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Guest33114there something wrong with unity8 o_O when i try to resize the window... the shell rotates07:37
SaviqGuest33114, can you give a bit more info? ideally file a bug, please?08:05
Guest33114Saviq, i'm on 16.04 and just compiled the trunk, i run unity8 with ./run.sh ... now, when i try to resize the window, unity8 rotates 90 degres (to landscape ) but not every time  1 out of 3 tries or something08:13
Guest33114if i can't fix it i'll file a bug08:14
SaviqGuest33114, ah, so running "fake" under X11, lemme see08:16
Guest33114Saviq, yep08:16
Guest33114Saviq, http://i.imgur.com/AWHo0jq.jpg08:19
Guest33114./run.sh , tap to unlock and then resize08:19
Guest33114hm... when i resize it back, rotates back to portrait08:26
SaviqGuest33114, (not sure if you want your nick to remain that), I got to reproduce, there's a binding loop printed which might be the culprit:08:36
SaviqOrientedShell.qml:176:5: QML Shell: Binding loop detected for property "orientation"08:36
Saviqcan you file a bug please with those steps to repro?08:36
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pixel_Saviq, sure :D08:37
pixel_Saviq, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/151925008:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1519250 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "when resizing unity8 window (fake) unity rotates to landscape " [Undecided,New]08:43
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tsdgeosMirv: ping09:32
Mirvtsdgeos: pong09:35
tsdgeosMirv: commented in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-qt5/+bug/1447474 i guess this one can be marked as fixed?09:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1447474 in telepathy-qt5 (Ubuntu) "telepathy-qt5 FTBFS with Qt 5.5" [Medium,New]09:36
Mirvtsdgeos: most probably, I haven't tried it out. currently xenial images are booting but for some reason Qt 5.5 PPA gets Unity8 crashing... trying to look at it09:41
Mirvtsdgeos: we don't need telepathy-qt5 rebuild anyway, that was just a bug based on a test build09:42
Mirvtsdgeos: I'll do another test rebuild and update the bug accordingly09:42
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Saviqmzanetti, hey, do we have a bug to dupe #1519234 to?10:32
Saviqbug #151923410:32
ubot5bug 1451554 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1519234 Every key is pressed twice on the desktop" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145155410:32
mzanettiI duped one today already :D10:32
mzanettione sec10:32
mzanettiSaviq, actuall, turns out this is the one where people have been duping things to10:33
mzanettitsdgeos, pstolowski: http://notyetthere.org/data/freeeeze.mp410:35
tsdgeosmzanetti: so second time you get this?10:36
pstolowskimzanetti, can you grab a backtrace of all threads?10:37
mzanettiseems I can reproduce it10:37
mzanettiwith the spiegel scope10:37
pstolowskimzanetti, is this ota8 or current rc-proposed?10:38
mzanettipstolowski, rcproposed10:38
mzanettipstolowski, I suspect happened after landing diff updates10:38
pstolowskimzanetti, that would be my suspect as well10:39
mzanettipstolowski, install the spiegel.de scope from the store, let me know if you can repro10:39
mzanettiif not, I'll get you the stack traces10:39
pstolowskimzanetti, ok10:42
mzanettinote to myself: when testing the lockscreen, do not only put wrong combinations in :D10:49
* mzanetti grabs a coffee10:49
Saviqmzanetti, tsdgeos, one thing about the activity spinner - it's an animator, so running on the render thread10:51
Saviqmzanetti, not like you can't adb/ssh into it and reset the timer ;)10:52
mzanettiSaviq, how do I reset the timer?10:52
Guest234612mzanetti, my custom unity8 theme http://i.imgur.com/pCzkyHm.jpg . perfect <310:53
Saviqmzanetti, I think it's stored in AccountsService10:54
Guest234612mzanetti, i'm just having some fun with unity8 (trying to make a custom theme)10:54
Saviqmzanetti, check /var/lib/AccountsService/users/phablet10:55
mzanettiGuest234612, (really, get a nick :D) there's a branch that updates the visuals for the window decorations10:56
Saviqthere almost is a silo now, too10:56
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mzanettibetter :)10:56
pixel_mzanetti :D let's find out the branch then :D10:57
pixel_but first to finish my silly theme10:57
mzanettipixel_, https://code.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/newWindowDecosAndPanel10:57
pixel_mzanetti, Uuuuuuu nice! :D thanks10:57
pixel_new stuff <310:58
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pstolowskimzanetti, playing with spiegel scope on rc-proposed, haven't seen complete freeze yet. it paused once for a few seconds when i swiped left to another scope, but was still working. do you need to do anything special in spiegel scope to trigger freeze?11:58
