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utdebwhat needs to be done to bring the lastest version of ubuntu touch to the nexus 1000:08
k1lsee the porting guide00:12
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nhainesGuest33114: the message didn't go through.  Try again?06:05
Guest33114nhaines, :D06:54
nhainesGuest33114: that worked once on a LUG mailing list.  The guy even replied and said he hadn't gotten any error messages and three people jumped in to say "wait a minute!"07:01
nhainesI'm really proud of that.  :D07:01
svijnhaines: troll :P07:02
Guest33114haha :))07:02
Guest33114woa unity dash now has an icon07:03
Guest33114unity8-dash (scopes) icon http://i.imgur.com/JlyL5tn.png07:08
Guest33114it's the one between the sdk and "?" icons07:09
Guest33114the orange one with the ubuntu logo07:09
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amazoniantoadIs the Aquaris E5 compatible for AT&T?07:13
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mokmeisteramazoniantoad: spec on E5 states support for 2G quad band (850/900/1800/1900) and dual band 3G(900/2100) so I would imagine it at least works on 2G.07:52
zzarrgood morning07:53
robin-heroHey, just reported two bugs for Unity8: Could you take a look at it? Thanks.https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1519235 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/151923408:21
dholbachgood morning08:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1519235 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Nexus 4 - HDMI-Slimport adapter can't charge the phone and display the screen at the same time." [Undecided,New]08:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1519234 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "With external display every tap on the virtual keyboard adds a double character" [Undecided,New]08:21
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hasselmmmorphis: regarding bluez5, which channel to flash? ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-developer or ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en ?09:06
morphishasselmm: as long its rc-propsoed, you're fine :)09:07
hasselmmmorphis: what's the difference between both?09:07
morphisafaik the content of the custom part, like which apps are preinstalled etc.09:07
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hasselmmok, so i just need to figure out how to do a backup...09:08
hasselmm(or how to do an OTA update to proposed)09:08
pixel_hasselmm, you can change channels without flashing09:13
pixel_hasselmm, sudo system-image-cli --switch ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en09:15
pixel_i think you can add -vv for verbose09:15
pixel_system-image-cli --help09:15
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J0SH1XHey guys what is the status of whatsapp for utouch in june there was a announcement from connical this is the last reason why i dont flsah my nexus09:22
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J0SH1Xso noone has some infos bout this ?09:28
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday and happy Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day! 😃10:08
slvn_Hello ! I am looking for someone who could test a few .click package app on his device (I don't have a device anymore up-to-date..)10:20
robin-heroslvn_: Hey, I'm here :)10:20
slvn_robin-hero,  ok ! thanks !10:21
victor_bqHi all!10:23
sturmflutGood morning oo/10:24
sturmflutDoes anybody know about Telepathy on the phone?10:24
victor_bqdoes anyone have issues with Wi-Fi after OTA8?10:24
mcphailvictor_bq: what issues in particular? I have ongoing issues, but not OTA8 specific10:26
mardytvoss: hi! is https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/trust-store/fix-1504022/+merge/278418 essentially the same as the one which was for trunk, or are there changes?10:28
tvossmardy, it's the same, sorry for the noise, only different targetbranch10:29
mardytvoss: excellent, approving10:29
hasselmmmorphis, pixel_: sorry, distracted by work (who invented that stupid thing?)10:48
lotuspsychjemcphail: any progress on your issue?10:49
mcphaillotuspsychje: which one? ;)10:51
lotuspsychjemcphail: battery drain10:52
hasselmmhmm.... would be good to see a progress indicator while running system-image-cli10:52
hasselmmthought sudo failed :D10:52
lotuspsychjemcphail: didnt notice issues here on my bq 4.5 yet10:52
