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liuxgwhen I am trying to config a snap, I get the following error http://paste.ubuntu.com/13499100/. what could be the reason for it?03:27
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liuxghow to set a locale for my raspberry pi device. I get the error like http://paste.ubuntu.com/13499347/03:57
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dholbachgood morning07:20
dholbachliuxg, looking at the webcam example right now07:37
liuxgdholbach, ok. thanks!07:37
liuxgdholbach, I just installed the latest snapcraft 0.5 version, and I got the error like http://paste.ubuntu.com/13500846/07:39
dholbachliuxg, I don't see that happening here... the .snap build succeeds for me07:40
dholbachwhich version of Ubuntu are you using?07:40
liuxgdholbach, I am now on vivid, and I am using snapcraft 0.507:41
liuxgdholbach, what is your snapcraft version?07:41
dholbachliuxg, I'm just using it from the git branch07:42
liuxgdholbach, liuxg@liuxg:~/snappy/examples$ snapcraft version snapcraft (0.5).Run "snapcraft help" to get started.07:43
dholbachthat's the most recent07:43
liuxgdholbach, what is your version in your place? I just re-pulled the code, and I got the same error in my place.07:44
dholbach481c79b7cee578e793baaf02bb733f1e14e1bd29 is the last commit07:44
dholbachliuxg, did you make modifications to the snapcraft.yaml in that directory?07:47
liuxgdholbach, how did you install your snapcraft? I used ./setup.py build and sudo ./setup.py install07:47
dholbachgit clone <branch> and then I ran it with ../../bin/snapcraft07:48
dholbachI didn't install it locally, but used the version from the archive07:48
liuxgdholbach, no, I did not do any change. It complained "DEPRECATED: plugin names ending in -project are deprecated. Using python3 instead of python3-project". I changed it to python3, and I got the same error.07:48
dholbachthat's a warning only, I'll submit a fix for that07:49
liuxgdholbach, yes, you are right. your way worked. I do not know how come I did not install it successfully?07:50
dholbachmaybe send a mail to the mailing list about it?07:50
liuxgdholbach, yeah, I think it is a good idea07:51
liuxgdholbach, by the way, what is the use of the setup.py there in the project?07:52
dholbachit's used internally for building the package for the ppa and the archive07:53
dholbachliuxg, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/115/files for the warning you saw earlier07:54
liuxgdholbach, I got it. so for the project itself, it is no much use, right?07:56
dholbachI'm not sure I understand the question07:56
liuxgdholbach, what i mean is that setup.py in the example project is only for ppa use, not for building the snap purpose :)08:02
dholbachoh.... sorry08:02
dholbachin which example project?08:03
dholbachin the webcamui?08:03
dholbachthere it's used to install the relevant file in the right places08:03
dholbachit's the project's "build system"08:03
liuxgdholbach, yes, it is in the webcam-webui project https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/examples/webcam-webui/setup.py08:06
liuxgdholbach, do we need to use it for any purpose from a developer point of view?08:06
dholbachyep, it's used by 'snapcraft build'08:06
dholbachwhen it uses the python3 plugin08:06
liuxgdholbach, so for the snapcraft.yaml, it is of no use?08:07
dholbachit is of use08:07
dholbachpython3 or python2 projects use setup.py08:07
dholbachthe cmake plugin uses CMakeLists.txt08:07
liuxgdholbach, so, it is used there for the python3 plugin during the compile process?08:07
dholbachso whenever you use a certain plugin, your project needs to fulfil y certain set of requirements08:08
liuxgdholbach, I used to compile a python project, in fact, I did not use the setup.py, and it worked directly.08:10
liuxgdholbach, this is the one https://github.com/campbieil/mqtt-for-ubuntu-core08:10
fgimenezgood morning08:12
dholbachliuxg, if you look at the snapcraft.yaml it uses the python3 plugin08:36
dholbachliuxg, and if you look at the source it's pulling in (https://git.eclipse.org/c/paho/org.eclipse.paho.mqtt.python.git/tree/), there's a setup.py08:36
liuxgdholbach, oh, thanks. I will check it. by the way, do you know how to use golang to do the config for snappy?08:38
dholbachgolang and config are two separate things08:38
dholbachgo is a plugin just like python3 or cmake or node or anything else - the way the project is built08:39