mzanettipstolowski, so in my case, I have like 8 favorited scopes, the spiegel one somewhere in the middle12:06
mzanettiand then I just swipe left/right...12:06
Saviqdandrader, hey, FTBFS on both qtmir and qtubuntu with the surface MPs: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-00512:09
Saviqdandrader, in qtmir, SurfaceManager test fails, qtubuntu doesn't build due to some mir symbols missing12:10
Saviqare we missing a branch in the silo? or maybe new mir or something?12:10
mzanettipstolowski, http://notyetthere.org/data/frozen_scopeghurt.mp412:12
pstolowskimzanetti, ok, thanks, interesting12:14
dandraderSaviq, will check12:14
pstolowskimzanetti, you're not on bq, are you?12:20
mzanettipstolowski, krillin, yes12:20
pstolowskimzanetti, ok, bq here too. it's a bit sluggish for me but never to the point where it would freeze. may i ask you for 'thread apply all bt' from gdb (with debug symbols for unity-plugin-scopes - http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay/ubuntu/pool/main/u/unity-scopes-shell/ should be it)12:24
mzanettiok... will try...12:25
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mzanettipstolowski, actually, seems to be rather the today scope than the spiegel scope12:51
mzanettipstolowski, I've removed the spiegel one, now hanging at the today one12:51
mzanettipstolowski, what channel are you running on your krillin?12:53
mzanettiI've a suspicion that it only happens with some aggregated stuff in the today scope which isn't around in the ubuntu channel12:53
mzanettibasically entering the today scope makes it lock up up12:54
pstolowskimzanetti, rc-proposed. i'm on r187 now12:54
mzanettipstolowski, rc-proposed is not a precise channel definition :)12:54
pstolowskimzanetti, rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en12:54
mzanettiok... that does12:54
mzanettiyou have some data on that device too?12:55
mzanettilike some sms, favorite contacts and what not12:55
pstolowskimzanetti, nope. i don't have sim card in it12:55
mzanettipstolowski, so, I can only repro it with my dogfooding device12:55
mzanettiand I'd like to get info out of that withoug installing dbg symbols12:55
mzanettiare there any logs that could be helpful?12:56
pstolowskimzanetti, check .cache/upstart/unity8-dash.log12:56
pstolowskimzanetti, try without debug symbols first, but it will probably not show much12:57
mzanettithis is the last message it prints always: Disabling location updates12:57
mzanettibut it seems to freeze before12:58
mzanettiand actually when dispatching a search to a scope of mine :)12:58
mzanettiI once tried to create an aggregator scope but miserably failed12:59
pstolowskimzanetti, shouldn't freeze (in theory)12:59
mzanettiyeah... couldn't figure how to do it12:59
mzanettiso there might be some partial stuff12:59
mzanettilet me check details12:59
pstolowskii need food. bbl12:59
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mzanettiperfect timing12:59
mzanettiheike just called too13:00
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dandraderSaviq, fixed qtmir and qtubunt13:13
Saviqdandrader, tx13:22
dandraderSaviq, mir must have change (or fixed ) something in its include in the latest point release13:24
RAOFYeah, you might have hit a missing dependency of one of our -dev packages.13:25
Saviq/methinks RAOF has highlight on "mir" :D13:26
RAOFNope, just trolling IRC at 00:30 :P13:26
SaviqI knew the meeting must be at a nice time for you ;)13:27
Mirvtsdgeos: if you have time, please try out the Qt 5.5 silo, I may be missing something obvious but currently I can't see why the unity8 is crashing and I get no useful backtrace13:49
tsdgeosMirv: it's crashing? damnit :/13:50
Mirvtsdgeos: yes but it might be something silly too. it's just that there's a month gap after wily that xenial wasn't booting, something has happened during it.13:51
Mirvthe wily PPA was also Qt 5.5.1, so in theory it couldn't be anything changing in Qt13:52
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tsdgeosMirv: which silo number is it?13:54
Mirvtsdgeos: 01213:55
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Mirvtsdgeos: aaaaaah. it's so good to ping people! I was about to point out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/QtTesting and then say "but you don't need to follow it on xenial" ... but, it occured to me I didn't clean QML cache! so all good, feel free to go ahead and test a working xenial + Qt 5.5.1 combo :D13:58
Mirvit's funny, you never get these great ideas unless you finally do the pinging of someone with "heeeelp"13:59
tsdgeoshe he13:59
tsdgeosMirv: xenial is devel-proposed, right?13:59
Mirvtsdgeos: yes14:00
Mirvtsdgeos: I think it just might be possible to land Qt 5.5 next week. what do you think? plenty of stuff is broken in xenial, but I don't see anything anymore that would be _more_ broken with Qt 5.5. I'd ask for davmor or someone to test side by side a bit.14:11
