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DDRHi everyone. I'm writing a web page, but I keep crashing linux when I uncomment this one line. Where should I report that?03:13
DDRStuff like 'ring 0 hasn't responded in 22 seconds'03:13
DDRWorks on firefox and chrome. I feel I shouldn't link in IRC, though. :p03:14
Flux_hi, does Kubuntu 15.10 already has kernel 4.3?05:49
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c0upeh1 everybody!11:05
c0upeHow to install dropbox correctly on Kubuntu 15.10; it doesn't work... can't find the dropbox icon, moreover kfilebox can't help me11:07
hateballisnt dropbox one of those legacy apps that doesnt have a tray icon in modern plasma11:22
hateballc0upe: https://www.dropboxforum.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/201908279-Systray-icon-not-showing-in-KDE-Plasma-5-211:23
jubo2Hiya and thanks for the awesomest Desktop OS Kubuntu15.10 GNU/Linukka11:38
jubo2I think I just made my life harder11:39
jubo2I accidentally actually  'sudo rm -rf /home/' when I was meaning to write 'sudo rm -rf home/'11:40
jubo2and kling-klang alert bells didn't ring when it said it gonna be neverminding about lost+found11:40
jubo2nothing that isn't on other systems was in that /home11:41
jubo2but if someone knows this is actually the system that can stay on irc for hours and hours instead of getting "CPU critical hot"-peak reading11:42
jubo2I guess I'd be looking for "How to undelete 'sudo rm -rf'-ed directories on GNU/Linukka?"11:43
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel11:44
hateballshut down your machine if it isnt, liveboot and run testdisk or similar on it11:45
BluesKajHey all12:34
jubo2hateball: nah. I'm uploading from another machine and downloaded necessary dirs onto place here12:43
jubo2Hiya BluesKaj12:43
BluesKajhey jubo212:44
jubo2I actually managed to accidentally 'sudo rm -rf /home' today lol12:44
jubo2Should not do this stuff before 2nd mug of coffee12:45
jubo2nothing of value was lost12:45
jubo2the home had been recreated from .tar.gz:s of dirs in homedir just like a few weeks ago12:45
jubo2I already expanded .kde and .local from the other machine12:48
jubo2I hope this fixes my irc colors with restart12:48
jubo2This black type on white background just ain't makin' it feel like irc12:49
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jubo2grub rescue>13:23
jubo2Removed unused filled up 40GB from 120GB SSD13:23
hateballI'm not sure what you're doing to your installs13:23
jubo2and expanded the NTFS to fill the whole disk13:23
jubo2hateball: That one machine has hardware issues, prlly heating sensor is broken13:24
jubo2or something is seriously wrong with the Volt/Amp control13:24
jubo2I need to rebuild grub config13:25
jubo2I promis I save it to ~/Documents/commands/commands.txt this time13:25
jubo2This netbook will not go down every 20 minutes13:26
jubo2and got mi relevant home dir dirs here13:26
jubo2I try to search engine13:26
jubo2I'm not sure where the grub be located13:30
jubo2I removed the Linux SWAP and the /-partition13:30
jubo2and grew the NTFS disk to fill whole station13:30
jubo2I now in LiveCD Kubuntu13:30
jubo2I download the Windows7.iso and use that to fix the booting13:33
jubo2there is this 20MB partition iirc in the start of the disk13:33
jubo2so I could mount... uhh that disk and fix grub13:33
jubo2that or I let Windows7.iso write over it13:34
jubo2I gather these are my options13:34
jubo2msft download complains it is an OEM13:37
jubo2and that bordel we call http://lenovorecovery.com has sent me the wrong disks 3 times13:37
jubo2prrly coz some think he saw something like people on the internets and blamed me13:38
jubo2well.. I need grub to detect there is 1 NTFS partition on the disk and it is bootable and it should just boot it13:39
jubo2can I do that from grub-shell13:39
jubo2or what should I do?13:39
jubo2I try the wrong recovery disks13:42
jubo2nope. don't want it to wipe out the existing windows13:44
jubo2as the lenovorecovery.com is hellbent on sending me wrong disks to keep my circumstances precarious13:44