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mcphaillotuspsychje: have had a couple of further episodes of battery drain and some unity8 weirdness. Don't know if they are linked. Spurious input events10:53
lotuspsychjemcphail: didnt set to defaults yet i presume?10:53
hasselmmok, it reboots....10:53
Henry__quick one: is there any kind of support email for ubuntu touch on BQ E4.5? do want to create account in bugzilla :-(10:54
mcphaillotuspsychje: no. Still on call until end of week. Might try reflash at weekend but have plans to explore some bottles of malt :)10:54
lotuspsychjeHenry__: best to get bugs resolved is via official bug launchpad10:54
lotuspsychjemcphail: ok keep us updated :p10:55
Henry__lotuspsychje: thanks, ok10:56
lotuspsychjeHenry__: check the link bug page on our topic10:56
lotuspsychjeHenry__: or share your issue here in chat?10:56
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Henry__lotuspsychje: is quite simple, after 77 hours of full recharge my battery indicator shows 81% and did not change for last 24h10:57
lotuspsychjemcphail: ^10:57
lotuspsychjerelated to yours?10:57
lotuspsychjeHenry__: OTA8 also?10:58
mcphaillotuspsychje: don't think so. My battery is charging fine. Just dropping quickly at times for unknown reason10:58
Henry__lotuspsychje: yup, but is happening since I have the phone with r21 and updating. And quick drops in battery change I see in graph also10:59
pixel_hasselmm, :)) i have no idea10:59
lotuspsychjeHenry__: did you go to defaults once?11:00
mcphailHenry__: have you been getting episodes where your phone seems to be receiving touches, even though you aren't pressing anything?11:00
Henry__lotuspsychje: had made several reimaging already since that r21, mostly because r25 was completely unstable, so I went from r24 to r26 and now on OTA-811:01
lotuspsychjeHenry__: could you try an ota8 reset to defaults, maybe were lucky?11:02
Henry__mcphail: this seems to be happening when I receive SMS - the screen "blinks" several times after and system seems "confused" when I try to swipe down the notification from up11:02
Henry__lotuspsychje: the "flat" battery charge in graph with obviously incorrect %  I see since the beginning, regardless if I had full re-image or full reset11:03
lotuspsychjedoenst sound good then11:04
lotuspsychjeHenry__: file a bug mate, from topic link11:04
lotuspsychjeits important they know about11:04
Henry__my bq e.45 last about 110h since full charge, it is just not easy to predict when it discharge and switches off when I can't see the real battery %11:05
Henry__ok, will fill the bug, have also screenshot of it11:05
mcphailHenry__: I've had odd things happen after SMS as well, and battery drain seems higher afterwards until a reboot11:06
mcphailHenry__: isn't consistent, though11:06
Henry__mcphail: r25 on my phone was completely useless :-(, but other than this it is fine, I use it as dual-sim "phone", so not really a smart phone ;-)11:07
Henry__therefore my battery lasts rather long, have everything except wifi and gsm switched off11:08
mcphailHenry__: OTA7 was good for me, if I turned wifi off before leaving the house. Something is badly wrong with OTA8 on my phone, though11:09
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Henry__lotuspsychje: is there, could you please have a quick look if I did not miss something important on the bug filling? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/151930911:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1519309 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "battery graph not showing correct percentage" [Undecided,New]11:18
lotuspsychjeHenry__: lookin good mate11:38
lotuspsychjeHenry__: when the devs awake, try to paste bug here to ask if someone knows11:38
Henry__thanks, someone already asked me for additional info, so I am adding it right now11:40
lotuspsychje: )11:40
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lotuspsychjemcphail: you might follow the bug also :p11:40
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Henry__mcphail: disaster at my phone was r25 - was afraid to touch the screen to not get freeze or reboot, r24 was perfectly stable. fresh re-image from Bq of r25 made it even worse, 6/10 boots I did not manage to put PINs to my sim cards.11:52
lotuspsychjeHenry__: i only had scope freezes on ota711:53
lotuspsychjefor the rest works like a charm here11:53
