eucksterIs there a hardware expert who can help me fix my usb flash drive if it is possible? I can't format it. http://pastebin.com/ARmr6LyR00:03
eucksteralso the stick is not listed with 'fdisk -l'00:04
MAxousomeone can advice me a good code editor like notepad++ in ubuntu ? I have 2 conditions, color syntax + ftp system like auto upload when save file like nppftp in notepad00:06
bpromptMAxou:    you mean, an editor that can edit ftp server files?00:07
sam_vimesMAxou gedit, geany or atom.io00:08
MAxoubrompt yes00:08
sam_vimesjust connect a folder to ftp, and any editor works00:08
anheruMAxou: netbeans00:08
sam_vimesI use geany on my ftp php server. but yeah netbeans too...but its an ide, not a text editor00:09
bpromptMAxou:   I've used Kate before, but the ftp app provided the session file with autenthication and all, and Kate would edit it, pressking Save or ctrl-s, will send it up the ftp channel00:09
sam_vimesMAxou,  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CurlFtpFS00:11
bpromptMAxou:   but I think that's an ftp client app feature you may be seeking, not an editor's per se, that the ftp client opens the file, authenticates the piping channel, and then an editor picks that up and edits it, keeping a communication open with the ftp client00:13
MAxouI want same thing than in my notepad++ :/00:13
sam_vimesMAxou follow my guide, use literarly any editor00:14
glsmaxxis there a way to just have icons on the window buttons on my panel? is Ubuntu-Mate00:14
bpromptMAxou:    "same thing" meaning?00:14
MAxoui can see my ftp folder double clik on a file edit it and when i save it it's automatically upload !00:14
bpromptMAxou:   does notepad++ opens the ftp connection to the file?00:14
bpromptopen rather00:15
MAxouthere is a button to connect00:15
MAxoubefore I fill the ftp information00:15
sam_vimesif you mount the ftp folder, you just edit a file, click save and it auto-uploads to the server. You don't even ened to press "upload to ftp", you just follow the guide once. And anything in the folder is auto-uploaded00:15
bpromptok...then it does.... possibly a plugin00:15
MAxouyeah the plugin is nppftp00:15
anheruI'm looking for help with WiFi problems (14.04 lts, atheros qca9565) script restult: pastebin.ubuntu.com/13482342/  syslogs: pastebin.ubuntu.com/13483294/00:16
MAxouok sam00:16
bpromptsam_vimes:    I don't think he/she is hosting the file, just trying to access it for editing as a client00:16
MAxoubrompt yeah I dont hosting the ftp !00:17
MAxouit's on my webserver00:17
sam_vimeshe has a ftp folder, where he edits files, constant access to it would be easier. :)00:17
bpromptMAxou:   as i said.. I"ve done it before, with Kate and an ftp app00:17
MAxouyeah would be nice00:17
sam_vimesI've set it up for a few guis for my server, so that they don't mess things up. just open the folder I say and work in it00:17
MAxousame_vimes your way seems nice00:18
MAxouhell I see your page sam_vimes it's 2 line codes but I can't adapt it to me lol :D00:20
sam_vimesthe arch wiki?00:20
sam_vimesCurlFtpFS is in the ubuntu repo too :). just do "apt-get install CurlFtpFS"00:20
sam_vimesor aptitude, whatever floats your boat.00:21
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FireBeyondIn Ubuntu 14.04, Intel I350 dual port card, both ports show up with same MAC00:22
bpromptMAxou:    actually, that'd work peachy, and you can run any editor you like =)00:22
Ira_L__Is there anyone around who has dual booted into a windows 10 machine with uemi?00:23
Eugethanks for the help :)00:23
Ira_L__yws uefi00:23
sam_vimesyeah, it was smooth. Just remember to install Ubuntu via the UEFI mount, not the legacy.00:23
daftykinswhere are you stuck exactly?00:23
daftykinsIra_L__: ^00:24
Eugegood afternoon ! or morning wherever you guys are :) bye00:24
sam_vimes(you get both options when you boot from the usb)00:24
Ira_L__I have an HP ENVY allinone00:24
daftykinsIra_L__: just the issue on one line would be good00:24
Ira_L__installs puts up grup boot into windows lose grub on AMI bios boot menu says ubuntu not a valid boot partition00:25
daftykinsnope i didn't understand a word of that00:26
sam_vimesIra_L__, if you installed Ubuntu in UEFI mode (super important that you did that) and get that error, try this tool https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair00:26
sam_vimesit can be installed on the ubuntu live USB00:26
monkeywithamohawubuntu server 14.04(noob)(installed tomcat 7.0.52 using apt-get)(package created tomcat7 user) how can I login as tomcat7 with ssh? (currently not allowed for some reason)... I've been banging my head against the google wall for over an hour... Would anyone be able to help me?00:27
daftykinsmonkeywithamohaw: what do you hope to achieve SSHingin as that user?00:28
MAxousam_vimes : Error connecting to ftp00:28
monkeywithamohawI can use winscp to move files into the webapp directory00:29
monkeywithamohawwithout changing file permissions00:29
daftykinsmonkeywithamohaw: create a group, add your user and tomcat7 to that group, own the path as user:group ; then any files you put in will work fine00:29
sam_vimesMAxou, you sure you followed the guide correctly? and gave yourself access rights?00:30
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
sam_vimesyour error seems to be with FPT username, link og password. not setup. (seems)00:30
orangerobotdoes anyone know of a way to install qt3 on ubuntu 14?00:31
MAxouI try just Mount FTP folder as normal user00:31
MAxoushould i do it as root ?00:31
maxtimboI cannot, for the life of me, seem to get rid of a certain ppa: W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ferramroberto/java/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-i386/Packages00:32
maxtimboI have tried ppa-purge and removing it from software & updates gui00:32
sam_vimesnever, ever mount FTP as root MAxou00:32
monkeywithamohawI have a user done that but as I am copying files from another server some of the subdirectories gave group only read permission(for security) there are 1000s of file and 100s of subfolders from legacy00:33
daftykinsor use FTP in 2015 *cough*00:33
MAxouok so I do well00:33
=== user is now known as Guest73298
MAxoumkdir ~/my-server00:34
MAxoucurlftpfs -o ssl,utf8 ftp://login:pass@server.com/ ~/my-server00:34
monkeywithamohawI am not sure about why this was done this way by other admin who setup original file structures00:34
Bashing-omMAxou: Yep .. that is a fact .. that repo for wily does not exist .. see: http://ppa.launchpad.net/ferramroberto/java/ubuntu/dists/ .00:35
daftykinsmonkeywithamohaw: so scp the files over as another user, move them into place, then chown them - the permissions will be retained, only ownership needs to move00:36
monkeywithamohawI would just add write to all subfolders... but then not sure if I'm going to mess something up when I remove the g-w from all subfolders if this would cause an issue00:36
daftykinsso why not test...00:36
daftykinseverything can be undone00:36
MAxouBashing-om dont understand sorry00:37
Bashing-omMAxou: Sorry .. mistab .. should not have highlighted you .. apology in order .00:38
Bashing-ommaxtimbo: Yep .. that is a fact .. that repo for wily does not exist .. see: http://ppa.launchpad.net/ferramroberto/java/ubuntu/dists/ .00:38
maxtimboBashing-om, ok, how do I remove the ppa00:39
Bashing-ommaxtimbo: There is no current supported release " 21-May-2011 08:06 " I am hesitant to say a means .00:41
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:41
maxtimbobazhang, tried that already00:41
OsmiumTreesI'm trying to dual boot windows 7 with linux mint 17.2. It looks like windows is using 3 partitions. one for the OS, one for recovery, and a ~40mb one that is flagged as "diag". It looks like linux requires 4 partitions. GParted won't let me create more than 4 primary partitions. Can/should I make 4 logical partitions for linux  on an extended partition?00:41
bazhangOsmiumTrees, ask mintsupport then00:42
OsmiumTreeswill do00:42
bazhangthey are on spotchat irc00:42
bpromptOsmiumTrees:    on a bios-mbr formatted hdd, 4 primary partitions, is all you get, or you could do 3 primaries and 1 extended with a bunch of logicals, thus, so you could just hose one partition for the other installation00:43
monkeywithamohawdaftykins:Thank you for your suggestions! is tomcat7 user created this way to meet a bestpractice security guidline?00:44
MAxousam_vimes ok I find a way more easy ^^ in Nautilus File/connect to a server :D00:44
bpromptMAxou:   yet another easier way, driver over to the file server location, and do it right there :D!!!   maybe not00:45
sam_vimesgood MAxou , you can certanly use nautiluses. But it won't stay on after reboot and is slightly slower. if you want it to stay there you can map the ftp folder in nautilus and put it in favorites00:46
sam_vimesI don't use nautilus, mine can't do that ):00:46
sam_vimesor ..just add it to bookmarks I think works00:46
Bashing-ommaxtimbo: Maybe and only as a maybe ' sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:ferramroberto/java ' or somewhat similar  (???) .00:48
maxtimboBashing-om, tried that also00:48
clupusHello guys. I'm using Xubuntu and I want to install the gnome interface. Which  package should I install ? gnome-desktop ? gnome-shell ?00:49
bazhanggnome-shell for that, unity for the gnome3 unity shell00:49
MAxouI need to add the folder in favorite because when i reboot he will disapear ?00:50
bazhangubuntu-desktop will bring unity00:50
bpromptmaxtimbo:    well, just hop over to /etc/apt   and check there where it's at, and remove it :), will be either in sources.list.d  as a file, or in sources.list file and you can remove its entry from there00:51
maxtimbobprompt, thats what i'm doing now. they are staying persistant after sudo rm command00:54
daftykinsmonkeywithamohaw: you'd have to ask a tomcat channel that one i think :) i've no idea00:55
maxtimbobprompt, Bashing-om , bazhang I got the ppas removed by: cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d then sudo rm -i "ppa"00:59
maxtimbothanks for the help00:59
maxtimbobeen bugging me for a while now01:00
the_countBashing-om: Booted up 15.10; multitouch features worked fine but the mouse cursor was unstable as it was in 3.13, so I'll need to research into seeign weather that is something which can be easily fixed01:06
Bashing-omthe_count: :(01:07
the_countBashing-om: So, my best guess is that something in updating the kernel messes things up... Not altogether sure though, hopefully they have this worked out by now01:09
HadesWatch3r1I can install Ubuntu 15.10 from the live DVD, even use the live dvd ... but after install and reboot I get Ignoring BGRT: invalid status 0 (expected 1)01:11
HadesWatch3r1and I am unable to get past it.01:11
RaizQuadradahey guys01:15
B4shAnyone know how to enable zip on VPS I'm getting this Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!01:20
puffI have a thinkpad t520 with ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  I've installed skype from the canonical partners repo, the audio works but my built-in webcam doesn't.  Any clues?01:25
Ira_Did I understand correctly that when installing ubuntu dual boot (grub2) in windows 10 with boot repair I should leave UEFI on?????01:32
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Nick714Hello, so I am trying to setup internet on my Ubuntu Server via command line. So I know my internet card works and is all setup, I am just having issues connecting to my internet.01:36
Ira_Is there anyone who has dual booted with windows 10 and ubuntu and boot repair around>?01:36
Nick714I am following this post, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188. And when i do "dhclient wlan0" it just has a blinking underscore and does nothing. Anyone know whats wrong please?01:36
daftykinsNick714: sounds like it's not even associated with the AP01:37
daftykinsmaybe give yourself an easy time by using nm-cli01:37
Nick714daftykins: Oh hey :). Okay, I saw that somewhere. I figured I would try it the regular way first (because Im lazy to plug in ethernet hah) so after I stall it do you know the command to join internet or a post exaplning it?01:39
Nick714I still have to sudo install network-manager for it which requires ethernet01:39
Ira_@daftykins did you say I should leave uefi on>>???01:39
daftykinsNick714: no, i've never been as masochistic as to do CLI wireless01:41
daftykinsIra_: you have to if your Windows installation was done using EFI01:41
Nick714Ok thanks I will try to figure it out using network-manager01:41
daftykinswell, nm-cli ;)01:42
Ira_ok thanks01:42
OerHeksand more fun https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine/Automatic#Configure_your_wireless_interface01:43
grandyhello, struggling to install ubuntu via UEFI on a skylake Z170 motherboard... freezes a bit into the boot of the try ubuntu load01:49
grandyanyone have advice or know of a trick to get it to load/boot properly? previously using no usbperipherals made it sometimes work.01:50
grandybut that was the H110 motherboard I returned, thinking the Z170 would have better support... but I might just be doing something stupid...01:50
grandytrying to install 15.1001:50
grandy64 bit01:50
daftykinscheck for the latest BIOS01:51
daftykinsyou're an early adopter, so you get to experience all the issues :)01:51
grandydaftykins: i hadn't realized how new it was :(01:55
grandydaftykins: it's weird that it won't even boot, the stuff i read when googling indicated that all but the odd sound driver works fine01:55
daftykinsgrandy: i take it this flash drive works fine elsewhere? on another system?01:57
grandydaftykins: yes, the 14 lts version i installed first does, i'd installed several other older systems with it01:58
grandytrying 15.10 for the first time on the new hardware, but 99% sure the drive and iso load are fine01:58
daftykinsi really mean the downloaded 15.10 that's on it, can you boot on another system to be 100%?01:58
segwhat's the name of that really keen mechanism that ubuntu/xubuntu use to handle the prtscrn button for screenshots?01:58
segthe one with the fancy upload options and the screen that pops up in response to the keypress01:59
daftykinssomeone mentioned 'greenshot' the other day02:00
segdaftykins, that's not it, but that's a pretty cool tool. it lets you grab areas of your workspace easy it looks like.02:01
daftykinsi know you were after something else, i just remembered that02:01
seghm, i'll look through the repos. Thanks for showing me that though daftykins .02:01
=== allcode_ is now known as allcode
segah, the one I was thinking of is actually xubuntu exclusive, xfce4-screenshooter in the xfce4-goodies package. Thanks for the help.02:04
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allcodehi dedim02:04
daftykinsgrandy: so, you checked you're on the latest BIOS?02:04
=== joel_ is now known as Guest15923
daftykinsgrandy: what i would do, is install from the mini.iso of 15.10 then try putting a newer kernel on - from !mainline - then install the desktop afterwards02:05
owen1  /CLOSE02:06
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B4shanyone know how i can go about installing "ZipArchive extension is not enabled."02:10
daftykinsB4sh: can you give us a clue about what you're trying to do?02:12
B4shI'm trying to import revolutionary sliders02:12
B4shand i get that error02:12
daftykinsi have no idea what that even is02:13
B4shits a plugin for wp02:13
daftykinswordpress? ok02:13
daftykinsso you're trying to unzip the plugin zip via SSH?02:13
daftykinsjust use "unzip"02:13
B4shapt-get install unzip02:14
B4shReading package lists... Done02:14
B4shalready did still get the error02:14
daftykinswhat are you typing specifically?02:14
B4shfor when02:14
daftykinsB4sh: to unzip the zip archive...02:16
B4shI'm installing it on the dashboard of wordpress02:16
B4shusing that interface to upload the zip02:16
B4shand get returned with that error02:16
daftykinsB4sh: ok, so nothing to do with ubuntu then... check the zip is ok, then maybe just upload it via SCP instead02:17
Opcode90Hi, im working on trying to get sound to work in ubuntu new install in vmware02:17
Opcode90might need some help soon but let ya know if your up to it02:18
Opcode90Ok, for starters i have a unique situation with sound, my onboard sound stopped working02:24
Opcode90so now i use an extern tiny little usb plugin that seems to do great02:24
Opcode90and my vmware see is, but hear nothing yet02:25
Opcode90Im brand new to ubuntu02:25
Opcode90but i popped this command in02:25
Opcode90sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; sudo apt-get install pavucontrol linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils lightdm ubuntu-desktop  linux-image-`uname -r` libasound2; sudo apt-get -y --reinstall install linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils lightdm ubuntu-desktop  linux-image-`uname -r` libasound2; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*; ubuntu-support-status; sudo usermod -aG `cat02:26
Opcode90/etc/group | grep -e '^pulse:' -e '^audio:' -e '^pulse-access:' -e '^pulse-rt:' -e '^video:' | awk -F: '{print $1}' | tr '\n' ',' | sed 's:,$::g'` `whoami`02:26
Opcode90its like doing a million things updates or something02:26
segOpcode90, did you do the whole vmware extras rigamarole for usb2.0 support?02:26
daftykinsUSB 2 hassles sounds more like virtualbox02:27
Opcode90Usb works, And Cd works02:27
segwoops your right, I confused thw two. carry on!02:27
Opcode90I own Vmware Workstation 12 Pro, i bought for 249 bux, but serves many purposes for me02:27
Opcode90including learning Ubuntu and Debian02:28
kleesigerOpcode90: sounds good02:28
Opcode90can you guys read that command up there and tell me what you think it might be doing02:28
somsipOpcode90: if you are learning, don't go copying and pasting long, complicated commands that you do not understand02:28
=== gerald is now known as Guest35908
somsipOpcode90: break it down into single commands and try to understand them that way02:29
Opcode90well it is vmware,i can reinstall it not hurt anything02:29
somsipOpcode90: it's not the best approach to learning - simple as that02:29
Opcode90takes about 15 mins i can start over02:29
Opcode90you are right02:29
austinprogHello, I am experiencing a problem with my audio. I am getting no sound from anything on the computer. However, when I do the sound test for my headphones I get sound back. But when I unplug it and do a sound test, nothing. Also, even with the headphones on I get no sound from youtube or anything. I have no idea waht I did, sound was working fine for the most part of today.02:30
daftykinsOpcode90: sounds like you need to discover snapshots ;)02:30
Opcode90snapshots in vmware? or in ubuntu, snapshots take a pic of a working install like a backup right02:31
daftykinsvmware. yes.02:31
Opcode90i just installed it so to experimental to snapshot yet02:32
Opcode90not to mention i had to mound my cd drive?02:32
daftykinssorry that sentence doesn't make sense02:32
Opcode90that was weird for me and a cd definatly has to be in the drive to do it02:32
daftykinsno idea what you'd be using optical media for02:33
Opcode90mound = mount02:33
Opcode90you are saying that with ubuntu very little comes on optical media?02:33
Opcode90still i wanted access to all my peripherals, cd, usb, sound02:34
Opcode90later printer but least on the list02:34
kleesigerOpcode90: printer ahhh02:34
Opcode90I gotta tell ya all that sudo apt-get   wowow02:35
Opcode90no navigating sites to find what ya need so much02:35
Opcode90i love it already02:36
kleesigerHardware can be pain sometimes02:36
gzcwnkanybody suggest a synthetic  disk io generator?02:36
Opcode90forgive me if i sound stupid because i am you might say its my first day for real.02:37
kleesigerAny other distros Opcode9002:37
Bashing-omOpcode90: It's that orange glow , welcome to open source .. we all  had it .02:38
gzcwnk<kleesiger> You heard me nigger02:38
grandydaftykins: going to verify the bios version on this mobo02:38
gzcwnktaht isnt very nice02:38
Opcode90just the lastest one I got straight from the Official Site x86 but i am going to install the x6402:38
grandydaftykins: didn't realize there was a mini iso...02:38
kleesigerSynthetic disk. What02:38
daftykins!mini | grandy sure is02:38
ubottugrandy sure is: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:38
gzcwnki really object to anyone calling someone a nigger kleesiger02:39
daftykinsgrandy: it'll let you install CLI only02:39
grandydaftykins: ahh ok02:39
daftykinsi don't think it supports EFI installs though, hmm02:39
Opcode90Ive downloaded both the x86 and the x6402:39
daftykinsyou might have to do server02:39
gzcwnkor a coon02:40
grandydaftykins: ahh, do you think server is more likely to support uefi and skylake?02:40
Opcode90Both are about the same size 1 gig02:40
Opcode90I refuse Racism period.02:41
daftykinsgrandy: actually, lets back up further - did you get far enough to install or does it die too quick?02:41
daftykinsOpcode90: that's off topic, no random chat in here thanks02:41
gzcwnk<kleesiger> Okay calm down you coon02:41
gzcwnk<kleesiger> What's you people wanna be called today by us whites02:41
Opcode90must be someone you have on ignore02:41
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang02:41
grandydaftykins:  it doesn't get to the beginning of the install, it doesn't fully boot linux at all, just shows the graphical splash screen then switches back to text mode and then soon dies02:42
Opcode90ill stay on topic02:42
MrCeeIIIhow do you search for other channels?02:42
grandydaftykins: going to try one more boot real quick02:42
daftykins!alis | MrCeeIII ask in #freenode in future please02:42
ubottuMrCeeIII ask in #freenode in future please: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http02:42
gzcwnki asked an honest q02:42
MrCeeIIIjoin #freenode02:42
Opcode90but yes both distrubutions x86 and x64 which they call AMD64 are almost excactly the same 1 gig size02:42
daftykinsgrandy: ok, yeah install server so it's pure CLI then you can install desktop after02:42
daftykinsMrCeeIII: you need a leading / for commands02:43
Opcode90what surprises me and this is off topic is that the offical debian is about 280 mbs, but on torrent its 3 full dvd's almost 4 gig in size eac02:45
geniigzcwnk: If you have an issue with another user, do not paste the contents of conversations into this channel. Come instead to #ubuntu-ops and report it so action may be taken02:45
daftykinsOpcode90: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic :)02:45
daftykinsOpcode90: and obviously, because it comes with more software that way02:45
Opcode90im hear to ask for audio help with ubuntu02:45
Opcode90please people stop telling me im in the wrong place.02:46
Opcode90i know where I'm at02:46
gzcwnkah ok02:46
gzcwnki didnt know that02:46
daftykinsOpcode90: i'm talking about the irrelevant debian comments, THOSE are off topic.02:46
daftykinsgzcwnk: your username is not Opcode90...02:47
Opcode90so not a single phrase or word off topic02:47
daftykinsOpcode90: spend less time fighting channel rules and more being patient for assistance / asking appropriate questions :)02:47
Opcode90i mentioned it because someone else mentioned there was a mini ubuntu size02:48
Opcode90to me it was relevant to the convo02:48
=== django_ is now known as django_1
=== django_1 is now known as django_
Opcode90sorry if it didnt fit your ego02:48
blazeme8what’s the proper terminology for things like /dev/sda, /dev/sdb1, etc? “drive devices”?02:49
daftykinsOpcode90: there is nothing personal here, it's just a support channel is all - please realise that.02:49
daftykinsno need to get all offensive :)02:49
daftykinsblazeme8: block devices02:49
blazeme8daftykins: that’s it! thanks :)02:49
Bashing-omblazeme8: sd - Serial Device as sda =a is the 1st device recognized, sda1 where the 1 is the 1st partition sdb3 is the 3rd partition on the 2nd hard drive .02:50
Opcode90best not to say anything at all until theres specific ubuntu question02:50
blazeme8Hmmm. Good answer too Bashing-om, thanks :)02:51
=== django_ is now known as djang
Opcode90thats my take on most freenode rooms02:51
=== djang is now known as django_
austinprogSound still not working red light on headphone jack?02:52
deskwizardGood evening!02:54
deskwizardI have a question for you guys... I bet one of you can point me in the right direction02:54
genii!details | deskwizard02:55
ubottudeskwizard: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:55
deskwizardbasically, I get a kernel panic on boot if my raid card is plugged in on 15.10.02:55
deskwizardall goes well if it is not, all is well on 14.04 and 15.0402:56
daftykinsLTS sounds good :)02:56
deskwizardso that let me to believe its related to a kernel version > 402:56
daftykinscompare the modules in use perhaps02:56
deskwizardmy question is, where do I report this for having it taken care of for 16.04 :P02:57
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.02:57
daftykinsyou're going to need a lot more specific info than that though02:57
daftykinsbear in mind 14.04 is still good 'til 2019, so unless you're a dev chasing software versions - bigger numbers don't always mean better02:58
deskwizard2019 uh...02:58
deskwizardwell, I guess that's one thing solved lol02:58
geniiSounds like some driver for your raid card may not be loaded in the initrd of 15.1002:59
deskwizardgenii, actually I think the issue is when they load02:59
deskwizardcause its clearly 'megasas' causing the kernel panic02:59
deskwizardwell. as far as i can tell02:59
deskwizardgenii, not having the module loaded would just not make it work, correct? or can it cause IRC issues?03:01
deskwizardIRQ issues for the computer03:01
deskwizardim the one with irc issues03:01
Hatsune_Mikuwhats up03:01
Hatsune_Mikuyour not a bot right03:02
deskwizardWell, I don't think so03:02
Hatsune_Mikujust checking03:02
deskwizarddoesnt help does it :P03:02
daftykinsHatsune_Miku: do you have an Ubuntu suppoer question?03:02
daftykinssupport too03:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:02
deskwizardnah i'm not, not sure how helpful I can be though :P03:02
Hatsune_Mikui can try to help people with ubunto03:03
Hatsune_Mikui take it you must use linux03:04
Hatsune_Mikuyou there03:04
Hatsune_Mikuyou must use linux03:04
deskwizardyes I Do03:04
Hatsune_Mikujust got linux today to program on03:04
daftykinsHatsune_Miku: take the chat to -offtopic please03:05
Hatsune_Mikudeskwizard we need to move to offtopic03:05
deskwizarddaftykins, that bug report filing, how can I know what package name to use ?03:06
daftykinsdeskwizard: well you'd need more info, but likely you'll want to file against linux-generic - i don't really know03:06
Hatsune_Mikuwhats the question i zoned out03:06
deskwizarddaftykins, alright, I was wondering if the drivers had like a kernel-drivers package or something03:07
MrCeeIIIhow can i get WoW to work better on ubuntu03:07
