bazhang's5 times been told offtopic00:24
bazhangand 500:24
bazhang6th times the charm!00:24
k1l_to explain that welshman that that is not mint support was like pulling teeth the last time already.00:29
bazhangnot the wisdom teeth!00:30
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ubottumcphail called the ops in #ubuntu ()14:37
k1l_first ;p14:38
Myrttiwell, you can finish it too, pretty sure it'll return14:38
PriceyLooks like you already Finnished it.14:40
MyrttiI've got moar mad skillz than I realise14:40
k1l_at least that is more fun than the test protocols i am doing at the moment :/14:40
Myrttiit's more fun than knitting a new handbag or making thank you-cards :-|14:40
phunyguyI am mucking with IPv6.  Stab me.14:41
k1l_that ip was banned until yesterday :/14:41
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Gnjuracanyone here23:41
Gnjuracdoes minimal come with some partrition tool23:42
geniiGnjurac: This channel is not for Ubuntu support. Please try #ubuntu instead.23:46
Gnjuracgenii: i cant i am baned on ubuntu but anwye got answer on ubuntu server23:48
valorieplease part23:48
valoriethis is not a support channel23:48

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