatting here this morning with the lads here :p11:49
EriC^^TJ-: yesterday someone was trying to convert his legacy install to uefi, ( booting the usb in uefi mode gave him a grub shell ), i tried to modprobe efivars but grub still couldn't find the efivars11:51
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: Ben64 suggested me to contact canonical for my shop and i found this: https://system76.com/disclaimer11:51
EriC^^was wondering if there was anything else needed to be done to get grub-efi to install from a legacy booted install, in the end he turned off secure boot and that somehow didn't drop him to a grub shell anymore and he installed in uefi mode ( kind of odd isn't it? )11:52
TJ-EriC^^: the way I do it is to install grub-efi, but also copy /efi/EFI/grub/grubx64.efi to /efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI ... that is the EFI simple (removable media) boot path the firmware checks on a device you try to boot in EFI mode. That way the system will still be bootable, and once booted in EFI mode, you can redo the "grub-install" which can successfully use efibootmgr to add the Ubuntu boot menu11:54
EriC^^i see11:55
EriC^^lotuspsychje: what does that mean to you?11:55
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: i also have to mention ubuntu's logo etc trademark11:55
EriC^^TJ-: how come it didn't drop to a grub shell after disabling secure boot? isn't secureboot supposed to not let grub even be loaded in the first place?11:56
EriC^^lotuspsychje: oh ok, that's a good heads up then11:56
TJ-EriC^^: if the PC is booting in legacy mode its reading LBA 0 from the boot device. If it starts in EFI mode, and there is no existing boot menu entry, it'll look at the bootable devices for an EFI system partition, and then look for the simple boot path. Without either of those the firmware won't even be able to load GRUB11:58
EriC^^yeah, he said when he chose UEFI usb in the boot menu it gave him a grub shell, legacy worked though12:00
EriC^^when he disabled secureboot, he then chose UEFI usb again, and it booted into ubiquity12:00
EriC^^maybe he had a bad shimx64.efi or something? it's odd no?12:01
TJ-The grub shell in UEFI mode tells you it loaded /EFI/grub/grubx64.efi - otherwise known as GRUB's core.img12:03
TJ-So it sounds like GRUB  simply couldn't find its root file-system (/boot/) where the grub files are12:03
TJ-in that case always use "set" to check the values of "root" and "prefix" variables, and then look in the "prefix" location for the grub.cfg and other files/dirs to check the expected files are there12:04
BluesKajHI folks13:07
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj13:07
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje13:08
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: you said yesterday something about nvidia depraced?13:09
lotuspsychjenouveau or current?13:09
BluesKajno more nvidia-current13:10
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: whats the replacement for it?13:10
lotuspsychjeor do users need to specifi nvidia-340 etc13:11
BluesKajif one tries to install the driver using nvidia-current, it fails13:11
BluesKajyes, specific afaik13:11
lotuspsychjeany reason?13:11
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: ok tnx13:13
BluesKajthe last nvidia-current was the 304 driver13:14
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-current13:15
BluesKajwhich is was used on 13.10 iiirc13:15
ubot5nvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.131-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 4 kB, installed size 36 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)13:15
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-current xenial13:15
ubot5nvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.131-0ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 4 kB, installed size 19 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)13:15
BluesKajso the 304 driver is the last nvidia-current13:21
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: so users think they gonna get latest and get the 30413:23
lotuspsychjedevs know about this?13:23
lotuspsychjelemme go ask in devel13:23
BluesKajdunno , never seen it discussed on #kubuntu-devel, but maybe the devs at #ubuntu-devel have an answer13:25
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: <lotuspsychje> is nvidia-current going to be depraced?13:32