deskwizardthanks for your help03:07
Hatsune_Mikudid you try to add more ram?03:07
Opcode90funny thing is, most solutions i find are from google, and all i get from rooms like this and any other vmware room is flack03:07
MrCeeIIImother board can only support 4 gigs03:07
Opcode90id be bettr off without chat03:08
Hatsune_Mikuyou must have four gigs in there than?03:08
MrCeeIIIi have 4 but my ubuntu only reckos 303:08
daftykinssounds like you installed 32-bit on a 64-bit PC03:08
Hatsune_Mikuthats weird, are you running a 32 bit version of unix03:08
daftykinsthis is not unix.03:09
Hatsune_Mikusorry wrong name03:09
Hatsune_Mikuthats what we call it at my house03:09
Hatsune_Mikui know its wrong03:09
Opcode90I've personaly installed 32 and 64 versions of evry MS OS, and the same with linux03:09
MrCeeIIIno it came with 32 bit windows i loaded 64 bit03:09
MrCeeIIIbut still does not reco the 4 gigs03:10
Hatsune_Mikui wonder why it only sees 3 gigs in the computer03:10
Hatsune_Mikuwhat chips do you have it is 2gigX2?03:10
daftykinssounds like onboard graphics taking some, or a misunderstanding.03:10
MrCeeIIIi am on a gateway p-6831fx03:10
Opcode9032 Bit Ubuntu cant read past 8 gigs03:10
Opcode90the minimum is 512mb03:10
daftykinsHatsune_Miku: please don't try to help when you don't understand.03:10
ubottuUbuntu uses activated PAE Kernels on all installs now. Some older Hardware can have issues with that. For Troubleshooting see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE03:10
MrCeeIIIit has a nvidia 8800 i think03:10
MrCeeIIIgtx 880003:11
Opcode90the recommended is 1024mb03:11
Hatsune_Mikubut this person does not have 8gigs they have 4 and it shows 303:11
Opcode90IF a PC came with 32 bit Windows, you sure it has a 64 bit processor?03:12
Hatsune_Mikuwhy would it come with 32 bit windows why would it have a X64 based processor03:12
Hatsune_Mikudang this keyboard sucks03:13
Opcode90exactly and why would you try to put AMD64 ubuntu on a that03:13
MrCeeIIInot sure if it has a 64 bit processor03:13
Opcode90AMD64 Ubuntu means Inetle 65 to03:13
Hatsune_Mikucase in point if it is a 32 bit processor dont load X64 bit03:13
Opcode9064 rather03:13
somsipHatsune_Miku: cat /proc/cpuinfo and check03:14
Opcode90If your PC came with a 32 Bit Windows Operating System03:14
MrCeeIIIhow can i tell if the processor is 32/64 bit?03:14
Opcode90ya check tht out03:14
somsipMrCeeIII: 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' in a terminal03:14
Hatsune_Mikuit does not make sense for them to load 32 bit windows and put a 64 bit processor, it is most likely 32 bit03:15
somsipHatsune_Miku: it does not make sense to debate it when it can easily be checked03:15
Hatsune_Mikuwhat did it report 64 or 32 bit?03:16
somsipMrCeeIII: 64bit http://ark.intel.com/products/30787/Intel-Core2-Duo-Processor-T5450-2M-Cache-1_66-GHz-667-MHz-FSB03:16
Hatsune_Mikuso it is a 64 bit processor03:16
Hatsune_Mikusomsip: hello03:17
somsip!pm | Hatsune_Miku (yes, it is)03:17
ubottuHatsune_Miku (yes, it is): Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.03:17
Opcode90as a side note anyonen have a good mp3player get command for me03:18
Opcode90to test sound with03:18
Hatsune_Mikusorry dont know anything about that03:18
=== keviv is now known as Guest94626
somsip!info asound | Opcode90 (as simple as they get)03:18
ubottuOpcode90 (as simple as they get): Package asound does not exist in wily03:18
somsip!find asound03:19
ubottuFound: libasound2, libasound2-data, libasound2-dbg, libasound2-dev, libasound2-doc, libasound2-plugins, flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound, ecasound, ecasound-doc, ecasound-el (and 9 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=asound&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all03:19
Opcode90or a simple way to configure sound in ubunta03:19
Hatsune_Mikui will keep that in mind to help someone else03:19
MrCeeIIIsee cant go with what they loaded03:19
somsipOpcode90: asound is usefl for simple testing03:19
Opcode90ty ill lookk up asound03:19
Hatsune_Mikuwhat is the command to launch terminal, forgot03:19
MrCeeIIIi love linux03:19
Hatsune_Mikuso do I03:20
MrCeeIIIthere is a command for everything...03:20
Hatsune_Mikuthats the truth03:20
MrCeeIIIok so back to the drawing board... 64 bit ubuntu only recos 3 gigs... anyone?03:21
Hatsune_Mikucould a file for recognition be corrupt?03:21
somsipMrCeeIII: paste the output of free -h03:21
Hatsune_Mikutried that command just noticed my computer is doing the same thing only recognizing 3 gigs i am 64 bit please help.03:22
MrCeeIIIdo you think reseating?03:23
=== Guest94626 is now known as keviv
somsipMrCeeIII: and paste uname -a03:23
somsipMrCeeIII: you may need to run a memtest to make sure it's not hardware then03:26
MrCeeIIIsomsip: how too?03:26
somsip!memtest | MrCeeIII03:26
Hatsune_Mikuyea i have a computer with 4 gigs and 64 bit only reading 3 please help me03:26
MrCeeIIIcommand not found03:27
Hatsune_Mikujust checked03:27
somsip!testing | MrCeeIII03:27
ubottuMrCeeIII: To test your hardware, you can use the packages memtest86+ (for memory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu), smartmontools (for hard drives), cpuburn (which MIGHT damage your processor if cooling is not adequate!). Additionally, lm-sensors can be useful to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - See also !benchmark03:27
MrCeeIIIsomsip:  (!memtest) ?03:27
somsipMrCeeIII:  use the packages memtest86+ (for emory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu03:28
MrCeeIIIok you lost me03:28
MrCeeIIIdownload memtest from the software center?03:28
somsipMrCeeIII: reboot, at the grub menu select memtest instead of booting into Ubuntu03:28
MrCeeIIIi dont get a grub menu03:28
Hatsune_Mikuis it autoboot?03:29
MrCeeIIIare you talking bios03:29
Hatsune_Mikuits a menu that comes up when you boot up the computer03:29
Hatsune_Mikugives you options to do certain things03:29
MrCeeIIIi dont get a menu it boots to ubuntu03:29
Hatsune_Mikui wonder if its autoboot03:30
MrCeeIIIi can get into the bios03:30
somsipMrCeeIII: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16042/how-to-get-to-the-grub-menu-at-boot-time03:30
MrCeeIIIok thanks all03:30
Hatsune_Mikuyour welcome03:30
Hatsune_Mikugotta go, bye everyone03:32
AnakinSkyhello guys :)03:35
=== stevejokes is now known as poCS
poCSnobody chat?03:46
poCSjust go in and out?03:46
poCSoh hello03:46
MAxoumy ubuntu just crash ..03:47
nuserIve never used irc befor so just trying things out03:47
poCSim new to irc, and im now confused03:47
Opcode90GOd only knows what ive done to my install, im starting over03:48
somsip!ot | nuser poCS03:48
ubottunuser poCS: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:48
MAxoui lunch a reboot of my ubuntu desktop and now i have a blackscreen with General error mounting filesystems and nothing else since 5 min.. should i restart the computer manually ?03:48
Bashing-om!sysrq | MAxou03:50
ubottuMAxou: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key03:50
poCSubottu: roger that03:50
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:51
AfterDarknesshello, my media key's vol-up/down and mute stopped working after restarting pulseaudio03:52
AfterDarknesshow do i fix that without restarting my pc?03:52
Opcode90Vmware has several options that must work in tandom with Ubuntu, one i didnt try was Realteak vitural Sound03:54
Opcode90may still ask for help with usb audio drivers later but doing a fresh install03:54
Opcode90i would try to be friendly and make small talk but i always get ostricized for for that03:56
Opcode90brb, ill find a side channel to bs in03:57
Opcode90so i wont interupt you guys03:57
Opcode90i do thank you for your help and patience03:58
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subzeroDoes whole disk encryption affect the way the whole system works once logged in? I notice if I pause or stop something such as a download than try to resume it shows activity but no transfer. I also am very new so no sure if I even have the basics installed that I should have. But I had tried full disk encrypt and without before. And the way the system works seems confusing and different.04:38
subzeroCan anybody let me know if there is something I can run to make sure everything is okay. And that all necessary and suggested apps or installed?04:39
LinuxNoobAnybody on Ubuntu 15.10 ?04:42
bocephus_any of you guys able to point me in the right direction for my virtual box not having the "Kernel driver not installed (rc=-190804:49
bocephus_wants me to run this but not sure where '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'04:50
bocephus_says the directory does not exist04:50
SeriouslyLaughbocephus_ this sounds familiar, i had the same issue a few days back04:51
SeriouslyLaughdid you download the file from the website or via apt-get04:51
bocephus_I got the virtual box from the software center and downloaded the .iso from microsoft04:53
SeriouslyLaughok try downloading the file directly from the virtualbox website instead04:53
bocephus_im trying a quick RnR with virtual box04:53
SeriouslyLaughi recall trying to download and install manually and having OK success with that04:54
bocephus_yep thats it.04:54
SeriouslyLaughare you familiar with how to install  a deb file?04:54
bocephus_yea i probally needed to run that apt-get install dkms04:55
bocephus_to install a deb file.  Mostly yes but not hugely expereienced.04:55
SeriouslyLaughyeah try that first -- sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms04:55
the_countBashing-om: How large of partitions do you maintain for your four backup linux installations, or what would be reccomended if say, i were to do it04:55
SeriouslyLaughif that doesn't work, download the .deb for your system and run sudo dpkg -i *** where the *** is the file name04:56
bocephus_cool thanks man.  I will give it a shot.04:56
SeriouslyLaughfor example sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/virtualbox-5.0_5.0.10-104061~Ubuntu~precise_i386.deb04:56
SeriouslyLaughnote you may get errors bocephus_ -- if that happens, you must run sudo apt-get -f install04:57
bocephus_thanks again for  all your wisedom04:57
SeriouslyLaughgood luck, report back with questions04:58
OerHeksgood start https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox04:58
SeriouslyLaughto find your ubuntu version, run lsb_release -a04:58
bocephus_will do.04:58
OerHeksbut for that microsoft iso, join #virtualbox or ##windows04:58
=== wook is now known as Guest70008
vetchI'm looking to use ubuntu on a thumbdrive as a OS and I'm wondering if anyone has done this as a permenant computer solution and if anyone has any advice....05:26
SeriouslyLaughvetch check this out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence05:27
SeriouslyLaughvetch this too https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:28
vetchI have a set up of it going now (i'm on it right now) but it keeps prompting me to install it is there an advantage to this?05:28
SeriouslyLaughi've not done this personally but I think you'll need two drives05:29
SeriouslyLaughone live and one portable to install onto05:29
SeriouslyLaughi may be wrong05:29
vetchright now I have it going on a 16gb usb2 I'm planning on going with a much larger drive and usb 3 right now I'm kinda in alpha test.  I'm also brand new to  unix05:30
SeriouslyLaughalternatively you could dual boot, if you aren't ready to overwrite your current OS05:31
SeriouslyLaughso when you power on your computer it'll ask you which operating system you would like to boot into each time05:31
vetchwhat I have is a work computer that is heavily locked down with "big brother" software.  I'm looking for a way around that05:31
vetchI travel for work and can't even get on facebook with the current set up and can't do a dual boot and don't want two computers05:32
SeriouslyLaughyeah you could theoretically boot from a USB each time, into a 'personal' area05:32
SeriouslyLaughdepending on how the hardware is configured05:32
gzcwnkyou could use a raspberry pi05:32
gzcwnkId have a raspberry pi at home and ssh to it and vnc tunnel it back05:33
gzcwnkso then boot off a usb key05:33
SeriouslyLaughvetch check out this tutorial: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows05:34
SeriouslyLaugh"f you use utilities like Unetbootin to create your Ubuntu installation media, you can also set a certain amount of “persistent” storage space. This will allow you to install extra applications and save some files that will remain whenever you reboot the system or use a different computer."05:34
SeriouslyLaugh"Another option is to make your installation media on a different drive, and then install Ubuntu normally as you would on one of your computer’s hard drives. However, instead of choosing one of those hard drives, you choose your USB flash drive instead as the installation destination."05:34
vetchyeah that sounds logical and then I can move up in size and go to usb305:35
TJ-vetch: there are 2 methods: 1) install to the USB device just like to any fixed disk, or 2) create a 'split' install which partitions the device, puts the Live ISO image in 1 partition and has a persistent copy-on-write partition too, so any changes made are kept. I'd recommend (1) rather than (2) *unless* you also want to be able to install Ubuntu to other computers as well as having the persistent element05:36
TJ-vetch: With (2) also remember it is the 'Live ISO' environment, so the running root file-system is completely contained in RAM, so for PCs with limited RAM it can be restrictive.05:37
vetchthanks TJ 1 sounds like the way I want to go.  I already have a set up like 2 on the 16gb with 4 gigs dedicated to the persistent element.  What I'm looking for is a totaly "normal" os just run off a thumbdrive and portable05:38
vetchI've noticed some slow speed loads with libre office applications05:38
TJ-vetch: yeah, I prefer (1) and if you do want to have it possible to boot that with a Live ISO installer image you can simply install and use the package grub-imageboot05:39
TJ-!info grub-imageboot | vetch05:39
ubottuvetch: grub-imageboot (source: grub-imageboot): boot iso, harddisk and floppy images with grub2 and syslinux memdisk. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.6 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 42 kB05:39
TJ-vetch: USB2 is definitely going to feel slow, relative to {SS,HD}D devices05:40
vetchyeah but so far I'm really happy with it.  I've been meaning to mess around with unix for years and I'm amazed at how fast it installed and even on usb2 how fast it boots05:41
vetchan entire os with an office package is less then 6 gigs05:41
gzcwnkput it on a raspberry pi, then all you need is a tv05:42
SeriouslyLaughvetch and remember there are a billion different distributions for you to try. some will be faster or lighter than others.05:42
vetchwell I picked ubuntu basicly at random but I'm happy with it so far05:44
TJ-A RasPi with a 105mm LCD touch panel and the entire thing is self-contained05:45
kikeroI've tried running Android's avd emulator and then I tried running Genymotion.05:57
kikeroI get the following error messages when trying to run both of them: "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"." and "Failed to obtain GLES 1.x extensions string!"05:58
kikeroAny suggestion on how to fix this? :-)05:58
kikerothis is 14.04 lts05:58
ompal99command to check if remote machine is virtual or physical?05:58
maxtimboI'm working on a real duesy. could use any help if anyone knows anything about it. Installing (reinstalling) printer drivers for lbp6030 Canon printer. What I've found so far: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1315665&page=406:03
subzeroWhats the best way to start learning command line with ubuntu?06:05
maxtimbosubzero, there are tons of bash tutorials out there06:06
TJ-subzero: "man bash" to get to know the shell's power06:07
maxtimboyou could also learn more by reading the man pages06:07
subzeroPerfect, thats what I needed. Never even heard of that ty.06:07
OerHeksmaxtimbo, that lbp6030 is not in the openprinting database http://www.openprinting.org/printers/manufacturer/Canon/  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CanonCaptDrv19006:08
maxtimboOerHeks, yeah I know. you have to use the canon proprietary drivers. The issue is that the amd64 build has i386 dependencies06:10
dimitry7}guys,  from this command 0 5 28 * 1-6 /bin/command06:10
dimitry7it means if 28 falls on sunday, it won't be executed??06:10
TJ-maxtimbo: which release are you trying to build for?06:11
maxtimboubuntu 15.10 64bit, TJ-06:11
TJ-maxtimbo: you're trying it with v2.70 ?06:13
maxtimboI'm using the latest release from cannon - v3.30, i believe06:14
TJ-maxtimbo: hmmm, where's the link for that? The latest CAPT I see is V2.70 dated 2015-09-0406:15
ZcYHow to hide IP06:15
TJ-ZcY: disconnect from the Internet06:15
maxtimboTJ-, https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/details/printers/laser-single-function/imageclass/lbp6030w/!ut/p/z1/hY_dCoJAEEafpQeQGbS2vPSn0HALLWzbm9hCtwXbRK2gp2-NbiKquRu-M8z5gAMDrsVVSdGpsxaV2bec7GgaTaI4wGQ5s6fo0XWeUCd2MCOw-QdwE-OX8RDmT-DHvTGwGxpQCbwW3dFSujwDqxulu6JpgVWiLRqrVVpWhVVe9KE3B6ZOQhYHE_bIvibo4M3I8vd3mLlj9EhIInfhY5yOPoDcHxrADQPHnvXKL-BHo_rE7olXrmI5GDwAcr-MzA!!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/06:16
ZcYhow to hide IP here06:16
TJ-ZcY: or do you mean not have it show here on IRC? In which case ask in the channel #freenode for a 'cloak'06:16
lotuspsychjeZcY: tor,proxy,socks,vpn06:16
maxtimbough. sorry for the messy link06:16
ZcYdo not show here on IRC06:17
ZcYi don't know how to do06:17
maxtimboit says 1.2 on the website but the dl is 3.306:18
maxtimbogah what mess06:18
TJ-maxtimbo: you're looking under the 'Drivers' red tab?06:18
TJ-maxtimbo: the one I found is at http://support-au.canon.com.au/contents/AU/EN/0100459602.html06:19
lotuspsychjeZcY: type /join #freenode and ask wjat TJ- suggested06:20
maxtimboTJ-, I think I found the right instructions. http://askubuntu.com/questions/251015/installing-canon-color-imageclass-mf8380cdw-drivers-in-ubuntu-12-1006:20
ZcYlotuspsychje thank you06:21
TJ-maxtimbo: the UFR file contains "64-bit_Driver/Debian/" directory with .deb files in it; have you installed those?06:23
TJ-maxtimbo: as in: "cndrvcups-common_3.30-1_amd64.deb  cndrvcups-ufr2lt-us_1.20-1_amd64.deb"06:23
maxtimboTJ-, ooooh yeah06:23
maxtimboTJ-, been there done that.06:24
maxtimboto no avail06:24
TJ-maxtimbo: do the packages install?06:24
maxtimbothey install06:24
maxtimbothen i get PID error when i try to use the printer06:24
TJ-maxtimbo: so the issue is in what? discovery of the printer, or printing to it once the printer is added to CUPS ?06:24
TJ-maxtimbo: if the issue is in printing itself, use the CUPS logs to diagnose it in /var/log/cups/06:26
maxtimbothat isn't the problem06:26
maxtimboit's the 32bit dependencies that aren't compiled correctly with the 64bit .deb file.06:27
OerHeksinstall the 32 bit debfile, as ubuntu is multiarch now06:29
OerHekscanon always have been a troublemaker06:29
TJ-maxtimbo: there are no 32-bit dependencies declared in either debian package06:33
hateballfwiw, I tend to just extract the PPD from debs, as well filters if needed... usually just comment them out in the ppd and things seem to work well anyhow06:34
hateballbut I suppose it depends on make and model06:34
TJ-maxtimbo: do you mean the way the canon packages include 32-bit libraries (although I've get to find any exectuable that links with them)06:37
maxtimboi don't know anymore, TJ-06:37
maxtimbonow i'm getting a filter failed error06:38
maxtimboaka different error than the one before06:38
TJ-maxtimbo: ahhh... in the -common package, usr/bin/c3pldrv06:38
maxtimboTJ-, i'm not following your train of thought...06:40
maxtimbothat bin is installed already, btw06:40
TJ-maxtimbo: I've got both the debian files extracted (not installed) to examine them. I'm looking at each exetuable and running it through 'file' and 'ldd' to find the dynamically linked libraries they expect, and where they are/should be06:42
TJ-maxtimbo: extracted as in "dpkg-dev -R <package>.deb <package>-dir/ "06:42
TJ-s/dev/deb/ !06:42
maxtimbook, here's the error message i know: Idle - src = libcanon_pdlwrapper.c, line = 514, err = 0¥nDEBUG: Wrote 1 pages...06:45
TJ-maxtimbo: OK, that comes from /usr/lib/libncapfilter.so.1.0.006:47
maxtimboI'm going to restart real quick.06:47
maxtimbosee if that helps06:47
maxtimboand now it's this tricky error: Idle - src = libcanon_pdlwrapper.c, line = 514, err = 0¥nDEBUG: PID 2306 (gs) exited with no errors.06:49
maxtimboyou still with me TJ- ?06:50
TJ-maxtimbo: I've disassembled the library06:51
maxtimboyou're a wizard06:51
maxtimbooh my god I did it, TJ-06:54
maxtimboNeeded these dependencies06:54
TJ-maxtimbo: that's interesting; do the packages declare dependencies only on the 64 bit versions?06:55
maxtimbothese are 32bit libs that aren't included? I suppose...06:56
maxtimboThat is so irratating06:56
TJ-maxtimbo: That's Canon for you, those packages are terrible. They totally miss any 'Depends:' for libjpeg, and the others they do declare will be on the 64-bit libraries06:57
maxtimboHere I was thinking canon would be better than Brother printers.... Wrong06:58
TJ-maxtimbo: that's what happens when the packages are not built and tested on vanilla build systems - they test them on developer PCs which already have those packages installed, and therefore they do not hit that issue.06:58
TJ-maxtimbo: you should report it to Canon and tell them to get some professional developers!06:59
TJ-maxtimbo: or offer them your consultancy at $5000/hour06:59
maxtimboi'll take my time -_-07:00
IotaI hear Dell is sneaking their certs into Ubuntu.07:00
IotaWhat's the best way to remove these? I don't want to be superfished.07:01
somsipIota: you've heard wrong. They're on Windows installs. See here http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/11/23/dell_security_nightmare_gets_worse/07:02
OerHekslota read that message carefully: certificates on windows07:02
maxtimboposted: http://askubuntu.com/questions/628145/install-canon-printer-lbp6030w/701828#70182807:04
=== user is now known as Guest12054
TJ-maxtimbo: "cndrvcups-ufr2lt/usr/lib/libuictlncap.so.1.0.0" has dependencies for those 'missing' libaries, but the system thinks it can satisfy them with the 64-bit versions, until run-time, due to the bad way Canon have built those Debian packages07:05
IotaThanks, somsip. I heard some bad info and thought I'd just jump in the channel and ask before checking. :D07:05
TJ-Iota: if you don't even read before checking, 'superfish' is the least of your worries :D07:05
maxtimboso that's why the error message comes up as a non-error07:06
TJ-maxtimbo: it seems so, yes.07:06
IotaTJ-, I certainly read the article. But if you check yourself, you'll see they don't mention the status of the Ubuntu OS they also offer.07:06
IotaIt was another source I got the information from.07:07
somsipIota: and it's now off topic so lets leave it as that07:07
TJ-Iota: interesting question you raise actually; if they offer a custom Ubuntu installation I wonder if they put that rogue cert and key in the ca-certs bundle?07:07
maxtimbothanks for the help. I'm calling it for tonight07:08
TJ-Even if the public cert were shipped in pre-installed Linux installs, that would make it vulnerable, since the private key has been distributed07:08
TJ-maxtimbo: glad you solved it :)07:08
amazoniantoadIs the Aquaris E5 compatible for AT&T?07:12
lotuspsychje!touch | amazoniantoad07:13
ubottuamazoniantoad: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch07:13
mijowhI'm having issues installing the drivers for a new graphics card. Had an old geforce 8400 gs, with the drivers from nvidia's site working fine (v340 i think). I had just bought a new geforce gtx 680 and trying to install the driver results in some "failed to load kernel module nvidia.ko" saying it couldnt find some files.07:15
lotuspsychjemijowh: where did you get the driver from07:15
mijowhthe info log is too long to put on pastebin07:15
mijowhnvidia's website07:15
bhioaqhow do i boot Live Ubuntu from an NTFS local partition from a syslinux menu on a usb stick?07:16
lotuspsychjemijowh: better to install ubuntu drivers from additional drivers section07:16
bhioaqits a Casper squashfs image07:17
lotuspsychjebhioaq: start from the beginning mate, whats your end goal?07:17
bhioaqhow do i write the correct sysl entry? i want to boot the live ubuntu system from the HD, its much faster than from a usb stick07:18
bhioaqlotus: do u know the corret sysl entry to boot squashfs from a ntfs disk?07:19
lotuspsychjebhioaq: what dont you just install ubuntu?07:19
bhioaqdont want to GRUB or the hole system, because i have win installed07:20
bhioaqso how do i Boot/start live ubuntu from a HD with a syslinux entry?07:21
lotuspsychjebhioaq: how about you install ubuntu in a virtual machine on your windows?07:21
bhioaqas i said i dont want to INSTALL it but RUN it as an overlayfs07:22
bhioaqor boot the ubuntu.iso from a NTFS partition07:23
bhioaqso my Q is: whats the correct syslinux menu entry?07:23
mijowhburn it to a disc, or dual boot with grub. Maybe I dont understand your question, bu your not going to have windows and linux both running from the same partition07:24
mijowhor do a virtual machine in windows07:24
mijowhbut ill brb gotta reboot see if the driver took well07:25
bhioaqoffc, i could install GRUB  on a USB stick, and then boot the hole iso from a ntfs local part07:25
bhioaqhow do i do that then?07:26
lotuspsychjebhioaq: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot07:26
lotuspsychjetheboss: can we help you?07:26
thebosslotuspsychje, oops, sorry... got two keyboards in front of me... was on the wrong one07:27
mijowhalright that didnt work at all07:27
mijowhi installed the nvidia-352 from software center07:28
mijowhand now glxinfo throws errors about glx extension missing07:28
lotuspsychjemijowh: your card is optimus?07:28
mijowhand im stuck at a really low res07:28
lotuspsychjemijowh: and wich ubuntu version?07:29
mijowhoptimus? no, gtx 680. I installed the 352 because that the version that waslisted in nvidias site07:29
mijowhand lubuntu 15.10 x6407:29
=== newbie is now known as Exchizz
lotuspsychjemijowh: try lubuntu LTS on that card?07:29
lotuspsychjemijowh: or another driver from 15.1007:30
mijowhso: reformat?07:30
lotuspsychjemijowh: depends what you want, stable long time support or non-lts?07:30
mijowhI want an opengl 4.0+ context so i can play with compute shaders lol07:30
mijowhill just reinstall fresh tomorrow i guess07:31
mijowhseems linux doesnt like hardware changes07:31
lotuspsychjemijowh: try drivers switch first07:31
mijowhonly been running ubuntu for a few months07:31
mijowhwhich driver should i try?07:31
lotuspsychjemijowh: tell me wich drivers show up your list?07:32