dholbachthe config is a layer on top of that08:39
liuxgdholbach, I mean if you have any examples showing how to do the config in golang. Currently, all of the samples use python to do that.08:42
liuxgdholbach, webcam-webui is a good project. however, it involves too many technologies: golang, script, python, c. For developers, it is not easy to master all of these. I think it is good to stick to a narrow set,08:44
dholbachI don't know if there's an example for that08:44
dholbachbut seriously, you can have config on top of any plugin you like, it's a separate thing08:45
liuxgdholbach, if is true. We can manually handle that as well. Still a programming way makes it easier.08:45
dholbachkind of like you can have services and binaries defined in a snap, no matter which plugin was used to build the part(s)08:46
liuxgdholbach, I think it is good to provide the solution in different method in addition to the python one in the example.08:49
liuxgdholbach, I just sent an email to the snappy mailinglist for the build problem.09:01
dholbachok cool09:01
liuxgdholbach, may I ask whether there is any golang solution to the config?09:02
dholbachI don't know09:02
liuxgdholbach, in the webcam-webui example, config.py is finally copied to the /usr/bin/config.py. how can this be done in the snapcraft.yaml? I do not see the copy there.09:23
dholbachliuxg, it's installed via setup.py - see the scripts definition in there?09:24
liuxgdholbach, yeah, I see config.py there. is this unique to the python?09:25
dholbachyes, in setup.py you can define modules, data files, scripts and other stuff09:26
dholbachscripts are automatically installed into usr/bin09:26
liuxgdholbach, it looks a new syntax to me anyway.  I just take it for granted!09:28
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dholbachin the python world it's very nice and easy to use09:28
liuxgdholbach, in fact, there is a bug for it. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501234/09:30
liuxgdholbach, in the final installation, the config.py is not there even though it appears in the "snap" directory09:30
dholbachI don't understand09:30
liuxgdholbach, you just deploy the snap, and on the target, you do not find the config.py file there in the /usr/bin directory09:31
dholbachit is there09:31
dholbachaniel@daydream:~/dev/snappy/snapcraft/examples/webcam-webui$ dpkg -c webcam-webui_1_amd64.snap | grep bin/config.py09:31
dholbach-rwxrwxr-x root/root       246 2015-11-25 10:15 ./usr/bin/config.py09:31
liuxgdholbach, have you installed it onto KVM?09:34
dholbachno, this is just locally09:34
dholbachI ran the build and inspected the resulting snap file09:34
liuxgdholbach, strange. let me reinstall it.09:35
liuxgdholbach, sorry, I found it in the /usr/bin directory. However, when I ran th config, I got an error like http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501276/09:41
liuxgdholbach, what doe exactly the config file look like? I cannot create one.09:45
dholbachcan you file a bug about this?09:46
dholbachit looks like a bug09:46
liuxgdholbach, against snapcraft project? did you duplicate this in your place?09:46
dholbachI'm busy with something else right now, so I didn't try it locally yet09:46
liuxgdholbach, ok. I will file a bug for it.09:47
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Shopping Reminder Day! 😃10:38
Chipacaliuxg: to know the os version, 'snappy info' and 'snappy list' together would work11:02
liuxgChipaca, interesting, lsb_release -a command works as well. Description:Ubuntu 15.04. so what is the right command to turn the autopilot off?11:03
liuxgChipaca, snappy info and snappy list do not tell me the OS version.11:04
Chipacaliuxg: well then you mean something different than I understand by “OS version”11:04
Chipacabecause `snappy info` tells me `ubuntu-core/rolling/edge`11:05
liuxgChipaca, just now, you said if you ran on 15.04, ....11:05
Chipacaand `snappy list` tells me I'm on revision 25911:05
liuxgChipaca,  snappy config ubuntu-core | grep autoupdate does not return anything11:05
Chipacaliuxg: what does `snappy list` output11:05
Chipacaliuxg: snappy info11:06
liuxgChipaca, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501602/11:06
Chipacaliuxg: and snappy info?11:07
liuxgChipaca, snappy info http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501606/11:07
