diddledanmaybe the next G version of ubuntu should be "Gnarly Gnus"?00:56
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:48
TwistedLucidity8 hours, 6 minutes of drudgery to go....08:54
MooDootell me about it08:56
TwistedLucidityI found a new hero yesterday: https://www.jitbit.com/alexblog/249-now-thats-what-i-call-a-hacker/09:02
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday and happy Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day! 😃10:08
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foobarryreceived duplicate order of tshirts from USA :S12:39
diddledanfoobarry, maybe they decided you needed two13:01
foobarryi ordered 2 types, received 2 of each13:01
foobarrygonna have to get in touch with them13:01
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foobarrypostage to USA pricey though13:02
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popeyfoobarry, surely they'll pay that, or more likely just let you keep it13:54
foobarryyeah, you'd think so13:54
popeyI know someone who got sent double quantity of sofas13:54
popeythey didnt want them back13:54
MyrttiI got a double quantity of digital cameras once13:54
dogmatic69__foobarry:  by law you can keep it with no cost13:54
Myrttiand I couldn't even return the other, because the system saw me getting only one13:55
foobarryi'd like to ask them first13:55
diddledaninteresting concept13:55
diddledanI'm wondering how you communicate back to the light-fitting tho13:55
dogmatic69__foobarry: its to stop companies 'accidentally' sending extra and then asking people to pay up.13:56
bashrc_I remember discussing that li-fi idea in a job interview long ago13:59
bashrc_at a company which made lights13:59
foobarryi get 2 notifications from thunderbird. one is the desktop notifications, one is an ugly one at bottom of screen - how do i turn that off?14:12
MooDooubuntu spotted - http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/11/how-a-group-of-neighbors-created-their-own-internet-service/ 1m 27 mark :)14:19
SuperMattIt's so much easier to spot ubuntu in the wild than any other distro14:22
SuperMattI wonder why that could be14:22
zmoylan-piless windows 8 around these days? :-)14:24
diddledanSuperMatt, brown14:24
diddledanoh wait, we lost that these days. orange then14:24
diddledanor purple14:24
MooDooit's aubergine not purple :p ;)14:29
awilkinsLifi : just communicate back with wifi14:37
awilkinsNo doubt designed for the common notion that people download more data than they upload14:37
Seeker`Myrtti: a real shame that you got a 2nd camera :P14:37
Myrttiwell neither of them were for me14:38
Myrttiso one family got a camera in Finland and other in UK as a Christmas present14:38
awilkinsThe only time I want gigabit speeds upstream is when I sync my Windows 7 VM from my laptop to my desktop14:39
diddledanoh dear, a turkey has killed a rusky15:04
zmoylan-pitechincally one of the ruskies was captured alive... won't end well15:04
MooDoodiddledan: dark side here :D15:09
TwistedLucidityzmoylan-pi: Both dead15:30
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mappsanother rubbish night at the casino, so boring here19:54
mappswon money, but its still soul destroying19:56
diddledanello mapps20:54
mappsi like how every idiot at the casinos is smarter than everyone else/better off/good job , then it turns out ..no they work in a bar20:57
mappswhy do people have to lie so much20:58
diddledandonno, but my 200ft yacht had a great party at the weekend ;-)20:59
diddledan(that was a lie)20:59
zmoylan-piyou were there by yourself...21:00
diddledanyeah, the party suckecd21:00
diddledanstill at least the staff were friendly21:01
popey"every idiot at the casinos"21:21
mappspeople that tell me i should play perect pairs at like 4/1 or whatever21:23
mappsridiculous odds21:23
mappsim a gambler, but i know what odds stuff should be21:24
mappsim terrible at my own gambling ;) for the company already made 1.5mil since june lol21:24
mappsit pays for my "luxury living" apartment, 1500 quid a month for this pokey dump ..but i dont want to move to spain21:27
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diddledanwhy are randoms following me on teh twits?21:48
diddledan@crimealertsusa is the latest random21:48
zmoylan-pibots follow random people, people follow random people in hope they follow back to increase the # of their followers21:49
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diddledansome guy called @AndrewMayne is following me21:49
diddledanhe's supposedly an award winning author21:49
zmoylan-pia lot of authors follow people to push their books....21:50
zmoylan-pithey usually have longest densest bios21:50
diddledanhe's apparently the star of "Don't trust andrew mayne" on the A&E network21:50
diddledannot many21:54
zmoylan-pikinda how snowden felt when he joined twitter :-)21:57
diddledanlol, yeah, if you're famous you really should turn off twitter emails22:01
mappsi always get that22:11
mappsloadsa random follower reqs22:11
diddledanI want to know how they decide who to follow22:11
zmoylan-pipeobably scanning peoples bios or locations22:13
diddledanif it's locations then why would @CrimeAlertsUSA follow me?22:13
diddledanhint. I'm not in murrica22:14
zmoylan-pimaybe they assumed your an american if you follow mostly american accounts or are just eejits22:14
diddledanmethinks they're somewhat more strongly worded than eejit22:18
diddledanf**king ***hole morons22:18
zmoylan-piwell it's a good enough description for a family friendly channel22:18
diddledanhmm, freenas mini discount22:28
* diddledan waits for the email to load22:29
diddledanmeh, that's expensive22:30
diddledan4TB for 1.2k$22:30
diddledan8TB for 1.3k$22:30
diddledan12TB for 1.5k$22:30
diddledan16TB for 1.7k$22:31
diddledanor the top end 24TB for 2.25k$22:31
daftykinshmm i've definitely put together those for cheaper22:36
daftykinsmany many abandoned cards23:12
diddledanI'm almost glad I bricked my 6850 :-p23:20
diddledansorry, 687023:20
* diddledan just double checked the number23:20
daftykinsyou did? not via BIOS malarkey?23:22
zmoylan-pii don't think i've ever blown a video card... not from want of trying mind you... :-)23:26
daftykinsah could your recent purchase not help with that?23:26
diddledanit'ld require pulling the shield off to find any headers but that's too much hassle :-p23:27
daftykinsdiddledan: or you know, if you have a mobo with two PEG slots you could reflash it23:27
zmoylan-piserial, parralel, usb, modems, isdn, scsi, scanners, sounds cards blown to kingdom come but never a video card for some reason...23:27
diddledanthat's a point23:27
daftykinsmake it sew!23:27
diddledanI didn't think of plugging two cards into the machine23:27
diddledanI'm not sure I've still got the bios tho23:28
daftykinseasily obtained online23:28
daftykinsdiddledan: example - https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/index.php?manufacturer=Sapphire&model=HD+685023:29

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