lotuspsychjemijowh: 340 or 346 if that shows?07:32
ExchizzMorningen guys(if it's morning for you :b ). I'm having some troubles understanding UEFI vs. BIOS.  My system is currently using UEFI. When I see 'Press Fx to change boot order' - is that BIOS or UEFI ? Altså when I enter (what's normally called BIOS), is that BIOS or UEFI ? Thanks :>07:32
lotuspsychje!uefi | Exchizz07:32
ubottuExchizz: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:32
lotuspsychjeExchizz: can you tell us what you wanna do exactly?07:32
mijowhi was running 340 earlier with the old card from nvidias site, but when i installed the new card glxinfo still showed a 3.3 context07:33
ExchizzI have read that, but I don't think it answers my question :> Is BIOS startup first then UEFI ?07:33
mijowhand i believe the new one is 4.207:33
lotuspsychjemijowh: ok then file a bug in 15.1007:34
mijowhill install lts tomorrow after work07:34
lotuspsychjeExchizz: from bios you can choose uefi or legacy..is that what you want?07:34
mijowhthanks for the help regardless07:34
lotuspsychjemijowh: ok mate07:34
lotuspsychjegood choice07:34
mijowhthis was the first issue i had with 15.10 really and ive been running for maybe 3 months now (came from windows previosly)07:35
lotuspsychjemijowh: smart choice :p07:35
Exchizzlotuspsychje:  soo I run both BIOS og EUFI ?  I'm not really trying to do enything, I just want to understand what it is :b Yesterday I accidently deleted a entry using efibootmgr, then I started to read and think about it.07:36
ExchizzUEFI *07:36
lotuspsychjeExchizz: try ##hardware if its not ubuntu related mate07:36
mijowhExchizz, maybe $$hardware can help07:36
ExchizzAh I didn't of that, thanks :>07:36
mijowhtime to do some backups lol. I'm just hoping this card was worth it in the end. I had this all customized and nice just how i like it07:38
lotuspsychjemijowh: dont blame the card mate, should be working nice on lts07:38
mijowhi still need to try out wine. Gonna try to get bf4 running. on the old card id average about 5-6 fps on windows. totally unplayable07:38
lotuspsychjemijowh: bf4 on linux hmmm07:39
mijowhand a 4.2 context will be nice. I havent been able to play around with tessellation or compute shaders yet. been learning opengl07:39
lotuspsychjemijowh: could try the playonlinux database or winehq07:39
mijowhi was reading on winehq that bf4 worked pretty well considering07:40
mijowhthat its playable and such07:40
lotuspsychjemijowh: didnt test myself07:40
mijowhive been forced to run bf1942 because its all the old card could handle07:41
mijowhgames from 2001, yay07:41
mijowh(surprisingly, theres still alot of peple online on it too)07:41
hateball!ppa | mijowh there is also this PPA for up-to-date nvidia drivers https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa07:43
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge07:43
hateballSilly goose07:43
hateballmijowh: note that the 358 driver is broken, 355 is however nice07:43
mijowhwill that work with a 680? i know nvidia listed it as 35207:44
mijowhoh i also wanted to ask, earlier i tried running "playonlinux" frontend for wine, and it was giving me a hard time about not having 32-bit for opengl. Do i really need to install 32-bit system instead just to get wine to run?07:45
mijowhi cnat even use all my memory if i do that07:46
sly01hi all07:47
sly01i got a question07:47
sly01my os is ubuntu 10.04 lucid 64 bit07:47
sly01and i want upgrade first 12.04 then from 12.04 to 14.0407:47
somsipmijowh: try this http://askubuntu.com/questions/507468/playonlinux-missing-opengl-32-libraries07:47
sly01when i do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade then do-release upgrade07:47
sly01it says command terminated with exit status07:48
sly01what solution could be ?07:48
sly01thank you07:48
somsipsly01: are you really typing "do-release upgrade"?07:48
mekhamido monitor drivers typically get released for ubuntu/07:48
mekhamii bought a new monitor and heard there's some updates07:48
guest-iYLSLdfuck zou07:48
lotuspsychje!ops | guest-iYLSLd07:49
ubottuguest-iYLSLd: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:49
DJonesguest-iYLSLd: Please don't this is a support channel only07:49
somsipmijowh: lots of other references to the same issue out there. Best to read up before blindly trying one of the offered solutions07:49
mijowhwell that wanst why i came here, I was having driver issues, which i did read and couldnt solve07:50
mijowhthat was just a side note that i noticed07:50
mijowhmy apologies07:50
somsipmijowh: if you ask questions, sometimes you get answers. Do with it what you will07:50
mijowhdid i offend somehow?07:51
sly01yeah soip do-release-upgrade07:51
somsipsly01: do each command separately - which one fails? What version are you running now?07:51
lotuspsychjemijowh: no mate, trolls are being banned its not you07:51
guest-PtTkSH_i like suck dicks07:51
karstenkHello! I entered one more line add the end of sshd_config to enable ssh access for another user plus root with: AllowUsers User   , but I will lost my root connection and iam not able to reconnect after ssh reload. How can I add another user to use ssh?07:51
mekhamii'll never understand this fasincation.07:52
sly01somsip apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && do-release-upgrade07:52
somsipkarstenk: always keep a connection open when messing with SSH configs. BTDTGTTS07:52
mekhamifascination, wow what happened there.07:52
karstenkive done tzhat somsip07:52
somsipsly01: and as I said, do eash separately and confirm which one fails. And which version are you on.07:52
karstenkbut how can i add a second user than root?07:53
karstenkthe user allready exists07:53
sly01yeah I did it seperately my os version ubuntu 10.04 lucid07:53
somsipkarstenk: users should be able to just log in to SSH using their normal logins07:53
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.07:53
somsipsly01: so that not supported anymore. Read the upgrade link at the end of the next factoid07:53
somsip!eol | sly0107:53
ubottusly01: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:53
logyhi ppl, why is it so hard to format a usb in ubuntu. I press right click format it and it gives me like 3 errors xD07:54
lotuspsychje!info gparted | logy07:54
ubottulogy: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19.0-3build1 (wily), package size 422 kB, installed size 1852 kB07:54
lotuspsychjelogy: after install gksu gparted and format07:54
sly01thats what I am looking now07:54
sly01thank you07:54
karstenkthat was the user create line sudo adduser --system --home=/opt/odoo --group odoo07:55
sly01by the way07:55
karstenkbut the user odoo isnt able to use ssh07:55
sly01how do you say specific person just as you do07:55
karstenkwhat ive missed to configure?07:55
logyye i could use gparted, totally forgot about that xD thank you  a lot07:55
sly01when you say something to me color of text is red07:55
sly01what is the command of doing that07:55
lotuspsychjelogy: gparted mostly bypassing errors :p07:55
somsipkarstenk: that adduser line does not contain an option to set the login shell, IIRC07:56
karstenkok, what can cause that ssh connect isnt allowed for that user?07:56
karstenkthe sshd config is pretty standard07:56
somsipkarstenk: that user does not have a login shell (from what I can tell - I don't know adduser command well)07:57
somsip!pm | sly0107:57
ubottusly01: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.07:57
logyOne more question, I am trying to use Times new roman (font from ms office) I installed ttf-mscore by following a tutorial online, but it just gives me an error  (EVERY time I start ubuntu) that the libraries are wrong07:57
somsipsly01: put their name at the front of your reply. Type a few letters and hit <tab> to auto-complete in most clients07:58
karstenkdoes anybody other know what to configure additional or how to change that user to have ssh connect?07:58
lotuspsychjelogy: install ubuntu-restricted-extras07:58
somsipkarstenk: give them a login shell07:58
logylotuspsychje: ty will try now07:59
somsipkarstenk: from man adduser " The new system user will have the shell /bin/false (unless overridden with the --shell option), and have logins disabled"07:59
sly01somsip: Thank you so much08:00
somsipsly01: that did it08:00
sly01ubottu: okey i got thank you08:00
ubottusly01: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:00
karstenki have changed shell, now the uiser is configured like: odoo:x:112:120::/opt/odoo:/bin/sh08:02
karstenkbut connection still not able08:02
karstenkwrong shell?08:03
ikoniadefine "not able"08:03
karstenkPermission denied, please try again.08:04
ikoniawhat does the servers log show about the connection08:04
somsipkarstenk: did you set the password after giving them a login shell?08:07
karstenkno, i try that at the moment, but when user passwd, I get (current) UNIX password:08:09
karstenkpasswd: Authentication token manipulation error08:09
karstenkpasswd: password unchanged08:09
karstenkupps sry08:09
ikoniayou're not doing the password with sudo08:09
ikoniaset the password with sudo08:09
ikoniaeg: sudo password odo08:09
karstenkuser have no sudoers08:09
ikoniayou must have08:09
ikoniahow did you create/alter a user if you don't have sudo08:10
karstenksudo adduser --system --home=/opt/odoo --group odoo08:10
ikoniayou just said you didn't have sudo08:10
karstenkno sudo for odoo08:10
ikoniaso ?08:10
ikoniaI'm not asking you to grant odoo sudo permission08:11
ikoniaI'm telling you to set the users password08:11
somsipkarstenk: use the same user that you used when you added odoo08:11
ikoniawith the command "sudo passwd odoo"08:11
karstenkthanks a lo08:11
somsipkarstenk: and ssh login?08:12
karstenki missed to setup as root the passwd for that user08:12
karstenkso now I need to restrict, that this user can only connect fro a configured ip08:13
karstenkper ssh08:13
ikoniayou can use tcp wrappers, ufw, or the inbuild ssh restrictions08:14
somsip!ufw | karstenk08:14
ubottukarstenk: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo08:14
karstenkbut when I last added   AllowUsers  odoo@my-ip  the root user could not connect anymore08:14
ikoniathe root user cannot connect over ssh anyway08:14
ikoniait is disabled08:14
ikoniayou can't even login as root08:14
karstenkno I activated for developing processes08:15
somsipkarstenk: if you have enabled root login (shudder) you need to list all users in AllowUsers (see http://knowledgelayer.softlayer.com/learning/how-do-i-permit-specific-users-ssh-access)08:15
ikoniaa.) the root user has no password - so you can't login b.) the root user is disabled in ssh - so yo can't login ANYWAY08:15
karstenkAllowUsers root odoo@my-ip   ??08:17
ikoniaroot is disabled08:17
ikoniaand should stay disabled08:17
karstenkok, that was the trick, it works like aspected08:18
karstenkyes i will disable, when iam finished configuration ikonia08:19
ikoniait should not be enabled08:20
ikoniaand it should be disabled now08:20
ikoniayou do not need root ssh to configure anything08:20
ikoniaand you do not need the root account enabled at a shell level08:20
ikoniawhat is not clear about what I've just said ?08:20
karstenkyou say you dont need, i asked why?08:21
ikoniawhy do you need it ?08:21
karstenkive not user user to configure my productions server, the services user are completly restricted to there services08:21
karstenkwhy i need not the root user to configure?08:21
ikoniakarstenk: so you should use a nonprivileged user, with sudo08:21
ikoniathe whole ubuntu security model is based on the root account being disabled and locked, you're breaking that08:22
ikoniathe ssh security model is based on the root account not having interactive login privileges, you're breaking that08:22
karstenkwhat should be the different to first configure all with root and than deactivate ssh?08:22
ikoniaso you're breaking 2 of the core security setups, because you appear to not know how to use sudo08:22
=== lonix is now known as lsiobot
UbuntuUserGood morning. I am trying to rsync a remote server (ubuntu) to a local server (also ubuntu) [both 14.04.3] for backup purposes. If I run rsync directly on the terminal the rsync works fine, however, if I run it from inside a .sh (bash) file then the rsync cannot resolve the hostname. Does anyone have a pointer on how to get around this? . Google has not been much help thus far!!08:23
ikoniaUbuntuUser: pastebin your shell script08:23
karstenkno i only wanted to setup fast my server without entering sudo. security is what i set up last08:24
barnexI tried unmounting sshfs filesystem with random commands found on the internet, most of them wouldn't work. Now I'm stuck with 'Transport endpoint is not connected'08:24
ikoniakarstenk: that is nonsense,08:24
ikoniakarstenk: it is quicker to type "sudo -i" that to go in, setup a root login, go in, allow root in ssh, restart ssh08:24
=== lsiobot is now known as lonix
ikoniabasically, you don't know how to use sudo, so you've put your production servers at risk08:24
barnexone of the random commands was 'mount -t sshfs -o remount,allow_other' which remounted it somehow, and now it's not in mtab, so I can't remount08:24
somsipkarstenk: you generally tried to ignore the advice you were being given from the start. We are trying to help. You should try to listen. EOT for me08:24
UbuntuUserikonia: http://pastebin.com/UbdG9WtB08:24
barnexor if I try to remount with sshfs endpoint is not connected :/08:25
ikoniaUbuntuUser: there are lots of white spaces08:25
ikoniaUbuntuUser: that will make the hostname invalid08:25
barnexcan't just remove the directory either, since 'it's a folder' when I rm -rf08:25
ikoniabarnex: is the hostname 128SSSD?08:25
karstenknonsense is in my eyesnot to use the root user for a developing moment, there is nothing, what cant undo08:25
ikoniaUbuntuUser: is the hostname 128SSD08:25
karstenkiam aware of the risks08:26
ikoniakarstenk: how are you goint to lock the root user account when you are done ?08:26
ikoniakarstenk: clearly you're not08:26
UbuntuUserikonia:  yes08:27
UbuntuUserand also, I just rewrote it directly inside nano without pasting... same error08:27
barnexok, never mind, some more random commands fixed it :-) (sudo umount -l)08:27
ikoniaUbuntuUser: remove the white spaces, also you may want to put a username in, IF the script is being run as a different user08:27
karstenkI change back the line PermitRootLogin yes to no08:27
ikoniakarstenk: that doesn't lock the root user08:27
ikoniakarstenk: the root user is still unlocked08:27
ikoniakarstenk: how are you going to lock the root user ?08:27
karstenkthats all what ive changed to a standard installation08:28
UbuntuUserikonia: 128SSD is inside ~/.ssg/config08:28
ikoniakarstenk: no it's not08:28
ikoniakarstenk: the root user has no password by default, so you wouldn't be able to login if you hadn't set a root password08:28
Hardcore7sudo passwd root?08:28
ikoniaHardcore7: no08:28
karstenkthe root passwd is set by my hoster not from me08:28
ikoniaUbuntuUser: does the machine you are running on have internet connection ?08:28
ikoniakarstenk: then you are in trouble, as your security model is already broken, and you should not have enabled root in the ssh config08:29
UbuntuUserikonia: Yes. and as I said, it works fine when I run the line from the terminal08:29
ikoniaUbuntuUser: ok, so please do "cat your_script_name | pastebinit"08:29
ikoniaand give us the URL08:29
UbuntuUserikonia: http://pastebin.com/EziZeMHC08:30
karstenkikonia since iam using a ssl covered openvpn connection with rsa keys, iam not in trouble with that08:30
ikoniakarstenk: I'm not going to help you any more, it doesn't appear you know what you are doing, and refuse advice,08:30
karstenkno i recognize, thanks08:30
ikoniaUbuntuUser: so you're script is broken, it has white spaces in08:31
UbuntuUserthat has to be pastebin08:31
ikoniaUbuntuUser: it's not08:31
UbuntuUserThat was written directly inside NANO08:31
ikoniaas the command I told you to run would send it to ubuntu pastebin, not pastebin.co08:31
UbuntuUseron the terminal, it cannot be written another way08:31
ikoniaso you're not doing what I told you to do08:31
UbuntuUserok greeat08:31
ikoniaso I'm going to stop help you08:31
UbuntuUserarrogant much>]08:32
barnexwell he's helping you for free08:32
barnexyou're the arrogant one :P08:32
ikoniaI told you exactly what to type so I could get good info from you, you ignored it and re-pasted the same link as if it was something new08:32
ikoniaI can't help you if I don't get good information08:32
UbuntuUserZERO difference than pastebin.com http://paste.ubuntu.com/13490409/08:33
ikoniaUbuntuUser: not interested,08:33
inteuswow really?08:33
UbuntuUserunhelpful people need to not frequent IRC08:33
UbuntuUseryou arrogant cunt08:33
inteusdrop the attitude08:33
inteusand the language08:33
* SlidingHorn applauds08:34
Hardcore7ikonia: wow that guy was a mad man xD08:34
ikoniajust ignore and lets move on08:34
Hardcore7ikonia: thankfully we got people who like to help ;)08:35
Ignazhello which is the right eclipse package for PHP ? eclipse-pdt did'nt find on ubuntu 15.1008:37
somsipIgnaz: the official one is a bit outdated IIRC. It's one of the few occasions I'd recommended installing from the zip08:38
Ignazah ok thanks a lot08:38
somsipIgnaz: zip...whatever the downloadable form is...08:38
Ignazis there some PPA for that?08:38
Hardcore7.exe or .sh if im correctly08:38
Hardcore7Ignaz: just look at their website, i don't think they do have either have not an updated PPA itself08:39
somsipIgnaz: maybe, but it's a simple unarchive, copy to /opt/ and add the bin to $PATH08:39
somsipIgnaz: https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Getting_Started:Eclipse:Installing_Eclipse_on_Ubuntu http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/06/install-latest-eclipse-ubuntu-14-04/08:40
Skranktop O the morning to you all08:42
Hardcore7Skrank: morning08:42
IgnazThanks a lot08:42
fatemeHi everyone, I have a running process /usr/bin/X :0 -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/mdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt8. can anyone tell me this is related to which package or service please?08:46
ikoniaits the disktop08:47
ikoniathe X server that contains your visual desktop08:47
Hardcore7ikonia: ur so quick xD08:47
fatemeremote desktop you mean?08:48
Hardcore7fateme: no, don't think so08:48
zerothisI need a permanent cursor to always be visible no matter which app is running even if it has it's own cursor or makes the cursor invisible08:49
Hardcore7fateme: Xorg (/usr/bin/X) is your desktop client, and it has remote X as posibility08:49
Hardcore7zerothis: why would you need this?08:50
fatemeThanks Hardcore708:51
fatemeThanks ikonia08:51
dionysus69what log level do I need for this ? uswsusp ? hibernation, it would be nice if I see what % is loaded from SSD back to ram08:54
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zgorbyohi all09:01
zgorbyocan anyone help me in make my bluetooth connection work on my ubuntu 1404 laptop?09:02
barnexzgorbyo: probably, just state what you know, what you did and what troubles are you experiencing09:07
barnexand if someone can help someone will09:07
SysUX-Ezgorbyo: what is your exact problem?09:09
zgorbyothe default status is off and when i attempt to enable it the graphic switch trns back to off mode after few seconds09:10
ArchNoobHello. :)09:10
SysUX-Ezgorbyo: so your display shows black when you turn BT on?09:10
zgorbyono, graphics is ok09:11
ArchNoobI have an issue, when i'm using my computer for like 4/5 days suddenly the screen turns off and buttons wont function and fans starts going faster this doesn't change until i force shutdown. What could be the cause?09:12
zgorbyosimply cant activete it09:12
ArchNoobI have an issue, when i'm using my computer for like 4/5 (uptime) days suddenly the screen turns off and buttons wont function and fans starts going faster this doesn't change until i force shutdown. What could be the cause?09:12
cfhowlett!ask | ArchNoob09:12
SysUX-Ezgorbyo: try this: rfkill unblock bluetooth09:12
ubottuArchNoob: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:12
cpaelzerArchNoob: quite often this indicates that something you or your system does leaves stale things09:13
cpaelzerArchNoob: if these still consume some CPU power or tap on shared ressources and so on such things can add up badly at some point09:14
ikoniaor a process dies keeping resources open09:14
cpaelzerArchNoob: I'd recommend doing some basic monitoring and regularly grab the ouptut of ps for some time to get an idea what might be going on09:14
ikoniaif the screen is going black, I'd suggest your X server, video card kernel module would be a key starting point09:15
ikoniaor you could just have a problem with power managment support09:15
zgorbyonow it doenst revert automaticalli to off status aymore09:16
zgorbyoi could be ok09:17
zgorbyoi must test it09:17
cpaelzerArchNoob: I'd start with "dstat -tvin --noupdate 5 > dstat.log &" and "(while /bin/true; do ps axlf >> ps.log; sleep 30; done) &"09:19
SysUX-Ezgorbyo: ok, tell me if it works or not09:19
cpaelzerArchNoob: I totally like the approach of ikonia as well, and both are not mutually exclusive09:19
cpaelzerArchNoob: so monitor in background and look for e.g. X logs and power management09:19
Mathisenim having problem geting wifi working on a HP 6730p laptop the wifi hotkey wont even work just orange glow from it should be blue i think im missing some driver for this any ideas ?09:19
cpaelzerArchNoob: and when the system is almost dead next time you will after the reboot have some nice logs to get an idea09:20
Mathisen6730s model sorry not "p"09:20
TJ-Mathisen: that's an ACPI OSI issue; the PC firmware doesn't provide the same services to Linux as it does to Windows09:21
MathisenTJ-, and how do i solve this09:21
zgorbyonow it seems ok, thanks very much09:22
TJ-Mathisen: show us "pastebin <( sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows )"09:22
MathisenTJ-, give me 2 min got an apt-get command runing09:23
TJ-Mathisen: you can also do "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows | termbin.com 9999"09:25
TJ-Mathisen: (if you're waiting to install pastebinit, that is)09:25
MathisenTJ-, im waiting to be able to install it yet09:26
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TJ-Mathisen: this works without pastebinit:  "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows | nc termbin.com 9999"09:30
MathisenTJ-, hmm strings command not found09:30
MathisenTJ-, what package got that command09:31
TJ-Mathisen: What release is that you're using? strings is part of binutils, and a system without that package is broken09:32
MathisenTJ-, yeah my bad spelling :) anyway still did not work >> Bash: /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT Accec denied09:33
TJ-Mathisen: did you forget the sudo?09:33
TJ-Mathisen: what does "ls -l /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT" report?09:36
MathisenTJ-, http://pastebin.com/Bk99u3Re09:39
TJ-Mathisen: so the file is accessible by root, as it should be. 'sudo strings ... ' therefore shouldn't get 'access denied'09:40
MathisenTJ-, http://termbin.com/27mr09:41
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MathisenTJ-, anymore info you want09:43
TJ-Mathisen: hmmm, that's quite an old device to be affected by the firmware bug I'm thinking of. It's mostly very recent (last 2 years) devices from HP and Acer09:44
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TJ-Mathisen: show us "dmesg | pastebinit"09:44
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MathisenTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13491245/09:44
=== networkmanager is now known as NetworkManager
MathisenTJ-, im guessing i need a broadcom driver of some sort but i dont know09:45
Mathisenim just wild guessing here09:45
TJ-Mathisen: which Ubuntu release is it, 15.04 Vivid ?09:46
MathisenTJ-, Lubuntu 15.0409:46
TJ-Mathisen: see line 156 of that pastebin09:47
Mathisen"Your BIOS is broken" :)09:47
Mathisendoes not sound to good lol09:47
TJ-Mathisen: right, just be aware of that, it could be an underlying cause of other symptoms09:48
MathisenTJ-, yeah but you still got no idea what i should do ? to get wifi going ?09:50
TJ-Mathisen: I'm working through the log. Line 959 onwards is not good either09:51
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harishkrupo!log | harishkrupo09:52
ubottuharishkrupo, please see my private message09:52
TJ-Mathisen: line 1020 "[    9.831445] b43-phy0 ERROR ..."09:53
MathisenTJ-, should i try >> sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer    ?09:55
TJ-Mathisen: I'd be worried about all those GPU errors too09:56
TJ-Mathisen: yes09:56
rootNinjaI am using ubuntu 14.04 and it is not Shutting down from quite a while now. When I click on Shutdown/Restart it goes to shutdown page and runs forever. Can someone help me in this ?09:59
MathisenTJ-, yeah that did the trick09:59
Mathisenworking now09:59
MathisenTJ-, thx for the help09:59
barnexrootNinja: if you want just to shutdown it now, ctrl-alt-f1 to a console, login and sudo shutdown -h 010:00
barnexshould do the trick10:00
rootNinja@barnex - let me try and get back to you .10:01
ArchNoobcpaelzer: Hello Thank you for your answers. And sorry i was out, went to poop ;) really. So you gave me this script is it okay if i just get it in my functions file and be running it every now and then!?10:05
cpaelzerArchNoob: these are just two calls that you can enter in your console. they will both background and collect info in the two files. Start them after your next reboot10:07
cpaelzerArchNoob: Then when your system is slow or even after the next reboot you will find the log useful to see what might have "ramped up"10:08
cpaelzerArchNoob:  those are just two commands, no need for scripts/functions yet - just open a console - put the first enter, put the second enter and you are all set10:08
cpaelzerArchNoob: you can then take a look at what is accumulating in the logs with e.g. "tail -f dstat.log"10:09
rogger_hIm looking for someone to give me sys admin services with a reasonable price. if someone is a freelancer and want please pm me10:09
Ishant_how to change permission of read only file system?10:09
ArchNoobcpaelzer: Thank You very much.. :)10:09
fRit_^hello, could someone tell me how to stop automatic connections to canonical servers on system launch? haetae.canonical.com10:11
fRit_^obake.canonical.com, port 8010:11
Ishant_how to change permission of read only file system?10:17
EriC^^Ishant_: what are you trying to achieve?10:20
fRit_^hello, could someone tell me how to stop automatic connections to canonical servers on system launch? haetae.canonical.com10:34
ikoniafRit_^: what application is connecting10:34
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hexhaxtronIn aptitude how can I deselect all packages containing ':i386'?10:35