Chipacaliuxg: first line of that snappy info output11:07
Chipacaliuxg: tells you you're on ubuntu-core/15.04/stable11:07
Chipacaliuxg: and snappy list tells me you're on revision 2 of 15.04/stable11:08
liuxgChipaca, yes, I saw it. thanks. but snappy config ubuntu-core | grep autoupdate command does not tell me anything there.11:08
Chipacaliuxg: which also tells me you're something like 8 releases behind current11:08
liuxgChipaca, so, I need to update my system?11:09
Chipacaliuxg: as I said, if you're on 15.04, s/autoupdate/autopilot/11:09
Chipacaliuxg: very yes11:09
Chipacaliuxg: and it sounds like it's been trying to do so for a while11:09
Chipacaliuxg: it's possible the update is failing and you're rolling back automatically, if so it'd be somewhat interesting to figure out why11:09
liuxgChipaca, do you mean "s/autoupdate/autopilot/" command?11:09
Chipacabut only somehwat, because the raspberry pi was not officially supported on release 211:10
Chipacaversion 211:10
Chipacarevision 211:10
Chipacawhatever we call it11:10
* Chipaca has a headache11:10
liuxgChipaca, yes, it keeps trying.  I need to manually upgrade it :)11:10
Chipacaliuxg: so it's entirely possible you *can't* upgrade and need to reflash; ogra_ would know more11:10
liuxgChipaca, I can flash it myself. that is not a problem.11:11
Chipacaliuxg: by s/autoupdate/autopilot/ i mean "replace autoupdate by autopilot in all the doc", because autoupdate is the new name; it used to be called autopilot11:11
ChipacaI'm not sure if we changed it in the latest 15.04, but I think not11:12
liuxgChipaca, OK. I got it. thanks! I think it is good to update the doc.11:12
Chipacain any case, if ... config | grep autoupdate doesn't print anything, you need to say autopilot instead11:12
Chipacano, it's not good to update the doc11:12
Chipacathat doc is correct for rolling11:12
Chipacait's also published for stable on the ubuntu website, which you can probably find easier than i11:13
Chipacai just have the github link closer to hand11:13
liuxgChipaca, in my place, both ways do not show anything there http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501627/11:14
Chipacaliuxg: update first11:15
liuxgChipaca, OK11:15
liuxgChipaca, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/autopilot/11:15
Chipacayes, that's the *old* old doc11:16
Chipacaupdate, and let's check11:16
liuxgChipaca, so, the doc needs to be updated, right?11:17
Chipacathat's what i meant by “update, and let's check”11:17
Chipacai believe it does11:18
Chipacabut i've lost track a little11:18
liuxgChipaca, my system refuses to update to the latest http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501646/11:18
liuxgChipaca, the new version is there. it happened to me before.11:19
liuxgChipaca, the latest version is there, but it does not use it.11:19
Chipacaogra_: ping11:20
liuxgChipaca, I use to report a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/150836811:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1508368 in Snappy "Ubuntu core does not boot into the right version" [Undecided,Incomplete]11:21
liuxgChipaca, it happened on the KVM long time ago.11:21
Chipacaogra_: when is 15.04/stable revision 2 on rpi2 from? and should update work?11:22
ogra_Chipaca, only for subsequent images ...11:22
Chipacaliuxg: ^. Just reflash the rpi2 to something newer.11:23
ogra_http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-snappy/15.04/stable/latest/ has the official images11:24
Guest552342what is this?? https://uappexplorer.com/app/ubuntu-classic-armhf.mvo11:37
ogra_Guest552342, it installs a classic "deb" mode11:37
ogra_(in its very early stages still though, the implementation can still change)11:38
Guest552342ogra_, AWESOME! :D11:38
Guest552342oh it's only for armhf :\11:39
Guest552342i haz none, only x8611:39
ogra_(i.e. you will be able to install debs in a container that uses the snappy rootfs as base)11:39
Guest552342super nice!11:40
Guest552342can't wait to land on the phone :D11:41
ogra_(to make running snapcraft to create snappy packages easy)11:41
ogra_i'm not sure how much of snappy will actually land on the phone initially ...11:42
ogra_i think the plan is to only support the package format for now ... not an actual snappy install yet11:42
Guest552342i'll be happy with whatever it lands :D but when? :P11:42
ogra_in time for 16.0411:42
Guest552342soon then11:42