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jubo2I see if I can make a rescue disk with the different Windows7 version I have on this hard drive14:01
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ejayHi all. Is kidle_inject part of linux kernel or plasma5?14:31
jubo2found solution: installed lilo14:33
SomberLuxrayhey so im trying to install kubuntu and when I get to wireless I hit continue and it is just hanging there14:37
SomberLuxrayand now its frozen lol14:40
hazamonzoSo what happened to the Kubuntu (plasma) pastebin widget?14:40
hazamonzoWas pretty sueful for quicklyy pasting code or images online14:41
soeehazamonzo: probably not ported to Plasma 514:47
hazamonzosoee: Aww shame :(14:48
jubo2I installed a temp gauge for Windows715:19
jubo2under low load the CPU does not overheat15:19
jubo2but in Kubuntu it always overheats, stress or no stress15:19
jubo2The chip is Arrandale 1st gen i515:19
jubo2the Windows temp gadget shows the current CPU Frequency and I see it runs ~ 1400MHz most of the time15:20
jubo2I am guessing there is some voltage control or frequency control not working with Kubuntu15:20
lordievaderHow about a dusty fan?15:25
lordievaderOr a broken fan.15:25
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ipsoI recently upgraded to Kubuntu 15.10, from 15.04 and now when I go into Korganizer and go to Settings -> Configure Date and Time, it says: "Could not start control module for date and time format", and the only timezone I have available in Korganizer is "UTC" (twice) and "Floating", so all my event times are incorrect. Any ideas how I can fix this?15:50
BluesKaj_ipso, in the terminal run, sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata15:51
ipsoBluesKaj_, did that, and restarted korganizer, no change.15:52
ipsoWhen I run: kcmshell4 --list, it doesn't show kcm_clock, which is my understanding what the date/time control module is called...15:53
BluesKaj_ipso, which kubuntu/plasma ?15:55
ipsoBluesKaj_, plasma-framework                              5.15.0-0ubuntu115:55
ipsoBluesKaj_, Kubuntu 15.1015:56
BluesKaj_ipso, seems the the kcmshell hasn't been integrated with plasma 5 yet, and 4 doesn't work here either16:02
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paul__KDE Frameworks 5.15.017:09
paul__Qt 5.4.2 (built against 5.4.2)17:09
paul__The xcb windowing system17:09
paul__Oh, waeel KDE is stuck on the gtk theme and I am unable to change it to anything else other than changing the gtk theme.17:10
paul__I went so far as to delete the .config and .kde folders and still the the me is stuck on the gtk meta theme.17:12
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thesola10testing out Quassel IRC17:47
jubo2It would seem that Windows7 knows how to clock-down the CPU to stop it from overheating but Kubuntu7 doesn't18:27
jubo2On Windows7 the CPU core temps are like 65-70C which seems acceptable18:30
jubo2On Kubuntu the temps just go to high-nineties and then the system shuts itself down18:30
jubo2There must be some program I can install that will help the CPU stay cool18:31
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jubo2How do I get to the Widgets?18:49
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jubo2ok.. finally found a widget that displays CPU speed dynamically19:21
jubo2gonna boot that overheating system to Kubuntu soon and see what's burning up the chip19:21
jubo2aaagggghh.. Cannot add widgets to the panel19:36
jubo2I just want to see why with GNU/Linukka the system grossly overheats and gives wildly fluxing temperature values19:37
jubo2now I got the widget to install19:39
jubo2after rebooting19:39
jubo2seems to vary between 2-2.5GHz19:41
jubo2the temperature sensor must be broken19:42
jubo2wil 20C flux19:42
jubo2I should prlly just try to turn off the shut-down-on-overheating19:43
jubo2I'm looking at the temperature printout on this other machine and it fluxes only few centigrade19:50
jubo2It doesn't make sense that temp can go up and down 15-20 degrees in just a few moments19:50
jubo2in Windows the clock rate is lower by 25% and temps vary only few degrees / s19:53
jubo2this is really annoying behaviour that something is giving these spikes in the temps when in GNU/Linukka and that causes the repeating shutdown19:58
