dholbachgood morning07:20
davidcalleMorning o/08:28
davidcalledholbach, can you log in to https://developer.staging.ubuntu.com? Do you see a draft on the home page?10:18
dholbachI can't log in - I go through SSO, but it doesn't show me the admin/pages options10:20
dholbachah now it does10:21
dholbachmaybe caching10:21
dholbachyes, I see legos10:21
dholbachbut I can't publish10:21
dholbachI need to run now - see you later10:22
davidcalledholbach, np, thanks :)10:29
* davidcalle -> lunch10:54
balloonsping jose15:05
popeyI'm going afk shortly, school parents evening then out tonight, if anyone needs anything drop me a mail and I'll deal with it when I'm back or tomorrow o/15:30
davidcalledpm, dholbach, balloons, mhall119, joining in 2 min16:03
balloonspopey, did you ask anyone from the design team about GCI? If not, who might we be able to ask?16:44
balloonsping jose16:45
dholbachsee you tomorrow! :)17:05
czajkowskizergless: aloha21:58
czajkowskiballoons: mhall119 zergless here has some questions about the mentor program21:59
czajkowskican you guys help with answering :)21:59
balloonszergless, hello21:59
balloonswhat's your question?21:59
zerglesswas wondering about info for students to part take?22:06
zerglessany info on how we get a mentor?22:06
zerglessor where we can see the task?22:06
balloonszergless, the contest begins on dec 7th22:09
balloonsuntil then, there isn't anything yet for you as a student22:09
balloonsmake sure you are registered and all ready to go22:09
balloonsyou will see ubuntu tasks when things officially open22:09
zerglessCool wheres the rteg link? :)22:10
wxlhey folks. do you guys have any private cc-only documents stored somewhere? i'm trying to think of what might be the best solution for the lc for something similar22:17
czajkowskiwxl: we had our own trello board22:23
wxlczajkowski: yeah for TODOs that would make sense. i was thinking more HOWTO22:24
zerglessballoons: ty :)22:25
czajkowskiwxl: howtos can be public22:28
wxlyeah i guess that's true. it's not like we're going to put passwords in it22:29
zerglesshunter2 :)22:30

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