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dholbachgood morning08:21
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dpmhi nhaines, around?16:42
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mhall119nhaines: hey, ping me if/when you have a minute please20:53
nhainesmhall119: pong!22:26
mhall119nhaines: hey, I think we're all good now that ubucon.org is moved to the new site22:27
nhainesmhall119: I saw that.  It hasn't propgated to my ISP yet, though.  (Although it's fine with T-Mobile, so that's annoying.)22:28
mhall119nhaines: oh, I know what else I wanted to ask, have you setup a meetup group for California LoCo that we can use to register the UbuCon event?22:28
nhainesNope! I almost did that this weekend but got caught up with a rush job a client wanted.  I'm going to look at it now before I do the next job.  :)22:29
mhall119thanks nhaines 22:36
nhainesmhall119: and done! http://www.meetup.com/UbuntuCalifornia/22:42
pleia2neat, scary22:44
tsimonq2like my away message :(22:45
nhainesMaybe I should have left the hyphen in.22:46
nhainesAll URLs now broken!  \o/22:46
nhainesmhall119: www.ubucon.org doesn't resolve.  Whom do I have to poke to get a CNAME record set up for that?23:01
mhall119nhaines: richard I believe23:15
mhall119yay, our map is growing! http://www.meetup.com/pro/ubuntu/23:16
nhainesAlso I think the Catalan team is registered twice, so... I think someone should look into that.  :)23:25

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