coolbhavihey guys01:43
coolbhaviI am Bhavani shankar and I'm an ubuntu member.. I just logged in using my nick and its registered but I'm not able to have ubuntu cloak on there01:44
coolbhavican anyone please help me?01:46
k1l_coolbhavi: you need the ircc to confirm the cloak request.01:59
coolbhaviThanks kll_  I am a member from 2007 and been a member of the cloaked irc team on LP too but this time when I logged in I realised my cloak was missing02:03
k1l_coolbhavi: your account is registered 28 minutes ago.02:09
k1l_maybe it got dropped due to not using it a long time or you changed the account?02:09
coolbhavilast time I used it a month back and due to my busy schedule I dropped off for past month or month and half and I couldnt identify so I registered again02:11
k1l_only one not marked away from the ircc is hggdh, maybe he can confirm02:14
hggdhcoolbhavi: what is your Launchpad id?03:38
* c is around for cloak requests03:49
Unit193c: Oh, oh, oh!  Can I have a cooler one?!03:51
* Unit193 shuts it and hides.03:51
cdon't be a Jason03:51
* Unit193 scratches head.03:53
cwhois him03:53
Unit193Hah, wow.03:54
hggdhc: thanks. We ust need coolbhavi to tell us his LP id so that we can check04:02
chggdh: aye, just ping me when all is set :)04:02
hggdhack, thanks04:02
hggdhc: please set a cloak ubuntu/member/bhavi for coolbhavi04:05
cset :)04:06
hggdhc: in your debt04:06
hggdhcoolbhavi: you are all set04:06
* nhandler still remembers when coolbhavi first earned that cloak :)04:28
coolbhavithanks guys :)13:07

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