fRit_^ikonia: i dont know :( port 8010:36
fRit_^its security repositiory10:36
fRit_^I have disabled unattended-upgrades10:37
fRit_^and periodic10:37
fRit_^ikonia: any idea?10:43
killallwhere can i get support libevdev?10:43
adacGuys, how can create a snapshot of my system, so I can jump back to that state at some point?10:53
lotuspsychje!backup | adac10:54
ubottuadac: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning10:54
lotuspsychjeadac: another time saving is to backup your favorite packages with aptoncd10:59
adaclotuspsychje, thanks a lot!11:00
rootNinja@barnes - It is not working, I ran that command you asked me to. But again it went to shutdown screen and was running forever.11:02
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rootNinjaI think barnes is not here. Let me tell my problem again, I am unable to shutdown my Ubuntu Machine. When I do shutdown/restart it goes to shutdown screen and runs forever. Here barnes asked me to do this : alt+ctrl+f1 login sudo shutdown -h 0, I did all this but again I was on shutdown screen and it was running forever. If anyone can help ?11:06
lotuspsychjerootNinja: press F1 on shutdown, to see freezing part error11:07
lotuspsychjerootNinja: you can also test sudo halt -p to force11:07
rootNinjalotuspsychje : you mean before executing : sudo shutdown -h 0, I should execute sudo halt -p ?11:09
Ben64how about sudo poweroff11:10
rootNinja@Ben64 - Let me try11:12
mcphailrootNinja: when your machine is hanging on the shutdown screen, does it switch off if you hold Alt+SysRq(PrintScreen) and type "REISUO"?11:12
rootNinja@mcphail - wait lemme try this .11:13
dantesпривет индейцы11:14
cfhowlett!ru | dantes11:14
ubottudantes: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:14
maggo201@rootNinja maybe your graphics card is causing the problem11:20
maggo201@rootNinja http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227758311:20
CapprenticeIm getting a error on rtorrent, too many open files. What could be the cause? How do I fix it?11:20
nullkuhli have nvidia driver installed, but i cant prime select as it says alternative are not set correctly, however every time i set alternative manaually, after reboot it drops back to mesa.,11:20
nullkuhldo anyone know how to fix alternative or fix them on nvidia11:21
k1lrootNinja: see the syslog.0 or syslog.1 in /var/log what is causing issues at the end11:21
k1l<k1l> rootNinja: see the syslog.0 or syslog.1 in /var/log what is causing issues at the end11:24
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: wich card chipset?11:26
nullkuhllotuspsychje: 07:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK208M [GeForce GT 740M] (rev a1)11:27
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: installed nvidia-prime?11:27
rootNinjaI tried $sudo poweroff didn't worked, then I tried to get freezing error by ctrl+f1, nothing happened, then I tried ctrl+SysRq again noting happened ??11:27
nullkuhlyes , nvidia prime, and nvidia-352 driver11:27
nullkuhland i dont have nor use bumblebee11:27
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: bumblebee is outdated dont worry11:28
mcphailrootNinja: Alt+Sysrq, not ctrl11:28
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: can you try a less driver, 340 or 346 perhaps11:28
rootNinja@K1l - I forgot so I tried with all three alt, ctrl and shift. Nothing happened11:28
rootNinjasorry I meant @mcphail.11:29
nullkuhllotuspsychje: tried , but didnt matter, the problem is i develop using cuda, so whenever i install cuda toolkit, it break the alternatives issue11:29
mcphailrootNinja: and you held them down while you typed "RESIUO"?11:29
nullkuhllotuspsychje: i can switch to nvidia card using prime-select nvidia, but thats only when i set alternatives manually through "sudo update-alternatives --config x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf"11:30
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: enabled performance mode in nvidia-settings?11:30
nullkuhllotuspsychje: the problem is right after reboot, i find that its back again, and prime select says alternatives not set correctly, theni  wud have to redo all that again11:30
rootNinja@mcphail - you mean I have to keep them held down on shut down screen and start pressing REISUO in this order ?11:30
mcphailrootNinja: yes11:31
EriC^^reisuo or reisub?11:31
mcphailrootNinja: it isn't a fix for your problem, but might be a workaround11:31
mcphailEriC^^: reisuo - he wants to switch off rather than reboot11:31
EriC^^oh ok11:32
* mcphail only found out about the "O" yesterday after accidently holding Alt-Syrq-H and finding a help screen11:32
rootNinja@mcphail -  Let me try and get back to you .11:33
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dersandIf i have an usb stick with the file structure: "efi" -> "boot" -> "bootx64.efi", "grubx64.efi". Am i able to boot ubuntu from this device?11:35
cfhowlettdersand, depends.  is your device EFI and set to secure boot or legacy?11:36
dersandcfhowlett: i'm on windows right now, how can i check that?11:36
EriC^^dersand: you have to enter the bios and check11:37
dersandAllright then, here goes11:37
cfhowlettdersand, plug in USB, reboot, hit f12 (or whatever takes you to one-time boot options), set USB to #1 boot priority and let 'r rip.11:37
nullkuhllotuspsychje: any idea ?11:37
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: wich ubuntu version is this11:39
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d1v3server irc.anonops.com 669711:42
rootNinja@mcphail - Didn't worked dude. Nothing happened.11:42
lotuspsychjerootNinja: try to set grub to "quiet splash" off= "" to see the text booting11:43
lotuspsychjerootNinja: it might give you some info of whats happening11:43
stangelandhi, ii try to load my ubuntu machine....but it just opens up in a "GNU GRUB Minimal BASH-like line editing" tool.... Could this be because the harddisk is broken? It was working just fine - booting normally up until now11:44
mcphailrootNinja: Shame. Wonder if this is an ACPI issue? TJ- is usually the master of debugging those11:45
cfhowlettstangeland, lots of things could break.  no reason to assume it's a HDD issue11:45
stangelandcfhowlett, hmm i see...is there any way i can figure out what the problem could be?11:45
lotuspsychjemcphail: join #ubuntu-discuss always handy to have acpi experts11:45
TJ-rootNinja: "grep kernel\.sysrq /etc/sysctl.d/10-magic-sysrq.conf" should show what Magic SysRq functions are enabled11:45
cfhowlettstangeland, first check your boot media: md5sum the .iso then the USB you made with it.11:46
cfhowlett!md5sum | stangeland11:46
ubottustangeland: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:46
stangelandcfhowlett, no this ubuntu has been installed already long time ago on the harddisk and has been working great for months11:46
cfhowlettstangeland, ah!  good to know.  smartmonctl tools will tell you about the HDD11:47
TJ-stangeland: do you have a "rescue>" or "grub>" prompt??11:47
stangelandcfhowlett, i see, Is that something i need to download and put on a usb drive?11:47
cfhowlettstangeland, boot a live USB and run it from there11:47
stangelandTJ-, yeah...i have a grub> prompt11:47
rootNinja@TJ -  this is the output : #   debugging dumps of processes: kernel.sysrq = 10 kernel.sysrq = 17611:47
TJ-stangeland: that's a good sign, means the GRUB root file-system was readable.11:48
rootNinja@mcphail - by ACPI you mean some power issue, even I think this is the case..11:48
TJ-stangeland: are you at the "grub>" prompt now?11:48
stangelandTJ-, aha good to know....yes i am in the grub> now...can i run any diagnostics from there?11:48
TJ-rootNinja: OK, 176 should enable Alt+SysRq+O11:48
mcphailrootNinja: basically, can the OS communicate with the hardware to get it to shut down properly11:48
TJ-stangeland: "set" and tell us what root= prefix= show11:49
TJ-rootNinja: does Alt+SysRq+B reboot it?11:49
stangelandTJ-, hmm set shows a lot of things11:50
rootNinja@TJ - lemme try Alt+SysRq+B.11:50
TJ-stangeland: right, just tell us the values for root and prefix though11:50
stangelandTJ-, ahh sry...i will summarize11:50
rootNinja@mcphail - how can I find out this ?11:50
stangelandTJ-, prefix=(hd0,gpt2)/boot/grub and root=hd0,gpt211:51
k1lrootNinja: what about the logs to see what is actually causing this issue?11:51
stangelandTJ-, btw. its 4 1TB SSD drives running in a RAID0 configuration11:51
TJ-stangeland: ok, now do "ls $prefix/" and tell me if you see a grub.cfg file listed?11:52
stangelandTJ-, yes it is11:53
TJ-stangeland: OK, that's a good sign too.11:54
stangelandTJ-, i see gfxblacklist.txt i386-pc/ locale/ fonts/ grubenv grub.cfg11:54
TJ-stangeland: "insmod normal"  then "normal"11:54
stangelandTJ-, insmod normal did not show anything11:55
TJ-stangeland: good :)11:55
stangelandTJ-, neither did normal11:55
TJ-stangeland: not so good!11:55
stangelandTJ-, :/ what does that mean?11:56
TJ-stangeland: the 'normal' module when executed looks for and loads the grub.cfg. Maybe there's nothing in it? "cat $prefix/grub.cfg" - does lots of text go by and do you see things like memtest listed in the last page that remains on-screen?11:56
stangelandTJ-, uhhh ok this does not look good. When i do that cat command i get: "error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'11:57
TJ-stangeland: has the system recently done a firmware (UEFI or BIOS) reset, or have you altered the boot device order?11:59
TJ-stangeland: because if you've a RAID-0 stripe, the order of the disks as presented to GRUB by the firwamre is critical.11:59
stangelandTJ-, not delibeately...but ubuntu updates were installed....i dont know if they did anything11:59
TJ-stangeland: no, the issue I'm thinking of is purely a firmware boot-device ordering issue12:00
TJ-stangeland: is the system UEFI or BIOS ?12:00
stangelandTJ-, no...i have not done any firmware upgrades nor changed anything in BIOS12:00
stangelandTJ-, i dont know if it is UEFI or BIOS. How can i see that?12:00
TJ-stangeland: the presence of "i386-pc/" tells us it is booting in legacy/BIOS mode at least12:01
stangelandTJ-, ah ok i see12:01
stangelandTJ-, should I change anything in BIOS?12:01
TJ-stangeland: it probably doesn't matter at this point, but I'm trying to build a picture of the permutations in my head :)12:01
TJ-stangeland: let's consider the 'read outside disk' issue.12:02
stangelandTJ-, ok i understand. Let me know anything i can type to help you form the picture :D12:02
TJ-stangeland: This RAID-0 of 4 drives, did you create than in some BIOS Setup screens, or from within the Ubuntu OS?12:02
stangelandTJ-, i believe i did that in BIOS12:02
VenomByteand I believe i can fly :D12:03
VenomBytesorry lol12:03
stangelandTJ-, i am not entirely sure though...this was some months ago in a stressfull period, but IIRC it was a BIOS setup12:03
stangelandTJ-, yes getting more sure when i think about it...it was some bios setup screens12:04
TJ-stangeland: OK, that's what I would expect, so in *theory* the BIOS code should present those 4 devices as 1 logical device to GRUB... what has happpened - for whatever reason - is the boot device isn't the logical RAID device, but the 1st raw underyling device... so when GRUB tries to read any sectors that are further into the device than the end of that 1st disk, it errors12:06
rootNinja@TJ - alt+sysrq+b is rebooting it. But shutdown is still not working.12:06
TJ-stangeland: So, I'd suggest rebooting and entering the BIOS Setup screens. Find where it sets the boot device ordering and ensure, if the option exists, that the 'RAID' device is first12:06
numnumHello, Question: When running a program like Firefox or Thunderbird from the prompt in Linux Mint, it opens correctly, but doesn't show the prompt anymore, any help?12:06
stangelandTJ-, ok moment...i will go to BIOS12:07
TJ-rootNinja: by 'shutdown' do you mean Alt+SysRq+O, or literally "shutdown -hP now" ?12:07
hateballnumnum: append a & at the end of the command to "free up" the terminal. such as "firefox &"12:07
numnumlet me try12:08
rogger_hIm looking for someone to give me sys admin services with a reasonable price. if someone is a freelancer and want please pm me12:08
rootNinja@TJ- I tried alt+sysrq +o didn't work.12:08
stangelandTJ-, ok...i have entered a webbios12:08
numnumnope, still not the correct return to the prompt...12:09
ikoniarogger_h: this isn't the place for that type of discussion12:09
TJ-rootNinja: Don't worry about +O not working, that sometimes isn't configured.12:10
stangelandTJ-, its "MegaRAID BIOS Config Utility Virtuall Configuration"12:10
hateballnumnum: press enter12:10
hateball!who | numnum12:10
ubottunumnum: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:10
TJ-stangeland: Obviously you're on your own as regards working with those Setup screens, but you need to ensure that the 'MegaRAID' device is the first, and only, boot device. You might have to dig, or read the manual, to ensure it is set correctly12:11
hateballnumnum: you may find this useful http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/unix-linux-disown-command-examples-usage-syntax/12:11
rootNinja@TJ - so how do I shutdown my system? It is not shutting down anyway, I have to manually pull the plug.12:12
numnumHateball; ty i will look into this, but something makes me understand this may be an add on problem12:12
freakyyhi all. can anyone help me with this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13480438/ it's about the graphics driver ati from their website (manual install)12:12
TJ-rootNinja: as someone earlier said, that sounds like the ACPI functionality has a problem. Can you "dmesg | pastebinit"12:12
freakyyrootNinja: type in terminal: shutdown -h now or if u wanna restart: shutdown -r now12:13
freakyyrootNinja: oh ok then do what TJ-  says12:14
nullkuhlI am using an nvidia driver (its a must for me) and i get Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". on running glxgears, any idea ?12:14
k1lrootNinja: what about the logs?12:14
numnumHateball: Look into this please : (firefox:4268): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: Attempt to add property GnomeProgram::sm-connect after class was initialised12:15
numnum(firefox:4268): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: Attempt to add property GnomeProgram::show-crash-dialog after class was initialised12:15
numnum(firefox:4268): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: Attempt to add property GnomeProgram::display after class was initialised12:15
numnum(firefox:4268): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: Attempt to add property GnomeProgram::default-icon after class was initialised12:15
tesla__nullkuhl, are you using bumblebee?12:15
nullkuhltesla__: no12:15
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hateball!paste | numnum12:15
ubottunumnum: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:15
hateballnumnum: And I am afraid I do not run neither gnome nor firefox12:16
tesla__nullkuhl, where did you get your drivers from? are you having this problem in a laptop?12:16
numnumhateball: Ok understood, thanks anyway for the help12:16
Jesterboxboyi cant copy text from a terminal with a ssh session to external programs?12:16
nullkuhltesla__: its a laptop yes with an intel card as well, and i got the driver from ubuntu repo, i have the nvidia-352 installed, along with cuda toolkit12:17
Jesterboxboyctr+shift+c dioest work, and if i rightclick the copy is greyed out12:17
Jesterboxboyany idea?12:17
Jesterboxboyiam using the standard terminal with ubuntu 14.0412:17
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tesla__nullkuhl, let me guess you are planning to use your laptop for cuda and that's why you need the nvidia drivers and why you tried to test if everything went ok with glxgears?12:18
nullkuhltesla__: exactly12:19
nullkuhltesla__: do u need me to pastebin any logs ?12:19
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: you didnt mention ubuntu version yet12:19
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:20
tesla__nullkuhl, AFAIK you need to install bumblebee to run optimus on a laptop12:20
lotuspsychjetesla__: bumblebee is outdated12:20
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nullkuhltesla__: i heard that bumblebee is outdated,12:20
lotuspsychjetesla__: nvidia-prime instead now12:20
nullkuhllotuspsychje: ubuntu 14.0412:20
tesla__lotuspsychje, oh ok12:21
tesla__nullkuhl, install what lotuspsychje is saying12:21
leohaxorany poeple use ubuntu 14.04 ??12:21
k1lbumblebee was to fill the gap as long as nvidia didnt ship nvidia prime officially12:21
lotuspsychjetesla__: he already has it12:21
nullkuhltesla__: i have it already12:21
k1lleohaxor: better ask a specific question12:22
nullkuhllotuspsychje: these are my devices from lspci http://pastebin.com/i9qTiP1012:22
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: you sure you tested all other drivers from additional drivers list?12:23
SyncopatedFoolHaving trouble setting up postfix on Ubuntu server, I have POP3 working properly, but SMTP without authentication won't allow me to send outgoing mail, and I am having troubles setting up authentication.12:23
nullkuhllotuspsychje: yes, it also used to work on a previous installation this same driver version12:23
cfhowlettSyncopatedFool, might want to jump over to #ubuntu-server with this12:24
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: never worked good on trusty?12:24
SyncopatedFoolcfhowlett thanks! didn't know the subchannel existed12:24
cfhowletthappy2help! SyncopatedFool12:24
nullkuhllotuspsychje: everything was fine untill i had to install cuda toolkit , then it messed up my driver abit, that i had to remove all then re install nvidia driver again12:25
nullkuhllotuspsychje: i also had to remove a mesa link from alternatives as the nvidia driver would never get activated by prime , and it used to select the mesa one by default12:25
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: not sure the behaviour of cuda+optimus togheter sorry12:26
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: your card shows cuda on the website right?12:26
nullkuhllotuspsychje: am not interested in optimus12:26
nullkuhllotuspsychje: yes, i only need to develop on cuda so i dont care about switching/optimus much12:26
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: , yes but the card needs nvidia-prime if you wanna get it to work12:26
nullkuhllotuspsychje: exactly12:26
stangelandTJ-, ok there was a boot menu...not in that web setup interface, but after....here i can select boot device: IBA XE Slot 0400 v2205    or     UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell     or     (Bus 81 Dev 00) PCI RAID Adapter. Would i then choose that Raid Adapter?12:26
nullkuhland i also used to have an ubuntu 15 installation working with both optimus and cuda fine12:27
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: dig out your syslog and dmesg for whats happening12:27
nullkuhlill try purge nvidia* and see how it goes then install it again12:28
nullkuhllotuspsychje: may be that cleans something out12:28
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: ive seen manu users working optimus cards on more early drivers 340 and 34612:28
lotuspsychjenullkuhl: lts + nvidia-prime + performance + 340/34612:29
nullkuhllotuspsychje: ok ill try that 340 now12:29
TJ-stangeland: OK, yes, the RAID device. That also tells us the system has UEFI firmware12:34
stangelandTJ-, hmmm when i choose that i am just being thrown back into that grub> prompt12:35
TJ-stangeland: right, so we're back to the original problem.12:36
stangelandTJ-, yes i think so.... so its a different problem?12:37
TJ-stangeland: the issue is, GRUB is unable to read the 'RAID' device since there is no such thing in reality12:38
TJ-stangeland: I'm not sure how/why it was originally reading it. Have you recently changed the partition layout or switched to a separate /boot/ partition+file-system ?12:38
stangelandTJ-, i see ok... so somehow the RAID configuration has been destroyed?12:38
TJ-stangeland: No... this is a common problem with *FAKE*RAID like this12:39
stangelandTJ-, no... it might be i have not set it up properly in the first place many mponths ago....but it has been running ok until now...strange that problems would suddently appear now12:39
TJ-stangeland: the problem is that there is no hardware RAID going on, all the BIOS RAID configuration does is write some 'metadata' to each device describing the layout of the 'array', but the raw devices are still visible to the boot-loader and OS. The OS is expected to contain drivers that understand that fake-RAID metadata and assemble the raw disks into the logical RAID device.12:40
TJ-stangeland: The GRUB boot-loader is much more limited since it relies on the BIOS to provide services for reading the disks. something seems to have changed in the GRUB configuration that has changed it so it can no longer get to the RAID device12:41
stangelandTJ-,  hmmm i see. interesting. so could those drivers have somehow been deleted?12:41
TJ-stangeland: do you have the "grub>" prompt right now?12:42
stangelandTJ-, yeah i have the grub> now12:42
TJ-stangeland: type "ls" and tell me all the (devices,partitions) it reports please12:42
stangelandTJ-, ok here it is:     (hd0) (hd0,gpt3) (hd0,gpt2) (hd0,gpt1)12:43
pikapimy usb stick just doesn't work at all12:43
pikapieverytime I plug it in I have to format it as it says unknown file system12:43
pikapiwhat to do12:43
cfhowlettpikapi, how exactly did you create this USB?12:44
YamakasYheh which email provider is best for sending monitor messages to ?12:44
pikapiwrote new mbr in gparted12:44
pikapithen made two partitions.12:45
cfhowlettpikapi, usb sticks DO NOT have an mbr.  what are you doing?12:45
pikapiit doesn't?12:45
cfhowlettpikapi, course not.12:45
pikapiwell it said the device has no mbr . first make mbr then can create partition on it12:46
cfhowlettuse the ubuntu startup disk creator12:46
pikapiI did12:46
pikapibut the usb won't become bootable12:46
TJ-stangeland: OK, so that 'hd0' is presented by BIOS to GRUB, and *should* be the logical RAID device12:46
cfhowlettpikapi, wait and this is an ubuntu BOOT disk, right?  you did NOT install to ubuntu?12:46
cfhowlettinstall to USB?12:46
pikapithe only thing that worked was unetbootin12:46
stangelandTJ-, right...and for some reason it is not?12:46
TJ-stangeland: but, as you saw with the 'read beyond end of disk' error, hd0 in fact appears to be the first underlying raw disk12:47
pikapiyeah. usb in Ubuntu12:47
stangelandTJ-, so weird12:47
pikapiI wanted to make usb live session on it12:47
TJ-stangeland: I was hoping you'd have seen some other 'hdX' values, hd0, hd1, hd2, hd3, representing the underlying raw disks12:47
stangelandTJ-, so you think this is just a setup issue? Or could it still be broken hardware?12:47
cfhowlettpikapi, delete all partitions, format at the ext4 in gparted.12:47
pikapibut then it won't work in windows12:48
boxmeinpikapi: it won't anyway when you want to make it a live usb12:48
TJ-stangeland: Well, I work on the GRUB source-code, and I've just double-checked and there is no specific support for LSI MegaRAID fake-RAID, only Nvidia RAID12:48
boxmeintechnically I've also made a two-partition USB with the first partition being NTFS for mass-storage and the second being archlinux12:48
cfhowlettpikapi, wait, what?12:48
pikapipreviously I used universal usb installer. that had ntfs file system  on partition 1 and partition 2 was ext412:49
boxmeinand it worked exactly as one would make a regular usb stick, only the install location is now /dev/sdc212:49
stangelandTJ-,  i see.....but what could be a logical reason for it to have worked earlier then...it has been running on the grub loader for a while12:49
pikapiI could use it on windows too12:49
cfhowlettsorry, format as ntfs for a boot, pikapi but still, NO MBR needed12:49
k1lcfhowlett: live usbs have fat FS iirc.12:49
k1lpikapi: just "dd" the ubuntu iso onto the usb.12:49
cfhowlettk1l, correct, I'm about to get off of IRC.  been here too long already.12:49
pikapiI did dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sda112:50
Ira_LBoot Repair Report Difficulties http://paste.ubuntu.com/13488855/12:50
boxmeinpikapi: doesn't that mess some stuff up12:50
pikapibut usb was not bootable.12:50
TJ-stangeland: the only thing I can imagine is this. The file-system containing the /boot/grub/ directory starts on the 1st disk but spans into the 2nd disk. Originally, on first installation, that directory and its files were all on the 1st disk and therefore readable. Later, as the file-system filled up, and updates to GRUB were installed, the dirs/files ended up on another underlying disk, so now they're12:50
pikapiall files got copied. and fs became iso12:50
pikapiis there any way to make the usb bootable from Ubuntu? or I go back to windows to make it?12:51
Ira_LDual Boot Problems with windows 10 and ubuntu 15.10 boot-repair didn't fix Boot Repair Report Difficulties http://paste.ubuntu.com/13488855/12:51
stangelandTJ-, i see. Thats an interesting theory. So what you are saying is that the system was always setup wrong, but by luck (because of the ~large disk size) i only first find out now12:52
TJ-stangeland: yes, I think that sums it up.12:52
cfhowlettpikapi, the usb must have the /boot and /lba flags set.12:52
TJ-stangeland: I'm trying to think of a way out of it :)12:52
boxmeinpikapi: shooting from the hip here, but the iso might have some header/trailer parts with the partition table already, so dd-ing it into a partition won't work while dd-ing it into the entire device would12:52
pikapiso I do dd if=iso of=/dev/sdb12:53
pikapiinstead of sdb1 ?12:53
TJ-boxmein: that's it with Ubuntu ISO images, 100%. They're hybrid bootable, so if they're installed in a partition some boot-loader that is able to load/boot ISOs must be installed on that device, too12:53
stangelandTJ-, i can wipe the machine....it does not contain anything important right now...all code on it is in a repository on a different machine already12:54
TJ-pikapi: Yes, NEVER write an ISO you want to be bootable, to a partition, it needs to start at sector 0 of the raw (whole) physical device12:54
stangelandTJ-, I have to run for 30 minutes. Are you here for a while still?12:54
pikapiok. I will try that . gimme 5minutes12:54
TJ-stangeland: possibly :)12:54
lotuspsychjeIra_L: make your life easy and install ubuntu single12:55
stangelandTJ-, ok...crossing my fingers hehe. be back soon. Thanks for your help so far12:55
pikapibut how come it worked with unetbootin from partition12:55
TJ-pikapi: because unetbootin installs a boot-loader that knows how to chainload ISO images12:56
uboneWhat is the command to associate .torrent with transmission (cli/daemon) for web interface with chrom*/mozilla?12:57
TJ-!info grub-bootimage | pikapi GRUB provides additional functionality to do that, too12:57