Henry__mpchail: 3 weeks ago I upgraded from r24 to r26 - was stable, r27 I made a week ago (or so) so far stable - or better say no "new" issues ;-)11:53
morphisrvr: see my last update on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/151900711:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1519007 in Canonical System Image "Ringtone not played on the speaker" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:54
Henry__lotuspsychje: I am not using scopes ;-) Only default App scope and then running apps like phone, clock, contacts and messages - I am really using it "not-as-smartphone" ;-)11:54
lotuspsychjewell i pretty like some news scopes and nearby also handy11:55
morphisSaviq: you already filed bugs for those things you told me yesterday?11:56
rvrmorphis: Reading it11:56
rvrmorphis: Interesting11:57
morphisrvr: so we need to talk with Tiago about this once he turns up11:57
rvrmorphis: Ack11:58
morphisrvr: do you follow up with him on this?11:58
rvrmorphis: I'll ping him when he's available11:58
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morphisrvr: thanks11:59
Henry__lotuspsychje: so, my bug is duplicate to https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1471913 from July :-(12:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1471913 in Canonical System Image "[MX4] Battery statistics are incorrect" [High,Confirmed]12:01
lotuspsychjeHenry__: but your device is bq12:01
Henry__not my decision :-(12:02
Saviqmorphis, not yet, let me file the one I'm certain of12:03
lotuspsychjeHenry__: but it says, no longer affects unit8 and your on ota812:04
Saviqmorphis, bug #151932512:05
ubot5bug 1519325 in bluez (Ubuntu) "Car kit reports "No network" when two SIMs are present but just one is online" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151932512:05
Henry__lotuspsychje: don't know really, I am not expert on it. Put a q there, if the guys think it is duplicate, then they must be right.12:06
lotuspsychjeHenry__: ok well then copy paste your bug into the existing old bug12:08
lotuspsychjeHenry__: and mention your on OTA8 and its not fixxed as the bug says it fixxed12:08
mcphailHenry__: I've asked for the removal of "MX4" from the title of the other bug12:08
morphisSaviq: thanks12:12
Henry__mpchail: suddenly my chrome decided to add the original battery stats picture, will add info about BQ E4.5 as you said12:13
Henry__mpchail: see it, thanks :-)12:17
Henry__just as a side issue - anytime happened to you that the you switched on/off different setting from top bar while calling? Seems I somehow made it with my ear when phone decided I do not have it close enough anymore :-(12:18
robin-herohey, is there somebody here who uses rc-proposed channel? I can't make screenshot with today's image.12:30
lotuspsychjerobin-hero: whats your device?12:30
lotuspsychjeim on devel-proposed on nexus712:32
robin-herolotuspsychje: okay, just rebooted my phone, and it works again.. hmmm. weird12:34
lotuspsychje: )12:35
lotuspsychjemubuntu magic12:35
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mhall119sil2100: congrats on becomeing a core dev :)14:47
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shadeslayerogra_: Should I just follow https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/ for the E5?14:48
shadeslayeror is there some special flag I need to pass somewhere14:48
sil2100mhall119: thanks :)14:58
pmcgowansil2100, thats awesome15:04
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awefaenil, any feedback on the Qt/location-services testing?15:32
awewe're discussing hot-fixability in ~30m15:33
faenilawe: it's a bit early, I only installed it last evening :/15:33
awejust asking15:33
faenilawe: yeah, np :)15:33
faenilawe: but so far, I haven't noticed anything weird15:34
aweI generally found that it took around 10-12h to max out the match rules, and for the UI to really start freezing bad15:36
faenilawe: so now there's no propertieschanged signal at all, right?15:38
awelocation-services still listens for NM PropsChanged for APs15:38
faenilbecause I don't see the propertieschanged signal as usual every 2 mins15:39
awethe Qt fix removes the listening for them completely15:39
aweon the system bus?15:39
awenm still send them15:39
tvossfaenil, nm sends them on the system bus15:39
faeniltvoss: but there's upstart-bridge, isn't there15:39
aweyes, but the signals are only fwd'd15:40