lotuspsychje<lotuspsychje> shows still nvidia-graphics-drivers-30413:32
lotuspsychje<tjaalton> it's already deprecated, as it's just a transitional package13:32
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: it will vanish after 304 is dead13:34
BluesKajmakes sense13:34
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: and additional drivers section now manages right driver for the system13:34
BluesKajyeah in kubuntu it's the driver manager13:35
lotuspsychjegood to know13:35
BluesKajyeah, it's important13:35
lotuspsychjehis pc might have autorun worm and error on the stick TJ-14:08
TJ-lotuspsychje: nah, the while thing has been wiped with the dd of the ISO14:09
TJ-This is the person that was banned for being a pain not so many weeks ago, in fact, the nickname got notoruious14:10
lotuspsychjecant recall that nick14:10
TJ-2015-11-04 18:12:07     TJ-     Eh? No - I was commenting on pikapi managing to destroy Ubuntu 3 times a day apparently14:11
TJ-2015-11-05 12:54:47     daftykins       TJ-: well it's been all go here too ;) pikapi is one of those bad-advice trolls14:11
TJ-2015-11-05 12:55:30     TJ-     pikapi, the 3-a-day Ubuntu kid?14:11
TJ-I think pikapi is one of those people that does all sorts of random stuff 'read on the forums' without any concept of what it does, and then comes here wanting to be dug out of the hole14:13
lotuspsychjethats not the same as that pikachu guy that gave false advise?14:13
lotuspsychjeTJ-: the on you tought to have asperger lol14:13
TJ-Right! that's the one14:13
TJ-I'd forgotten... thankfully :D14:13
TJ-no wonder its stressing me14:14
lotuspsychjeTJ-: but ikonia banned that guy14:14
lotuspsychjei was there14:14
TJ-ahh, yes, ddaftykins told me about that14:16
lotuspsychjedoesnt make sense, that guy gave false advise was more agressive to other users14:17
lotuspsychjelol soon we are investigators instead of volunteers :p14:17
TJ-this is what I mean about him doing random things:14:21
TJ-2015-11-03 19:41:16     pikapi  i did sudo apt-get remove initramfs-tools and it was uninstalling just about everything14:21
* TJ- is rolling eyes like bowling balls :)14:22
lotuspsychjesomeone has a mental disease :p14:22
TJ-when you've got users randomly doing things like that there could be any number of things wrong with the system causing knock-on effects - like this booting issue, we still don't know what the PC is I don't think, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn its been 'tuned' and overclocked in the firmware setup14:24
lotuspsychjethats why support is so hard14:25
lotuspsychjenever know what the user did really14:25
TJ-I had a remote ssh session on Sunday, to recover a RAID-1 array on a live virtual machine Xen host that had 'lost' access to a pair of disks after the datacentre remote-hands had killed the power to the server. Took about 3 hours to fix it up whilst the system was live. It made me realise how much better it is to have hands/eyes-on14:28
lotuspsychjeTJ-: bt you did a great job on my ralink remote :p14:30
TJ-I did? we did? I don't remember that!14:30
lotuspsychjestay off the dog food :p14:31
TJ-oh... you mean that WMP600N PCI ID issue14:31
lotuspsychjeralink 2800pci14:31
TJ-ahh, see, I don't think of it as ralink at all14:31
lotuspsychjeyeah linksys as main :p14:31
TJ-My brain remembers visuals and concepts and procedures, but not precise facts - not for long anyhow. I constantly have to 'refresh' by searching for the precise way of doing something. One reason I prefer precise accurate documentation and exact instructions.14:33
lotuspsychjeTJ-: yeah youre a very practical thinker and i like that14:34
lotuspsychjebbl driving lessons14:38
EriC^^TJ-: uefi conversion14:51
EriC^^robotti says he can't boot in uefi mode on his mac14:51
EriC^^how do we go about getting grub installed?14:52
EriC^^TJ-: you there?15:02
TJ-sorry, was out and about in the fields15:45
EriC^^TJ-: np, it apparently installed fine15:50
EriC^^sudo modprobe efivars might have done it15:50
daftykinson macs it's fine to just install grub to the partition that ubuntu is on; then suggest installing rEFInd as a boot loader22:34
daftykinsamusingly i'm attempting to fix a boot issue on my old HTPC today :D22:34
daftykinsa dist-upgrade murdered a 14.04 install o0 it claims it can't find a UUID at boot but they're all correct, very odd indeed22:35
daftykinsanywho i'm not gonna give up just yet, giving it a look over now via chroot :)22:35