ubottupikapi GRUB provides additional functionality to do that, too: Package grub-bootimage does not exist in wily12:57
TJ-!info grub-imageboot | pikapi GRUB provides additional functionality to do that, too12:57
ubottupikapi GRUB provides additional functionality to do that, too: grub-imageboot (source: grub-imageboot): boot iso, harddisk and floppy images with grub2 and syslinux memdisk. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.6 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 42 kB12:57
pikapiok. let me go step by step12:57
pikapirn I deleted all partitions on disk12:58
pikapinow made single primary ext4 partition12:58
pikapinow what to do?12:59
cfhowlettpikapi, delete it.  you need ntfs / fat32 for a bootable USB12:59
Ira_LOn Dual boot win10/U 15.10 grub knocked off by windows boot-repair-didn't fix Boot Repair Report Difficulties http://paste.ubuntu.com/13488855/12:59
pikapinow it is ntfs13:00
=== Don is now known as Guest66400
pikapinow I will do dd if=iso of=/dev/sdb ?13:01
pikapior sdb1?13:01
boxmeinubone, can you run cat /usr/share/applications/transmission-gtk.desktop | grep MimeType13:01
boxmeinubone: just a sanity check :P13:02
pikapiI did /dev/sdb . lets see if it works13:02
ubonei dont have the gtk ui, only cli13:02
pikapithis is too complicated. someone should write a small script or something.13:03
pikapiI didn't even know it needs a ntfs/fat device to boot13:03
SpaceemanHi :)13:04
cfhowlett!usb | pikapi,13:04
ubottupikapi,: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:04
TJ-pikapi: there is absolutely no point in partitioning and creating a file system if you're writing the ISO image to the raw device, since that will over-write the partition table and file-system you just put on the device13:04
SpaceemanAbout printing to a file (pdf),13:04
pikapioh man13:04
SpaceemanCan we edit some configuration?13:04
Spaceemanlike marges size...13:04
boxmeinubone: https://trac.transmissionbt.com/wiki/MagnetLinks might help you13:04
TJ-pikapi: what are you trying to achieve, forgetting the process, tell us what you want the edn result to be capable of?13:05
pikapinow in gpart it says /dev/sdb1 fs unkown size 1014.97 flags boot,hidden13:05
pikapiI just want a bootable usb stick wjich has a live session13:05
TJ-pikapi: OK, then using "dd if=file.iso of=/dev/sdX ..." is all you need do to create that.13:06
lotuspsychjeSpaceeman: inkscape perhaps?13:06
TJ-pikapi: I thought you might be also wanting another file-system on the device for storing and sharing files persistently13:06
ikoniawould unetbootin not make this easy13:06
pikapibut now it the flags say boot and hidden and fs=unknown13:06
ikoniagui tool - select the device, select the iso13:06
Spaceemanlotuspsychje: thanks but it's not why I'm lloking for :(13:07
TJ-pikapi: Ignore that, the ISO images are hybrid bootable, they can boot from DVD (using ISO9660 El Torito), from BIOS (using MBR) and from UEFI (using GPT+EFI-SP)13:07
pikapiikonia the default option in unetbootin launches busybox and I can't scroll down because I have usb keyboard13:07
BluesKajHI folks13:07
lotuspsychjeSpaceeman: alot of online pdfs editors out there also13:07
ikoniaunetbootin does not luanch busy box13:07
pikapiI removed the hidden flag13:08
ikoniait launches the iso you write to it13:08
pikapiikonia for me it launched busybox, <initramfs> command prompt13:08
SpaceemanIn many softxare, when you print, you can chose "To a file" (PDF) Then, there are some marges... I'm looking for rediuse this marges size to obtaine a grather image in the PDF resulting.13:08
TJ-pikapi: 'busybox' will be the shell inside the initial ramdisk of the Linux image13:08
=== caf4926 is now known as _caf4926
cfhowlettpikapi, not sure why you have a hidden flag.  I don't.13:08
pikapicfhowlett I will reboot and see if it works13:09
TJ-pikapi: that happens because the kernel, and the scripts in the initial ramdisk image, cannot find the root file-system13:09
pikapishould I enable lba flag too?13:09
TJ-pikapi: do not change anything! The ISO image is perfect as it is.13:09
TJ-pikapi: if the ISO image, on the raw device, doesn't boot at all (as opposed to getting so far and then getting stuck), that's another matter.13:10
ubonepikapi, dd bs=4M if=/path/to/buntu.iso of=/dev/sdx && sync  no sda113:10
=== _caf4926 is now known as caf4926
pikapididn't work. stuck on oem logo13:10
stangelandTJ-, are you still here? :)13:11
TJ-pikapi: so it did work, as in it booted but got stuck later.13:11
TJ-stangeland: I wish I weren't :)13:11
pikapiok. I will retry unet then13:11
caf4926I want to ask about 14.04.1 compared to 14.04.3 and if 14.04.3 is LTS to 2019?13:11
SyncopatedFoolHave yet to have anyone in #ubuntu-server answer my questions, ok to ask here about postfix?13:11
lotuspsychje!lts | caf492613:12
ubottucaf4926: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)13:12
stangelandTJ-, hehe...people are pulling your hair eh? :)13:12
TJ-stangeland: I can't find any straight-forward way to move files within an ext* file-system to the 'start' of the space. 'e4defrag' might help but unlikely.13:12
stangelandTJ-, ok...so do you think wiping the system and configuring differently could solve my problems?13:12
caf4926! funny, the bot doesn't really understand my question13:12
ubottucaf4926: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:12
pikapiI think I killed the usb somehow13:12
stangelandTJ-, maybe reconfigure the raid also13:13
uboneHow should I edit mimetype file to enable chromium to open transmission web UI when I click on the downloaded torrent in chromium's bottom download bar/line?13:13
stangelandTJ-, the reason its running raid 0 is because it needs to support a lot of cores writing to a lot of small files simultaneously very quickly13:13
TJ-stangeland: If you can afford to re-install, I'd suggest doing that, and when you get to the partitioning stage create 2 small partitions first, the first being a 512MB FAT32 file-system for EFI-SP, and a 2nd 2MB for BIOS Boot, which are guaranteed to be at the start of the underlying disk as well as the start of the RAID-0 span13:13
pikapiwith the usb plugged in and ububtu booting it says usb 1-1.1: device descriptor read/64, error -11013:14
TJ-stangeland: also, I'd recommend installing in UEFI mode rather than Legacy/BIOS assuming the MegaRAID device is visible from UEFI boot-loader stage13:14
pikapiand also read/813:14
TJ-pikapi: OK, so the USB device is failing on the link13:14
caf4926so am I correct that actually we will get 14.04.4 and then .5 and it's .5 that will extend it to 201913:15
TJ-pikapi: it is possible the image written to the USB device was corrupted, or that reading it back is corrupting it13:15
pikapiso now13:15
pikapithe image works when I have unetboot write it13:16
TJ-pikapi: after you did the 'dd' write operation did you 'sync' to ensure all the data in the RAM cache was flushed to the device, before you unplugged it?13:16
k1lcaf4926: you have 2 kernels who have long term support. the 14.04 3.13 and the 16.04 4.XX kernel. so either you stay on the 3.13 or you upgrade the kernel until you are on the 16.04 backports kernel13:17
TJ-stangeland: in addition to that, you should create as the 3rd partition a separate /boot/ file-system of about 1GB to store GRUB files, the kernel images and supporting initrd.img files13:17
ikoniak1l: are they back porting non-released kernels now ?13:17
caf4926k1l: but the other software continues to be patched too regardless of whether you install 14.04.1 or .3?13:18
k1likonia: no. its when 16.04 is released their kernel gets backported for testing to 14.04 and is put officially in the enablement stack for 14.04.513:18
TJ-pikapi: when I write ISOs to USB, I first test boot them in a virtual machine13:18
SyncopatedFoolHaving trouble setting up postfix on Ubuntu server, I have POP3 working properly, but SMTP without authentication won't allow me to send outgoing mail, and I am having troubles setting up authentication.13:18
ikoniak1l: sorry thought you where saying it was there now, hence my surprise13:19
k1lcaf4926: the point releases are like the servicepacks on windows. they summarize all updates until that day. additionaly they include the backports kernel and xorg stuff in the enablement stack13:20
nitishhow can I install java?13:20
lotuspsychje!java | nitish13:20
ubottunitish: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.13:20
k1lnitish: install the open jre from the repos13:20
stangelandTJ-,  i see ok. Very good comments. Do you have more hints you think would be valueble ?13:20
caf4926k1l: ty13:21
TJ-stangeland: those should protect you sufficiently13:21
pTBDHello. I am using Ubuntu precise and am in the need of python 3.4.3 but official repos only provide 3.4.2. Should I build from source or is there another (easier) way to install?13:21
pTBDsay other repository13:22
jpdspTBD: Upgrade to trusty.13:22
cfhowlett!precise | pTBD13:22
ubottupTBD: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120413:22
TJ-stangeland: although I'd also suggest using LVM in the install process, so you (re)assign space in the future (I usually leave at least 10% unallocated and available)13:22
cfhowlettpTBD, you can upgrade directly to 14.04 as it's also an LTS release.13:23
pTBDjpds: yeah, thanks. but no. Precise is the software running on a private cloud thing I have and I am not going to update that.13:23
jpdspTBD: It would be a _terrible_ idea to build such a core component from source13:23
TJ-pTBD: install a 14.04 chroot, run it from that13:23
stangelandTJ-, you have really been a great help to me. Thank you so much13:25
pikapisorry my phone battery exhausted13:25
pikapiI used unetboot again. and now it is again in initramfs13:26
rimdekerAnybody here got any experience with asciidoc? Not sure where else I can ask13:26
pTBDdifferent question. Am I doing something wrong or why can't I find pip or virtualenv in the repos? since python 3.4.2 is used in precise, shouldn't there be those packages in the repos? AFAIK in debian they are13:26
pikapicannot mount /dev/loop0 it says13:26
pikapiwhat can I do13:26
TJ-pikapi: that'll be because due to what unetbootin did, the ISO's root file-system is no longer where the code expects it to be13:27
pikapiyeah. I removed the other usb on which the iso was13:27
ioria!info python-pip precise13:28
ubottupython-pip (source: python-pip): alternative Python package installer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1build1 (precise), package size 92 kB, installed size 390 kB13:28
pTBDI think thats python2 pip13:28
pikapiI am very tempted to go back to windows to install it . No tool on ubuntu is somehow able to gice me a bootable usb13:29
k1lpikapi: use "dd"13:29
k1lpikapi: and md5sum the .iso first to make sure its a clean ubuntu iso13:30
pikapiIt is13:30
k1lpikapi: did you md5sum?13:30
pikapiI am 100% sure it is13:30
k1lwhat md5sum it is?13:30
lotuspsychjepikapi: wich ubuntu version are you on, and wich are you gonna put on usb?13:30
TJ-pikapi: it might help to 'md5sum' the image on the USb after writing it, to be sure it got stored correctly13:30
pikapi14.04 and same13:30
cfhowlettpikapi, you're on 14.04 now?13:31
BluesKajdd works well pikapi, much better than those aother apps like unetbootin etc13:31
pikapinow how to see the md513:31
k1li dont understand the issue? check the md5sum to get facts. then use dd to burn it onto the usb.13:31
cfhowlettpikapi, you're on 14.04 now?13:32
pikapiyeah . m on 14.0413:32
pikapiand the iso is same too13:32
cfhowlettpikapi, so why don't you use the default ubuntu-startup-disk-creator???13:33
k1l!md5sum | pikapi13:34
ubottupikapi: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:34
pikapididn't give a bootable usb13:34
luqman_i don't know, i am the new linux user13:34
pikapinothing makes the usb bootable except unetboot13:34
cfhowlettpikapi, false.  startup disk creator makes workable USB's out of the box13:34
k1lpikapi: so what is the .isos md5sum?13:35
luqman_Rufus can do it, to make bootable usb.13:35
pikapithere is nothingon the usb13:35
pikapiit is blank o.O13:35
lotuspsychjepikapi: open a tail -f /var/log/syslog while you plugin usb and create the stick13:36
luqman_are you serius?13:37
lotuspsychjeluqman_: can we help you?13:37
cfhowlett!behelpful | luqman_,13:37
ubottuluqman_,: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.13:37
luqman_No, i just new linux user. i wont study.13:39
pikapiI am using startup disk creator again13:39
pikapinow hope it works13:39
k1lpikapi: stop13:39
k1lpikapi: make a md5sum check on the .iso first13:39
k1llets not waste time again and get some facts now to really see what is the issue13:40
pikapioh. how to do it13:40
TJ-pikapi: you're misreporting the facts, which doesn't help. You told us earlier the USB *boots* but gets stuck at the logo splash screen, didn't you?13:40
k1l!md5sum | pikapi13:40
ubottupikapi: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:40
cfhowlettpikapi, wait what?  You STILL haven't done the md5sum!?13:41
cfhowlettbad facts ===> bad answers.  I'm done.  Good luck.13:41
pikapithe iso is the same  I used to get the current ubuntu running. It didn't occur to me that the iso could be corrupt13:43
pikapiI can even mount it without error13:43
pikapilet me check md5 anyway13:43
TJ-pikapi: to verify the MD5 sum of the image after writing it to the USB, do "DEV=/dev/sdX; ISO=Downloads/ubuntu-15.10-server-i386.iso; SZ=$(stat -c %s ${ISO}); sudo dd if=$DEV count=1 bs=$SZ | md5sum -  "13:43
TJ-pikapi: replace the values of DEV and ISO to ones that match your system13:44
VenomBytedd is fun lol13:44
TJ-pikapi: the reason for the somewhat complicated command is you have to have the MD5 calculated on the exact same number of bytes that were written - and most USBs are larger than the ISO they contain, so an MD5 sum of the entire device would never match the ISO image13:45
pikapitj-there is already a md5sum.txt file on the usb having md5 of all folders13:46
TJ-pikapi: that's not the same thing at all13:46
TJ-pikapi: that doesn't cover the boot-loader, the file-system structure, the layout of the ISO image13:47
TJ-pikapi: that doesn't cover the boot-loader, the file-system structure, the layout of the ISO image13:47
TJ-pikapi:  a single bit being flipped 0 or 1 is enough to cause the thing to fail13:48
pikapitj- sorry teej. I give up :"( I can't get this to work13:48
pikapiI will go back to the windows tool >.<"13:48
k1lpikapi: why dont you want to run md5sum on the iso? you were asked a lot of times now. what is the issue?13:48
k1lpikapi: you make it very hard to support you if you refuse to bring some facts13:49
pikapik1l rn I am on phone and internet is not available on computer13:49
k1lpikapi: you dont need internet to run a md5sum check13:49
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pikapiI did md5 and it said md5 command not found.13:50
ikoniathis is pointless13:50
ikoniainformation is not being shared13:50
ikoniainstructions are not being followed13:50
EriC^^pikapi: typo, md5sum13:50
ikoniaI actually advise you give up - your attitude is not going to get you help/support13:50
k1lpikapi: ok, so you dont even read the wiki page with all the informations13:50
k1lpikapi: so stop asking in here if you dont want to be helped anyway.13:51
pikapialrite wait. I think it is calculating it now13:52
pikapithe iso is ububtu 14.04lts 32bit13:53
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases13:53
k1lok, the md5sum matches ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-i386.iso13:54
EriC^^pikapi: it matches13:54
EriC^^pikapi: what's the problem btw?13:54
k1lso now use "dd" to bring it to /dev/sdx where x is your usb drive13:54
TJ-pikapi: now  verify the USB, do "DEV=/dev/sdX; ISO=ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-i386.iso; SZ=$(stat -c %s ${ISO}); sudo dd if=$DEV count=1 bs=$SZ | md5sum -  "13:55
pikapithe usb won't boot if I use startup disk creator on Ubuntu or dd13:55
TJ-pikapi: set DEV and ISO correctly13:55
EriC^^pikapi: what happens when you try to boot it?13:55
pikapiand if I use unetbootin it boots but goes to initramfs13:55
TJ-EriC^^: last time it hung on the splash screen.13:55
EriC^^probably a bad usb pikapi13:56
pikapieric gets stucked on oem logo. and goes forward only if usb removed13:56
ikoniastop repeating the same thing and follow the command TJ- has given you13:56
EriC^^pikapi: do you have another usb you could use?13:56
TJ-pikapi: check the MD5 of the USB, make sure it matches the one you just got for the ISO image13:56
EriC^^pikapi: try a different usb13:56
TJ-EriC^^: wait, you're introducing confusion and there's enough of that already.13:57
pikapitj- omg thats a big command. will take 10minutes to type it o.O and will make 7-8 errors also13:58
TJ-pikapi: I don't know how you manage it, but going back through my logs you've been in this situation at least once before (5th November) - the number and type of issues you've brought to us here suggest you don't follow the instructions correctly, or else, you've got a system with bad RAM that is corrupting things randomly.13:59
EriC^^pikapi: it's not complicated really, you can try it to see if the iso on the usb is damaged, or try a different usb and see if it works14:00
EriC^^sudo dd if=/dev/sdb count=1 bs=$( stat -c %s /path/to/iso) | md5sum -14:01
EriC^^if you want to try TJ- 's command for the usb, try the above, make sure you use the right /dev/sdX and /path/to/iso14:01
pikapitj- like I said  the usb randomly stops workingevery 3 days and I just format it and reinstall but this time it didn't act up for 15-3weeks till yesterday. and I went to format it. but this time I don't have the windows tool I always used. I tried every tool in Ubuntu. unet, startup disk, dd. I swear I just want to throw the computer out the Window. but I felt strongly people here are very skilled and can make it work :)14:05
lotuspsychjepikapi: do you mix your usb sticks around windows and ubuntu for use?14:06
TJ-pikapi: is that always using it on the same PC, or on different PCs14:07
pikapitj- same pc14:08
TJ-pikapi: do you plug/unplug the USB device frequently? One of the drawbacks to those is that over time the physical stress of insertion/removal can cause the solder between USB plug and PCB to fracture, leading to high resistance and corrupted transfers. I've had to repair several by reflowing solder and flux14:09
lotuspsychjepikapi: try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin your usb, then pastebin us the output14:09
pikapitj- never. it is in the back slot since eternity. I don't even turn the computer off14:11
robotti^How to install ubuntu to macbook beside osx14:18
lotuspsychje!mac | robotti^14:19
VenomByterobotti^: gl :D14:19
ubotturobotti^: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:19
robotti^lotuspsychje: I already read that14:19
robotti^I am just wondering what I am doing wrong14:20
robotti^because grub could not install14:20
VenomByterobotti^: why not? maybe wrong bios mode?14:21
VenomByterobotti^: any error code?14:21
lotuspsychjerobotti^: wait until EriC^^ comes back, he might help dualboot efi stuff14:21
VenomByterobotti^: i guess u need to install it in EFI + GPT mode14:21
robotti^I am trying install biosmode?14:21
robotti^because I am going to use nvidia driver14:21
robotti^VenomByte: it just say it could not install grub on partition14:22
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robotti^some years ago I installed ubuntu beside osx, but I do not really remember what I did do :)14:23
robotti^maybe I must modified my partition table?14:24
EriC^^robotti^: you need to let grub install for mac, and then bless the file so the mac boots it14:25
robotti^failed attempt :)14:25
VenomByterobotti^: if im right you atleast need a ~1MB free space for the bootloader and atleast one partition to install root '/' on14:25
VenomByterobotti^: also install the bootloader on the DRIVE and not on a partition14:26
robotti^one boot partition?14:26
robotti^I did try install drive14:26
VenomByterobotti^: no14:26
TJ-robotti^: for a BIOS-boot installation of GRUB, it needs somewhere to put the core.img:  either ~2000 sectors spare between the hybrid MBR, primary GPT and first partition, or a BIOS Boot partition of at least 1MB14:26
robotti^but it could not14:26
fsociety[00]datcan I skip the select and install software section while installing ubuntu via mini.iso in expert mode?14:27
robotti^TJ-: So where I must install bios-boot?14:27
lotuspsychjefsociety[00]dat: any reason you using minimal?14:27
robotti^TJ-: so I reinstall ubuntu?14:28
EriC^^robotti^: can you boot a live usb?14:28
robotti^reboot with install media14:28
fsociety[00]datlotuspsychje: I will select all my needs later.14:28
robotti^EriC^^: I am running live usb14:28
robotti^but I just try it with live installer14:28
EriC^^robotti^: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999914:28
EriC^^robotti^: no problem14:28
meocan i schedule a startup time and a start up time for my computer in ubuntu  ??14:29
robotti^EriC^^: should I write that commandline14:29
VenomByteEriC^^: what does nc do?14:29
meoI mean and a shutdown time *14:29
EriC^^robotti^: yes14:29
EriC^^VenomByte: netcat14:29
VenomByteEriC^^: thanks :)14:29
EriC^^meo: there's the rtcwake14:29
EriC^^man rtcwake for more info14:29
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VenomByteEriC^^: i see14:30
robotti^EriC^^: http://termbin.com/v7tv14:30
EriC^^VenomByte: handy, right?14:30
EriC^^robotti^: ok, here's the deal, mac needs the efi partition to be hfs+ to boot the efi file from it14:31
VenomByteEriC^^: yes i didn't know that command :114:32
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robotti^EriC^^: so, what that means?14:32
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt14:32
EriC^^robotti^: we need to convert it to hfs+14:32
robotti^on ubuntu?14:32
EriC^^then tell grub to install there, then "bless" the file so mac will boot it14:32
EriC^^robotti^: yeah, type the first command so we can see what's in the efi partition right now14:33
robotti^EriC^^: I mounted14:33
meoEriC^^ : what is the command to make my computer shutdown in 9 pm and start up when it's 4 am ????14:33
robotti^EriC^^: in /mnt there is EFI14:34
EriC^^robotti^: ok, type ls -lR /mnt | nc termbin.com 999914:34
EriC^^robotti^: you're dual booting with osx right now?14:34
fcstry sudo shutdown -P -h14:34
EriC^^cause i thought mac needed the efi to be hfs+14:34
robotti^EriC^^: yes. but without working ubuntu installation14:34
killallwhere can i get support libevdev?14:35
EriC^^robotti^: so osx is in uefi mode?14:35
meoEriC^^ ; and does the computer consume battery in sleep state ??14:35
robotti^EriC^^: http://termbin.com/5n0214:35
robotti^EriC^^: I do not know14:35
dersandAllright, i'm having a bit of an issue. I have an usb with ubuntu on it. But when i'm booting it, the purple ubuntu screen with the 5 small round loading icons show, but then it hangs. No monitor output, but the computer is still alive14:35
robotti^EriC^^: I have installed refind14:36
EriC^^robotti^: that boots osx usually?14:36
EriC^^i think you can add ubuntu to that, the method i was talking about was to use the standard mac bootloader14:36
robotti^EriC^^: is there bios support?14:37
lotuspsychjedersand: ubuntu version?14:37
meoEriC^^ : ??14:37
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robotti^EriC^^: because of proprietary nvidia driver for linux14:37
EriC^^meo: i dunno much about it14:37
robotti^EriC^^: so what's about know?14:37
dersandlotuspsychje: if i have the iso, where can i check it? I've renamed the iso file14:38
robotti^EriC^^: should I reinstall ubuntu?14:39
meoEriC^^; and obviously no body knows about it cause no one tried to reply , right ..14:39
lotuspsychje!patience | meo14:39
ubottumeo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:39
EriC^^robotti^: no14:39
robotti^EriC^^: what about know? :D14:39
EriC^^robotti^: ok, well it says refind should pick up grub if it's in the efi partition, fat32 or hfs+, anyways it's not there so you have to install grub there14:40
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo umount /mnt14:41
EriC^^then sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt14:41
TJ-dersand: that sounds like the GPU driver is getting something wrong, and either switching to an unconnected output, or else trying to select a mode that is out of range of the monitor. Both would cause the symptom you describe. Have you tried Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to a text terminal, in case that's enough to 'wake' it up?14:41
robotti^EriC^^: done14:41
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi14:42
dersandTJ-: If i press the computer power button i get to the screen that says "please remove the installation media and clost the tray(if any) then press enter:"14:43
TJ-dersand: so this is purely a Live Desktop ISO image on the USB ?14:43
robotti^EriC^^: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi14:43
robotti^mount: mount point /mnt/boot/efi does not exist14:43
TJ-dersand: sounds like you may need to interupt the start-up process and add 'nomodeset' to the kernel's boot options. Is it booting in Legacy BIOS, or UEFI, mode, ?14:44
dersandTJ-: Yes14:44
EriC^^robotti^: hmm, type cat /mnt/etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999914:44
meoEriC^^ : i want my computer to do that by default , not when i want it to go to sleep type the command , and rtcwake doesnt specify shutdown/sleep time  only wake up  time14:44
robotti^EriC^^: http://termbin.com/t6zt14:44
EriC^^meo: you can use cron to run the commands at specific times14:44
TJ-meo: simply use "shutdown" you can tell it what time to do it! see "man shutdown"14:45
EriC^^TJ-: he wants to have it sleep then wake up at specific times, i suggested rtcwake14:45
EriC^^robotti^: it looks like you have ubuntu installed in legacy mode, you need it installed in uefi mode14:46
TJ-EriC^^: meo Oh, you mean suspend?14:46
robotti^EriC^^: it is mac install media, so no uefi mode14:46
meoTJ-> ; i wnant to schedule a shutdown time and a start up time for my computer , and make it do it by default14:46
EriC^^robotti^: easiest thing would be to reinstall ubuntu in uefi mode, but make sure in the installer NOT to choose reinstall ubuntu, that will erase your entire disk, use the Something else option to specify which partitions to install ubuntu to'14:46
meoTJ- ; well Yes14:46
EriC^^robotti^: what do you mean? you can't boot the live usb in uefi mode?14:47
robotti^EriC^^: it means that14:47
TJ-meo: well, if it's a real shutdown, not an S3 suspend-to-RAM, rtcwake + a cron job, or "shutdown <time>" will do it14:47
robotti^EriC^^: on mac ubuntu media, there is no uefi support, only bios14:47
dersandTJ-: Does it matter if the output from the computer comes from the internal or the graphics card?14:47
TJ-meo: if you want to suspend you'd need to call pm_suspend from a cron job14:47
