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doodaaneed to get  OTA-8 for Aquarius E5 that hasn't been updated since purchase. Where to download?06:28
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dholbachgood morning07:20
slvn_hello, I am looking for someone to test a .click package on its ubuntu device with ota-8 !07:48
slvn_... only need one test, before I can submit the app for validation07:52
zzarrgood morning08:29
doodaacan android contacts be backed up on Debian without using Google Services?08:50
mcphailslvn_: If no-one helps in the meantime, I can test after work08:56
slvn_mcphail, Hi ! thanks ... I admit, I would prefer if someone could give a try right now ...08:58
slvn_there should be no bug ..08:58
slvn_just want to make sure before starting to do re-submit on the app store08:58
slvn_btw, Is there a way to tell that the application need at least OTA-8 ?  (could it be in MANIFEST.json > Framework field ?)09:00
mcphailno - no way to tell. I can't download just now as I am on a 2G connection :(09:00
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Shopping Reminder Day! 😃10:38
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slvn_I have an ubuntu device app, but no more device to test it13:36
slvn_can someone try my app on his device?13:36
mardyjdstrand_: FYI, bug 151984614:36
ubot5bug 1519846 in Canonical Click Reviewers tools "[OnlineAccounts] Allow using the "accounts" hook in 15.04.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151984614:36
mcphailslvn_: does your new build do "proper" fulsscreen now?14:40
slvn_mcphail,  yes, but it's only a work-around of hardcoding the pixel format to rgb 56514:41
mcphailslvn_: sounds like a safe-enough workaround to me :)14:41
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geniiI've been working on getting Ubuntu onto some OMAP4470 based tablets here, Texas Instruments recommends using rootstock to create the filesystem, but I can't seem to find it anyplace ( according to them it's provided by qemu but I have qemu installed) and searching at packages.ubuntu.com produces no result. Was it superceded by some other method?15:33
* genii makes another pot of coffee and keeps searching15:38
NijuConsidering taking the plunge and buying an ubuntu touch, been using Sailfish which I love but the future isn't looking to good just now16:26
NijuMX4 seem out of stock everywhere, how well does it run on the bq e5?16:26
mcphailNiju: it doesn't need a high-spec phone. There are a couple of ongoing bugs (presently being squashed) which affect performance on all devices just now, but hopefully fixed soon16:27
mac___Hi guys. Do you have a dedicated thread for ubuntu-touch to android porters in xda-developers forum?16:31
mac___Also if anyone know of app-amor patches for kernel 3.0.xx could you point it out for me.... I have solved all installation issue now I am getting stuck something about app-amor. see here http://pastebin.com/1dnwfqRu16:33
Nijumcphail, That's sounding good, as I'm not a fan of huge screens so the 4.5/5 might be worth looking at16:39
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nothingspecialHi, I was using the web browser and got a java pop up that tells me I won something "Click OK to claim your prise". I can't get past this in the web browser even after restarting. Anyone know which file I have to delete to get rid of it? Thanks17:03
mcphailNiju: just view it as a "work in progress", rather than a polished product.17:07
brendandtedg, hey17:22
tedgbrendand: howdy17:23
brendandtedg, this is way back in time, but did you work on some app startup tests ?17:27
tedgbrendand: well I kicked it off, but nuclearbob really made into something bigger17:28
brendandtedg, well if you know where the code is, that's good enough for me :)17:28
tedgbrendand: on the device or the test harness stuff?17:29
brendandtedg, test harness17:29
tedgHmm, that's the one I remember the least, let me see if I can find it.17:31
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tedgbrendand: https://code.launchpad.net/~nuclearbob/ubuntu-test-cases/touch-trace-export17:33
nuclearbobtedg: that's a very old branch17:34
tedgnuclearbob: Ah, that's the last one I played with.17:34
nuclearbobtedg: I think we eventually landed it, but I can't remember now. That might still be the latest one17:34
tedgMakes sense, not sure what brendand was looking for there, so if you can help him navigate it that'd be great.17:35
brendandnuclearbob, i only just found out you worked on that, otherwise would have asked you straight away17:35
nuclearbobbrendand: no problem!17:36
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Isotop7is devel still based on wily or already on xenial?19:48
dobeydevel-proposed is xenial yes19:49
Isotop7k thanks...looked on the installation wiki page but info regarding the channels there seems outdated!19:49
vendorrhI am unable to go in bootloader20:04
k1lvendorrh: on what device?20:05
vendorrhadb reboot bootloader -> is only restarting20:05
vendorrhon Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5(SM-T805)20:06
vendorrhI searched on google..bat found only rummer's..bootloader mode may be disabled on new devices20:10
k1ldont know, sorry.20:11
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jim__Hi guys.. I have problems flashing my new meizu mx4. How can I flash the OTA-8?21:07
jim__If I do it the official way i'll get the error "Failed to enter Recovery"21:08
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