mvoGuest552342: ubuntu-classic.mvo is the version for amd6411:48
mvoGuest552342: but like ogra_ said, there will be some changes :)11:49
ogra_mvo, interestingly uappexplorer doesnt fine the non armhf version11:49
Guest552342thanks mvo :D yep ogra_ i coudn't find the amd64 version in uappexplorer11:50
ogra_snappy searhc should find it though11:50
SaMnCo-desktopNot sure it's a snappy problem or a LXD problem, but I can't start a Trusty image on a rpi with Snappy11:50
ogra_might be a bug in uappexplorer11:50
SaMnCo-desktoplog here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501779/11:50
SaMnCo-desktopit used to work ok11:51
ogra_SaMnCo-desktop, hmm, without sudo ?11:51
SaMnCo-desktop(RaspberryPi2)ubuntu@samnco01:~$ sudo lxc start trusty11:51
SaMnCo-desktoperror: cannot read config file: open /home/ubuntu/apps/lxd/0.21-1/.config/lxc/config.yml: permission denied11:51
SaMnCo-desktopogra_-  ^11:52
ogra_i fear you have to wait for stgraber11:53
SaMnCo-desktopogra_-   I have this line: No such file or directory - failed to access to '/var/lib/apps/lxd/current//lxc', check it is present11:53
SaMnCo-desktopand ls /var/lib/apps/lxd/current doesn't exist11:54
SaMnCo-desktopshould I create the symlink myself?11:54
ogra_hmm, it should, how old is your rpi image ?11:54
SaMnCo-desktoppretty new, a couple of weeks maybe?11:55
ogra_well, the link should be there with the last stable image and with rolling11:56
ogra_iirc we set it everywhere now11:56
SaMnCo-desktopok forget about it, adding the link actually fixes the problem11:56
ogra_Chipaca, is that right ?11:56
SaMnCo-desktopogra_-  so my problem is fixed, but if there is further investigation you want to make, I am happy to help11:57
ogra_well, snappy should have created the link at package install time11:57
ogra_at least on a recent image11:57
liuxgChipaca, ok.. thanks! I will do it11:58
Chipacaogra_: i'm not sure we have the link on stable, let me check12:06
Chipacaogra_: s/stable/15.04/12:06
ogra_i thought it was a requirement for the last release12:06
ogra_yeah, 15.0412:07
Guest552342Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!12:09
Guest552342It is also possible that a host key has just been changed.12:09
Guest552342ogra :(  sudo snappy install curl.tetor12:12
Guest552342Installing curl.tetor12:12
Guest552342curl failed to install: Get https://public.apps.ubuntu.com/anon/download/tetor/curl.tetor/curl.tetor_0.1.10_amd64.snap: dial tcp: lookup public.apps.ubuntu.com: No address associated with hostname12:12
ogra_are you online at all ?12:13
ogra_doesnt look  like it12:13
Guest552342hm.. right i'm offline but why12:14
Guest552342or am i? snappy search returns searches12:15
ChipacaGuest552342: wrt the 'remote host identification' warning, i have this in my ~/.ssh/config:12:16
ChipacaGuest552342: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13501861/12:16
ChipacaGuest552342: that avoids the warning, and makes “ssh kvm.snappy” work12:17
Guest552342thanks Chipaca  :D i'll add that12:17
ogra_Chipaca, hmm, does snappy confi havwe a concept of existing but disabled config options ... i.e. similar to commented out options in config files like "# myvar = 'change to your liking'"12:26
Guest552342:'( so the search works but i can't install snaps. the search requires internet, right?12:27
* ogra_ isnt sure, it might for the first search but might cache subsequent ones12:28
liuxgChipaca, after I install the new software, I find that the "apps" directory in the home does not exist12:30
liuxgChipaca, where does the directory go?12:31
Chipacaogra_: not really, why?12:34
ogra_Chipaca, well, i just notice that many config files have this so you save the admin from having to read through docs12:34
Chipacaliuxg: it goes nowhere; apps create it as needed12:34
Guest552342ogra_, out of the blue i managed to install hello-world o_O. do you know if webdm is preinstalled?12:35
ogra_it is in the official images12:35
ChipacaGuest552342: what error do you get when you try to install?12:35
Guest552342webdm failed to install: the given snap is already installed12:35
ogra_it wont be preinstalled if you use ubuntu-device-flash without the --install option for a self built image12:35
ogra_snappy list12:36
Guest552342i am using  wget http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img.xz and running the image in kvm12:36
Guest552342 sudo snappy install curl.tetor12:37
Guest552342Installing curl.tetor12:37
