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VictoriaXOXOQ: Hello! How do I FULLY disable ICMP timestamp requests and responses on my Ubuntu 14.04 box? :)02:48
VictoriaXOXOQ: Hello! How do I FULLY disable ICMP timestamp requests and responses on my Ubuntu 14.04 box? :)03:10
k2gremlinVictoriaXOXO, shut it down? lol j/k idk03:14
VictoriaXOXOk2gremlin: :|03:15
OerHeksold answer, still valid, http://blogs.reliablepenguin.com/2009/11/17/iptables-filter-icmp-timestamp-requests >> but why would you want that?03:15
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Dude. You didn't include my nick.03:30
VictoriaXOXOSo I missed it.03:30
VictoriaXOXOOerHeks: Does this mean that it worked? http://pastebin.com/mmQtxuf803:30
trippeh_root@mental:~# virsh start ato-pelle04:20
trippeh_error: Failed to start domain ato-pelle04:20
trippeh_error: unsupported configuration: numad is not available on this host04:20
trippeh_root      1134  0.0  0.0  19956   136 ?        Ssl  05:14   0:00 /usr/bin/numad -i 1504:20
trippeh_hrms ;)04:20
trippeh_not sure if numad is cool even, just trying things out04:31
sarnoldinteresting, I hadn't heard of numad before; is it libvirt-specific?04:32
trippeh_doesnt seem like it04:32
sarnoldhmm, I wonder what it does that numactl doesn't already do04:32
trippeh_libvirt can query it for placement information04:32
sarnoldthere we go04:32
trippeh_well, recomended placement04:32
sarnoldi've thought about building that myself, in part becuase I don't seem to get along with libvirt :)04:33
trippeh_libvirt tells it how many vcpus and how much memory, and it gives some recomendation back04:33
trippeh_"use these nodes"04:33
trippeh_of course now THP stopped working :P04:34
trippeh_hm, changed the config, it seems to do something04:37
trippeh_Wed Nov 25 05:37:32 2015: Advising pid 1969 (qemu-system-x86) move from nodes (0-1) to nodes (0)04:37
trippeh_and THP suddenly works04:38
trippeh_and numastat says all memory for the vm is on the correct node04:39
sarnoldwoo :)04:39
sarnoldnow start ten more and see what happens :D04:40
trippeh_I'm trying to keep my huge Plex media VM on node 0 as all the SAS HBAs and 10Gbes are on it as well ;)04:41
sarnoldyour qpi link will thank you :)04:41
trippeh_could be kernel is smart enough out of the box these days tho04:51
sarnoldi'm not sure about that04:51
trippeh_ok maybe not for hba/10g locality, but mem04:51
sarnoldriel's been working on code to keep the memory and the processes aligned but I haven't heard of any efforts to keep the close tothe devices they need04:51
trippeh_hmm maybe thp stopped working because qemu is forgetting to madvise if you set static numa config or something04:56
* trippeh_ tries thp = always instead04:56
trippeh_for some reason if numad tells qemu to use a node, thp works, but if node is set in libvirt config, it doesnt anymore05:02
trippeh_smells buggy ;)05:03
trippeh_just using a cpuset seems to do the right thing05:08
sarnoldand hopefully riel's work will keep the memory local just out of convenience05:08
trippeh_numastat says all the memory is on the right node05:08
trippeh_3190 (qemu-syste  49221      0 4922105:09
sarnoldis that pid, comm, node1, node2, total?05:09
trippeh_well node0, node1 ;)05:10
trippeh_altough some of the other vms seems to bleed over a little05:11
Xat`hi guys08:13
Xat`anyone knows why I'm getting "Commissionning to failed commissionning", and in maas.log I have "Marking node failed: Node operation 'Commissioning' tmed out after 0:20:00"08:14
Xat`I tried to debug this during about 5 hours, unsuccessfully08:14
Xat`I have maas 1.708:19
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AtuMI am searching for a way to integrate ubuntu to MS-AD. I know that login to ubuntu can be done with an AD account.. but would that also give me proper access to windows shares or not?12:50
AtuMI would like to use autofs to reach the necessary shares.. I am now just wondering if I'll have to set up "credentials" files or not..12:51
