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krytarikknome, slickymaster: As I indicated earlier, you'll have to adapt the docs' translation settings to the new path and template name of the user docs now: https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/xenial/+lang/pt15:33
krytarikOr that might work automatically: https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/+imports15:37
krytarikWell, part of it at least.15:38
flocculantknome: further to earlier discussion - moved links from qa page, added a note linking to references page. If we don't want to do that let me know and I'll delete the proposal15:39
slickymasterWorkI just approved those in the import queue krytarik 15:42
flocculanthi slickymasterWork 15:43
slickymasterWorkhi flocculant 15:43
krytarikslickymasterWork: Change it here, then import the new .pot?: https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/xenial/+pots/desktop-guide/+edit15:50
slickymasterWorkkrytarik, not quite sure I understand what you want16:11
slickymasterWorkdo you want me to replace the translation domain and the path of the template in the source tree?16:13
sidiyou guys using the Default xfwm theme, right?16:14
sidifrom 14.04 to 15.1016:14
krytarikslickymasterWork: There is no 'desktop-guide' translation template anymore now, it's now 'user-docs'.16:14
slickymasterWorkI know that, krytarik 16:15
slickymasterWorkthat's not what I'm asking16:15
slickymasterWorkwhat I'm asking is the actual fields you want edited´16:15
krytarikslickymasterWork: s/desktop-guide/user-docs/g, basically.16:16
flocculantlibgoa being installed because fuse changes it seems16:17
slickymasterWorkin "Template name:", "Translation domain:" and "Path of the template in the source tree, including filename.:"16:18
krytarikslickymasterWork: Yes.16:20
slickymasterWorkimported krytarik 16:22
slickymasterWorkwell, sort of16:22
slickymasterWorkit's approved and will be imported as soon as the LP hamsters feel like it16:22
flocculantoh - what bizarre reason is it that makes the links title not show in the contents in that ^^ which turned up at a really opportune time :D16:27
krytarikflocculant: Because you made it a sub-section of 'Launchpad'. :D16:49
flocculantkrytarik: thanks :D17:07
flocculantI got splinters there ... 17:08
pleia2knome: meetings are too early for me to make it to these days, so should find time to chat about offer I got back from gandi18:58
knomepleia2, i'm around19:40
pleia2so, gandi can give us some free credits, and a good discount on buying more, but as I played with server options it doesn't really get us anything better than just paying for a cheap linode19:41
knomei wonder if canonical has any preference over hosting providers for stuff they pay19:42
pleia2do they pay for anything?19:42
pleia2they have datacenter space, I assumed they just put everything there19:42
knomei know i read something about them wanting to use provider/shop X when using the community fund19:43
knomethere's at least some QA effort going where they want non-canonical server space19:43
pleia2digital ocean has been popular with people lately (Unit193 mentioned them)19:43
knomeballoons could maybe give some insight on this19:43
knomehe might've mentioned that kubuntu did something non-canonical too19:43
knomebut i don't remember the details, or much else19:44
pleia2shall I follow up with him?19:44
knomei'll ask him to join us here19:45
knomeinvited in PM19:46
pleia2and I'll start spreading the social media word about our Testing session this weekend19:46
* balloons pops in19:54
knomepleia2, ping19:54
pleia2o/ balloons 19:54
pleia2balloons: we're looking at options for some hosting that we'd likely request community donations funds for19:55
pleia2balloons: happen to know what other folks doing simliar things have done? what providers they're using?19:55
pleia2I use linode for ubuntu-us.org19:56
knomeballoons, iirc, you talked something about kubuntu earlier (i might misremember) and i know people are working with the community jenkins stuff19:56
balloonsright. We'd scoped out things like ec2 in the past, and kubuntu has had there ec2 usage reimbursed in a similar manner19:57
* knome hides19:57
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balloonsfor hosting, I'd recommend picking a host and pricing out a longer term contract to request funds for. Don't do it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, as it will make your lives harder imho19:58
* pleia2 nods19:59
balloonsthere isn't a requirement you choose a specific host, or any other hoops. It's no different than any other request. However, if you are trying to ask for funds for a supercomputer to run a website, I don't see that getting accepted :p19:59
knomebut my php code is very unoptimized it'll surely need a supercomputer :P20:00
balloonsI realize it seems unfair, but bitcoin mining (even for the project) probably wouldn't fly20:00
balloonsI've seen your php knome, don't worry. Special compensation can be arranged for that20:00
balloonswe've learned to adapt for you20:00
knomegood ;)20:01
knomewhat about setting up a openttd server for community games, would that get through? :P20:01
balloonsso yea, I look forward to seeing a request20:01
balloonsquite possibly. We ran a tf2 server I think for a short time during the steam on linux launch20:02
pleia2knome: I'm inclined to just do a Linode 2G, I'm familiar with the company and they've always treated me well, their prices are competitive and their service is solid (I irc from a linode)20:04
pleia2that's $240/yr20:04
flocculantevening all 20:07
flocculantpleia2: thanks for the pings out :)20:08
flocculantknome: just a thought - is there any reason why we don't have recent blog stuff on the front page? 20:59
flocculantother than that's what we do ofc20:59
pleia211:20:49 < knome> and yeah, we need the blog entries on the front page sooner or later21:03
pleia211:20:53 < knome> it's really hidden now21:03
pleia2^^ yesterday :)21:03
flocculantha ha 21:04
flocculantpleia2: that'll be me really reading the backlog then :p21:04
flocculantI was just sat here staring into space through our front page - then started thinking - never a good sigh21:05