Guest552342curl failed to install: snappy package not found12:37
ogra_try without the suffix12:38
Guest552342without tetor?12:38
Guest552342curl is the prefix right? :D12:38
Guest552342ok :d12:38
Guest552342Installing system-status.victor - ok (worked)12:39
ogra_hmm, weird12:39
liuxgChipaca, you are right. I have to run the app once to get the directory. for example, I want to install sth in the docker. I need to know its path.12:40
Guest552342Installing snake.mectors - ok. so i do have internet connection :D and i can install stuff but not all the snaps work12:40
liuxgChipaca, by the way, last time, you said that you got a way to compile for armhf on device. do you have the detailed instruction for it?12:41
liuxgChipaca, if yes, I would like to blog it :)12:41
ogra_Guest552342, do you see it in a "snappy search *" call ?12:41
Guest552342yep, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13501969/12:42
Guest552342curl.tetor                    0.1.10             cURL12:43
ogra_very weird, then it should definitely be installable ...12:43
ogra_i wonder if there is an issue with the store12:43
ogra_beuno, ^^^ ?12:43
Guest552342mvo, sudo snappy install ubuntu-classic.mvo12:43
Guest552342Installing ubuntu-classic.mvo12:43
Guest552342ubuntu-classic failed to install: snappy package not found12:43
ogra_Guest552342, yeah, i get the same when trying on an amd64 stable image here12:44
Guest552342so it's popey 's fault12:45
beunocan you find it by searching?12:45
ogra_though my snappy search also only returns one single package12:45
ogra_(amd64)ogra@aleph2:~$ snappy search *12:45
ogra_Name                 Version Summary12:45
ogra_transmission.matiasb 2.84.2  Transmission12:45
ogra_thats all i get here12:45
beunoso that's why12:45
beunolets try and figure out what's getting filtered out12:45
ogra_beuno, well, for me, but Guest552342 has a proper search output12:45
ogra_see the pastebin above12:46
beunomatiasb, hi!  would channels be doing this?  ^12:46
ogra_ah, i'm on an "edge" 15.04 image here12:46
ogra_which is identical with the release12:47
beunoso the system is just looking at the edge channel by default12:47
ogra_just not from the stable channeöl12:47
Guest552342i'm on release12:47
beunothis is new behavior ogra_12:47
matiasbbeuno, right, edge channel is empty atm12:47
ogra_right, so that explains the difference12:47
matiasbI published transmission after the rollout yesterday12:47
ogra_but doesnt explain why Guest552342 cant install the packages12:47
beunoso now back to Guest552342's problem12:47
beunowe'd need a bit more debug information12:48
* matiasb reads backlog12:48
beunomaybe mvo, sergiusens or Chipaca can help12:48
Guest552342i can type stuff in that black window if you tell me what :d12:48
Chipacabeuno: matiasb: a heads-up to the mailing list would've been nice12:49
ogra_beuno, so is there a chance that we can make the stable snaps available to all edge channels if they dont have an "edge" equivalent ?12:49
ogra_thats pretty limiting otherwise12:49
ogra_(i tend to do development on an edge image, now i cant download any snaps )12:50
beunoogra_, yes, just need to ship the edge image that defaults to stable channel for everything except the things you want on edge12:50
* Guest552342 brb. smoke12:50
beunoalso, developers will be able to publish to edge soon12:50
ogra_yeah, i saw the option in the web UI12:50
beunoChipaca, sorry about that, we've been coordinating with mvo instead12:50
ogra_but it would make sense to have edge packages of stable packages where devs didnt explicitly pick to publish in edge12:51
beunothat was the original proposal for channels12:51
beunomaybe we'll circle back to that12:51
beunobut the reality is I think the edge image should just pick the OS & Kernel from the edge channel12:52
beunoand default to stable for everything else12:52
ogra_i dont care abnout os and kernel12:52
ogra_yeah :)12:52
beunoright  :)12:52
* ogra_ sighs ... another 300 mails to read 12:52
ogra_off for a week and i return to 1200 mails in my inbox :(12:53
Chipacaliuxg: wrt the directory, i don't understand what you want/need/mean12:55
beunoChipaca, any idea why Guest552342 would get back a search result and then not be able to install?12:56
Chipacabeuno: i don't know the error message he was getting12:56
Chipacaogra_: btw, install $pkg/stable works12:57
ogra_(amd64)ogra@aleph2:~$ sudo snappy install ubuntu-classic.mvo/stable12:58