AtuMfound it. i have to see if it works on ubuntu12:57
eahmedshendyHi, I tried to uninstall mysql-server-5.5, then install mysql-server-5.6 but I got this error while installation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13502312/15:50
eahmedshendyUbuntu 14.04.315:50
ikoniathats coming from the Mysql PPA15:52
eahmedshendyikonia: yes, so?15:59
Mik0zHello, I have a fairly simple question that I can't seem to find a consensus on what to do. I am trying to figure out how to setup permissions for ubuntu 14.04.1 to allow apache to host files out of /srv/www/site.com/public_html and allow a group called webmasters, to upload files, etc. Im struggling to figure out what permission set results in this configuration, while being secure16:17
nat0Can anyone tell my why preseeding a fresh install of 14.04 from a local mirror fails after searching for dists/precise-updates/Release, which doesn't even exist on the 14.04 installer DVD?16:35
TJ-nat0: something in the preseed file maybe16:36
nat0I've combed through it several times. :-\16:36
nat0Happy to put it online for other eyes to gleen though.16:36
tpsilvaI'm trying to deploy Openstack with autopilot (Ubuntu 15.04), but it hangs at 82%... can anybody help me?16:52
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sarnoldtpsilva: try using fatrace or or something similar to see what it's doing? is there anything enlightening in any of the log files? (there ought to be enough to choose from..)18:00
tpsilvasarnold: I can see from cinder logs that rabbitmq is probably not running properly18:20
sarnoldtpsilva: aha,a start.. :)18:20
tpsilvasarnold: but I don't even know which node is supposed to run rabbitmq... I'm used to single node devstack :)18:21
sarnoldtpsilva: does the autopilot thing use juju to deploy the the nodes? you may be able to juju ssh rabbitmq/0 if it does..18:22
tpsilvait does use juju... let me check that18:22
tpsilvasarnold: it says that there is no environment specified, but when I try to get a list of environments (juju switch -l), it gives me no result18:25
sarnoldaww :/18:26
sarnoldjuju switch is newer than the last time I used juju.. look around for ~/.juju directories?18:26
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keithzgHuh, under 15.10 the sort order of `ls -la` is all wonky---by which I mean it ignores dots and case. Which, sure, for average users might be best, but really not what I'd want myself. What changed in that regard since 14.04?22:46
keithzgThings go back to how I expect if I export LC_ALL=C, but I can't seem to find an equivalent "incorrect" (from my perspective) setting anywhere in /etc.22:47
keithzgOr at least, the obvious culprit /etc/default/locale has the same value now as it did in 14.04 . . .22:48
keithzg...wait, was it wonky then and I just didn't notice? Now I'm feeling like I'm a crazy person ;)22:49
sarnoldkeithzg: en_US and en_US.utf8 have had the annoying non-C sort for a dozen years or more23:10
sarnoldkeithzg: my guess is you've have LC_COLLATE or LC_ALL or LANG set to C or C.utf8 in your ~/.bashrc or something similar :)23:11
keithzgsarnold: Ah, interesting. Yeah, that's probably it then, LC_COLLATE sounds very familiar; I definitely remember monkeying around with that in the past, and most of the systems I deal with either don't have cluttered home directories or have ones longstanding and/or mounted from central network shares, so I probably "fixed" this for myself long ago and only now am noticing it isn't that way everywhere.23:13
keithzgsarnold: Thank you, as always :)23:14
sarnoldit took me the longest time to admit defeat and accept en_US.utf8 sorting order..23:15
Gnjuracdoes minimal come with some partrition tool23:42
tarpmanGnjurac: fdisk(8), and I think cfdisk(8) too23:45
sarnoldprobably fdisk and maybe cfdisk or gdisk or .. ?23:45
sarnoldgparted perhaps?23:45
Gnjuractarpman:  ty23:47

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