lapisdecor_hi I have this problem on ubuntu-sdk: E: Xephyr executable not found. Please install Xephyr00:13
lapisdecor_How do I solve this?00:13
mcphaillapisdecor_: is this when you try to run an app?00:15
lapisdecor_mcphail: yes00:16
lapisdecor_before that one I had the same problem it told me to install another something with 3 letters I can't remmember the name00:17
mcphaillapisdecor_: try clicking on the computer icon above the green arrow in the bottom left corner and changing the "run" setting away from the Autopilot one00:17
mcphailThen try running again00:18
lapisdecor_yay! it works :-)00:20
mcphaillapisdecor_: imho, this is a bug. Don't know if bzoltan would agree?00:20
lapisdecor_i choosed qmlscene00:20
mcphailnon-autopilot should be default00:21
lapisdecor_how do I fix my design view? it says "Qml module does not contain information about components contained in plugins"00:23
mcphaillapisdecor_: design view doesn't work, and is unlikely to work in the futre00:24
mcphaillapisdecor_: it doesn't support custom components, and the Ubuntu UI is _made_ of custom components00:24
lapisdecor_How do I see a list of Ubuntu costum components?00:25
lapisdecor_Is there a way to use python to make an app? I tried pyside but it's another qt version...00:29
lapisdecor_It would be really awsome to be able to make apps with python, everybody is learning python these days00:30
mcphaillapisdecor_: you can use python to make the backend, but you really need qt or SDL to make a gui. Also, you'll have to bundle a lot of the python runtime in your app. It is possible, but not really for a beginner project00:30
mcphaillapisdecor_: worth making a few qml/qt apps, an html5 app or 2, then getting a feel for .click packaging before launching into a python app00:32
lapisdecor_I'm learning C++ right now, I'm already at polymorphism. I already made an app with html5 and javascript.00:33
mcphaillapisdecor_: good stuff. Make a couple of qt/qml apps with c++ backends and have a look at how click packages things. Also see https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2015/04/13/inner-workings-sdk/ which tells you a bit about the guts00:34
mcphaillapisdecor_: you can unroll a click package by running "dpkg-deb --extract packagename.click ."00:35
mcphaillapisdecor_: have a poke about in some packages and see how things are bundled00:35
lapisdecor_Ok I will, thank you very much mcphail. I just have another question: how do I make a circle with qml?00:41
mcphaillapisdecor_: not something I've done, but you'll probably find hints at https://qmlbook.github.io/00:44
lapisdecor_thanks! :-)00:45
mcphaillapisdecor_: enjoy!00:46
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bzoltanmcphail:  it is a bug in the python-autopilot package  uses but does not depend on the xephyr. I know about it and about to fix it.05:07
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dholbachgood morning07:20
mcphailbzoltan: cheers!08:07
rpadovanihey guys :-) I'm using the ubuntu-sdk-ide on 14.04, and it's amazing \o/ My only doubt is: how can I add new qt packages to the desktop kit? Let's say I want to use bacon 2d, how can I install it? If I install as usual (apt-get in my system) it doesnt see it. So I think I have to edit the desktop kit, am I right?09:10
rpadovaniIf yes, how can I do it?09:10
rpadovaniit's all under /usr/ubuntu-sdk-dev/ as far as I understand09:11
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JoeyChanballoons:  Hello,  could u help to merge this ? I don't know why it is still there  https://code.launchpad.net/~mrqtros/ubuntu-rssreader-app/uitk13-few-fixes/+merge/27562513:26
ahayzenJoeyChan, the prerequisite hasn't been merged/approved? https://code.launchpad.net/~qqworini/ubuntu-rssreader-app/uitk-1_3/+merge/27562013:32
JoeyChanOh ? let me c,  thx13:33
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snizzohey, how can I fix this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13504233/17:43
snizzothe problem is I am using debug for development as I'm actually developing...17:45
DanChapmansnizzo: I got past that by selecting "Treat click review errors as warnings" in tools -> options -> ubuntu -> project defaults. It will then just pop up a dialog asking if you want to continue anyway18:15
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