flocculantor sign21:05
balloonsbah, I closed this tab on accident. Anyways, while some of you are still around, I need to give my GCI speil!21:16
balloonsIs there any interest within xubuntu to put up some tasks for Google Code In? I'm not sure if Jose has formally asked yet or not, so I'll mention it21:16
flocculantballoons: no-one's asked us 21:20
balloonsok, I can craft up an email now and formally do so. That said, I think it would be a nice idea. Tasks can fall under things like documentation and promotion as well -- it never hurts to have more of those21:26
knomepleia2, as i said, that works for me22:14
knomepleia2, i mean as i said, all providers work for me, implying linode works for me :P22:15
* pleia2 nods22:15
knomepleia2, tell me how you want to go forward with it22:16
knomeespecially if you want help...22:16
pleia2I can probably just do it22:17
pleia2submit funding request, set up linode, distribute access22:17
knomeworks for me very well as well, thanks22:18
pleia2do we need to vote or something? :)22:18
knome(but feel free to ask for help)22:18
knomewe're not using xubuntu funds22:18
knomeso i don't see a reason why22:18
knomealso, the stuff we are setting up are stuff that we are using already22:18
knomeso i don't think we need to discuss if they are useful or not :P22:18
knomea quick workaround for the website frontpage is up22:19
pleia2funding request submitted22:25
pleia2knome: ah, cool22:25
knomepleia2, just a theoretical question; how do you think a 2G linode would work with the stuff we are about to push there and the wordpress website?22:36
pleia2knome: it would be fine, but I'd rather have canonical be the owners of our website, they are better equipped to handle attacks, outages, etc (I'm just one person with a real job and things)22:37
knomeyes, i was just thinking22:37
pleia2no more thinking22:37
knomefor potential changes in the future :P22:37
* knome turns the brain off and goes work on the website updates then22:37
knomekrytarik, the tracker code is on launchpad... you can create an MP and we can argument there instead of either of these channels ;)23:03
bluesabreevening all23:04
knomekrytarik, but of course i'm just kidding...23:04
knomehello bluesabre 23:04
bluesabrehowdy knome 23:04
knomepleia2, you still around?23:04
knomeok, so you all, but especially pleia2:23:04
knomesee the staging site23:04
Unit193bluesabre: /laslog balloons 23:04
knomeand the third widget area23:05
knomethat starts with the marketing blog article23:05
knomethe question:23:05
knomedo we want to do it in this order, where the "more articles" section is at the end, or move it as the first item?23:05
knomefirst would make more sense with mobile devices23:06
pleia2which one is the third? :)23:06
knome01:05  knome: that starts with the marketing blog article23:06
knomeeg. the second white-white bg one23:06
knomeor the one before the footer23:06
pleia2oh ok23:06
pleia2it look good as it is23:07
knomebut would you be opposed of the other order?23:07
knomelet me show that to you...23:07
pleia2it might be a bit odd to have "more articles" before we show them any articles.. reading left to right23:07
knome(and now it's second/last widget area, as it would be in the website)23:07
knomewell of course we'd change the title23:07
knome"The Xubuntu team blog"23:08
pleia2nah, the other way is better :)23:08
knomeor sth23:08
Unit193"The Xubuntu blog team" ?23:08
knomeUnit193, that too.23:08
pleia2no, not that23:08
knomei'll keep on breaking the staging site then.23:08
knomehoping to get this done on this sitting23:08
bluesabreUnit193: re Google Code In?23:10
knomepleia2, another question: do we expect to only want to drag articles from one category ("Articles") or do we want multiple choice?23:10
pleia2I don't know23:11
pleia2probably just articles?23:11
knomealso, subcategories for articles is ok23:11
pleia2we want everything we publish to make it on the front page at some point23:12
pleia2whether it's release news or articles23:12
knomeok, so no category filter then23:12
pleia2well, we don't want a release announcement showing up twice23:12
* knome facepalms23:12
pleia2everything we publish should either end up where it is now on the site, or down in articles23:13
knomeso basically what the marketing lead wanta23:13
knomewe put everything that we want to show up in the new widget area in one category23:13
pleia2impossible \o/23:13
knomeand then we only show that category23:13
knomenote: an article can be in several categories23:14
pleia2so I think that only excludes release announcements23:14
knomeyeah, so there's some work to be done23:14
knomelet me try to break something.23:14
knomethis is always fun23:15
knomeoh yeah, fun23:15
Unit193bluesabre: Yeah.23:15
knomepleia2, so to confirm: we're fine with limiting to one category (and all its subcategories) ?23:15
bluesabreUnit193: alrighty, I'll see if I can get some ideas together23:16
pleia2knome: sure23:16
knomelet's see if i'll enable selecting multiple anyway, but good to know we (i) have that fallback23:16
pleia2I guess having the release announcements show up isn't the end of the world, they rotate out quickly enough23:20
knomei'd prefer a situation where we don't have to publish new articles to "push out" the release announcements23:20
knomeit's simple enough to add the limitation in some form anyway23:20
knomejust wanted to know how we want to filter23:20
* pleia2 nods23:21
Unit193bluesabre: Figured that'd be the most interest to you.23:27
knomebluesabre, did i already tell you parole needs to show the filename on the main window when playing an audio file?23:29
bluesabreknome: yes you did23:30
bluesabreknome: maybe I'll fix that tonight :)23:30
knomepleia2, do we want to start being obsessed on button alignment to bottom of the widget box?23:38
pleia2knome: I don't think so23:39
pleia2but you haven't seen my desk23:40
knome..you haven't seen my desk23:40
knomeactually my desk is so small that i simply don't have space for chaos23:40
knomethings fall off if i have chaos23:40
knomeoh sigh23:54

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