cory_fuI'm getting a report of an intermittent install hook failure from the juju-gui charm.  It's failing in apt-get install, but the error output is getting swallowed: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13503590/16:36
cory_fuI can't reproduce it myself, and it's intermittent for them.  Any suggestions?16:37
hatchcory_fu: sorry no idea here. Is it possible they have network issues?16:39
cory_fuYeah, it could be16:40
cory_fuI don't really know much about their environment16:40
hatchI have seen apt install failures like that but they were always caused by network issues on the machine16:40
hatchthe intermittent nature also makes me think about a network issue16:41
cory_fuhatch: Seems reasonable to me, though it makes it tough that the error output is being swallowed.  Any idea why the charm is doing that?16:44
hatchno, sorry I have no idea....16:46
cory_fuCreated a small PR to avoid swallowing the error17:07
rick_h_bac or jcsackett ^ fyi17:18
hatchcory_fu: awesome thanks!!! Sorry I was just otp when we were chatting before :)17:20
hatchbac can you take a look at cory_fu's pr ^17:20

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