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darkxstricotz, NVIDIA 358 working for you?06:42
ricotzdarkxst, yes06:47
darkxstit blew up here, with an un-useful, can't initialize kernel module message from X06:47
ricotzyou used the ppa, right?06:47
darkxstricotz, yeh the ~graphics-drivers one06:48
ricotzthe module actually got built?06:48
ricotz"dkms status"?06:48
darkxstpretty sure it built, but had to revert now06:50
darkxsti'll try again when I actually have time to debug06:51
ricotzhmm, alright06:51
darkxstits my main desktop PC, can't just leave it broken for days ;006:52
ricotzI see, better use 352 then06:52
darkxstthats what I reverted too, and was probably on before06:53
ricotzalrght, just saying skip 35506:53
darkxstyes I did06:55
darkxstricotz, any idea if gnome-screenshot is actually still needed these days? now that gnome-shell handles all that?07:00
darkxst(in the seeds)07:00
ricotzdarkxst, it has some more options like the delay07:01
darkxstyeh, I guess that is true07:03
darkxstand I suppose the shell keybindings, are a mystery to most07:04
darkxstricotz, latest gtk+ in xenial is borked by some patch larsu reverted, pushed a fix to staging until I can discuss with him07:08
darkxstbug 1518661, seems to have hit most DE's excepy Unity07:08
ubot5bug 1518661 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "Apps with HeaderBar have margin outside window" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151866107:08
ricotzdarkxst, I know, and a complained about some days ago07:09
* darkxst should probably update more often ;) 07:09
ricotznice to see they care...07:10
darkxstand I fail to see how setting a background will workaround apparent frame sync issues07:10
darkxstat best it will just make it less ugly for them07:10
darkxstperhaps fixing compiz is too hard07:12
ricotzbtw, providing 3.20 in the ppa might be a pain while gtk+ breaks themes a lot07:12
darkxstricotz, how bad is the css nodes break things?07:13
ricotzI can imagine, man power is limited as well afaics07:13
ricotzit simply makes current themes unusable07:13
darkxsttechnically adwaita is the only supported them on gnome3-staging07:13
darkxstatleast that is what I tell anyone who complains on the mailing lists07:14
ricotzgnome-terminal behaves pretty funky too ;)07:14
darkxstabout broken third party themes07:14
ricotzis there some ubuntu patch tweaking with the window size?07:15
darkxstI don't think so, but background size is definately tweaked in ubuntu themes07:16
ricotzI think I have seen this in the past, while the terminal content changes the window gets smaller everytime07:17
darkxstnever seen that07:18
darkxstre ppa, how about we just move the remaing X bits into gnome3 and go ahead and break staging07:22
darkxsti'll get the media guys to make an announcement07:22
darkxstbut at this point we don't have many using xenial, little alone with gnome3-staging07:23
darkxsts/X bits/xenial bits/07:23
darkxstricotz, ^07:31
ricotzdarkxst, elaborate "remaing X bits"07:32
darkxstricotz, I meant xenial bits07:32
ricotzso you mean 3.18 updates07:32
darkxstg-o-a transition is likely to happen soon, but it will be reverted to webkit1 most likely to start, like what is on ubuntu-desktop ppa07:33
ricotzwebkit1 ?!?07:34
ricotzsounds like gee all over again07:34
darkxstricotz, still battling to get webkit2gtk into main07:34
darkxstthey won't take both webkit07:35
darkxst in main07:35
darkxstmy latest idea07:35
darkxst<darkxst> Laney, though I do wonder, can't we drop the ancient webkit2gtk build from webkitgtk source and add webkit2gtk to main? thats gotta be better than the current situation, and the transition from webkit2gtk-3.0 to -4.0 should be easy07:35
darkxstactually some people don't want webkit in main at all, but that is not exactly feasible until the drop the enitre GNOME core from Ubuntu07:36
ricotzdarkxst, hmm, sounds good, if nothing is using webkit2gtk-3.007:37
darkxstricotz, there is stuff linked against it, but should be an easy enough transition07:38
ricotzright, unless it is in main07:39
darkxstricotz, most of the r-deps have already been updated upstream for the -3.0 to -4.007:39
darkxstthings like yelp, devhelp etc07:40
