clivejothat sily bot keeps blaming me for breaking plasma-nm00:05
valorieeasy fix: stop breaking it!00:06
clivejoI didnt!00:07
sitteryofel: pinging starbuck1 on IRC usually works08:22
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sitteryofel: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-debug-installer/16.04ubuntu1 keep on eye on that plz. not sure the tests will actually pass since they are obscenely naughty and require installation of packages/removal12:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 16 in Launchpad itself ""Swedish" and "Swedish (Sweden)" should be the same language" [Medium,Fix released]12:01
* yofel wonders how the parser reached that conclusion o.O12:01
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) d318a2e * Harald Sitter:  (3 files in 2 dirs)12:02
pursuivantadd a pretty terrible test for finder. it manipulates apt... very meh12:02
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) ce6e43e * Harald Sitter: src/DebugFinder.cpp12:02
pursuivantturn qt4x11 source mapping into generic mapping12:02
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) c46ff70 * Harald Sitter: src/DebugFinder.cpp12:02
pursuivantimplement name mangling to get qt5 dbg packages12:02
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) 0bdc0ac * Harald Sitter: autotests/findertest.cpp12:02
pursuivantadd license header12:02
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) 098c932 * Harald Sitter: debian/changelog12:02
pursuivantbump changelog12:02
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) d8ba4ad * Harald Sitter: .gitignore12:02
pursuivantadd git ignore12:02
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) 87b6372 * Harald Sitter: autotests/findertest.cpp12:02
pursuivantadd a test for qt5 mapping12:02
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) a4f5a8c * Harald Sitter: debian/changelog12:02
pursuivantfix changelog series12:02
yofelsitter: 1/1 Test #1: kubuntu-debug-installer-findertest ...***Exception: Other  0.13 sec12:15
yofelQXcbConnection: Could not connect to display12:15
* yofel -> lunch12:15
BluesKajHey all12:34
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) 596fce7 * Harald Sitter: debian (2 files)12:38
pursuivantdisable tests during build as they are tricky to get working12:38
sitteryofel: ^ don't care enough to do more with this12:39
clivejoIn the calligra packages there is a deb file called calligra-active made by an install file, however it doesnt get installed.  This seems to throw missing list warnings, is there any way to stop it throwing files that are installed into that package or not-installed?12:51
Riddellclivejo: is it in debian/control ?12:55
RiddellI don't remember if calligra-active actually should be built these days12:56
Riddellask in #calligra12:56
RiddellI suspect not12:56
Riddellcheck debian/changelog too12:56
clivejonope, not in control12:56
yofelsounds like the file didn't get bzr rm'd13:09
yofelsitter: ok, I'll take a look later.13:09
yofelsitter: or well, it does work, so lets leave it like that13:10
clivejoso I need to remove the calligraactive.install file and add the files into not-installed?13:13
yofelor well, what does upstream say?13:13
clivejohavent asked yet13:14
clivejoreading the changelog13:14
yofelif this is about qt4 -active, then I think that's very likely trash13:14
yofelbut they'll know best13:15
clivejo7th Jun 2012 yofel added Merge with debian unstable -enable calligraactive and calligra-dev13:15
yofelyay, everyone praise our not working gingerlog trucking13:15
yofelerm, changelog tracking13:15
clivejowhy is it a gingerlog?13:16
clivejoIm not getting these memos!13:16
clivejosenile=xenial, gingerlog=changelog, I dont get the clockwork carrot one 13:17
yofelclivejo: a certain munich whiteboard https://kyofel.de/owncloud/index.php/s/rx9tOkVx3WBpCwP13:19
clivejoNeon = JR build?13:21
clivejowhere do the carrots come in?13:23
clivejostupid FTP uploaded13:26
clivejoanother 190Mb wasted13:26
yofelthe carrors were part of the 2nd beer item13:30
sgclarkIs the meeting today? If so what time please...13:33
yofel8PM UTC13:33
yofelclivejo: I could provide a server container if you run out of bandwidth (you would have to set it up though)13:40
yofelclivejo: will you be there for the meeting?13:40
clivejoIm not a dev13:40
yofelneither are half the people in it. You're still part of the community 13:41
clivejois it santa's meeting?13:42
yofelno, just a team catchup. 13:43
sitteryofel: not sure we'd get much from solving the test situation anyway. ideally I'd have the tests fully isolated from the life system. so if we were to get annoyed by the lack of autotest runs we probably should throw effort at getting some sort of simulation mode in qapt instead14:11
sitterwhich would also conveniently solve the problem that qapt is impossible to test for the very same reason ^^14:11
d_edI've got Kubuntu on a pen drive trying to install, Kubuntu used to have an option to install from the grub menu, does that still exist? mine always goes into live mode directly16:43