aweif someone asks for them15:40
aweso perhaps the removal of the Qt listening15:40
faenilawe: ah ok, thanks15:40
awegot rid of the signals on the session bus as well15:40
tvossawe, yup, likely15:40
faenilI'll switch to the system bus then15:40
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shadeslayerhm apparently not it15:48
faenilawe: tvoss btw, my current situation is that it's not lagfree, but there's a perceptible stutter15:52
faenilit's immensely better than before of course15:53
tvossfaenil, could you use awe's magic python script to query the system bus for match rules?15:53
tvossfaenil, also: immensely better is already quite good :)15:53
faeniltvoss: yeah, it's not a terrible stutter, it just misses a few frames15:53
faenilawe: sudo or no sudo for the script?15:56
faeniland does it need any additional modded dbus?15:57
faenilcurrently without sudo it fails with "have you enabled Stats"...sounds like I need the modded dbus from your ppa as well..15:59
awefor which script?16:01
faenilawe: getallmatch rules16:01
awefaenil, I'm not looking for you to run that16:01
faenilawe: ah ok, I thought that's what tvoss asked for16:01
tvossfaenil, but me :)16:01
tvossawe, :)16:01
aweI'm looking for whether not it improves the eventual UI lockups16:01
awetvoss, are you joining the rtm meeting?16:02
tvossfaenil, you likely don't have awe's patched dbus daemon16:02
faenilyou guys sort it out :D16:02
tvossawe, yeah, gimme 516:02
faeniltvoss: yep, exactly16:02
faenilso, should I run the script or not :D16:02
faeniltvoss: do you need the output?16:02
tvossfaenil, you can run, but you won't get any output :) so no, leave it as is16:04
faeniltvoss: of course, I meant "should I install dbus and get the output"16:05
tvossfaenil, nope :)16:05
faenilbut installing dbus means rebooting, and that slows down the test :D16:05
faenilok ;)16:05
awewell... before you reboot16:06
awewhen do you see the stuttering?16:06
aweit is every 2m?16:06
aweis it occasionally?16:06
shadeslayerogra_: I guess what I'm asking is, a) how does one build this file http://system-image.ubuntu.com/pool/ubuntu-dcb4f2e9d6bd32edd5c0fda04ba2f6b74d954c0f16d93abe9d1bdcf917982177.tar.xz and b) how would one flash a modified version of that16:12
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, do you know what's going on with u-s-s CI and those update tests?16:28
jgdxseb128, yes16:28
jgdxfixing now16:28
kenvandineseb128, jgdx is working on that right now :)16:28
seb128jgdx, kenvandine, thanks! I feel better when we accept things with CI not grumpy ;-)16:29
jgdxseb128, kenvandine: the fix is to fake the click server, basically. It seems the test devices are so slow, autopilot times out (10sec) while waiting for a response from the click server.16:29
jgdxthere already is a mock click server in there, it just needs some love.16:30
seb128relying on access to the real server seems buggy anyway16:30
jgdxseb128, kenvandine, one thing though: we can supply the code with faked JSON, but it'll ignore it if the click isn't installed.16:30
jgdxso on desktop, you'll have no clicks and a fake click server isn't much use16:31
kenvandinewe can fake what's installed though16:31
kenvandinebased on an env variable16:31
jgdxI'm looking at that now, and it feels very wrong kenvandine  :P16:32
jgdxthe prod code will be riddled with environment variable checking16:32
kenvandinebut it'll make for a more reliable test16:32
jgdxokay, then the question is, what should the code do when it sees an update that it usually ignores due to it not being installed?16:33
jgdxjust consider them as actual updates?16:33
kenvandinei think our test will just check for the update we expect16:33
kenvandineand not care about any others found16:34
jgdxso the env will be a list of click ids to consider?16:34
kenvandinethat's what i was thinking16:34
jgdxokay, that works16:34
jgdxwhat about semantics, what do we call it?16:34
kenvandineand when running in the tests, we won't find others anyway16:34
kenvandinejgdxrocks_0.1 :)16:35
kenvandinedoesn't matter, as long as it doesn't exist in the store16:35
jgdxI was thinking about the actual variable16:35
jgdxthe env variable16:35
kenvandinesomething like that16:37
kenvandineas a list of app ids16:37
kenvandineor... actually no16:37
kenvandineso the response in the fake server is static, hard coded16:37
kenvandinewe should hard code the package16:37
kenvandineso USS_TEST_MODE=1 or something16:38