ogra_Installing ubuntu-classic.mvo/stable12:58
ogra_ubuntu-classic failed to install: snappy package not found12:58
ogra_not even if i drop mvo12:58
Chipacai suspect that's been unpublished12:58
Chipacacheck with mvo12:58
davmor2ogra_: You can have my inbox if you like I had 750 I only had one day off :)12:58
ogra_davmor2, well, you dont want to knwo about the subfolders :P12:59
davmor2ogra_: oh you mean in you inbox minus the subfolders13:00
ogra_yep :)13:00
davmor2ogra_: maybe you should break so much then people wouldn't have to blame you13:00
ogra_(amd64)ogra@aleph2:~$ sudo snappy install curl.tetor/stable13:00
ogra_Installing curl.tetor/stable13:00
ogra_...curl          2015-11-25 0.1.10       tetor13:00
ogra_seems to work !13:00
ogra_Guest552342, ^^^13:00
matiasbChipaca, ogra_, fwiw, checking in the store ubuntu-classic is still review pending, but ubuntu-classic-armhf is published13:01
liuxgChipaca, I need to install a container inside the docker. without knowing it first, I do not know where to install. Anyway, after I run "docker version" once, it creates the directory for me.13:01
ogra_matiasb, yep ...13:01
Chipacaliuxg: what do you mean "where to install"?13:01
ogra_seesm to work with another package13:01
liuxgChipaca, I can only install container inside sth like apps/docker/
Chipacaliuxg: i don't understand13:02
liuxgChipaca, the path apps/docker/  belongs to docker, and we cannot install a container in any other places.13:03
beunoChipaca, if it were unpublished, it wouldnt show up in search results?13:03
Chipacaliuxg: what you said is true. I still don't understand the problem you're having.13:04
ogra_liuxg, install the owncloud snap and take a deep look at the start script it ships13:05
ogra_that should show you how to properly use docker13:05
liuxgChipaca, if I do not run docker once, the path is not created, so should I create it manually?13:05
ogra_(i dont think it should use anything out of /var/lib/apps/docker...../ )13:05
liuxgogra_, thanks! the app path is only created when it runs once.13:06
Chipacaliuxg: why do _you_ need to know that path?13:09
amp_Hi everyone. This is probably my first use of IRC, please excuse me if I've do something wrong here. I have a question...13:09
Guest552342ogra_, yep  sudo snappy install curl.tetor/stable works :D13:09
Guest552342i had no idea i have to add /stable13:09
ogra_Guest552342, nobody had13:09
* ogra_ blames beuno 13:09
beunoGuest552342, it's new  :)13:09
beunochannels go introduced yesterday13:09
ChipacaGuest552342: you shouldn't; it's a bug13:09
Guest552342oh :D13:10
ogra_beuno, FAVO "introduced"13:10
beunoGuest552342, are you using the edge image?13:10
ogra_he uses stable13:10
amp_I have flashed the new stable bbb image (15.04) to my BeagleBoneBlack using SD card. I can boot it, I can ssh into it from LAN, but the image cannot see the internet. 'snappy list -u' fails.13:10
ogra_from releases.u.c13:10
Guest552342yep stable13:10
beunoso there's a bug indeed13:10
beunowe'll figure out where13:10
beunomatiasb, am I correct that if no channel is passed, you should get back stable?13:11
beunoit seems true for search13:11
beunomaybe not true for package API calls?13:11
ogra_beuno, how do you figure out on which channel i am btw ? ...13:11
ogra_system-image will be gone soon13:11
beunoogra_, not sure what the CLI exposes13:11
amp_What can I do to debug this problem?13:11
matiasbbeuno, correct, CPI always assumes stable when no channel is specified13:11
beunomatiasb, seems true for search, but doesn't seem true for installing a package13:11
ogra_beuno, well, the only place i know is system-image-cli -i ... but that will be gone as soon as we swithc to all-snaps13:12
beunoogra_, we'll have to find a place for it in the snappy CLI13:12
matiasbbeuno, hmm... installing a package shouldn't need a channel per-se, you get the package from a upload version URL; otoh, CPI package details, also assumes stable by default13:13
beunowe'll have to figure out what's going on then13:13
beunowhy search is fine but install isn't13:13
beunootp with the people who can find out13:14
ChipacaGuest552342: can you check whether it now works *without* /stable?13:14
beunoso will wait for that to be over  :)13:14
matiasback, I can check if there is some code I can take a look at to review the involved API calls; in my head, nothing should have changed for stable installs13:15