mck182__hola guys, do you think this patch could be backported to buntu's qt? http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/commit/src/corelib/kernel/qcoreapplication.cpp?id=6129be8a4ba976c42e51012ebaa9005eb402db8016:49
mck182__it's quite an important patch16:49
mck182__as without it the user's QT_PLUGIN_PATH are useless16:49
ahoneybund_ed: I've have not see that before, only the live mode is there that I know of16:50
ahoneybunmck182__: the repos need to be open first16:50
ahoneybunthey might be now not sure16:50
mck182__ahoneybun: what does that mean?16:50
ahoneybunthere is a freeze so no new packages are uploaded for a release but the gates might be open now for 16.0416:51
mck182__but that wouldn't get this change to 15.10 then, I presume?16:52
ahoneybunchanges can get made after a release when it comes to bugs and such, so it is possible16:52
ahoneybunhoop into #ubuntu-devel and ask around there16:53
ahoneybunmck182__: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/10/ubuntu-16-04-release-schedule-release-schedule-date-xenial-xerus16:54
* mck182__ tries ubuntu-devel16:55
mck182__the other thing I'm wondering is why the default cmake install paths are different from qt16:58
yofeld_ed: if you mean install from grub as in debian-installer like, we don't provide that as an offline option. The mini.iso (netinst) can do that though.16:58
d_edyofel: ok, I'm just showing my age from when I last had to install things :D17:03
d_edfyi, I'm asking because my ubiquity is crashing on launch, but I might have just burned the image badly so I'll retry that first.17:03
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sick_rimmitHello folks..19:02
sick_rimmityofel: Ping, hi19:08
sick_rimmitWhat time is the HO ?19:08
yofelin 52min IIRC19:09
sick_rimmitAh I may be ahead of myself, most importantly I have not missed it19:09
shadeslayerRiddell: do we really need to double build pam-kwallet?19:47
ahoneybun9mins I believe19:51
alleeholshadeslayer: as long as we have a wallet4 and wallet5:  IMHO yes.20:05
yofelsick_rimmit, sgclark: ping20:05
alleeholsick_rimmit, sgclark  can you join the hangout or do you need an invite?20:07
sick_rimmitNeed invite Hangout20:07
sick_rimmitOr a link20:07
yofelshadeslayer, Riddell, sitter: anyone want to join the hangout?20:13
yofelclivejo: ^20:13
shadeslayersure, send me a link, I'll be passively around I guess20:13
sgclarksorry I am not working, cant hear20:15
sick_rimmitsgclark: Check Google settings, could be audio20:17
sgclarkI am here20:33
sgclarkWe need to discuss this when I can participate..20:46
valoriewill try to join on the computer instead of just listening on my phone20:57
valoriesorry for the feedback21:13
valorieboo, where are you sgclark?21:17
sgclarkpointless. No one can hear me.21:18
sgclarkI am going shopping for holiday dinner. Send me what you want me to do.21:18
valoriehave a productive shopping trip21:19
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valoriegithub isn't free!21:24
valoriemirroring on github is fine21:24
soeeown Gitlab server ftw21:28
valoriethat would be cool indeed21:30
valorieI'm all for mirroring on github -- it's outreach21:30
valorieamen ovidiu-florin21:31
valoriewe should never hotlink21:31
valorieit's rude to the person hosting the original21:31
mparilloIs the hangout over? If not, do you have the URL?21:48
shadeslayershopping is the worst thing ever21:48
shadeslayereveryone tries to help you21:48
valorieGCi is awesome21:48
shadeslayermuch annoying21:49
shadeslayerwhats with GCi?21:49
geniiI also hate shopping. I like to pick out ahead of time what I'm there to get, go directly to that area and get it, check out.21:49
shadeslayergenii: Clothes shopping is the worst21:49
shadeslayertakes me 4 hours21:49
shadeslayerand even then I won't buy new stuff21:50
valoriethink of shopping as hunting and gathering21:51
valoriescan the shops for prey, pounce, kill, DONE21:51
geniiWomen have the shopping thing totally figured out.21:54
valoriemost calories in H&G societies come from the women, yeah21:54
valoriethe men get all the kudos with their big kills though21:55
shadeslayerWish there was a API for H&M21:56
shadeslayerPOST /api/buy/randomizedJeans(color: blue)21:56
yofelsurprise presents :P22:10
valoriemail to -devel sent about GCi22:11
valoriealso, #kde-soc is good for questions, student support, etc.22:11
valoriethat was good, although my ears are ringing22:12
valorienot used to earplugs for hours22:12
yofelheh, I feel with you. I did our old mumble meetings with in-ear headphones, which wasn't nice. You need a real headset for long meetings22:15
valorieI've bought a few headsets, but haven't found one that is 1. comfortable and 2. works22:16
valoriethat said, I might find another somewhere in our Great Cleanout22:17
sick_rimmitYes, a nice headset with Soft Large Ear Cups, like the gaming headsets, with a boom mic. Really worth while for meetings like this22:17
valorieI'll ask my gaming son to find some for me, perhaps22:17
sick_rimmitYaY! that would do it22:18
valorieI'll see him tomorrow for thxgiving22:18
valoriehe's a linux user, so he'll know what works22:18