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jubo2My computer it seems would be best suited to grilling raclette cheeze20:20
jubo2When in Windows7 the frequency is around 1.5-2GHz and the temp is 65-70C20:21
jubo2When in Kubuntu the frequency is like 2-2.5GHz and the temp is something between 80-100C20:21
jubo2and when in Kubuntu the sensor sends really wildly varying data20:22
jubo2like 10-20C moves in a blink of an eye20:22
jubo2I'd really like to use Kubuntu20:22
jubo2but if it just keeps on shutting down because the stupid lying / broken sensor sends a random peak that hits the 105C limit20:23
jubo2how do I check a physical disk for errors that end up in error when trying to partition the disk?20:28
jubo2trying to create partitions on it fails with IOERROR20:34
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bprompt!smartmontools | jubo220:42
bprompt!smarttools | jubo220:42
bprompt!smartools | jubo220:42
bpromptshoot, bot is drawing a blank, as usual20:43
bpromptjubo2:   do a S.M.A.R.T. check on the disk with "smarmontools", they're in the repositories20:44
* jubo2 gets his Phalanx CIWS20:44
jubo2bprompt: ok20:44
jubo2I installed it bprompt but typing 'smartmontools' doesn't find it20:47
jubo2didn't see it in the start-menu either20:48
bpromptjubo2:    smartctl    iirc....  try autocomplete  "smart<tab>"20:50
jubo2"no errors logged" when running 'smartctl -a /dev/sdb'20:53
bpromptthen /dev/sdb may be ok :)20:54
bpromptjubo2:    what makes you think the hdd is bad anyway?20:54
jubo2coz Gparted will not partition it20:55
jubo2The details say just "IO error" when it tries to sync the disk20:55
bpromptand you're running kubuntu off /dev/sda?20:56
bpromptso hmmm... ok... toss /dev/sdb on the trash bin, no?20:56
jubo2seems like a long time ago wasted 100€20:57
bprompt100€ ?   hmm is that a 1Tbs one?20:57
jubo2a long time ago20:58
bprompthow long ago anyway?  3years ago?20:58
jubo2I think I never got it to work properly20:58
jubo2something like that20:58
bprompta long long, couldn't be that long, 1Tbs hdd aren't that old20:58
bpromptjubo2:    got any data in it you'd like to salvage?20:59
bpromptFinish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.     ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~21:00
jubo2... and wake up to the same broken HW tomorrow21:00
bpromptjubo2:    nope, you won't, if you toss it in the trash bin :), you'll wake up with the working HW only, the non-working one will be in the trash21:01
bpromptjubo2:    but hmmmm if smartmontools found nothing wrong.... it may not be bad anyway.... about gparted.... tried some other tools? like kde partition manager yet?21:02
bpromptor even parted21:02
jubo2how would that be different21:02
jubo2actually I'm confused.. KDE partition manager and Gparted have the same logo in the menu21:03
jubo2well.. maybe I try the KDE partition manager now21:03
bpromptjubo2:  just in case is some old stale session  files from gparted that was doing it21:03
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bpromptI've had gparted, at times, choke on something, because.. the hdd was in use or a cancel something prematurely, so I rebooted, to start a fresh gparted session, and worked21:04
keithzgHuh, my officemate just upgraded to 15.10, and now Dolphin's file sort order is all wonky (it seems to ignore leading dots and capitalization differences for the sake of sorting).21:27
keithzgIn fact, even `ls -la` seems affected, so this is probably some universal default set somewhere for LC_ALL or such?21:27
keithzgI can't seem to find anything to that effect in /etc, though.21:28
keithzgAlso, what's the equivalent configuration option for SDDM to LightDM's xserver-allow-tcp=true or GDM's DisallowTCP=true ? (He needs to do X11 forwarding over a telnet connection, alas.)21:34
keithzg...in fact, where in the world is the sddm.conf file now?21:41
* keithzg has so many questions!21:41
keithzgAha, "On systems controlled by systemd, everything should work out of the box, since SDDM defaults to using systemd-logind for session management."21:41