kenvandineotherwise you have to remember what magic string to use for testing locally :)16:38
jgdxokay, I wonder if I can use AUTOPILOT_ENABLED then16:38
jgdxthat mode fakes a token16:39
jgdxso I guess it's okay to attach this stuff to it16:39
kenvandineso reuse that16:39
peat-psuwitawe: ping17:07
slashHello everybody, today i tried to update my nexus 4 rc-proposed as the parameters icon shown a notification17:10
slashafter launching the parameter, i see the app charging and after nothing...17:10
slashI tried to reboot still the same.17:10
slashI'm wondering if i can force the upgrade via the terminal ?17:11
slashFor those interested : sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/loop0 /17:25
slashI could upgrade and the bug went away :)17:25
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peat-psuwitIn ofono's radio-settings, how can the code knows whether SIM is present or not?17:31
awepeat-psuwit, you need to look at the SimManager interface17:32
peat-psuwitawe: D-bus?17:33
awethat's the only way to talk to ofono17:33
awetry using list-modems17:33
peat-psuwitawe: I mean, in the code of radio-settings in ofono itself.17:33
awepeat-psuwit, if another component of ofono needs to know about SIM state17:34
aweit uses a watch17:34
aweeg. sim_state_watch17:34
aweor it queries the sim atom directly17:34
awebut usually this is done via a watch17:35
awepeat-psuwit, also... as the device plugin creates atoms based on SIM states17:35
aweah... sorry never mind17:35
aweI'm pretty sure radio-settings is made available regardless of SIM presence17:36
awebut that could be device specific17:36
peat-psuwitawe: On my device, setting 3G preference fails without SIM.17:38
mac_I booting kmsg I get ureadahead-touch main process (1317) terminated with status 517:38
mac_anyone can point me what should I look for?17:39
peat-psuwitIf you can remember, my phone needs to set another slot to 2G before set intended one to 3G17:39
peat-psuwitAnd if there's no SIM in another slot, it should skip setting it.17:39
awepeat-psuwit, yes... dual-SIM modem impls can be tricky like this17:40
aweyou'd need to come up with some way to query the other modem17:41
awe( assuming your impl provides two modem instances )17:41
awethis gets tricky from within a single atom running on a specific modem17:41
aweI think in our case, we provide a way for a mtkmodem atom to query the device plugin17:42
awefor certain operations17:42
aweI'd recommend looking at the public functions exported by our mtk device plugin, as well as the usage within the mtkmodem driver17:43
peat-psuwitawe: My code actually share most of code with ril device plugin, and I don't want to put more code to shared ril plugin.17:44
awepeat-psuwit, AFAIK, you cannot query the state of the other modem instance ( ie. representing the other SIM ) from within a driver atom17:45
awethe only way to do it, is via the device plugin17:45
aweif this won't work for you17:45
awethen you need to come up with another mechanism17:46
awepeat-psuwit, if you want more feedback on potential solutions, perhaps it'd be best to write an email describing the problem and send the to the ml, or just myself and abeato directly17:47
peat-psuwitawe: Thank you.17:49
awepeat-psuwit, your welcome17:49
attenteMirv: hey, could you merge this? it brings the branch back up-to-date by re-adding the missing changelog entries: https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/maliit/merge-wily-changelog/+merge/27835318:25
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* mcphail thinks there is definitely _something_ odd with battery drain on OTA8. ANother day, another depressing graph - http://themcphails.uk/screenshot20151124_221453130.png22:18
mcphailLots of "Nov 24 21:40:18 ubuntu-phablet powerd[974]: void {anonymous}::reset_alarm_clock() found 35 remaining wakeup requests" in syslog. Is it normal to have lots of these?22:30
mcphail1241 occurences today so far22:32
jgdxmcphail, ugh, could you file that? That sounds excessive.23:24
mcphailjgdx: do you have an alarm set for the morning? Can you give the output of grep "Nov 24" /var/log/syslog | grep reset_alarm_clock | wc -l23:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1519543 in Ubuntu Clock App "Syslog full of spam from alarm settings - is this draining battery?" [Undecided,New]23:55
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