EriC^^robotti^: ok, np we can try to convert it to uefi14:47
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo blkid /dev/sda114:48
TJ-dersand: ahhh, is the PC an Optimus (hybrid GPUs) system?14:48
EriC^^robotti^: then in another terminal, type sudo nano /mnt/etc/fstab14:48
EriC^^robotti^: add the line UUID=<uuid you got from blkid>/boot/efivfatdefaults0114:48
EriC^^to /mnt/etc/fstab14:48
gerepHello good people. I just created this upstart script and for some odd reason it is starting my poxa server one time after another, non-stop: https://gist.github.com/gerep/fa8598d6dfb81ba2019814:49
gerepWhat am I missing?14:49
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robotti^EriC^^:  UUID=<70D6-1701>I/boot/efiIvfatIdefaultsI0I114:51
robotti^are you sure?14:51
robotti^EriC^^: done14:52
dersandTJ-: I'm not sure, here however: https://dl2.pushbulletusercontent.com/9ZrGVH2nfUfandyYdwoWihEOiZiAfKaf/20151124_154540.jpg14:52
EriC^^robotti^: that doesn't look right14:53
EriC^^robotti^: mine is like this UUID=9094-CDF4/boot/efivfatdefaults0114:53
EriC^^use sudo blkid /dev/sda1 to get your uuid14:53
robotti^EriC^^: you ot I I I I  where should not be :)14:53
EriC^^robotti^: ok :)14:53
robotti^you got14:54
robotti^okay, but is done without I but with spaces14:54
EriC^^robotti^: ok, type cat /mnt/etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999914:54
robotti^EriC^^: what now?14:54
EriC^^now we have to install grub-efi14:54
nullkuhli have installed windows 10 then ubunto on efi , but now i boot to ubuntu directly, is there a way to fix the bootloader that it recognizes windows again ?14:55
robotti^EriC^^: but does legacy drivers work with grub-efi?14:55
EriC^^robotti^: yeah uefi and legacy is just the booting method14:56
EriC^^legacy drivers and stuff are different14:56
robotti^EriC^^: okay, what now?14:57
EriC^^nullkuhl: try sudo update-grub14:57
EriC^^robotti^: type cat /mnt/etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999914:57
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nullkuhlEriC^^: i just did dist-upgrade i think it recognized windows, will reboot and see14:58
eahmedshendyI am studying Upstart, and I got this error: sudo initctl emit testEvent14:58
eahmedshendyinitctl: Event failed14:58
junobiHi there14:58
robotti^EriC^^: http://termbin.com/6lm914:59
eahmedshendyThis is my upstart script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13492998/14:59
k1l_eahmedshendy: that doesnt sound like upstart. initctl is systemd right?14:59
robotti^EriC^^:  grub.efi booting will not support driver Nvidia on MBP41.14:59
EriC^^robotti^: remove the "<" and ">" after UUID14:59
robotti^why does it says that14:59
EriC^^robotti^: why does what say that?15:00
eahmedshendyk1l_: mmm, I don't know, I follow the tutorial and it just uses this command15:00
robotti^EriC^^: that grub.efi booting will not support Nvidia driver15:00
EriC^^robotti^: where did you get that info?15:00
k1l_!upstart | eahmedshendy15:00
ubottueahmedshendy: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/15:00
robotti^EriC^^: For me, booting Ubuntu in UEFI mode with the Nvidia drivers loaded, also always resulted in the well-known black screen when X was started.15:01
robotti^EriC^^: from google15:01
eahmedshendyubottu: I already check that link15:01
ubottueahmedshendy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:01
eahmedshendyubottu: hhhh15:01
k1l_eahmedshendy: sudo service <servicename> start15:01
k1l_eahmedshendy: that is upstart15:01
robotti^EriC^^: but what next?15:01
eahmedshendyk1l_: So how to emit event?15:02
EriC^^robotti^: that sounds wrong15:02
EriC^^robotti^: did you fix UUID= ?15:02
k1l_eahmedshendy: emit?15:02
eahmedshendyk1l_: sudo service test start ... start: Job failed to start15:02
eahmedshendyk1l_: I mean emit event15:02
robotti^EriC^^: I did fix it15:03
eahmedshendyk1l_: The script start on emitted event I called it testEvent15:03
robotti^EriC^^: http://askubuntu.com/questions/264247/proprietary-nvidia-drivers-with-efi-on-mac-to-prevent-overheating15:03
robotti^from here15:03
robotti^EriC^^: First you are correct. You can not use EFI mode and the proprietary drivers. Not only that but a a lot of other things will get borked. For now your best option for support is to install in BIOS mode.15:03
EriC^^robotti^: ok, now grub might not install since it's booted in legacy mode, so we have to do a workaround15:03
EriC^^robotti^: anyways try sudo modprobe efivars , maybe it'll work15:03
robotti^EriC^^: done15:04
EriC^^robotti^: i dunno that sounds odd, cause uefi vs bios is just the method that gets from the BIOS -> grub being loaded15:04
EriC^^so dunno, maybe it's a mac thing, but i doubt15:04
oaulakhhow to repair ubuntu with ubuntu dvd15:04
robotti^EriC^^: I have just heard, that nvidia binary driver does not work with uefi boot, but I might be wrong15:05
robotti^it might be old info15:05
oaulakhlike i have remove many system packages by mistake and now my ubuntu system settings sounds and many more things not working can i fix my ubutnu with installation dvd15:05
EriC^^robotti^: well, if you want to use legacy you will have to switch between the 2 modes every time you want to use macosx or ubuntu, if osx is in uefi mode15:05
robotti^last time it was so when I installed ubuntu for mac15:05
robotti^2 modes every time? what you mean?15:06
EriC^^robotti^: dunno, it sounds odd, but i dunno about mac, never had one or had ubuntu on it either15:06
EriC^^robotti^: osx is in uefi mode right?15:06
robotti^EriC^^: mac had bios emulation and it has gpt+mbr partition when installing those wo15:06
k1l_eahmedshendy: maybe you want to use respawn than emit15:07
EriC^^robotti^: ok, well i think the pc wont explode, not immediately at least, let's continue to try to get ubuntu + uefi working, if it boots and doesn't work right or overheats, we'll see what to do15:08
oaulakhhow to repair ubuntu with ubuntu dvd15:08
EriC^^oaulakh: repair what?15:08
robotti^EriC^^: problem just it is normally, that legacy driver does not work with efi boot on mac15:08
eahmedshendyk1l_: anyway, I have replaced it with "start on filesystem runlevel [2345]", but with service restart, i got this error "Job failed to start"15:08
oaulakhlike i have remove many system packages by mistake and now my ubuntu system settings sounds and many more things not working can i fix my ubutnu with installation dvd15:08
eahmedshendyWhat is the problem with my upstart job configuration file15:09
robotti^so that's why it must boot using bios emulation15:09
oaulakhEriC^^, like i have remove many system packages by mistake and now my ubuntu system settings sounds and many more things not working can i fix my ubutnu with installation dvd15:09
VenomByteoaulakh: did you try reinstalling your whole desktop environment?15:09
VenomByteoaulakh: or even just the removed packages?15:09
VenomByteoaulakh: u can view the removed packages in the application store or how its called in ubuntu15:10
oaulakhVenomByte, no way plaease, i am asking if there is any way i can repair my system with original disc15:10
EriC^^robotti^: i checked the link, it actually has a solution for the problem15:10
VenomByteoaulakh: then I don't know, I always repair my crap :D15:10
robotti^EriC^^: After doing some research, it looks like some people have been able to get the nvidia drivers working. But I also saw that nvidia drivers do not work when Ubuntu is installed in (U)EFI mode, but only legacy mode (I did not install in legacy mode)15:11
oaulakhEriC^^, is there any way to repair ubuntu back to normal :(15:11
EriC^^robotti^: the guy in the thread said it works in uefi after modifying grub15:11
robotti^EriC^^: okay :)15:11
robotti^EriC^^: so what I should do next? :D15:12
EriC^^robotti^: i'm not against legacy, but it's already installed in legacy and not booting15:12
robotti^EriC^^: normally it works, but I just do not remember what to do make it bootable15:12
robotti^EriC^^: because I have done this before with legacy/bios-emulation15:13
EriC^^to boot ubuntu you have to choose legacy mode in the bios so it boots it, if osx is in uefi mode or this hybrid mode you're talking about, i dunno check the bios maybe you can have them both boot without meddling around each time to boot one or the other15:13
robotti^EriC^^: and worked great15:13
EriC^^robotti^: maybe some bios setting?15:13
EriC^^refind is irrelevant at this point i guess15:13
robotti^EriC^^: there is no bios settings15:14
robotti^EriC^^: it just bios-emulation for windows and similar OSes15:14
robotti^for legacy support15:14
robotti^so it can boot legacy OSes15:15
EriC^^robotti^: ok15:15
robotti^EriC^^: but it seems that get working with efi15:15
EriC^^robotti^: when you boot the pc, is there a boot menu or boot options?15:15
robotti^when I boot this mac, there efi menu. And without rewind there is no menu15:16
EriC^^robotti^: i see15:17
EriC^^right now you get a refind menu? and can you boot osx from there?15:17
robotti^EriC^^: yes15:18
pikapihiya. while trying to rename a file I get io error15:18
robotti^EriC^^: I am still on ubuntu installer15:18
EriC^^robotti^: ok15:19
pikapieric^^ I think it is mounted ro only. how to mount it as rw15:19
EriC^^robotti^: ok, we'll try making it uefi?15:19
robotti^EriC^^: okay15:19
EriC^^pikapi: what is? the usb?15:19
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pikapithe usb. how to mount it as rw15:20
eahmedshendyGuy, why my upstart script does not run?15:21
robotti^EriC^^: so, what now?15:21
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo modprobe efivars15:22
robotti^EriC^^: I already do that15:22
EriC^^robotti^: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done15:23
EriC^^type the whole line15:23
EriC^^robotti^: you're not able to run the live usb in uefi mode from refind?15:23
EriC^^we need the live session to be in uefi mode to install grub in uefi mode15:24
robotti^EriC^^: I am using that cd install media15:24
robotti^I have that also15:24
robotti^EriC^^: what I was trying to install bios media15:24
robotti^EriC^^: mac ubuntu install media is bios-only15:24
EriC^^robotti^: ok, type the for i command, we'll give it a shot to see if we can install grub-efi15:24
robotti^for i in /dev /dev/pts ?15:25
robotti^EriC^^: done15:25
eahmedshendyIt is done15:26
EriC^^robotti^: ok15:26
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo chroot /mnt15:26
robotti^EriC^^: done15:26
EriC^^robotti^: ok, type apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd6415:27
Emerlinghi, i have problem in my cloack irc15:27
EriC^^it will probably fail though15:28
EriC^^Emerling: #freenode15:28
robotti^EriC^^: done15:29
EriC^^robotti^: what'd it say?15:30
pikapiany program to test disk for defect?15:30
pikapiI think some sectors on this usb have gone unreadable15:31
robotti^EriC^^: http://pastebin.com/9Vmb92dB15:32
MrFastDieHey guys! I've got a little problem with Ubuntu 15.10 sometimes my sound repeats for a short time then forces play normally15:32
EriC^^robotti^: that is great!15:32
robotti^EriC^^: now what?15:33
EriC^^robotti^: type efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999915:33
EriC^^so we can see the efi boot list15:33
EriC^^you might need to put refind before ubuntu15:33
robotti^EriC^^: http://termbin.com/mk2715:33
SataDeutsch ??15:34
robotti^hat you mean?15:34
robotti^EriC^^: what you mean?15:34
k1l_Sata: in #ubuntu-de15:34
EriC^^robotti^: type ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 999915:34
EriC^^ubuntu isn't in the efi boot list, let's see if the files are in the efi partition though15:34
SatDeutsch ??15:35
robotti^EriC^^: root@ubuntu:/#  ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 999915:35
robotti^ls: cannot access /boot/efi: No such file or directory15:35
robotti^Use netcat.15:35
EriC^^robotti^: hmm15:36
pikapiwah  badblocks says the disk is fine. 0 errors15:36
pikapibut when I try to rename a anything or make a new file on it it says ioerror15:36
EriC^^robotti^: right, we forgot to mount the efi partition15:36
robotti^EriC^^: it might be because I booted with bios emulation? :)15:36
robotti^EriC^^: okay15:37
EriC^^robotti^: type mkdir /boot/efi15:37
EriC^^then type mount /dev/sda1 /boot/efi15:37
robotti^EriC^^: done15:37
EriC^^robotti^: type grub-install15:37
EriC^^robotti^: apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd6415:38
robotti^EriC^^: done15:38
OpenSorceSo the fun is about to begin. I have Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit dual booting and I'm going to attempt to put Ubuntu on the same machine. Grub should have a blast with this...15:39
EriC^^robotti^: ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 999915:39
robotti^EriC^^: http://termbin.com/kmtm15:39
EriC^^robotti^: ok, the efi file is there15:41
robotti^EriC^^: so now reboot?15:41
EriC^^robotti^: try booting, then we can fix the vga issue15:41
EriC^^yeah, type exit, then restart15:41
robotti^EriC^^: it booted straight to ubuntu. There is no anymore rewind15:43
robotti^EriC^^: and no osx logo :)15:43
robotti^EriC^^: does it mean that I have reinstall refind?15:43
SeveasOpenSorce: long live the backups15:43
mentocHi, I attempted to login via lightdm to my desktop and it kept bringing up the login prompt. So I went down to ctrl+alt+F1 and logged in. My files are not in my home directory. It seems my data was ecryptfs'd15:44
EriC^^robotti^: no15:44
mentocI never setup encryptfs at all15:44
mentocwhat are my options?15:44
OpenSorceSeveas, nothing I can't stand to lose on this box :-)15:44
EriC^^robotti^: just have to rearrange the boot order, we'll do that in a sec15:44
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999915:44
robotti^EriC^^: http://termbin.com/5jho15:45
TJ-mentoc: did you recently change your user password?15:46
sruliHi, i want to get a 500gb SSD drive, i read that many are blacklisted in the kernel, does anyone know a good 500gb ssd which i will get the best out of on ubuntu?15:47
EriC^^robotti^: sudo efibootmgr -o 0080,000015:47
TJ-sruli: where did you read that, and what specifically is blacklisted - do you mean TRIM support?15:47
robotti^EriC^^: wait I just want install my proprietary wifi driver first15:48
mentocTJ-: no15:48
robotti^because I want to be cordless15:48
EriC^^robotti^: that will let refind boot before ubuntu15:48
robotti^EriC^^: okay15:48
frostschutzsruli, blacklist usually refers to "delayed trim", regular trim still works, so in practice, it makes zero difference (all other OS don't even try to use delayed trim)15:48
sruliTJ-: i read an many sites, here i see the list of blacklisted in the kernel, ‍http://tinyurl.com/oo94roe15:49
robotti^EriC^^: done? and reboot?15:49
TJ-mentoc: do you see a directory "ls -al /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs"15:49
EriC^^robotti^: if you want, sure15:49
mentocTJ-: yes15:49
EriC^^test it out15:49
mentocoh wait15:49
TJ-mentoc: right, so there is an encrypted home. That should have been decrypted when you logged in15:50
frostschutzsruli, I even use libata.force=noncq on all my machines... too many ncq related bugs, too little performance improvements (and sometimes, NCQ makes performance worse)15:50
mentocTJ-: I see the directory: /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/ but nothing is in it15:50
mentocTJ wait15:50
mentocTJ-: nevermind, yeah it's there15:50
TJ-sruli: those are just general ATA quirks due to bad devices15:50
mentocTJ-: how would I decrypt it manuall?15:51
sruliTJ-: so is there a ssd which is considered top quality for linux?15:51
=== Dr_Manhattan is now known as DrManhattan
TJ-mentoc: when you log-in pam_ecryptfs should use your password to unlock the master key for the encrypted files, and then use the key to unlock the files and mount the unencrypted file-system on $HOME15:51
jakeFatwhere can I go for irc help?15:52
TJ-sruli: Well I have Samsung EVO 850   - not had any issues that I'm aware of15:52
mentocTJ-: everytime I enter my password on the login screen for lightdm, it just brings me back to the login screen15:52
leSaucyTry changing your session type (the little ubuntu logo beside your name) ?15:52
mentocleSaucy: not a bad idea15:52
TJ-mentoc: right, but that's not the same as the encrypted home directory not being mounted. At the console log-in do you see all your files with "ls -al $HOME" ?15:53
dersandI have no idea what to do anymore. I downloaded a version of debian and installed it, it never came with the windows 10 option in the grub. I'm not sure what i did in the debian installer.15:53
sruliTJ-: regarding the samsung evo read this https://blog.algolia.com/when-solid-state-drives-are-not-that-solid/15:53
mentocTJ-: no15:53
h4k1mis google earth working well on ubuntu 14 with Intel graphics cards?15:53
mentocleSaucy: there isn't an alternative window manager for me to choose from15:53
h4k1mI have some graphical issues with it (dark objects appearing in a supposed uniform area).15:54
leSaucyDoes guest session work?15:54
robotti^EriC^^: okay15:54
EriC^^robotti^: all good?15:55
robotti^EriC^^: it does work, but how about proprietary driver?15:55
mentocleSaucy: It looks like it might work.. one sec15:55
EriC^^robotti^: ok, sudo lshw -businfo -class bridge -class display | nc termbin.com 999915:55
mentocleSaucy: guest session works15:55
=== idkfa9001 is now known as citizen91
leSaucyCool, can you then ssh to localhost and login as yourself from a terminal? Sounds like some funny business with your $HOME15:56
mentocleSaucy: It's fine, I can login as root by doing ctrl+alt+F115:57
mentocleSaucy: I don't have openssh setup15:57
robotti^EriC^^: robotti@cyberslave:~$ sudo lshw -businfo -class bridge -class display | nc termbin.com 999915:57
robotti^Use netcat.15:57
EriC^^robotti^: try again15:57
robotti^EriC^^: I did two times15:57
mentocwhoa what's termbin.com?!15:58
morfini installed Ubuntu into Vmware and trying to make OpenGL work in VM15:58
EriC^^robotti^: ok, sudo lshw -businfo -class bridge -class display | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us15:58
mentocyou can post to termbin.com on 9999 and it gives you a url back or somethign?15:58
TJ-sruli: the patch is in mainline: "f3f5da6 Thu Jul 23 16:21:34 2015 -0600 Martin K. Petersen block: Do a full clone when splitting discard bios"15:58
robotti^EriC^^: I am going to do that with pastebin15:58
EriC^^robotti^: ok15:58
sruliTJ-: tnx, i am thinking to go for the crucial mx20015:59
robotti^EriC^^: http://pastebin.com/GJ7gThtD15:59
EriC^^mentoc: yeah it's a pastebin15:59
morfingames does not run in VM - even if i installed open-vm-tools and others glxinfo says that only OpenGL 2.1 supported16:00
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo nano /etc/grub.d/01_enable_vga.conf16:00
ikoniarunning games in a VM is not going to do well for the majority of people16:00
pikapi_alternatemiraculously after several formats and partition delete create delete it has booted!!!16:00
mentocEriC^^: that's a brilliant idea16:00
robotti^EriC^^: okay, it is empty :)16:01
mentocI'll have to muck around on this later16:02
TJ-sruli: the patch is also in 15.10 and 15.04, and isn't needed in 14.0416:02
sruliTJ-: tnx, i plan to use LTS so 14.0416:03
EriC^^robotti^: ok, put this in the file http://paste.ubuntu.com/13493422/16:03
EriC^^robotti^: then type sudo chmod 755 /etc/grub.d/01_enable_vga.conf16:04
TJ-!ltse | sruli: right, so if you use this you'll get the patched kernel too16:04
ubottusruli: right, so if you use this you'll get the patched kernel too: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack16:04
robotti^EriC^^: cat also?16:05
EriC^^robotti^: yes16:05
TJ-robotti^: *everything* you see in that pastebin, should be in the file16:05
robotti^EriC^^: what now? :)16:06
WesterdutchHello peeps of ubuntu! I has a question; When pasting something in a screen session (from putty under windows) i get free added garbage! How do i stop it from doing this... example ;0~paste1~16:06
VenomByteWesterdutch: why would you? it's free!16:06
Westerdutchthat was just pasting 'paste' minus ''16:06
Westerdutchi lke free.. just not free i donw want!16:06
Westerdutchlike free chlamidya.. i can totally do without that16:07
robotti^EriC^^: should I know install nvidia driver?16:07
robotti^EriC^^: or? :)16:07
VenomByteWesterdutch: but sorry, i don't know :p16:07
EriC^^robotti^: type sudo update-grub16:07
robotti^EriC^^: done16:08
EriC^^robotti^: ok, reboot now16:08
Westerdutchits annoying as freck.... when pasting in regular windo theres no issue, when pasting the exact same in a screen session it garbages it up16:08
Westerdutchoh hang on it might actually be weechat trying to capture mouse stuff... one sec16:09
robotti^EriC^^: okay, rebooted16:10
Westerdutchmouse disabled on weechat didnt fix it.... lemme close weechat16:10
rogger_hHello i need someone specializing in linux + magento preformances. pm me16:10
EriC^^robotti^:  ok, type sudo setpci -s "00:17.0" 3e.b16:11
Westerdutchyup weechat issue! odd16:11
EriC^^what does it return?16:11
morfini thought i can run OpenGL apps in VM :(16:11
h4k1manyone has graphical issues with google earth? are there drivers I need to install?16:12
robotti^EriC^^: setpci: Warning: No devices selected for "3e.b".16:12
morfininside of virtualbox they works but badly(without acceleration)16:12
EriC^^robotti^: hmm did you type sudo chmod 755 .... ?16:12
robotti^EriC^^: yes, I can do it again :)16:13
EriC^^robotti^: it's ok16:13
EriC^^robotti^: i guess try to install the nvidia driver and see if it overheats or runs correctly16:14
robotti^EriC^^: should I run it again?16:15
robotti^okay I try install nvidia16:15
robotti^EriC^^: I install openssh-server it is going broken16:16
robotti^EriC^^: lets hope best :)16:17
CarlFKI have two usb disks, mac / hfsplus fs, both label "My Passport for Mac"  - When I plug them in, the first gets mounted under "/media/carl/My Passport for Mac" and the 2nd "  /media/carl/My Passport for Mac1"  ...16:18
CarlFKWithout changing the disks, is there some way to get them to mount under the same mount point, regardless of which gets plugged in first?16:18
SchrodingersScatCarlFK: I'm not an expert in mounting things, but wouldn't that create some kind of a conflict?16:19
VenomByteCarlFK: If im right you can mount things with fstab to not use the name but that other thing16:19
CarlFKSchrodingersScat: um.. by "same" I mean same for each disk16:20
VenomByteCarlFK: wait let me lookup16:20
CarlFKVenomByte: yeah.. that ;)16:20
VenomByteCarlFK: mount by uuid16:20
SchrodingersScatoh, k, I see now.16:20
VenomByteCarlFK: give me a minute16:21
VenomByteCarlFK: http://superuser.com/questions/483132/how-can-i-make-sure-that-my-two-usb-disks-are-mounted-at-startup16:22
VenomByteCarlFK: i think you can do it that way?16:22
VenomByteCarlFK: u can also use symlinks16:23
robotti^EriC^^: you are my hero :)16:24
VenomByteCarlFK: or bind mounts, see http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/47222/how-to-mount-multiple-directories-on-the-same-partition16:24
=== max12345 is now known as Guest35310
robotti^EriC^^: now I must test how does sleep work16:24
HackerIIEriC^^,  nickname is superman16:24
robotti^EriC^^: it seems to work very well16:24
robotti^EriC^^: bluetooth is only thing does not work this computer now16:25
VenomByterobotti^: rfkill unblock bluetooth16:25
VenomByterobotti^: does that work?16:25
luqman_@HackerII : are you superman?16:25
HackerIIonly on weekends16:25
OpenSorceI'm currently booting 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 10 with the Windows boot loader. In theory when I put Linux on this machine, it should detect those partitions and give me the option to load them, right?16:26
robotti^VenomByte: not really16:26
VenomByterobotti^: does lspci list your BT device?16:27
TJ-CarlFK: Yes, there is a way. auto-mounts under /media/$USER/ are done by udisks, which can be configured to mount in specific locations. It could be configured based on file-system UUIDs, or LABELs. see "man udisks"16:28
robotti^VenomByte: not really. does I need do something inside osx?16:28
robotti^enable it here?16:28
VenomByterobotti^: sorry got to leave work now, ill log on my mobile soon one moment16:29
TJ-robotti^: does "rfkill list" show a bluetooth radio?16:29
CarlFKVenomByte:  looking good - thanks ... LABEL="My Passport for Mac" TYPE="hfsplus" PARTLABEL="Apple_HFS_Untitled_1" PARTUUID="e3afa65e-f0c0-4147-b4d8-07dac2027821"16:30
=== max123456 is now known as max12345
robotti^TJ-: no16:31
robotti^I am going check if it is because something inside osx16:31
decciAnyone with debian packaging experience16:33
CarlFKVenomByte:  looking good - thanks ...   blkid is what I needed.  ... LABEL="My Passport for Mac" TYPE="hfsplus" PARTLABEL="Apple_HFS_Untitled_1" PARTUUID="e3afa65e-f0c0-4147-b4d8-07dac2027821"16:33
k1l_decci: #ubuntu-packaging (as always)16:34
deccik1l_: thanks16:36
=== CaPta1n_m0nK3YnU is now known as CaPt^n_m0nK3YnUt
VenomByte2CarlFK: good to hear :)16:36
robotti^EriC^^: thanks for your help16:44
robotti^EriC^^: I still have some questions :)16:44
robotti^how to enable text console16:44
robotti^or virtual consoles16:44
robotti^because it just black16:44
=== Guest33965 is now known as robin
robotti^I do not have virtual terminals with proprietary nvidia driver16:46
=== robin is now known as Guest37568
=== Guest37568 is now known as robinasdf
fsociety[00]dathi #ubuntu again; I booted from USB mini.iso and how to change disk order? My USB is sda and my hard disk is sdb but I want to see my hard disk as sda16:47
fsociety[00]datis it possible?16:47
VenomByteanyone need help?16:55
fsociety[00]datVenomByte: Thanks; I booted from USB mini.iso and how to change disk order? My USB is sda and my hard disk is sdb but I want to see my hard disk as sda16:58
giuseppe_Ciao ragazzi16:59
giuseppe_mi annoiooo help16:59
k1l_!it | giuseppe_16:59
ubottugiuseppe_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:59
VenomBytesorry brb, back in 20 mins17:02
Techknighta key like this (wget -nv https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/8.2/Ubuntu_12.04/Release.key -O Release.key) where is it stored in ubuntu 14.04 LTS?17:05
=== primeras_ is now known as primeras
PiciTechknight: in your current directory.17:06
James_EppI'm having troubles installing ubuntu 14.04.2 on an UEFI system. Booted UEFI + Secure boot and it installed no problems. It created an entry in the UEFI variables called "ubuntu" but all I get is a purple screen, no hdd activity or boot. disabling secure boot gives no new result. What can I troubleshoot?17:10
EriC^^robotti^: i was away, glad you're doing ok :)17:10
James_EppI manually created uefi variables pointing to shim, grub, and mokmanager, but shim and grub don't get anywhere past the purple (grub?) screen17:10
EriC^^James_Epp: did you try pressing esc?17:11
EriC^^James_Epp: try holding shift and see if you get grub17:11
James_EppEriC^^: You mean to get to the grub screen? Sure, I can do that. What would you suggest after that?17:12