ricotzanjuta, builder, gitg07:40
darkxstbuilder yes07:41
darkxstother two havent checked07:41
darkxstgitg yes07:42
darkxstanjuta, probably yes07:42
ricotzI see07:44
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Foragegood morning10:30
Foragethe live cd nightly builds of at least November 17 until now suffer from being unable to login. It shows a broken login screen instead of booting into GNOME Shell right away. Supplying the username "ubuntu" with no password does not allow me to login. Is there any other way?10:31
darkxsthi Forage10:31
darkxstthat is fixed now10:31
darkxstand our username is actually ubuntu-gnome ;)10:31
Forageah, I didn't include the dash in my attempts10:31
darkxstno password10:31
darkxstbut the images are fixed as of last night10:32
Forageis it already working in the latest available nightly?10:32
darkxstyes, just took a few days to get sponsored, I don't have upload rights yet to the core stuff10:33
Foragealso, for some reason I don't get to see the splash screen any more. My monitors just go to stand-by when booting and shutting down. Is there a way to perform some sort of reset on that part of the distro? I could be because I had to resort back to the opensource video card drivers instead of AMD's fglrx for other reasons10:35
darkxstForage, you should always see the splash screen10:35
ForageShould, yes :-P10:36
darkxstonly on NVIDIA blobs its text one10:36
ForageI worked before, also on the live cd10:36
Foragebut not any more10:36
darkxstfile a bug10:37
ForageSo now I get to see the boot sequence, then my monitors go to standby, then I get the login screen10:37
darkxstother than the transition between splash and gdm not being seemless10:37
ForageTo what package to I file it? GDM already at that stage?10:38
darkxstyes there is a glitch there, but it shouldnt cause sleep10:38
darkxstForage, for xenial gdm310:39
ForageI'm on Wily10:39
darkxstfor wily gdm, but would be appreciated if you could test it on xenial also10:39
ForageThe live cd's for Wily and Xenial work as expected10:40
ForageThis is what I did to get back to the open source drivers: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Trusty_Installation_Guide#Removing_Catalyst.2Ffglrx10:42
ForageSo I figured a reinstall of some other additional package might fix the issue10:42
darkxstForage, that is not breaking your plymouth10:43
ForageThe only thing I can think of is "sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-ati xserver-xorg-video-radeon" caused the removal of "xserver-xorg-video-all" as well. This package, however, didn't get installed again afterwards though. It looks like just a meta package however. If I install it it doesn't require any additional packages. Could this be the cause still?10:49
Foragedarn, it's still the 23 Nov. nightly that's available which I downloaded again11:03
darkxstForage, just reinstall xserver-xorg-core should be enough to blow away propietry cobwebs I think11:08
darkxstForage, use zsync ;) 23'rd image had the live session fixes11:09
ForageThat's what I did as part of the removal process. Is there a way to reconfigure plymouth somehow?11:10
ForageWhere can I find zsync's image?11:10
darkxstits a link,feed this to zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/xenial-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync11:11
darkxstand it just downloads the delta each time you want to update11:11
ForageThere is a ".zsync" file at "http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/" but I figure it's not the same11:11
ForageThat will hopefully save some download time now that I'm on a crap connection for the time being11:12
darkxstzsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/xenial-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync11:13
ForageIt results in a file with the exact same size, can that be right11:16
darkxstForage, it should download the full image the first time11:17
darkxstand then delta downloads when you update11:17
darkxstworst case being about 50% if you switch series11:18
darkxstif you update daily, shouldnt be more than 10%11:18
darkxstor less11:19
LinDolhi all :)13:16
lindolhi all14:05
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