nhaines_pleia2: a bit late, but thanks for all the amazing work you do for the Ubuntu community. :)02:03
pleia2nhaines_: never too late :)02:03
nhaines_pleia2: it works out anyway because you're always doing more amazing work.02:04
=== nhaines_ is now known as nhaines
pleia2haha, thanks02:04
pleia2can do more not getting emotionally worn out by giant leadership positions02:04
nhainesNo doubt.02:05
nhainesHow do you feel about small leadership positions?02:05
pleia2should probably steer clear until my book is done02:05
nhainesIt was worth a try.  :)02:06
nhainesBooks are actually a lot of work.02:09
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nhainesJust a heads up for anyone interested, our Meetup group is now live at: http://www.meetup.com/Ubuntu-California/22:47
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pleia2nhaines: shall I share on the social media?22:51
pleia2nhaines: I guess we should talk about how to add events first and thins22:52
nhainesYeah.  I think it's social media-safe, though.  We can get people to sign up perhaps.22:53
nhaineshttp://www.ubucon.org/ should be live almost everywhere now.22:53
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nhaines*almost* everywhere.  :)22:53
pleia2nhaines: well, if we're going to use it for events, it may be nice to have a couple seeded before we tell people about it22:53
pleia2but I could go either way22:54
nhainesTrue, true.  I set it up mostly so we can get Ubucon Summit set up.22:54
* pleia2 nods22:55
nhaineshttp://ubucon.org/en/ does seem to be live...  So I'll have to poke someone about CNAME records, ugh.23:00
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pleia2oh hey, I should be home in time for the meeting on sunday23:24
* pleia2 updates agenda23:24
nhainesThanks, pleia2.23:26

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