ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:41
h00kgenii: took me a bit to figure out who it was being called in02:42
geniiI booted both02:43
geniiNo +b yet, we'll see who comes back02:43
h00kg did02:44
h00kIt was confusing, it looked like copypasta lines but I don't see the original lines,02:44
h00kI was trying to read too quickly.02:44
geniih00k: kleesiger seems to be the issue. Has not returned since being booted. Gave gzcwnk a warning with instructions what to do next time. So far so good.02:47
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (guest-iYLSLd)07:49
mappswhy was i banned AGAIN?17:37
mappsfor telling the truth , seems a bit unfair17:37
phunyguymapps, my guess is for promoting violence17:37
tonyyarussoCalled for nuking a country, labelled an entire nation as terrorist sympathizers, said Turks were a disgrace, said they shouldn't be allowed into the EU...not a short list.17:40
mappsthat's all true though, i dont dispute it17:41
mappswho would want them in the eu / read the papers they support isis!! i dont make it up17:41
tonyyarussoWell, that's really not helping your case then.17:42
phunyguymapps, true or not, it's not something we allow in the channels.17:42
mappsyou should read the papers, i didnt make them do anything17:42
phunyguyso, you didn't get banned for telling the "truth", you got banned for supporting/promoting violence.  Let's make sure that is clear.17:43
tonyyarussoActually, I would have done it for the villification of an entire people even without the explicit violence.  That's pretty gross.17:44
mappsso it's ok they shoot down an innocent plane, gotcha17:45
mappsas usual, all about PC17:45
phunyguymapps, for Christ's sake, get this through your head.  You got banned for promoting violence, and what tonyyarusso said.  Nothing more.17:45
k1l_mapps: its not ok you calling for "nuking turkey" or villification of all turkish people. no.17:46
k1l_mapps: no matter what the papers say: your behavior is not acceptable. stop blaming others for that17:46
mappsi dont agree, so i guess it's good im banned17:47
phunyguyand the leash was pretty short based on the past.17:47
k1l_yes, the ubuntu community doesnt want people that behave like you.17:47
phunyguymapps, anything else we can help you with?17:47
mappswhy is everyone appologists/lefties/ , saying anything negative and people cry17:48
phunyguymapps, please /part the channel now.17:48
phunyguyThis one should probably stick a bit longer than the last few.17:49
phunyguy(1-2 weeks before)17:49
tonyyarussoYeah....I haven't even searched the BT to see how many separate ones he's had yet.17:50
phunyguyjust search for the first two octets of his IP17:50
phunyguywildcard it17:51
phunyguyin fact it would be ideal to change the ban to *!map*@195.166.*17:51
phunyguyhe won't try to evade, but his IP changes in that range a lot17:52
phunyguyI think that syntax is correct anyway17:52
phunyguyfirst 3 digits of ident and first two octets of IP17:52
tonyyarussoLooks like maybe it can actually be slightly narrower too - seems his ISP only has a /2117:53
tonyyarussoAlso, he always has at least two Ps in his nick, doesn't he?17:54
phunyguynot sure on that17:56
phunyguyfigured one p to be safe17:57
tonyyarussoOh, nope.17:57
tonyyarussoYou're right.17:57
phunyguyit happens once in a while.  ;)17:57
tonyyarussoHe also has more than one ISP, between DSL, phone, and I think a VPS or something.17:57
tonyyarussoOne hasn't been used in a while, so really only two that I care about.18:00
phunyguylooks good18:02
tonyyarussoIf you use the duration feature on @comment, does it count from the timestamp of the comment or of the ban?18:34
k1l_it forgets the duration18:34
k1l_i am trapped everytime in that misstake18:35
tonyyarussoer, what?18:35
k1l_yeah. seems like somewhat is broken on the bot on that.18:35
phunyguyyeah I just use @duration18:35
tonyyarussoWhat do you mean it forgets the duration?18:35
k1l_see comment on 6931918:36
k1l_@duration 6931918:36
ubottu[69319] ban - *!*@38.95.108.* - #ubuntu - never expires18:36
k1l_@comment 6931918:36
ubottuSep 23 2015 21:24 k1l_: yoierlied!~yoierlied@
ubottuSep 23 2015 21:25 k1l_: ban against the ip range of the pm harassment guy see 69318 69296 68569, 2M18:36
tonyyarussoOh, so it just doesn't work at all.18:36
k1l_and i am quite sure i set some durations with @durations even after the comment and that got forgotten, too18:37
tonyyarussoAll right, so in that case, if using *@duration* then, does it count from the date of the ban, or of when you use that command?  :P18:37
k1l_from date of ban18:37
FlannelWhy is ubot9 in -ot?19:09
tonyyarussoThere is *definitely* something wrong with the @duration code...19:11
tonyyarussoTake a ban from Aug 01 2015, do "@duration ID 5mo", it returns "will be removed after 5 months" (ie Jan 01 2016), do @duration ID again immediately, and it says "will be removed after 3 months and 2 days" (ie Feb 26 2016).  ???19:14
Flanneltonyyarusso: It's not a bug.  You're just not thinking fourth dimensionally.19:15
Flanneltonyyarusso: Does it give you the Jan 1/Feb 26 date?19:16
tonyyarussoNo, that's me calculating.19:16
k1l_hello cristian_c21:40
cristian_cI'd have a question21:40
cristian_ck1l_: in #ubuntu-it we have found an user called 'ubot9'21:41
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
k1l_that is Unit193s ubuntu bot.21:41
cristian_cubot9 ukikie ubuntu/bot/ubot93 * :Killer robot from The Hive.21:42
cristian_cubot9 :#ubuntu-it #ubuntu21:42
cristian_ck1l_: ah,k, thanks21:42
ikoniacristian_c: one of the other ops from #ubuntu-it was in yesterday21:42
ikoniaI explained to him about the bot and all the info21:42
cristian_cikonia: ah, ok, sorry, I didn't know21:43
ikoniano need for sorry21:43
Unit193cristian_c: Should be well behaved, but if you'd still like it gone no problem.21:43
ikoniamaybe worth talking to the other ops so you're all in sync21:43
cristian_cikonia: I think so21:43
cristian_cI'll talk with him to know his opinion21:44
cristian_cbye, thanks fpr the answer21:44
valorie":Killer robot from The Hive." is probably not helpful21:45
phunyguy"The hive cluster is under attack"21:51
Unit193Different references there, both good.21:51
Unit193Either way though, that was leftover (and people actually read those!), changed to something sane now.21:54
valoriesane usually equals boring, I agree21:58
valoriescience fiction classic refs are awesome21:58
valoriebut not so much for newcomers and those for whom english is a second language21:59
ubottubprompt called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:19
ubottuOerHeks called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:19
k1l_its some botnet again23:20

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