tsdgeosyeah i guess that's part of the problem14:12
tsdgeosxenial is not really great on the phone so it's hard to say if 5.5 is breaking anything14:13
tsdgeosMirv: i guess we're not thinking of updating the Qt on the phone at this stage, right?14:13
tsdgeosi mean on vivid14:13
tsdgeoswahtevger D:14:13
Mirvtsdgeos: if I get to land 5.5 to xenial, I was thinking of providing a PPA for vivid for testing14:13
Mirvtsdgeos: that'd be unlikely though anyway, but for gathering knowledge14:14
Mirvtsdgeos: after OTA-9 however maybe possible14:15
Mirvtsdgeos: but as there's not much to gain as such and a lot of potential to bugs, it's probable it won't ever happen unless there suddenly is a very convincing reason14:16
SaviqMirv, "if... to xenial"? I hope it's "when"?14:17
MirvSaviq: sure, sure, when it's perfect :) I don't currently see anything blocking it much anymore, we've a plan at least for everything related like the connectivity-api bearer14:17
Mirvtsdgeos: Saviq: so I'm planning at least a temporary switch to the generic bearer with 5.5. when experimenting with the QNAM test app, I don't even see much in the way of _better_ behavior when switching between 3G and wifi.. more like hangs with NM bearer, proper functioning with generic..14:19
Mirvtsdgeos: Saviq: additionally, I don't currently see anything working wrongly regarding audio roles.. multimedia is still played with different volume as system sounds, so it's possible pulseaudio and media-hub don't actually need any changes (and I didn't find direct mentioning of the role names used inside Qt there)14:21
Mirvthose were the couple of uncertain things, although they're slightly uncertain still14:21
tsdgeosi see14:21
jhodappMirv, did you see my comment added to the bug report on this topic?14:22
Mirvjhodapp: ah, not yet, now I did. thanks, it's good to know it better even though it seems to function correctly even without changes.14:23
Mirvjhodapp: I was glancing through the source code and it didn't look it it would rely on Qt using specific role names, but I might be wrong14:24
jhodappMirv, yeah...I want mpt's opinion on the role changes and then we can go through and thoroughly test it watching the media-hub output14:24
jhodappMirv, well the thing is from my memory (I haven't looked in a bit), qtubuntu-media does the enum translation between Qt and media-hub...depending on what mpt says we may just need to update qtubuntu-media, or update that and media-hub14:25
Mirvjhodapp: ok, that makes sense. we've the qtubuntu-media update already unless it needs some additions. good to have this sorted out this week.14:26
jhodappMirv, indeed and I remember you making those changes to qtubuntu-media...further changes would just be to the name/intrinsic values of the enums that we support14:27
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popeymzanetti, Saviq did we fix the thing where the phone gets stuck in landscape on the lock screen, making it impossible to unlock?15:18
popey(I'm still seeing it on rc-proposed)15:18
mzanettihmm... you shouldn't see it any more15:18
popeyit refuses to rotate on the lock screen15:18
popeywedged on landscape15:19
mzanettipopey, can you repro?15:19
mzanettidandrader, ^15:19
popeylemme try15:19
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dandraderplease file a bug15:21
popeyhard to reproduce, but I certainly had it15:23
Saviqdandrader, popey, wonder if related to bug #151925015:26
ubot5bug 1519250 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "when resizing unity8 window (fake) unity rotates to landscape " [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151925015:26
Saviqpopey, can you see if you had 'Binding loop detected for property "orientation"' in your unity8.log?15:27
popeyfile:///usr/share/unity8//OrientedShell.qml:27:1: QML OrientedShell: Binding loop detected for property "orientationChangesEnabled"15:27
Saviqpopey, could in theory be related, please include in the bug when you file it, thanks15:29
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attentewhat would be the best place to add an environment variable that should be available under u8? kind of like an Xsession script?17:57
Saviqattente, what's the target? the unity8 upstart job defines some env vars, the unity8 touch session some others18:13
attenteSaviq: it's the env var QT_IM_MODULE. right now it's set in /etc/environment by livecd-rootfs18:14
attente(for ubuntu-touch specifically)18:14
attentei guess the best place for it is in the u8 upstart job then?18:16
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Saviqattente, yeah, sounds like the unity8 job is the right place18:56
attenteSaviq: ok, i'll propose the change18:56
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