robotti^EriC^^: thanks! :) my only problem is blank virtual consoles :D17:12
robotti^but maybe I can live without them17:12
=== Arab_Aspie is now known as hedgehog
James_EppEriC^^: Any suggestions?17:15
EriC^^James_Epp: try to get grub first then play with the grubgfx17:16
EriC^^were you able to get a grub menu by holding shift?17:16
EriC^^James_Epp: is it an encrypted install?17:16
EriC^^maybe it's hanging at the passphrase part after grub17:17
Zhaofeng_LiThis may be a strange question, but what packages related to touchscreen are installed on a Ubuntu Live CD?17:17
=== harsh is now known as Guest32743
EriC^^Zhaofeng_Li: the guys in #ubuntu-touch might know more if you don't get answers her17:17
Zhaofeng_LiEriC^^: Okay, thanks.17:18
=== hedgehog is now known as Arab_Atheist
James_EppEriC^^: No encryption. Simply a gpt, efi part, then the ext4 / part. That's it, that's all. How do I work with grubgfx exactly?17:20
EriC^^James_Epp: well, try using nomodeset first17:20
James_EppEric^^: It's a laptop only with intel onboard graphics, if that helps.17:20
nat0Anyone here ever set up a preseed for ubuntu images in cobbler?17:21
EriC^^press e in grub, then add nomodeset at the end of the line that says linux /boot/vmlinuz ..... quiet splash17:21
EriC^^James_Epp: then press ctrl+x17:21
James_EppEric^^: I'll try. Thanks.17:21
James_EppEriC^^: Nothing. I have to use old kernel versions even just to get the loading kernel... loading initrd.... messages. Then it fails. It also has $vt_handoff in the config. is that a potential problem?17:24
mariano_I installed rstudio but the app won't open. I've tried to open the app via the terminal and I get the following message: rstudio: error while loading shared libraries: libgstreamer-0.10.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:24
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest92395
=== virusuy__ is now known as virusuy
James_EppEriC^^: Played around a bit. Got stuck at "starting bridge events into startup"17:27
trismmariano_: it is in libgstreamer-0.10.so.0 though it seems like something you should already have, is this maybe a 32bit binary on a 64bit system?17:28
Paddy_NImariano_: Have you tried "sudo apt-get install libgstreamer0.10-0"17:28
trismmariano_: sorry typo meant libgstreamer0.10-017:28
mariano_I'll try those things.17:28
mariano_I'm almost sure it is a 64bit with a 64 bit app. I'll double check. brb17:29
momomoI am on ubuntu gnome 3 15.10 ... but I can't intall fail2ban .. it fails ... invoke-rc.d: initscript fail2ban, action "start" failed.17:29
EriC^^James_Epp: no, i have $vt_handoff as well17:29
Paddy_NImomomo: Ironic17:30
momomoPaddy_NI, what is? does it work for you?17:31
Paddy_NImomomo: Oh nothing..Have you looked at this http://askubuntu.com/questions/653131/dpkg-error-while-installing-fail2ban-on-ubuntu-15-0417:31
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
EriC^^James_Epp: try adding --verbose to the kernel line to make upstart say what's going on more17:32
Paddy_NImomomo: Have you tried installing that dependency?17:32
mariano_trism, 0 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux is 64bit yes? I downloaded a 64bit deb of the application too.17:33
momomoPaddy_NI, i might try it, but it's annoying .. i have that setup through a script for server usage .. now it now longer works reliably17:33
momomoso much for updates17:33
Paddy_NImomomo: :-(17:33
momomoso much for updates17:33
James_EppEric^^: Thanks, I'll try. This is incredibly frustrating.17:33
trismmariano_: maybe you are just missing the package then, did you try the: sudo apt-get install libgstreamer0.10-0;17:34
mariano_I did and it installed, but still no luck.17:34
momomoi guess i have to restart maybe as well17:35
Paddy_NImariano_: Have you perhaps tried reinstalling your package?17:35
mariano_Yes, I've tried it a few times.17:35
Paddy_NImariano_: Now that you have libgstreamer0.10-017:35
Paddy_NISince rather17:35
James_EppIs there an ubuntu incompatible list or something where I should file a bug? CSM and UEFI are giving the same errors on this system.17:35
HappyNewYear13so i want to buy a small laptop 11'6 screen and i see most of them have 2GB ram. why do they have so little ram?17:36
MonkeyDustHappyNewYear13  #ubuntu-offtopic17:36
trismmariano_: can you pastebin: ldd /path/to/rstudio; assuming rstudio is a binary and not a script pointing to some other binary17:36
trismmariano_: might be interesting to see the output of: file /path/to/rstudio; too17:38
mariano_ok, I'm reinstalling rstudio again after the libgstreamer0.10-017:39
mariano_trism, I don't even know where applications are installed on linux. I'm new to linux.17:41
trismmariano_: how did you install rstudio?17:42
max12345mariano "whereis 'program/command'" tells you where something lives17:43
mariano_I downloaded a deb file from rstudio and double clicked on it. The software center installed it. This is how I've done it on three other systems and it worked.17:43
=== ron__ is now known as defcon6
trismmariano_: alright, if you are running it from the command line: which rstudio; should give you the path; then run ldd on that path17:45
perksanyone use FZF? for life of my can’t figure out how to exclude directories17:45
mariano_I normally type sudo rstudio and the application opens up. This time I just get the error I posted earlier.17:46
trismmariano_: why do you run it with sudo?17:46
trismmariano_: seems like a bad idea17:46
mariano_Because otherwise it won't let me overwrite files that I've created in the future.17:46
=== john is now known as Guest83579
defcon6I have installed an nvidia gtx 970 video card on ubuntu 15.10. when I use the nvidia drivers I the screen is unusable with the cursor misalgned and the screen tearing vertically. here is an image of what it looks like:http://imgur.com/gallery/LEuOOl7/new I have searched a lot of forum posts and dont know which posts are relavant and which are not. Any help appreciated.17:47
trismmariano_: still seems like a bad idea17:47
mariano_Yea, I'm still trying to learn how to make it work properly on linux.17:47
James_EppEriC^^: Finally got it. Thank god for the forums. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2253168&page=2&p=13176835#post1317683517:49
trismmariano_: anyway in a command prompt type: ldd $(which rstudio); then pastebin the output unless it is just "not a dynamic executable" then pastebin: dpkg -L rstudio;17:50
mariano_ trism, so I type  ldd $(which rstudio) in the terminal?17:52
trismmariano_: yes17:52
mariano_I got a list, I don't know what pastebin dpkg -L rstudio is. Do I type that after?17:52
trismmariano_: no you don't have to do that if you got a list of libs, just pastebin that list17:53
trism!pastebin | mariano_17:53
ubottumariano_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:53
mariano_Do I do the pastebin ubuntu thing using plain text?17:54
trismmariano_: yes http://paste.ubuntu.com/ (or really any pastebin site you want)17:55
mariano_Oh damn, that's cool. Here is the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13494297/17:56
trismmariano_: try: sudo apt-get install libqt5webkit5;17:58
howudodathey guys am looking for advice on how to do something that /seems/ stupidly simple. I have all my music organized into categories on the filesystem.  Each artist has it's own playlist of my favorite songs.  In windows, I was able to search for .m3u and grab all the playlists drag and drop them into media player and then sync to my phone / sd card / etc.  I have tried both rhythmbox and clementine and cant seem to find a way to do such a si17:58
howudodatmple task.17:58
Extreminadorhow can i connect one direcory to other ?17:58
Extreminadorlike a shortcut17:59
trismmariano_: after that try running rstudio without sudo17:59
=== tsp is now known as Guest72816
mariano_trism, nothing happens.17:59
stewiExtreminador ln -s17:59
Extreminadorstewi thanks17:59
stewiln -s <directory to link to> <new link name>18:00
Extreminadorwhere is the apache2 directory ... ? i mean the one to places the pages18:01
Extreminadorhought it was /usr/something18:02
MichaelPfor 15.10 is there an repo anywhere for xorg 1.18 ?18:03
Extreminadorfound it18:04
PiciExtreminador: /var/www/, definable in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/18:05
trismmariano_: nothing happens in that it just exits back to the command prompt or it just hangs18:05
mariano_Well, i get the same message if I just type rstudio.18:05
mariano_If I click on the program icon, nothing happens.18:05
trismmariano_: the same message about gstreamer?18:06
mariano_rstudio: error while loading shared libraries: libgstapp-0.10.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:06
Extreminadorhumm pici how about the /usr/shares/apache2/default-site ?18:06
trismmariano_: oh that's different than the last one18:07
Extreminadorhum mybe that one belongs to the php5 instalation18:07
trismmariano_: I think you missed some lines in the ldd output too, I get more libs now that I installed it18:07
trismmariano_: sudo apt-get install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-018:08
PiciExtreminador: Thats the default site data for the apache2 installation, you shouldn't modify that.18:08
mariano_I copied everything exactly. Ok I'll do that.18:08
ExtreminadorPici ok got it thanks18:08
mariano_trism, viola!!!18:08
trismmariano_: works now?18:09
mariano_Is there a reason why this problem happened now. i've never had it happened on my other systems.18:09
mariano_Yea, it works now. :)18:09
trismmariano_: you might have installed something else that caused the gstreamer libs to be removed18:10
mariano_Ok, I better copy and paste our convo so that I can file it in case I have the problem again. Thank you so much. I'm really grateful. I depend a lot on rstudio. :)18:11
seanyois there an ubuntu games channel?18:13
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/18:14
MichaelPfor 15.10 is there an repo anywhere for xorg 1.18 ?18:21
MonkeyDustMichaelP  start from the beinning, what's wrong with the existing repos18:22
MichaelPMonkeyDust: just wondering if there is a ppa with xorg 1.18... PPA: xorg-edgers don't have it18:23
k1l_MichaelP: xorg server 1.18 was released on 9th nov. not even 16.04 alpha got that already.18:23
distrodsknoob alert - could someone eli5 how i can install something from github?18:24
k1l_MichaelP: you can have a look at those PPAs https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=xorg-server18:24
distrodskactually i think i got it18:25
Extreminadorso to connect the share folder in my ubuntu desktop with the apache directory output it will be this "ls -s /var/www/html/ ~/Desktop/Share/" ?18:25
MichaelPk1l_: been using xorg 1.18 in arch... opensuse tumbleweed opensuse leap... fedora 2318:25
HackerII'A Hot Dog Or A Bun?' Ben Stiller Outrages the Transgender Community18:44
k1l_HackerII: wrong channel18:44
HackerII.woo, pok srry18:44
friteI dont know what i did but now when i write å  it becomes [18:45
fritewhat did i do_18:46
theptrhi is what would be the best equalizer for listen music on ubuntu 14.04 ?18:47
MonkeyDustfrite  in terminal, type   env|grep UTF    anything unusual?18:47
mentocEverytime I login, it brings back to the login prompt. I'm using ubuntu 14.04. My home directory is encrypted with ecryptfs but I never setup encryption. I was told that after you login successfully, a process is run to decrypt your data and places that in your home directory, but that's not happening. Halp!18:48
daniel___How do i change my knickname?18:49
MonkeyDustdaniel___  /nick blah$18:49
=== daniel___ is now known as aceus1
friteMonkeyDust, no18:49
aceus1aah thanks :D18:49
PCatineanWhy do I get this on my ubuntu 14.04 Trusty? sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found18:51
jpdsPCatinean: Becuase you don't have software-properties-common installed18:51
k1l_PCatinean: what is "lsb_release -d"?18:51
PCatineanhmm, strange just read that too, why did they remove it?18:52
jpdsPCatinean: You haven't installed it18:52
k1l_PCatinean: was that a minimal install?18:52
jpdsmentoc: The two sentences you said contradict themselves18:52
PCatineank1l_, yes18:53
mentocjpds:  What part do you need clarification on?18:53
jpdsmentoc: "encrypted with ecryptfs but I never setup encryption"18:53
jpdsmentoc: In any case, ecryptfs is broken18:54
mentocjpds: it was encrypted by ubuntu because I didn't do it18:54
jpdsmentoc: It's not done by default18:54
jpdsmentoc: so *you* must have selected it in the installer18:54
mentocjpds: my experience with encryptfs is when you set it up, the boot process involves you entering the passphrase to unencrypt the files18:55
jpdsmentoc: That's not ecryptfs18:55
jpdsmentoc: That's LUKS18:55
jpdsmentoc: Two completely different things18:55
jpdsmentoc: In any case, my advice to you would be to reinstall and restore from backup18:56
mentocjpds: but the files it encrypted will be lost18:56
Ivan__is it safe to download debian on a thinkpad x301? (wireless and trackpad drivers)18:56
k1l_Ivan__: better ask in #debian about that18:56
jpdsmentoc: You have backups, right?18:56
mentocjpds: no18:57
jpdsmentoc: Well, that's your mistake then18:57
mentocjpds: there's gotta be a way to decrypt it if it's been doing it this whole time18:57
jpdsmentoc: Did you change your password on the command line?18:58
mentocjpds: no18:58
=== Anon is now known as Guest60306
Guest60306Hi everyone19:01
Guest60306someone know how install makehuman in ubuntu19:02
k1l_Guest60306: install the package makehuman19:02
freakyyhi k1l_ :) r u still angry with me?19:03
freakyyim currently downloading win10 on a usb stick then ill install it alongside with ubuntu19:04
freakyybbl restart19:04
jeffreylevesqueanyone willing to test out my scikit-learn repo - https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning?19:05
lrsMy ubuntu freezes randomly. Music/sound is still playing in the background but the mouse and screen is frozen.19:06
lrsAnyone have any idea?19:06
jpdslrs: GPU lock-up?19:06
lrsIve replaced and tried different nvidia drivers... same problem.19:07
lrsSaw something about disabling touchpad, trying that19:07
ddr_can smb help me with this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/702077/error-attempt-to-read-or-write-outside-of-partition19:09
valent1neI'm an Arch user19:09
valent1neWho is considering switching to ubuntu19:09
valent1neI don't want to give up my window manager, i319:09
k1l_valent1ne: get a ubuntu.iso and have a go :)19:09
valent1neI was going to try it in a vm first19:10
valent1neBut a few questions19:10
valent1ne1. Can I use the unity DE features with a different wm19:10
jpdsvalent1ne: I'd stay with arch if you wanted i319:10
axisys_what is the fastest way to copy a 60G vdi file from one dir to another?19:10
compdocddr_, can you look at the SMART info for your drive?19:10
k1l_valent1ne: ubuntu ships i319:10
valent1neI'll still give it a shot though19:10
k1l_but what do you meant with DE features?19:11
valent1nelike, the menu19:11
valent1neuhh, the file explorer19:11
valent1nesome other gui stuff19:11
valent1neIt actually doesn't have to be i3, as long as it's similar19:11
valent1neI was also thinking of switching wms19:12
TJ-!info i3 | valent1ne19:12
ubottuvalent1ne: i3 (source: i3-wm): metapackage (i3 window manager, screen locker, menu, statusbar). In component universe, is optional. Version 4.10.3-1build1 (wily), package size 1 kB, installed size 19 kB19:12
ddr_compdoc, how do i do that?19:12
valent1nehmm thanks19:12
jpdsvalent1ne: The entire Ubuntu experience is built around Unity19:12
compdocyou can open the disk utility19:12
TJ-thank goodness servers don't use Unity!19:12
k1l_jpds: you are aware ubuntu got other desktops in the repos?19:13
ddr_compdoc, when i boot the pc the 1 thing that happens is to lload that screen19:13
jpdsTJ-: I'm talking about desktops19:13
AQLIVEcan anyone help me with dual boot? I installed Ubuntu alongside windows7. I can see windows 7 in the boot menu when I start up my machine but when Iselect it , it starts to load ad then it restarts into grub boot menu.19:13
jpdsk1l_: No, really?19:13
valent1nehmm, I'm going to go try ubuntu again.19:13
compdocddr_, what OS are you running now?19:13
k1l_jpds: i know a lot users who use awesome or others on ubuntu and they love the ubuntu basis for that.19:14
ddr_compdoc, i am right now from another pc19:14
compdocddr_, can you boot a live version of ubuntu? from a cd or usb stick on the problem computer?19:15
ddr_compdoc, i will try19:16
AQLIVEEriC^^: Hey Eric I'm back with a windows 7 and I then installed ubuntu on it alongside windows (As it should have been the first time) but when Itry to boot in windows 7 it just restarts into grub now19:16
compdocjust use ubuntu desktop19:16
AQLIVEEriC^^: Do you have time to help me again?19:16
EriC^^AQLIVE: yeah19:16
ddr_compdoc, can the live ubuntu be higher version of ubuntu than i have?19:16
AQLIVEEriC^^: What do you need me to check first19:17
EriC^^AQLIVE: type cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 999919:17
AQLIVEEriC^^: http://termbin.com/63ad19:18
compdocddr_, yes, use the latest19:19
EriC^^AQLIVE: do you have a windows cd?19:19
AQLIVEnope why19:19
EriC^^i think you need to fix the boot sector19:19
AQLIVEand run chkdsk19:19
AQLIVEthen what19:20
EriC^^then just boot from grub as usual19:20
EriC^^AQLIVE: /join ##windows , they'd know more19:20
freakyyhi all. how can i resize a partition which is an lvm volume in wily? I tried gparted but i can only shrink the partition 8MiB ... and i want to shrink it 100GBs19:21
n-iCelubuntu xubuntu ubuntu kubuntu?19:23
IndianAryaubuntu studio19:23
n-iCeubuntu studio19:24
IndianAryasuper ubuntu discontinued, ubuntu based Linux Mint, Elementary OS19:25
k1l_n-iCe: what is the question?19:26
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DrPeepergood afternoon19:41
LiDoes anyone know the difference between "Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package)" and "Wine Windows Program Loader"? both are on Ubuntu Software Center if you search for "Wine:.19:43
DrPeeperI'd like to have a package (that is available with apt-get) recompiled with a couple of different flags. Is there a simple way to do this with ubuntu19:44
ignacioWhere I can get info about Google Code-In?19:44
k1l_ignacio: https://codein.withgoogle.com/19:45
ignacioI meant, Ubuntu in codein19:45
k1l_ignacio: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleCodeIn19:46
ignaciothank you19:47
ddr_compdoc, yes, i am able to run the live ubuntu from usb19:47
DrPeeperso basically .. i'd like to apt-get install package --with-openssl19:47
compdocddr_, good, open the disk util19:47
DrPeeperbecause that configure flag isn't included by default19:47
ddr_compdoc, ok19:48
Sur3hi after upgrading from thrusty tahr to willy werewolf, my exaile crashes when i try to play .m4a-files, how can i debug this, gdb doesnt work because its an python script..19:49
ddr_compdoc, what is next¿?619:49
compdocddr_, select your old drive in the list, and click the little 'gear' icon in disk util and select SMART19:49
=== Guest32803 is now known as EriC^^
DrPeeperdebian/rules  found it!19:50
ddr_compdoc, the problem is that i have 3 drives with some partitions, which one i should choose?19:50
compdocddr_, you should do this with all of them19:51
compdocddr_, in the 'Value' column, are there any numbers for Reallocated sector count, Pending sector count, reported uncorrectable, or reallocated count19:52
compdocddr_, also, G-sense errors19:54
ddr_compdoc, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kygsheuyjjpauly/AACUQIvKKkMsEaWZnIWIKBiSa?dl=020:02
ddr_compdoc, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kygsheuyjjpauly/AACUQIvKKkMsEaWZnIWIKBiSa?dl=020:10
freakyylol ssh bleibt selbst nach ner abgebrochenen verbindung bestehen is ja cool ;D20:11
r44083hi all! Привет всем!20:12
freakyysorry german i said, ssh even stays alive after a disconnect ;D20:12
ddr_r44083, PRIVET20:13
compdocddr_, the drive is only 4 months old? SMART says its ok20:14
ddr_compdoc, , yes, it is recent. if it is ok, then why i cant login?20:15
compdocddr_, sounds like something was damged, like the partition. But mechanically, the drive is good so you can trust it20:16
freakyyhi all. is there any way i can display some nice cpu usage memory usage etc. somewhere in ubuntu wily?20:17
ddr_compdoc, ok, what i have to do to solve my problem?620:17
benstrumentalHello, I am trying to decrypt a confirmation email for editing my pgp keys on LaunchPad - I put the email contents in a file 'pgp.message', called `gpg -d pgp.message` and get the following error: `gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. gpg: processing message failed: eof`20:17
benstrumentalI am following the instructions here for reference: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/getting-set-up.html#upload-your-gpg-key-to-launchpad20:17
benstrumental(On step 2.2.3)20:18
freakyyis there a possibility to downgrade wily to 14.04 lts?20:18
r44083Does anyone use weechat?20:19
keepguessingI do.20:19
r44083Wow. I am too20:19
keepguessingmy autofs ldap directeries do not get mounted on boot20:19
BluesKajfreakyy, only if you have separate / and /home partiitions, otherwise a clean install is in order20:19
keepguessingwhen I do a ls on the ldap mounts I get "no such file/direc" Error. It works if I restart the autofs service. I am on wily 15.1020:20
keepguessingr44083: are you having a question or where you seeking opinion?20:21
r44083keepguessing, how do you scroll contact-list? F11 key is a full screen key. Have you remap this key in weechat?20:21
benstrumentalHello all, I have solved my problem - thank you20:22
compdocddr_, ask the original question again20:22
ubanhey guys, how do i install wifi drivers for  x30120:23
ddr_compdoc, http://askubuntu.com/questions/702077/error-attempt-to-read-or-write-outside-of-partition20:23
ubanthinkpad, for some reason it didn't get them20:23
r44083keepguessing: how do you scroll contact-list? F11 key is a full screen key. Have you remap this key in weechat?20:24
kubast2Hey ,why there are no logs for /usr/sbin/sshd when using one of apparmor profiles in complain mode ,but there are DENIALS in audit log when using ENFORCING mode on a profile?20:30
kubast2I mean if complain mode doesn't leave a log then what's a perpouse of it?20:31
kubast2" AppArmor profiles can be in one of two modes: enforcement and complain. Profiles loaded in enforcement mode will result in enforcement of the policy defined in the profile as well as reporting policy violation attempts (either via syslog or auditd). Profiles in complain mode will not enforce policy but instead report policy violation attempts."20:32
dersandI'm trying to use ubuntu on live-usb. I get the error message "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system"20:33
ddr_dersand, when booting choose to boot from usb20:35
dersandddr_:  i did20:36
Bashing-om!md5sum | dersand :: Did you verify ?20:38
ubottudersand :: Did you verify ?: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:38
OpenSorceAnd now the fun begins... Ubuntu installed flawlessly but grub doesn't see my two windows 10 installs. :-(20:43
k1l_OpenSorce: "sudo parted -l" in a pastebin please.20:44
k1l_and put a "sudo update-grub" in there too20:45
OpenSorcek1l_, kk20:45
nick__Hello Everyone20:48
OpenSorcek1l_, http://pastebin.com/bhUAU5Vx20:48
OpenSorceI think they might be there but listed as "Windows Recovery Environment" it's the right drives...20:49
k1l_what is when you choose those entries in grub?20:50
k1l_and any reason not to use ext4?20:50
OpenSorcewait, not the /dev/sdd1 that's the usb drive.20:50
OpenSorcek1l_, I am using ext4 on the new install.20:51
k1l_ah, that is the 12.04 old install20:51
OpenSorceyeah. That's an old ATA drive that I should have pulled out last year.20:51
OpenSorceLet me try selecting that other "Recovery" brb..20:52
k1l_he finds a windows 7 on sda1 and a windows recovery on sdb120:52
dersandOkay, so i got past that issue i had before. Now when i "try ubuntu", i see the ubuntu logo, but after a while the monitor just goes dark. I've tried all ports, hdmi, vga, both internal and on graphics card. nothing.20:57
=== mike_ is now known as ribbles
OpenSorcek1l_, windows recovery was it. Sorry to bother you :-)21:02
amanojakuHowdy, I installed fglrx propritary on ubuntu and lost my gui, how do i switch back to open from command line21:03
ribbleshey how do i make a private IRC channel? on ubuntu?21:03
k1l_OpenSorce: no problem. you can make own grub scripts an name them properly and set the OS-proper to inactive if you would like another naming in grub21:03
OpenSorceribbles, check with the guys over in #freenode21:03
EriC^^amontalenti_: boot into recovery mode21:03
ribblesokay i will go to freenode thanks21:04
OpenSorcek1l_, will do, thanks again :-)21:04
ribblesdamn i can't go into freenode21:04
k1l_amanojaku: sudo apt-get purge fglrx21:04
k1l_then reboot21:05
nicomachussomeone decided to try those new Crimson features...21:06
ddr_smb can help me with this:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/702077/error-attempt-to-read-or-write-outside-of-partition     ?21:09
amanojakuk1l_, I lost my gui...still21:09
nat0Anyone know why preseeding a Precise install insists on locating precise-updates/Release when it's not necessary here?21:10
nat0It's preventing me from PXE-installing 14.04 for no discernable reason...21:10
k1l_amanojaku: did it remove fglrx? was it installed from the repo? or from the website? you need to describe way more so people can help you.21:10
k1l_i dont know much about amd/nvidia stuff. but that command will revert the prop. driver and make the open source driver work again if you did not do anything manually21:11
amanojakuk1l_I installed from the repo, there is a hardware driver update21:12
amanojakuk1l_,  But the computer says it was not installed after it says it was installed...nice21:12
k1l_amanojaku: try a "sudo apt-get purge fglrx*"21:13
amanojakuk1l_, It says it was not installed21:14
amanojakuk1l_, WTF21:14
EriC^^amanojaku: what did you install?21:14
amanojakuI clicked the little option in the hardware drivers for ati proprietary, it too a while but it installed then I rebooted21:15
amanojakuit took a while, it confirmed the install and then I rebooted21:15
EriC^^amanojaku: type dpkg -l | grep "fglrx\|ati"21:15
amanojakuEriC^^, okay, and?21:16
EriC^^paste here21:16
amanojakuEriC^^, Nothing to paste, I get a blank line21:17
amanojakuEriC^^, Is there a command to simply reset xorg?21:17
Penorsaurusis there a way to install flash on ubuntu's latest release?21:17
EriC^^amanojaku: type sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-video-{ati,radeon}21:18
Penorsaurusapt-get install flashplugin-installer doesn't work21:18
brothersomeamanojaku, I did uninstall the gdm and install lightdm - that solved my gui21:18
amanojakuI broke my ubuntu21:22