sick_rimmitWell have a great time tomorrow, I know thanks giving is popular celebration22:18
* shadeslayer ponders about whether pkg-kde-tools's kf5 sequence helper is broken22:19
valoriesince it's all about family + eating, yeah!22:19
valoriealthough: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/adele-perform-saturday-night-live-article-1.244299322:20
shadeslayerapparently running debian/clean with kf5 sequence is broken :O22:20
shadeslayerdebian/rules clean22:20
yofelwell, nobody ever tests that..22:21
shadeslayerI was22:21
yofelmake: *** No rule to make target 'clean'.  Stop.22:22
yofelhuh, shouldn't that be defined by dhmk o.O?22:22
valoriethat snl kit is so funny, because it is so close to the truth22:23
mparilloIt looks as if rekonq is pining for the fjords https://adjamblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/rekonq-2-4-2/comment-page-2/#comment-418422:26
shadeslayeryofel: I have no clue how this is supposed to work xD22:27
shadeslayer        $file = "/usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/lib/kf5_flags";22:27
shadeslayerhardcoded paths22:27
shadeslayermuch fun22:27
yofelwell, it's perl22:27
shadeslayeryofel: I don't see the dhmk stuff being included anywhere in the sequence22:28
shadeslayerI'm unsure if one can even include the dhmk file22:30
shadeslayerin the sequence22:30
yofelshadeslayer: debian-qt-kde.mk line 6: include $(dqk_dir)dhmk.mk ?22:30
shadeslayeryofel: dqk_dir is a different dir22:30
shadeslayerand would include work?22:30
shadeslayerdoes the dhmk.mk clean target do anything special?22:31
yofelnot that I know of, I don't even understand how it actually generates the target -.-22:32
yofeltoo much make magic22:32
shadeslayerperl is fucking unreadable22:37
shadeslayeryofel: dh_clean '--buildsystem=kf5'  22:38
shadeslayerthat's the problem22:39
shadeslayermust not take kf5 as argument22:39
clivejosorry I missed the meeting, is there a way to view it now?22:39
shadeslayeryofel: at the very least debian/rules clean also fails with the debian-qt-kde.mk scripts for me22:40
shadeslayeroh hm, not anymore22:41
shadeslayermust be something I changed22:41
shadeslayerfuck load of debug22:43
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13507751/22:43
shadeslayeryofel: call sequence for the kf5 helper22:43
shadeslayersame for the qt-kde one http://paste.ubuntu.com/13507761/22:44
shadeslayercalls dhmk_clean22:45
shadeslayernope, not a clue22:47
shadeslayeroh oh22:48
shadeslayeryofel: also a problem with the kde sequence22:48
shadeslayerI'm a idiot22:49
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13507817/22:50
yofellooks reasonable :P22:50
shadeslayerand hurray, atleast post commit hooks work for DCI again22:50
shadeslayerI am the master of sed!22:54
shadeslayersed -i s,include\ /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/3/debian-qt-kde.mk,%:\\n\\tdh\ \$\@\ \-\-with\ kf5, ktp*/debian/rules22:54
shadeslayerand finally ktp should be green on DCI \o/22:58
shadeslayeroh pft22:59
shadeslayerI think that's a problem on KCI22:59
clivejois there a recording of the hangout?23:01
yofel   dh_auto_build --buildsystem=kf5 -a23:01
yofeldh_auto_build: error: unable to chdir to obj-i686-linux-gnu23:01
yofelhm, no idea if we recorded it... 23:01
shadeslayeryofel: yeah23:01
shadeslayerthat's quite weird23:02
shadeslayeryofel: though xenial seems to have built ktp-desktop-applets23:02
shadeslayerso why not approver23:02
shadeslayerand whoa, lp has gotten faster23:03
mparilloIf no recording, are there maybe five sentences of highlights?23:06
shadeslayeryofel: look at gitattributes23:06
shadeslayeryofel: file merge=dpkg-mergechangelog23:07
shadeslayeryofel: similar fail http://dci.pangea.pub/job/unstable_unstable_applications_ktp-approver_bin_amd64/1/console23:10
shadeslayerI know why23:10
shadeslayerI think23:10
yofelhm, why does dh_auto_configure not configure anything?23:11
shadeslayerno overriden command I think23:11
yofelaaah, that might be a dhmk feature, right23:12
shadeslayerlets see if this works -DDBUS_SEND_PATH=/usr/bin/dbus-send23:13
shadeslayerok nope23:14
shadeslayerone should perhaps add overriden command stuff to the kf5 sequence23:16
shadeslayeryofel: now I'm losing flags I think23:25
valoriesitter: can you perhaps find your link to stock replies to bug reports? I'm going through Telegram and noticed that Yofel couldn't find it23:32
valoriethe bug triagers could use that23:32
yofelthere is the one for the ubuntu bugsquad, but I'm fairly certain we had a page with kde specific stuff23:32
* yofel -> bed, gn823:33
valoriewe did, I remember fixing some typos in it23:34
valorieperhaps sitter moved it to our kde wiki home23:35
shadeslayeryofel: valorie https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/BugTriage23:41
valoriethank you, shadeslayer23:44
valorieovidiu-florin ^^^23:45
valorierick needs to get a bouncer23:46
shadeslayervalorie: cheers23:47
valoriemparillo: do you have Telegram?23:59
valorieif so, the cards listed there are a pretty good outline of the meeting23:59
* valorie took no notes, sorry23:59

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