pmatulis_using juju-quickstart can i specify the maas node i want to use as bootstrap server?00:22
marcoceppipmatulis_: good question, not sure. You can pre-bootstrap the environment then use quickstart00:30
rick_h_pmatulis_: I think you can pass --constraints to the quickstart command00:32
rick_h_pmatulis_: see juju-quickstart --help for the note on constraints00:33
pmatulis_alright guys, looking00:34
pmatulis_i would love to know why the tags i created (and can list) with the maas cli do not show up in the maas gui...00:44
marcoceppipmatulis_: what version of maas?00:47
pmatulis_marcoceppi: 1.800:48
* marcoceppi shrugs00:53
pmatulis_rick_h_, marcoceppi: do you guys know if juju-deployer is being actively maintained? who supports that?02:08
rick_h_pmatulis_: as needed between folks on eco and landacape02:11
rick_h_pmatulis_: what's up?02:11
pmatulis_rick_h_: i just wanted to know if it is being maintained in some way02:12
rick_h_pmatulis_: there's been work to do juju deploy the bundle withoit extra tools02:12
rick_h_pmatulis_: in the next version of juju02:12
rick_h_pmatulis_: it's mostly maintenance as we support bundles in core02:13
pmatulis_rick_h_: ack02:29
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mahthi, I just installed Juju and the GUI in a MAAS cluster in a private network, and I am trying to connect to Juju GUI from Safari and Chrome using a SSH tunnel to the Juju GUI. In Safari it connect without problems, but with Chrome it keeps trying to switch to SSL despite the secure option of juju-gui service have been set to false09:59
Xat`hi guys13:12
Xat`is juju needed for maas ?13:12
bloodearnesthey folks. I'm writing a very simple subordinate for managing some files/config. It's only relation is the subordinate relation to it's primary charm13:23
bloodearnestI'm also trying to learn the reactive framework in the process13:23
bloodearnestthe main thing I want to hook into is config-chagned, but its not obvious how to do that, at least from the examples13:24
bloodearnestis it as simple as when('config-changed') ?13:25
tvansteenburghbloodearnest: @hook('config-changed')13:27
bloodearnesttvansteenburgh, that is charmhelpers.hookenv.hook ? Or some reactive hook decorator13:30
tvansteenburghbloodearnest: charms.reactive.decorators.hook13:31
bloodearnesttvansteenburgh, ta13:32
bloodearnestusing reactive, do I *have* to write a relation class? Can I somehow used the default RelationBase class or similar?14:23
jaceknhello. What is the best way to get new layer I wrote into http://interfaces.juju.solutions/ ?14:24
lazypowerjacekn if you have a launchpad account, you can self publish the layer in the index.14:29
lazypowerjacekn top left corner theres a login with launchpad link14:29
jaceknaha, let me do that14:31
lazypowerbloodearnest: Its kind of a packaged deal, yes14:33
lazypowerbloodearnest: early adopters get to define the interface(s) - but think of all the people coming along after you that will see the interface and get to consume it without any investment :)14:34
bloodearnestlazypower, so, I'm confused. I am writing a new charm, that provides 1 relation. I am trying to use @when('relation.available') to trigger logic to send certain information down the relation when it's added.14:40
bloodearnestto do that, I need a class that sets the 'state' to 'available' some how, right?14:40
lazypowerbloodearnest 1 sec14:40
lazypoweri have a doc for you14:40
lazypowerbloodearnest start here: https://github.com/mbruzek/docs/blob/mbruzek-developer-guide/src/en/developer-layers-interfaces.md14:41
lazypowerbloodearnest: implementation is here https://github.com/mbruzek/docs/blob/mbruzek-developer-guide/src/en/developer-layers-interfaces2.md14:41
bloodearnestlazypower, so, my charm should have 2 layers (+base) then: the interface layer, and the 'charm' layer?14:43
* bloodearnest again wishes provides and requires where not the terms used in juju14:43
lazypowerbloodearnest correct, as its completely reasonable to have a charm which has no relations. It may not be the most useful, but its a use-case :)14:44