EriC^^amanojaku: did you install those packages?21:23
brothersomeamanojaku, Ctrl-Shift F121:23
Penorsaurusfor whatever reason21:23
Penorsauruson ubuntu, whenever I load flash21:23
amanojakuEriC^^, Says I have impossible dependencies21:23
Penorsaurusit is just a white box21:23
Penorsaurusany idea why?21:23
EriC^^amanojaku: something else is going on, cause installing fglrx doesn't remove the open source drivers it just adds the fglrx ones21:23
Penorsaurusi'm using XVFB21:23
EriC^^amanojaku: type sudo apt-get -f install21:23
brothersomeamanojaku, sudo apt-get remove gdm, sudp apt-get install lightdm21:23
amanojakuEriC^^, That command yielded nothing21:25
EriC^^amanojaku: try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-{ati,radeon}21:25
amanojakuTime to swap distros21:25
gzcwnkamano if u break ubuntu you will break others21:27
EriC^^if you break ubuntu, you will demolish others21:28
srulimight be the wrong place to ask, but i searched the net and cannot find an answer,  is there a veracrypt expander for linux? i can only find one for windows, how do i expand my veracrypt volume in linux?21:28
amanojakuEriC^^, Command not found21:28
gzcwnkyou are biased  :P21:28
amanojakugzcwnk, I did a fresh install, changed the gui driver and it broke. Not impressed21:28
gzcwnkamano and its going to be easier in another distro?21:29
EriC^^amanojaku: sudo command not found?21:29
amanojakugzcwnk, I used the interfacem I did not even install it myself. If you do it yourself, okay, it can break, but using the interface? Bah!21:29
EriC^^amanojaku: something else is going on21:29
amanojakuEriC^^, The xserver thingy command was not found21:29
EriC^^amanojaku: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-{ati,radeon}21:29
amanojakuEriC^^, "Command not found"21:30
EriC^^amanojaku: sudo or apt-get ?21:30
mgmganyone know where exactly to put nomodeset when starting up linux mint21:30
OerHeksthat command is correct, it should reverse to the open driver21:30
EriC^^amanojaku: where are you logged in right now? tty1?21:30
EriC^^mgmg: after quiet splash in the kernel line in grub21:31
bob3247ubuntu 15.10 been trying to fix my sound which was working up til today and is now silent - how can i reset my sound settings to the default ubuntu setup that I had before and was working fine ?21:31
amanojakuIs there a way for the package manager to sort itself?21:31
amanojakuSome command to clean things up?21:32
EriC^^amanojaku: is there a way for you to tell us what the commands return?21:32
mgmgok i have something that says $vt_handoff_21:32
mgmgshould i put it un just before that21:32
EriC^^mgmg: yeah21:32
amanojaku"Unable to correct problems, you have broken packages"21:33
mgmgthanks will try it now21:33
EriC^^amanojaku: ok, type sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg | nc termbin.com 999921:33
EriC^^paste the link here amanojaku21:33
amanojakui'm reinstalling and staying the duck away from the graphics driver dialog box21:34
mgmgI can get tot the login screen and its fine but when I log in its just a blank screen and mouse pointer21:35
EriC^^!mint | mgmg21:35
ubottumgmg: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:35
EriC^^they can probably help you21:35
mgmgI have a feeling it might have something to do with updates from different repos21:35
mgmgok thanks Eric^^21:36
amanojakuEriC^^, But thanks for trying, you went above and beyond21:37
EriC^^amanojaku: np21:37
ddr_smb can help me with this:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/702077/error-attempt-to-read-or-write-outside-of-partition     ?21:40
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ribbleshey speaking of ubuntu how do i learn C really fast?21:43
ribblesanyone there?21:44
brothersomeribbles, Codelite and a make a lot of examples21:44
ribblessuch a busy chat everyone leaving and coming21:44
bpromptribbles:    get a good C book :/21:44
SeriouslyLaughyeah this is one of the most popular channels on freenode21:45
SeriouslyLaughsecond or third21:45
ribblesthank bprompt21:45
ribblesreally? i've been trying to make my own private chat21:45
bpromptribbles:     tis called a netsplit, they're not leaving and coming back, it's a netsplit, some servers are getting a downtime for a few secs, is all21:45
ribblesah i see21:45
SeriouslyLaughi personaly have parts and joins disabled for this channel21:46
ribblesokay so i've just got code light via ubuntu21:46
SeriouslyLaughit averages 2000 users at any given time, most lurking21:46
brothersomeribbles, CodeLite ah, My famous ide and you need to have the gcc compiler21:47
ribbleswhat's gcc compiler?21:47
brothersomeGnu C Compiler: Text -> Object files -> Executable / Shared objects21:48
ribblesbluefish editor has more downloads should i just get that?21:48
huttanribbles: it converts your C code to machine code that the hardware can process21:48
brothersomeCodeLite is very powerfull21:48
ribbleshow about GNU C compliler?21:48
ribblesshould i get that?21:49
huttanribbles: what you think gcc stand for ?? :)21:49
bpromptribbles:     bluefish is a webdev editor, not a great one either21:49
ribblesoh okay thanks :)21:49
brothersomeribbles, GCC (Gnu C Compiler) is the standard C compiler for Linux21:49
ddr_smb can help me with this:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/702077/error-attempt-to-read-or-write-outside-of-partition     ?21:49
bob3247can anyone help with a ubuntu sound problem?21:50
ribblesokay i've open the code light and it's asking me the setup21:50
ribblesand i think it already has a GCC21:51
TJ-ddr_: have you configured the disks for some kind of RAID in BIOS?21:51
ddr_TJ-,  no21:51
brothersomeribbles, you can make a new project and then it makes a Hello World example21:51
TJ-ddr_: You'd best boot the PC from a Live ISO image, and use the "Try Ubuntu" option so you've got a working recovery environment21:52
ddr_TJ-, i agree, but i dont know how21:52
huttanribbles: search youtube for C tutorial aswell, there are lots of great courses there to learn from nothing. Now I wont discuss this more as its not really Ubuntu related :)21:53
SeriouslyLaughto build on TJ-'s idea, ddr_ i would reccomend reinstalling grub21:53
OpenSorceAnyone know enough about lxde to tell me how to make it launch an app without that app being decorated? So the app can use it's own titlebar?21:53
dingohello fellow users. This is my first experience with ubuntu MATE. Happy to be here.21:54
ddr_SeriouslyLaugh, give me a link to tutorial showing how to reinstall the grub21:54
ribbleshuttan i thought ubuntu is made with python and apparently C can be converted to python so technically isn't this ubuntu related? i won't say anymore as i don't want to upset you people21:54
TJ-ddr_: DO NOT do anything that writes to the disk, until you know the extent of the issue!21:55
TJ-ddr_: You need to boot the PC with the Live (installer) desktop ISO image (on DVD or USB)21:55
bpromptddr_:   how big is the hdd? how many partitions in it? where's windows8 installed to? where's ubuntu 12.04 installed to?21:56
OerHeksTJ-, +1, you will need a live iso to repair grub anyway21:56
ddr_bprompt, TJ-, this may help :  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kygsheuyjjpauly/AACUQIvKKkMsEaWZnIWIKBiSa?dl=021:57
btrfs_corruptionHello. I'm currently running btrfs defragment. I want to reboot the machine. Is it dangerous to interrupt btrfs defrags?21:57
bpromptOpenSorce:     how to launch w0t?  you can remove "decoration" from any window by just right-clicking on the window titlebar in lxde and clicking on "undecorate"21:58
huttanribbles: Its written in C. And almost all languages originates from C, so by that definition this would be a windows channel aswell, as thats also is written in C :) Gotta stop somewhere?21:58
OpenSorcebprompt, right which leaves you with no close, minimize or maximize buttons.21:58
dfcnvtI just ran 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' and learned that during the middle of it - it just sit there with a '100% [Working]' and not moving on...What's the problem?21:59
bpromptOpenSorce:    well, that IS what you asked for :)21:59
OpenSorcebprompt, if it's launched with the decorations it uses it's own buttons. I've done it before I just can't remember how...21:59
bpromptOpenSorce:   hmmm I've seen that only in google chrome, where you can just right-click chrome's tab area and click on "use system  title bars and borders", but not other app, so, I'd assume that may be provided by the app that has its own decorations itself, keeping in mind that most apps would leave it to the window manager22:01
OpenSorcebprompt, yeah Chromium is working that way. Trying to get Firefox to do it :-P22:02
bpromptddr_:     the site seems to be running slow for those images... so.. hmm got info?22:02
bpromptddr_:   how big is the hdd? how many partitions in it? where's windows8 installed to? where's ubuntu 12.04 installed to?22:02
bpromptOpenSorce:    " I'd assume that may be provided by the app that has its own decorations itself, keeping in mind that most apps would leave it to the window manager"  <----22:03
ddr_bprompt, what site is running slow?22:03
bpromptOpenSorce:    if the app doesn't provide its own, and leaves it to the window manager, then you'd be left, again, with no buttons at all :P22:03
bpromptOpenSorce:    and not very sure firefox does22:04
bpromptddr_:  dropbox22:04
OpenSorcebprompt, it does when I exclude it in BlackBox so it should with LXDE. I'll figure it out, thanks for the input man :-)22:04
bpromptOpenSorce:   checked in about:config yet?22:06
OpenSorcebprompt, holy s*** I think that's how I did it last time...22:07
ddr_bprompt, see here then the images:  http://imgur.com/a/LAquZ22:07
bpromptddr_:   so... in  short you dunno?22:08
egggshi has anyone tried the new amd  open source drivers they just released?22:08
ddr_bprompt, what i dont know?22:08
bpromptddr_:   how big is the hdd? how many partitions in it? where's windows8 installed to? where's ubuntu 12.04 installed to?22:08
bpromptegggs:   I have an intel gpu, so not myself =)22:09
ddr_bprompt,  whell, the size of the hdd u can see in the images. but yes, i dont remember where is installed each OS22:09
OpenSorcebprompt, lol Firefox gives a "This might void your warranty" warning going into about:config :-P22:10
bpromptOpenSorce:     just don't forget to click on "I'll be careful, I promise" button, and mean it :P22:10
OpenSorcebprompt, wow...22:11
bpromptddr_:   hmm anyhow.... pics for something that may take not more than 10characters... dunno.... but as TJ-  and others suggested, first off, you'd need a liveusb session, so you'd need to get the 12.04 iso and burn it to usb, boot from it, then you can fix about grub, once logged in there, you can check how big the hdd is, and who is where, you'd need that give it an update-grub and grub-install over a chroot session22:13
bpromptddr_:    but the error message you have, it's just a bootloader issue, nothing wrong with windows8 or ubuntu installations22:14
ddr_bprompt, ok, then how do i solve my problem?22:15
bpromptddr_:    read above :)22:15
Renfriedanyone have any experience with wireless external hard disks, and compatibility with ubuntu... thinking of getting one, about 2-3TB, and want something i can hook up to the router and access it wirelessly over the network22:16
ddr_bprompt, to reinstall the grub¿?22:16
bpromptddr_:  yes22:16
ikoniaRenfried: not really an ubuntu issue22:19
ikoniaRenfried: ubuntu will mount any network file system it support, eg: NFS, samba/CIFS, e-sata, so as long as the device you buy shares via one of those, you're fine22:20
Renfriedikonia: apart from i want to use it with ubuntu, no not really, I asked in #ubuntu-offtopic, and they suggested here22:20
Renfriedikonia: The difference is i want to access it wirelessly instead of wiring it to the machine itself, maybe that makes no difference, but i imagine it will22:21
ikoniaRenfried: right, and I've just explained why it's not really an ubuntu issue, and it's not "how well they work with ubuntu" - it will work just fine if you buy one that shares out via the supported file systems22:22
* tsimonq2 is gone: test22:26
Renfriedwell, i'll just leave then, thanks for the chat, surprised i am pretty much the only question in 10 minutes, so friendly :)22:26
wafflejock1Renfried: yeah any NAS basically will support a protocol that you can mount the FS and use it remotely, if you're transferring large files to it having a wired connection while doing that will make a huge difference, can typically stream video over wireless without a problem though assuming you signal strength isn't terrible22:26
k1l_tsimonq2: eeeeek22:26
ddr_hi, i try to resintall the grub, i follow this tutorial:   http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-to-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/    and i got this problem: http://imgur.com/eA98l3Z22:30
SK4T3RG4M3RHi! I am thinking of installing Ubuntu on my laptop, so I installed it on a usb drive and loaded up the Live version, but when I get into it, it says I don't have an internet connection. When I use Windows , though it sayi do. My internets working fine, so I would like  some help! Thank  you!22:30
=== sireebob is now known as sireebob[BUY]
sukeeany good app like open hardware monitor for ubuntu ?22:31
VictoriaXOXOsukee: The free Open Hardware Monitor software runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 and any x86 based Linux operating systems without installation.22:35
bpromptSK4T3RG4M3R:   hmmm nevermind the connection for now, you can just install it without the connection anyway22:35
sukeeVictoriaXOXO, oh ok then ill try it22:35
VictoriaXOXOsukee: Or this? https://alternativeto.net/software/hardinfo/?platform=linux22:36
bpromptsukee:    open hardware w0t?   what are you trying to monitor?22:36
ddr_bprompt, continuing our discution:  i try to resintall the grub, i follow this tutorial:   http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-to-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/    and i got this problem: http://imgur.com/eA98l3Z22:36
ddr_SK4T3RG4M3R, have u entered the cedentials in the ubuntu internet?22:37
SK4T3RG4M3Rbprompt: But what if I want to try the browser22:37
sukeebprompt, i am trying to monitor temperature and stuff22:37
daftykinsSK4T3RG4M3R: identify your wired network adapter make and model either from Windows or from ubuntu22:38
SK4T3RG4M3Rddr_, daftykins, bprompt, is there a list of available wi-fi connections in Ubuntu?22:38
cluelesspersonQuestion, is there anywhere documented the directory structure  /bin/  /usr/local  /usr/share  etc?22:38
cluelesspersonbecause it's extremely confusing22:38
daftykinsSK4T3RG4M3R: there is if your wireless adapter is supported, again, you'll need to identify it first so we can say if it'll work or not (obviously it didn't)22:39
bpromptSK4T3RG4M3R:   you can use the browser afterwards22:39
bpromptsukee:    checked in for "conky" or "gkrellm" yet?22:39
bprompt!conky | sukee22:39
SK4T3RG4M3Rhow do i do that22:39
k1l_cluelessperson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview22:40
mcphailcluelessperson: http://www.pathname.com/fhs/2.2/22:40
daftykinsSK4T3RG4M3R: you're typing from Windows right now presumably? run devmgmt.msc and look up the network adapter section22:40
bprompt!gkrellm | sukee22:40
=== sireebob[BUY] is now known as sireebob[SELL]
SK4T3RG4M3Ryes but i have a laptop and a pc. I am on pc and pc is using ethernet on the same thing im trying to connect to. Ill try though22:40
sukeebprompt, should i run these commands on terminal ?22:41
daftykinsSK4T3RG4M3R: ok so either boot windows or ubuntu on the target system, THEN you can identify the device :)22:41
bpromptsukee:    nope, just check the repositories for them :), those are system monitors for hdd access, ram and temp22:42
ddr_bprompt, continuing our discution:  i try to resintall the grub, i follow this tutorial:   http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-to-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/    and i got this problem: http://imgur.com/eA98l3Z22:42
SK4T3RG4M3ROk ill try22:42
bpromptsukee:    I use indicator-multiload, does hdd reads/writes and ram, no temp though, not that I can recall that is =)22:43
bprompt!indicator-multiload | sukee22:43
bpromptsukee:    bot seems to be drawing blanks, but anyhow, they're in the repositories from what I can tell22:43
sukeei need temperatures also22:44
bpromptsukee:   gkrellm or conky would do that then22:44
ddr_hi, i try to resintall the grub, i follow this tutorial:   http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-to-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/    and i got this problem: http://imgur.com/eA98l3Z22:48
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SK4T3RG4M3Rdaftykins: I think it is Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini-card22:50
Bashing-omddr_: GPT partitioning - fdisk does not support that scheme . install gdisk that does .. and see what the story is .22:50
daftykinsSK4T3RG4M3R: ok, for the purposes of setup, does this laptop have a wired network connection you could use to get it going?22:51
daftykinsalso which laptop is this?22:51
=== sireebob[SELL] is now known as sireebob
SK4T3RG4M3RUmm, I may be able to use my Xbox 360 one lemme check, daftykins22:52
daftykinsnetwork cable? yeah i don't need to know which, just any spare to get it online.22:53
SK4T3RG4M3Rdaftykins ill take it out of the pc real quick and connect using ubuntu22:55
=== Zeus|2 is now known as zeus13
SK4T3RG4M3Rdaftykins m connected on ubuntu23:02
mib_mibhi all - i am trying to mount my new raid array at /var, by putting a line in /etc/fstab23:04
daftykinsSK4T3RG4M3R: ok so open the terminal application with ctrl+alt+T then run "lspci | nc termbin.com 9999"23:04
ddr_Bashing-om, give the link to some tutorial, i am not able to find any suitable23:04
mib_mibwhat is the difference between /dev/md/3 and /dev/md3?23:04
daftykinsmib_mib: the first is wrong and the second is right23:04
mib_mibi see already in there that it has /dev/md/1 /dev/md/2 etc23:04
mib_mibwhat are those about23:05
daftykinsrun "sudo parted -l" and see what's a RAID and what isn't :)23:06
mib_mibi think those are raids23:06
SK4T3RG4M3Ri ran the comannd23:06
daftykinsSK4T3RG4M3R: it would've given you a URL to paste here23:06
daftykinsi'm not even vaguely drafty, i wonder why folks always say that...23:07
mib_mibdaftykins: Model: Linux Software RAID Array (md) Disk /dev/md2: 475GB - so why would it have "/dev/md/2 / ext4 defaults 0 0" in there?23:07
mib_mibdaftykins: instead of /dev/md2 ?23:07
k1l_ah, the bcm43xx classic23:07
daftykinsyep the Dell wireless always is :)23:08
daftykins!broadcom | SK4T3RG4M3R read here for how to get your broadcom BCM4312 working.23:08
ubottuSK4T3RG4M3R read here for how to get your broadcom BCM4312 working.: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx23:08
SK4T3RG4M3Rthx guys23:08
Bashing-omddr_: http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/ ; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2224130&page=2&p=13023988#post13023988 ; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1439794 .23:15
MWMId like to set the OS choice screen (grub?) to a lower time limit : 23s until the selected option....23:17
daftykinsMWM: "sudo nano /etc/default/grub"23:17
daftykinschange the value; "sudo update-grub" ; enjoy23:17
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MWMhmmmm, this says the default time is 10, but I know I was looking at over 20s23:18
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BoBoCuXxXkxa tddl23:18
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alainhello, anyone can help to install my printer...yes it's an HP.23:19
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Drogurijnzy xs ldkszz qjcff liszyniu qcr z23:19
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang23:19
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BoBoCuXxXzoiscdd mrsju23:19
alainhello, anyone can help to install my printer...yes it's an HP.23:20
Deez_Nutsthrow it away.23:20
daftykinsalain: visit http://localhost:631 and see if it's been installed auto / has options23:20
bazhanglinuxprinting.org database; check there first alain23:20
daftykins!behelpful | Deez_Nuts23:20
ubottuDeez_Nuts: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.23:20
OerHeksDeez_Nuts, that sounds helpfull .. not23:20
VictoriaXOXOWhy do they keep coming here with those random lines of text? Who are they? :/23:20
alainthanks I will try that...actually it's not found..23:21
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: its a botnet. its spam. dont mind it23:21
OerHeksHP should be good supported.23:21
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Okay, but why target #ubuntu of all places?23:21
daftykins!ot | VictoriaXOXO take it elsewhere thanks23:21
ubottuVictoriaXOXO take it elsewhere thanks: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:21
OerHekstop 10 channel, obviously23:21
k1l_VictoriaXOXO: its one of the biggest channels on freenode. they are trolls, dont ask for a reason.23:21
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: k1l_ already answered me now. :o)23:22
VictoriaXOXOk1l_: Okay. Thanks.23:22
Bashing-omMWM: Grub: .. If a previous boot had some problem .. the timeout gets set to 30 . Normal default is 10 seconds .23:22
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: yeah, but in future try to realise that talking about the trolls also feeds them.23:22
MWM@Bashing-on : Thanks23:23
mib_mibi am seeing in the syslog that my raid array is trying to be loaded as md127 which is wrong (should be md3) - i see this here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1764861 - is it still a bug if i put a name directive?23:23
daftykinsmib_mib: actually just mount via UUID instead23:23
daftykinsas is tradition for fstab23:24
alainThank you daftykins it works perfectly!23:24
daftykinsas if there was any doubt (:23:25
mib_mibdaftykins: okay, so i will just remove the "name=master-db:3" part and hope that works23:26
daftykinsmib_mib: that's in your fstab? wow yeah that's a million miles from what should be done23:26
mib_mibdaftykins: the whole line looks like ARRAY /dev/md/3 metadata=1.2 UUID=d4b39205:aa3db642:418cac6a:7686a73f name=master-db:323:27
daftykinsin fstab? no that's not right23:27
mib_mibdaftykins: it isn't?23:27
mib_miboh no, i ean in the mdadm.conf sorry23:28
daftykinsoh ok.23:28
loggloghello everyone, I would like to connect to a pc over internet to use his printer as my default priner. I am not talking about network like office network. I want to connect over the internet to that pcs printer. Is there a way to do that23:33
mib_mibi mounted my second raid array as /var (going to install mysql)23:37
mib_mibis there a way i can tell from a rescue system if everything is going to work properly?23:37
cklmercerHi guys. I've decided tonight I'm making the switch to Ubuntu Desktop. Been using the server version for servers and I'm tired of the pains of developing in a Windows env. Any advise on how I can make an Ubuntu 15.10 bootable USB from windows 10 env?23:38
daftykinscklmercer: UUI from pendrivelinux.com is fine23:38
daftykinscklmercer: however if your system is EFI capable, just extract the ISO contents to a FAT32 formatted flash drive23:38
daftykinscklmercer: bear in mind you must install ubuntu as the same mode Win10 was installed; EFI or legacy - in order to dual boot23:39
mib_mibdaftykins: it still is thinking there is something called md127: "md/raid1:md127: not clean -- starting background reconstruction"23:39
mib_mibwhat is this about? i have no md127 specified23:39
daftykinsdunno, i'm not really into mdadm stuff23:39
cklmercerdaftykins: awesome. pendrivelinux is telling me 15.10 is incompatible, their list stops at 15.04 and I wanted to make sure I was in the clear before adventuring off. My motherboard is indeed EFI capable.23:39
daftykinscklmercer: ok and is your win10 install done so? bear in mind you get to enjoy regular upgrade hell with a release such as 15.10; whilst 14.04.3 gives you a nice LTS base23:40
cklmercerdaftykins: no interest in dual-booting right now. Maybe later when I regain my urge to game.23:40
daftykinsoh ok so ubuntu will be on its' own, proper drive wipe?23:40
cklmercerdaftykins: Isn't 14.04 the last LTS? Maybe that's just some non-sense I heard, but if it is then I figure I might as well get used to it.23:41
daftykinscklmercer: no, 16.04 will be LTS23:41
cklmercerdaftykins: also, I'm not sure about my Windows 10 install. It's been a while..23:41
unionshi guys, is there someone who can help me with xmodmap?23:41
cklmercerdaftykins: oh.. okay. so maybe stick with 14.04 and wait on features until then..23:42
daftykinscklmercer: if you boot the live session, you can check from there... or just run diskmgmt.msc and look for an EFI partition23:42
cklmercerdaftykins: I'm afraid it maybe UEFI..23:42
daftykinswell if you only want ubuntu installed it doesn't matter, you can just nuke your whole drive23:43
daftykinsunions: best to ask the channel with your actual question to get a reply23:43
cklmercerdaftykins: that's the plan.23:43
daftykinscklmercer: so yeah, throw in a flash drive -> FAT32 format -> use something like WinRAR that can extract the Ubuntu ISO to the drive... job done23:44
unionsdaftykins: you're right. thank you.23:44
cklmercerdaftykins: I really appreciate the quick help. I'll be back once I have an OS on my drive.23:44
MegaCould someone tell me please how can I change file permissions with CHMOD from 650 to 654 WITHOUT changing 65, only last 0?23:46
MegaSo, do not affect first part, change only permissions 'for all'23:47
daftykinsyour query makes no sense Mega, you just run "chmod 654 /foo/bar"23:47
Megadaftykins, of course it's make, I have to do it with bunch of files, some of them has permissions 750, some 650, some 770 etc23:48
Megait makes*23:48
logglogcklmercer: i am using rufus, the best for puting windows / linux on usb at windows os23:48
logglogit also offers for uefi23:49
daftykinsMega: right well that wasn't described in your original question :)23:50
cklmercerlogglog: i may check that out later when I want to dualboot, but for the time being I want to "fully immerse" myself. Not too worried about the swap because, if nothing else, I'm comfortable with a linux cli.23:50
daftykinslogglog: no point using a program at all when EFI boot is available.23:51
cklmercerlogglog: so, i'm just going to wipe my primary drive because it's strictly windows and video games that don't run on linux.23:51
menoobhi guys, I'm struggeling on remaping some keys with xmodmap. I would like to remap the keycombination "alt+space" with the key "l". I did the following xmodmap -e "keysym 204+65 = l L l L lstroke Lstroke lstroke"23:59
menoob- but that didnt work23:59

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