Bashing-omdaftykins: I do not know Macs or rEFInd , not much direct help there .. BUT I do boot an (L)ubuntu install with grub installed onto the partition .22:41
daftykinsoh the mac thing was just a delayed comment to EriC^^ - i was scrolled up a bit by accident22:42
daftykinsmy one is a standard PC22:42
EriC^^try to update-initramfs -u maybe22:43
Bashing-om:) .. I multi boot 'buntus .. took me weeks of trial and effort and a steep learning curve to be able to boot any I desire, and a update on one not messing up grub on the others .. Hey, I feel good with what I did learn in this endevour .22:45
daftykinsEriC^^: yeah that seems like the ticket now, i had some udevadm errors - wireless keyboard wouldn't call up GRUB so i'm going to do it from live session again :>22:45
daftykinsBashing-om: sounds good indeed, i don't really know where to start with boot most of the time22:46
daftykinsand i don't know about you guys but i found those boot repair logs a nightmare to read =|22:46
Bashing-omdaftykins: I still get lost with the hooks that are called into the kernel . Not real sure to this time what is taking place in kernel land .22:47
daftykinscat trying to sneak on my lap whilst i'm busy D:22:51
daftykinsah, i love the native resolution boot logo up on my large TV... shame the nvidia proprietary drivers ruin that22:57
daftykinsnot half as much as i love the native resolution TTYs mind ;)22:58
daftykinsok that's mine all fixed ^_^22:58
TJ-I've had to fix a GCC 5 induced bug in syslinux that prevents systems booting, and it affects USB startup disk creator and anything else that uses syslinux for boot loader services, in order to build a new plopkexec floppy. Then I had to figure out how to build a kernel small enough to fit on a floppy,  and now the resulting darned plopkexec kernel image can't find the plop /init exectuable!22:59
daftykinswhy are we even moving to GCC 5 when it seems to have screwed over so many things?23:00
TJ-Because it provides some great improvements23:01
daftykinsah just painful to get there :>23:01
TJ-the problems were caused by programmers using unsupported functionality, rather than sticking to the standards23:01
daftykinsoh ok sort of like when things become deprecated?23:01
TJ-not even that... things GCC just happened to do but didn't match the language/POSIX specifications, so when later versions of the compiler are used to build that code, and have tightened up the observence of the rules, things break23:02
daftykinsah har23:05
daftykinsoh btw guys i read AMD have moved a lot more graphics cards to legacy status now, including some APUs23:05
daftykinsthis is mostly for the Windows drivers but i'm sure that'll trickle down into the Linux driver(s) at some point too23:05
TJ-I'm having to force using gcc 4.8 for this 3.1.4 version that plop uses: "make ARCH=i386 CC=gcc-4.9 bzImage"23:06
TJ-Yes, they seem to do that very aggressively - not the best way to keep your loyal customers happy23:06
daftykinshere's more23:09
daftykinsso before it was up to and including HD 4000 that was useless on anything newer than 12.04.1; now HD 5000, HD 6000, HD 7000 and HD 7600 are gone23:10
daftykinsalso pre-Kaveri APUs23:10
TJ-ahah! The kernel's initramfs/ directory had a symlink to the built version of the /init exectuable I'd built in another location, but the kernel was literally including the symlink, not resolving it to the exe!23:18
TJ-boots and works in a VM... now to try it again on that obstinate mobo23:19
* daftykins sighs at the channel23:19
TJ-nope, doesn't like the hardware. Grrr, so frustrating!23:26
daftykinsthat the embedded one again?23:26
Bashing-omTJ-: The bright side . Fighting the motherboard . slim chance you will find trouble elsewhere and land in Jail .23:28
TJ-haha! can reproduce it in the VM now... qemu-system-x86_64 -cpu 486 ...23:29
TJ-So, the compiler is building the /init exe for a later 32-bit CPU23:29
daftykinseasily remedied?23:30
TJ-yes, alter the compiler options to target the earlier CPU23:38
TJ-so, it dies in qemu VM with 486 or pentium, but not pentium2. I built the /init exe with gcc -march=c3-2 (which is the specific VIA C3 Samuel 2 CPU on the mobo)23:46
daftykinsoof those little things :)23:47
TJ-hmmm, it's looking like it's not the /init options so much as the kernel options23:50
Bashing-om^^ That ole song " What does it take to keep a kernel like you, Satisfied " .23:54

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