pieter2627o\ ... o/05:22
thatgraemeguymorning all05:39
inetprogoeie more07:15
grembleHey Squirm 13:50
SquirmHey gremble14:03
pieter2627wow, but it's silent here tonight18:17
* pieter2627 hopes all remembered the meeting18:18
Kilosoh my18:21
Kilosi was just about to go to dleep18:21
Kilosinetpro where are you18:21
Kiloshaha i came here to say night18:23
pieter2627ag sies, hoe kan oom vergeet :P18:24
pieter2627time just moves to fast at time (sigh)18:25
pieter2627seems that i'm lucky to have caught you Kilos - may have had a meeting by myself18:29
Kilosi dont think i even greeted here today18:29
pieter2627can't remember18:29
pieter2627shall we start?18:30
Kilosno man we can postpone it or even make it next month if no one pitches up18:30
pieter2627great, it would have been weird...18:30
pieter2627lets just wait a bit thu18:30
Kiloslets ping some peeps and hear what they say18:31
Kilosgremble inetpro Squirm superfly you guys up for a meeting or can we kinda skip this one18:32
pieter2627ping inetpro superfly gremble thatgraemeguy Squirm18:32
inetproeh, hello18:32
inetprolet's have a meeting about postponing a meeting18:32
Kilosthats an idea18:32
* pieter2627 feels like saying 'can be start' for the pun18:33
Kilosim a bit bushed so i vote +1 to postpone18:33
grembleI'm chill to postpone it. :P18:33
grembleDidn't even know where was one due for today18:33
Kilospieter2627 18:33
Kilosstart the meeting18:33
pieter2627but until when?18:33
* pieter2627 am now confused18:34
Kilosthen we can say due to overloaded peeps we have to postpone18:34
* inetpro was thinking about excusing meself from the meeting this morning but failed to get it done18:34
Kilosso its on record everyone is busy18:35
Kilosinetpro what you say18:35
pieter2627oh start to announce the postpone?18:35
* pieter2627 will just wait for inetpro's input18:35
Kiloswe can blame it on isis18:36
inetprohaha... just skip it18:36
pieter2627we should maybe then just mail the list and tell them of the **wonderful** meeting they missed...18:37
KilosMaaz announce Due to everyone needing to beef up security due to terry activities tonights meeting is cancelled18:38
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Due to everyone needing to beef up security due to terry activities tonights meeting is cancelled18:38
pieter2627i guess we will discuss the new date tom18:40
pieter2627so night all o/18:40
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:40
Kiloslock your house well and sleep outside in the bush18:40
kulelu88yo gremble 20:24
grembleHey kulelu88 20:28
grembleBleh. Studying for Lin alg, but I suffer from being too lazy20:32
grembleHow about with you?20:32
kulelu88all good. 20:32
grembleSoo, how was friday?20:33
kulelu88I PMed you gremble 20:37

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