eipi10is having bad reallocated sectors a big deal?03:00
eipi10heard of any false positives with 14.04?03:06
cimbakahnI am having a major problem with Lubuntu.  See here ---->  https://paste.teknik.io/244411:14
cimbakahnI have no idea what to do about this.  All suggestions will be appreciated.11:15
bioterrorlubuntu-desktop is a meta package11:16
bioterrorit can be removed11:16
bioterrorit's mainly used to pull in all the neccessary packages needed for the "whole" Lubuntu experience11:16
cimbakahnBut if lubuntu-desktop is removed it will take out lubuntu-core with it!11:18
bioterrorlubuntu-core is used when installing the basic lubuntu packages11:19
cimbakahnIf it takes out the core, i will have a broken system, correct?11:19
bioterrorit's just a package that has "few" dependencies11:20
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Vlado2Hi, i have created a trouble ticket #1516616 on launchpad about a bug that prevents me to install lubuntu, but even after several weeks nobody gives a ... about that bug, any idea how to improve that bug report to attract some dev?18:49
wxlbug 151661618:52
ubottubug 1516616 in lxde-common (Ubuntu) "can't boot lubuntu 15.10 try lubuntu without install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151661618:52
wxlVlado2: i must say your bug is terribly confusing as it seems to relate to many problems, not just one.18:53
Vlado2i guess i can remove the sentence that 14,04 didn't recognize my wifi card as it is not related18:56
wxland the other ones afterwards? as they suggest you CAN boot18:56
Vlado2i can boot only 14.0418:57
Vlado215.10 and xenial early builds can't boot18:57
wxlcan't boot or take a long time to boot?18:58
Vlado2the bootup process is extremely slow, and it will eventually crash due to multiple errors during bootup (as mentioned in the bug report, like failed to insert module kdbus, failed to star load kernel modules)18:59
wxlthese don't seem to be a problem based on testing. you say you checked the md5sum *AND* checked the media at the grub screen?18:59
wxlaww you're so mexican19:00
Vlado2yes, i checked the media at the menu19:00
Vlado2i beg you pardon!19:01
wxlooops! wrong channel!!!!!19:01
wxlbut were i to have directed that at you, don't take offense, as mexicans are very nice :)19:01
wxlanyways, did you check the md5 BEFORE you booted?19:01
Vlado2yes i did19:02
wxlthat is utterly bizarre19:02
wxlafaik no testing has resulted in similar errors19:02
wxlhave you tried different media? maybe usb rather than dvd?19:03
Vlado2after booting a menu shows up... install lubuntu, try Live, check CD and mem test19:03
wxland you did "check CD." but did you check the md5 of the .iso image before burning it?19:03
Vlado2the medium is OK, i used the same one to try 14.04 and xenial early build19:04
Vlado2i checked everything, verified sha256 of the iso, check pgp signature of the sha256, then verification after burning and then check cd from the lubuntu menu19:05
wxlok, did you try a different media?19:05
Vlado2no, but from that same media 14.04 worked19:06
wxlthat's irrelevant19:06
Vlado2i have troubles beleiveing in that, why would then the CD check from lubuntu menu came as OK19:06
wxlVlado2: well, by the same logic, why would other people's tests succeed?19:07
Vlado2different HW?19:07
wxl…where yours failed19:07
wxland that's what i'm suggesting19:07
wxltry different hardware (media)19:07
Vlado2did anyone tried Pentium M dothan?19:07
Vlado2i already tried to boot 15.10 on different machine and it booted just fine, i just came to different problem19:08
Vlado2bug #151660519:08
ubottubug 1516605 in lxde-common (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu doesn't react to mouse clicks when firefox is running" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151660519:08
wxloh pentium m!19:09
wxlpentium m may be problematic. did you forcepae?19:09
wxl!pae | Vlado219:10
ubottuVlado2: Ubuntu uses activated PAE Kernels on all installs now. Some older Hardware can have issues with that. For Troubleshooting see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE19:10
