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geniiI've been working on getting Ubuntu onto some OMAP4470 based tablets here, Texas Instruments recommends using rootstock to create the filesystem, but I can't seem to find it anyplace ( according to them it's provided by qemu but I have qemu installed) and searching at packages.ubuntu.com produces no result. Was it superceded by some other method?15:38
ogra_rootstock is long dead ...15:39
ogra_but you can find the source on launchpad15:39
ogra_(i assume you will need to fix issues if you try to build something newer with it)15:40
ogra_there is a successor but i worte that mainly for touch, not for normal rootfs builds, so that wont help much15:41
geniiogra_: Thanks for the fast reply. What is the preferred method then to accomplish something like what is described in the reply of https://e2e.ti.com/support/omap/f/849/t/31760515:43
ogra_i'd start from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily/current/15:44
ogra_that givey you a minimal rootfs15:44
* genii investigates15:45
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