nessitabeuno, matiasb sorry if this is noise, but isn't snappy 16.04 using edge as default channel?13:15
Guest552342Chipaca, yep :d works now whothout /stable13:15
beunonessita, it depends what image you download13:16
beunoChipaca, why would it have worked the second time?13:16
ChipacaGuest552342: so either you're having intermittent network issues, or we're having intermittent server issues13:16
Chipacai hope beuno would know if the latter were the case ;-)13:16
beunoChipaca, we should try and have the client expose that a bit better13:17
Guest552342i have strong and fast internet! :D13:17
beunoit seemed like a 404 vs network13:17
Chipacabeuno: expose what exactly?13:17
Guest552342Installing mir13:19
Guest552342mir failed to install: snappy package not found13:19
Guest552342but i can see mir when i search13:19
ChipacaGuest552342: the mir package is buggy, and i'm not sure it works at all, but try “mir.mvp-demo”13:20
Guest552342Chipaca, uuu 76Mb :D yep this one works13:21
Chipacabeuno: ah, snappy install just responds 'not found' on network error, yes, that needs updating13:21
beunoyes, that13:24
Chipacabeuno: snappy search is more boisterous13:25
ogra_Chipaca, mvo, who broke ubuntu-snappy-cli on the weekend ?14:24
Chipacaogra_: how's it broken?14:25
ogra_(images dont build since sat.)14:25
ogra_The following packages have unmet dependencies:14:25
ogra_ ubuntu-snappy : Depends: ubuntu-snappy-cli (= 1.7ubuntu1-1+906~ubuntu16.04.1) but it is not going to be installed14:25
ogra_E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.14:25
mvoogra_: the build failure?14:25
ogra_ah, did it ftbfs ?14:25
dholbachsergiusens: when do you think we should do the next clinic about snapcraft 0.5? :)14:37
ogra_is 0.4 out yet ?14:40
* ogra_ didnt get an update14:40
liuxgChipaca, I have upgraded my software, however, when i run "snappy config ubuntu-core | grep autoupdate", I still get nothing. see http://paste.ubuntu.com/13502677/14:41
Chipacaliuxg: snappy info, snappy list, please14:41
beunoChipaca, mvo, we need to figure out what to do with the new channels behaviour for the edge image. Any suggestions?14:41
beunodo we update the edge image?  set all current snaps to the edge channel as well?14:42
dholbachogra_, xenial has 0.5 and the PPAs should be updated too14:42
liuxgChipaca, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13502700/14:42
ogra_dholbach, well, my wily install doesnt have it ... i only have 0.314:42
* ogra_ checks if the PPA got disabled or something14:43
Chipacaliuxg: "snappy config" output?14:43
Chipacaliuxg: erm14:43
Chipacaliuxg: sudo snappy config ubuntu-core14:43
ogra_bah, indeed it did14:44
* ogra_ curses ... so my snaps are all outdated :/14:44
Chipacaliuxg: AUTOPILOT14:44
sergiusensdholbach, Monday or Wednesday?14:44
liuxgChipaca, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13502726/14:45
Chipacaliuxg: not autouplitottogiqwerwhateveryoutyped14:45
dholbachsergiusens, which to do you prefer?14:45
liuxgChipaca, yeah, you are right. sorry.14:45
sergiusensdholbach, Wednesday so I can speak to kyrofa in case he wants to join14:46
dholbachsergiusens, ok, which time?14:46
sergiusensdholbach, 5pm your time maybe? (I am lost with tz diffs, sorry)14:47
dholbachthat'd clash with our community team meeting, but maybe I can miss it just this once :)14:48
dholbachso that'd be 2nd Dec 16:00 UTC14:48
sergiusensdholbach, is that good for you? tuesday is fine as well14:50
sergiusensso you don't miss the meeting14:50
dholbachtuesday that timeslot is the community Q&A :)14:51
stgraberSaMnCo-desktop: don't use sudo14:54
SaMnCo-desktopstgraber-  Yeah, it works now. The problem was that the system did not create the symlink for the latest lxd version14:54
SaMnCo-desktoptherefore if you look at the log, it didn't know where to find the lxc binary14:55
stgraberah yeah, I think we have a note for that in our getting-started instructions14:55
stgraberx86 and bbb images have it but not rpi214:55
SaMnCo-desktopstgraber-  Ah, I didn't see that, RTFM to me then :D14:55
stgraberSaMnCo-desktop: https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/getting-started-cli/#ubuntu-core-snappy14:55
ogra_stgraber, rpi has it too14:56
ogra_the bbb and rpi images are 100% identical since last stable14:57
ogra_(module the hardware setup indeeD)14:57
ogra_(this is ubuntu-core v3 in "snappy list")14:59