bloodearnestespecially since my charm is a subordinate that provides a service to the principle charm, but the relation has to be "requires", not provides14:44
bloodearnestlazypower, right14:44
lazypowerbloodearnest: the idea behind having the interfaces as a separate layer, is it breaks apart the conversation happening between units, and the implementation  - that decoupling is giving you a consistent contract to talk to whichever service is implementing the interface you are including in your charm layer14:45
bloodearnestmake sense to bind the two14:45
bloodearnestside of the relation14:45
bloodearnestlazypower, can I define this layer in the same place as the charm layer, or does it need to be complete separate?14:50
lazypowerby convention it needs to be separate14:50
lazypowerwhen you charm build, it will scan your INTERFACE_PATH to find the interface and build the associated hooks for you14:50
lazypowerbloodearnest - thats covered ni the developer-layers-interfaces2.md file14:51
bloodearnestlazypower, ok14:51
bloodearnestlazypower, a templating /skeleton tool to create a default interface with basic available 'state' management on both provides/requires might be useful?14:58
marcoceppibloodearnest: we're going to be adding those to charm create soon16:08
marcoceppi`charm create -t {interface-layer, charm-layer}` etc16:08
bloodearnestmarcoceppi, nice16:14
nottrobinis it possible to setup my environment such that unpriviledged users can "juju bootstrap" in the local environment?16:35
nottrobinas in a way to make "juju bootstrap" not need sudo, or a way to just enable to sudo commands they do need?16:35
bloodearnestnottrobin, I don't think so, as it's a generic sudo bash command that is run, not a specific script that you could give limited access to via sudoers16:43
nottrobinbloodearnest: yeah that's what I feared. I was just wondering if there's a directory or file somewhere that I could expand permissions on that would mean sudo wasn't necessary (and maybe the script would be clever enough to realise it)16:45
bloodearnestnottrobin, I have a feeling it does | sudo bash :(16:46
nottrobinwell that's sad16:46
bloodearnestlxd provider doesn't require root, however16:46
bloodearnestbut it's brand new16:46
nottrobinbloodearnest: brand new, but usable?16:52
nottrobindo you know of any guides that could help me get started?16:52
bloodearnestnottrobin, I think it will be in the next alpha release, next week I think16:55
bloodearnestprobably not usable yet16:55
nottrobinokay. never mind. nice to know it's coming16:55
tpsilvaI'm trying to deploy Openstack with autopilot (Ubuntu 15.04), but it hangs at 82%... can anybody help me?17:07
los__(How do I get rid of the persisting state so I don't get logged in as los______________ ???)17:16
tpsilvaerlon: ping17:24
erlontpsilva: pong17:32
erlontpsilva: have you tried RDO? they use to be very responsive17:32
los__erlon: talkin' to me? :D17:59
erlonlos__: agree with me :) ?18:02
lazypowerbloodearnest - https://github.com/juju/docs/pull/74618:08
lazypoweryou may be interested in that :)18:08
los__erlon: I was wondering if "RDO" was something as a response to my Q :)18:21
krondorhey all attempting to build a reactive charm but when I deploy I'm seeing ImportError: No module named charms.reactive18:39
krondort also occurs when I try using the vanilla forums example cloned from the git repo.18:41
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erlonlos__: actually didn't see your question, I have just entered, it was more about tpsilva question19:33
los__erlon: thankx19:55
los__Anyone had problems with the GCE provider?  https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/config-gce is out of date (Google constantly changing dashboard) and I'm getting an error:20:50
los__ERROR there was an issue examining the environment: invalid config: key "auth_provider_x509_cert_url" not supported20:51
los__had to delete tags: auth_uri, token_uri, auth_provider_x509_cert_url, client_x509_cert_url20:57
cholcombewith juju storage if i forgot to add a device do i juju set {service-name} "/dev/sda" with just 1 device or all of them i had before plus the extra one?22:20

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