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alan_galf_: are you getting somewhere with CI failure?09:23
alf_alan_g: I have a few things I want to try (experimental MPs), but got blocked by the Display.* failures09:26
alf_alan_g: I am close to an MP for the new failures, so I should have some results soon.09:27
alan_galf_: cool, thanks.09:27
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slvn_hello !12:31
slvn_I have some issue to debug maybe someone can help :12:31
slvn_I have an app on ubuntu-phone that tries to go fullscreen, but the top status bar is always there.12:32
slvn_if I use "mir_surface_spec_set_state( fullscreen )" before creating the surface, it works.12:33
slvn_but I try to use it after creating the surface,  using "apply_spec" it does not work ...12:33
slvn_there is no error message .. the request just seem to be discarded ... any idea ?12:33
alan_gslvn_: I suspect that surface modification requests are not supported by unity8/qtmir yet.12:35
alan_gI know that greyback_ and I are planning to do some work on the qtmir aspects starting tomorrow12:37
slvn_well ... maybe this is the good reason ...12:37
greyback_slvn_: unfortunately yes, that's not working yet on the unity8 side12:38
slvn_I have also tried to call the function "mir_wait_for( mir_surface_set_state(fullscreen) )" after the surface_create, and this one was working.12:38
slvn_does this make sense ?12:38
greyback_slvn_: not really, but I think you've hit a code-path we've not tried yet. Would you log a bug please?12:40
greyback_slvn_: please log against the project "qtmir"12:40
mcphailslvn_: can you post the bug number here so I can follow it? Keen to see this improved12:41
slvn_hmm ... I dont really know what to log, because to me, the mir_wait_for(..)  is expected to be working ! I saw this code in lp:qtubuntu when doing SetfullScreen12:42
alan_gslvn_: it makes sense in that there are some (essentially legacy) functions that are supported, but the apply_spec is the (not working yet) future.12:42
alan_gUnfortunately the qtmir/u8 support for "apply_spec" got delayed as there were more urgent priorities.12:44
slvn_ok, I got it ! just get confused because there was no error, and wasn't working12:44
slvn_you want me to fill a bug report for which part ?12:45
slvn_since, I have an explanation I am fine :)12:45
alan_g"apply_spec" not supported by qtmir/u812:45
slvn_ok !12:46
mzanettianpok, ping12:51
slvn_ https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtmir/+bug/151933812:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1519338 in QtMir "API "mir_surface_apply_spec" is not supported in qtmir/u8 " [Undecided,New]12:52
mcphailgreyback_: aww - give it a "High" priority - medium bugs are never fixed :p12:54
greyback_mcphail: it'll be fixed :) Especially as we'll definitely be moving to the newer way (apply_spec)12:55
mcphailgreyback_: cheers :)12:58
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anpokmzanetti: pong?13:57
mzanettihey anpok13:57
mzanettianpok, https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/uinput/+merge/277572/comments/70481813:57
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