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keithzgAnd apparently the ability to change this was added in https://github.com/sddm/sddm/issues/325 . . . which, uhh, probably didn't make it into Wily . . . crap.21:47
jubo2Yeah.. This Kubuntu partition manager seems slightly more advanced ( in the GUI ) than Gparted21:54
keithzgjubo2: Yeah, it's progressed quite nicely over the years; I remember not too long ago (it seems, at least) that it still lacked a lot that GParted had so I'd always fire up GParted instead, these days it's generally the opposite.21:56
keithzgLooks like I can just strip "-nolisten tcp" out of the X11 server arguments list if I remove line 155 in src/daemon/XorgDisplayServer.cpp in the version that ships with Wily. Time for some apt-get source ;)22:08
keithzgHmm. Still doesn't work.22:25
keithzgWell I'm stumped. We've recompiled SDDM to leave out "-nolisten tcp", we've removed it from /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc, we've tried even just startx as root to get a session that way . . . no dice.22:35
kaddihi guys, something broke my kubuntu today/yesterday23:04
kaddiwas wondering if someone could help me trouble shoot23:05
kaddibasically the window manager seems to work, but I think plasma is freezing up badly..23:05
kaddiclock hasn't updated in 30min now and I can't open start menu, or any hot keys23:05
kaddirebooting fixes it for like 5min and then it's back to the way it currently is23:06
kaddii have /usr/bin/plasmashell --shut-up running using about 300MB of ram, not sure if that's normal23:06
keithzgAlright, well, got the `ls -la` issue fixed with a .profile line to define LANG=C.UTF-8 and that seems to fix Dolphin's sorting order too. Ignoring the telnet X11 issue for now, GNHS doesn't seem to work . . .23:08
keithzgError 203 on new plasma themes, new mouse cursors, etc.23:08
keithzgGHNS, I guess I mean (huh, I always thought it was Get New Hot Stuff rather than Get Hot New Stuff).23:09
keithzgkaddi: What version of Kubuntu are you running?23:35
keithzgkaddi: Do you have the backports PPA enabled?23:36
kaddino, don't think23:37
keithzgIt may well be worth the upgrade to 15.10, Plasma 5 has been bugfixed a fair bit since 15.04 came out. Myself at least I've noticed it's far more stable---although only once I dropped the fglrx drivers.23:37
kaddiplasmashell is v 5.2.223:38
kaddihmm, ok23:38
keithzgThe version in 15.10 is 5.4.2, so two minor releases and some bugfix-only releases since then!23:39
kaddiyeah, but 15.04 should still be supported, no?23:39
kaddii'm not sure i want to upgrade over a broken system.. that sounds like a bad idea >.>23:39
keithzgWell, a few things.23:39
keithzgFirstly, you can definitely try and debug this a bit more. Personally I'd suggest creating another user (thus a completely new profile and user configs without having to modify yours at all) and logging in as them and seeing if you get the same issues.23:40
kaddiyeah, fair point.. I should do that23:41
kaddihaha, well can't get the switching user screen to appear >.>23:44
kaddiseems to be a usre issue, test worked fine, but switching back was impossible23:54
kaddicause everything froze23:54
kaddirebooted, now my screen resolution has been reset to default.. gonna leave it at that for now to see if that will keep it from crashing23:54
keithzgkaddi: Interesting. Your main config files for plasma are all in ~/.config, so you might try backing those up and removing them to see what it is about your own user config that's crashing things versus the test user you created.23:56
kaddiyeah, i will because I can't change the resolution anymore.. i wonder if it's not actually related to the graphic drivers23:56
keithzgkaddi: I was going to mention, while 15.04 is still *arguably* supported, non-LTS *buntu releases only get 9 months of support anyways; 15.04's EOL is January!23:57
kadditime sure does fly >.>23:57
keithzgHeh yup.23:57
kaddiyeah, I'll upgrade soon enough, need to find a free week-end, soooo january? :p23:57
kaddiok, looks like the plasmahsell just froze up again.23:59

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