Vlado2even on i386 builds???19:11
Vlado2let me try that, i'll get back to you in a minute...19:12
Vlado2more like 30 minutes... :)19:12
Guest214.04.3   Why is i get this message when i look for updates ? Failed to download repository information19:40
wxlGuest2: likely either an issue contacting the server or a general networking/internet issue19:42
Guest2Sometimes i get this message.19:43
wxlGuest2: do you have a connection to the internet at those times?19:43
Guest2Is this about the same problem ?   http://itsfoss.com/failed-to-download-repository-information-ubuntu-13-04/19:45
wxlGuest2: and can you give me the entirety of the output including the error in a pastebin?19:45
wxlGuest2: that may be the same problem, it might not. the totality of the output will tell us. either way, i'll help you fix it and help you learn how to read those errors to solve the problem youself in the future. ;)19:46
Guest2I am on another computer (windows) here and just finnish update the Lubuntu. I run it over again and then it works.. I dont have the output longer.19:49
Guest2It is true we learn when we read around.19:49
wxlGuest2: then it's likely a network issue. sometimes servers go down temporarily. little can be done to resolve that.19:49
Guest2Is Lubuntu update VLC and other programs also when there is any new not only firefox ?19:50
wxlGuest2: if you run an update, it will update any programs that have new versions for the current version of the operating system.19:51
umdxhi, how do i install the graphic driver for Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller20:29
wxlumdx: what makes you think you need it?20:30
epictetusi just installed the alpha/beta test version of lubuntu (16.04 opr whatever) and my brand-new intel Broadwell laptop had nice 3d support out of the box20:30
epictetuslike intel-DRI etc for OpenGL was all automatically working20:30
umdxwxl i have the resolution but i lag watching videos20:30
umdxwxl and i tried chromium and Ff20:30
epictetusumdx: what kind of videos and what software are you using20:30
umdxtwitch tv20:31
wxlumdx: do you have the same problems with static videos?20:31
wxl…cuz if not, the problem is likely not your drivers20:31
umdxno, only when watching games20:31
epictetuswhat CPU20:31
umdxIntel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller20:31
epictetustwitch ads might just be using too much CPU20:31
umdxit doesnt lag on windows tho20:31
epictetusespecially if it's using flash20:31
epictetusflash on linux can be waaay laggier / crashier / slower than windows even with Chrome20:31
wxltechnically, adobe flash isn't even supported on linux.20:32
epictetusmaybe try an ad blocker / flash blocker that lets you block everything except the video screen?20:32
umdxi have ad block on20:32
epictetuswhat CPU though20:32
umdxit lags only when i have it on source20:32
umdxwhat  DE you guys use20:33
umdxi installed i3 and was woindering something about the configs20:34
wxlthat's what lubuntu is all about after all20:34
umdxfor some reason it explodes when i try to copy someones style20:34
wxlianorlin: Chicken_Wrap: don't you guys use i3 with lxde?20:34
umdxim thinking of changing pcmanfm20:35
umdxas well20:35
umdxprobably installing ranger20:35
Vlado2wxl: back to that Petium M problem20:36
Vlado2forcing pae didn't help20:36
wxlVlado2: then i'd try a usb and/or a different dvd and see if you can replicate20:37
Vlado2and btw. that problem mentioned on that web page affects only Banias cores, not Dothan as i have in laptop20:37
wxlVlado2: barring that problem, it would be interesting to see if the same problem exists with other flavors like xubuntu, as otherwise it's not a lubuntu problem so much as an ubuntu one20:37
Vlado2well, that laptop booted just fine 14.04 from that same DVD drive and DVD medium (i use DVD+RW)20:38
Vlado2i can try ubuntu, but that will probably be the same story as Lubuntu20:41
Vlado2and btw. in the command line there are three dashes, not two as in that article20:44

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