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slvn_Hello !14:36
slvn_a mir question ...14:36
slvn_what is the first OTA-# version that has  ""libmirclient.so.9" ?14:37
anpok_afaik libmirclient.9 was in mir 0.14.. but cannot remember which OTA number that would relate to14:59
slvn_I explain ... I use SDL2 lib, which will pick this share library, and would like to make sure that it exists ...15:01
alan_ganpok_: correct. But I don't remember either.15:04
alan_galf_: are you not merging lp:~afrantzis/mir/android-gralloc-can-be-safely-closed-quirk for a reason? As an added test?15:04
alf_alan_g: Yes, I wanted it to use the normal process to merge (should be done any moment now)15:09
alan_galf_: OK, I was just about to push an MP and thought it would be nice if it had a chance to pass.15:10
alf_alan_g: Hmm, it seems the wily jobs for autolanding are delaying the landing, should be doon in the next half-hour I suppose. If you can wait a bit more...15:14
alan_galf_: yeah, I'll wait. Most of my existing MPs are lacking reviewers anyway.15:16
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