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SaMnCo-desktopside question, does anyone know when Docker will be updated to a more recent version than 1.6.2?15:18
SaMnCo-desktoplike... 1.9?15:18
asaci have troubles figuring how to conveniently setup my lxc so i have my home mounted and i auto login with the right user etc. ... anyone has done this and has pointers/tricks?15:19
asackickinz1: see docker questiona bove15:19
asac(if it matters, i am using lxd from daily ppa15:19
kickinz1SaMnCo-desktop, there has been some work, and there is an 1.8.3 amd64 snappy build already, but the armhf need some bug fixes, and I don't have time for that right now.15:20
kickinz1asac ^15:20
asackickinz1: is armhf support not upstream yet?15:26
dholbachsergiusens, not sure if you saw the message earlier: tuesday that timeslot is the community Q&A :)16:01
sergiusensdholbach, oh, yeah, then wednesday is fine16:11
dholbachok cool16:14
SaMnCo-desktopkickinz1-  ok thanks16:22
Guest55Awogra_, welp :( i can't install https://uappexplorer.com/app/classic.mvo [Architecture: all]16:47
Guest55Awclassic failed to install: snappy package not found16:48
Guest55Awbut it's in the store16:48
ogra_Guest55Aw, hmm, i cant either ... perhaps another store issue16:49
Guest55Awogra_, ok thanks :'(16:49
elopiofgimenez: the $1 and $2 are alright http://paste.ubuntu.com/13503344/16:49
mvoGuest55Aw: you will need a "rolling" (16.04) image for now its only availalbe there. I expect it wil come to 15.04 too (soonish) but it is still in development16:50
elopioogra_: hey, welcome back!16:50
ogra_elopio, hey ho !16:50
mvoogra_: oh, you have this issue too, me16:50
ogra_mvo, i'm on 15.04 edge16:50
elopioI missed you. Don't leave us again :')16:50
Guest55Awmvo, oooo nice :D let's roll then16:50
ogra_so i'm fine16:50
mvoogra_: its only rolling for now16:50
Guest55Awmvo, silly question but from where do i wget the rolling image16:55
ogra_Guest55Aw, you have to create it yourself using ubuntu-device-flash16:55
Guest55Awogra_, oh, i see :D16:56
fgimenezelopio, no idea then... the script works fine locally17:01
Guest55Awogr, so.. ubuntu-device-flash core 16.04 -o snappy_rolling.img --size 4 --enable-ssh ?17:02
Guest55Awogra_,  so.. ubuntu-device-flash core 16.04 -o snappy_rolling.img --size 4 --enable-ssh ?17:02
fgimenezelopio, i would ask more about the environment, env and go version, not sure if they could affect the suite execution though17:03
ogra_Guest55Aw, i think:  ubuntu-device-flash core rolling --channel=edge  -o snappy_rolling.img  --enable-ssh17:03
Guest55Awogra_, thanks17:04
Guest55Awogra_, Determining oem configuration17:06
Guest55Awgeneric-amd64 failed to install: snappy package not found17:06
ogra_oh, then you need --oem=genercic-amd6417:06
Guest55Awogra_, same error17:09
ogra_sudo ubuntu-device-flash core --oem=generic-amd64 --channel=edge  -o snappy_rolling.img  --enable-ssh rolling17:10
ogra_works here17:10
Guest55Awogra_, strange i get Determining oem configuration generic-amd64 failed to install: snappy package not found :|17:14
ogra_when you copy/paste my line above ?17:14
Guest55Awi'm on 16.0417:14
Guest55Aw:~$ sudo ubuntu-device-flash core --oem=generic-amd64 --channel=edge  -o snappy_rolling.img  --enable-ssh rolling17:14
Guest55AwDetermining oem configuration17:14
Guest55Awgeneric-amd64 failed to install: snappy package not found17:14
* ogra_ is on 14.04 but that shouldnt matter, my ubuntu-device-flash should be the same version as yours17:14
Guest55Awogra_,  ubuntu-device-flash 0.33-0ubuntu217:16
ogra_oh,. i'm on 0.31 still17:17
Guest55Awoh :D i wander what changed17:17
ogra_the changelog doesnt look like it would have any relation to your error17:20
Guest55Awshould i open a bug report?17:21
* Guest55Aw brb -pizza-17:21
ogra_Guest55Aw, yeah ... i dont use 16.04 anywhere, probably it is expected breakage17:22
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elopioogra_: I need your help. If I put this in a bash script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13504401/18:04
elopiono matter how badly the command fails, the error will be left in output.txt ?18:04
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jerryGgetting a "has non-unique elements" error when trying to execute snapcraft.  any suggestions?19:15
sergiusensjerryG, can I see your snapcraft.yaml?19:41
ogra_elopio, yes19:44
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