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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:57
MooDoomorning all08:25
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:28
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MooDoohow are you brobostigon ?08:53
brobostigontired, knackered, in pain. and you?08:54
MooDooyeah i'm tired, but slept a lot last night which is probably why :D08:54
brobostigonah. :)08:55
SuperMattthe human body is a remarkably poorly constructed thing09:00
SuperMattthe fact that it genuninely allows you to wake up feeling more tired than you went to bed is just bat poop crazy09:00
foobarryor we are doing it wrong09:02
davmor2Morning all09:04
SuperMattthat's a possibility09:05
MooDoomorning davmor2 :)09:10
MooDoothe moe sleep i have the worse and grumpier i am :)09:10
foobarrythats age09:11
foobarryyou are getting 1 day older :)09:11
MooDooyeah i'm getting older :)09:12
davmor2foobarry: no it is definitely related to sleep, I'm with MooDoo on this one.  If I have 6-7 sleep I'm tired but much happier. If I get 8-9 I'm not so tired but then I was having a lie in so why did you wake me. More than 9 hours and I'm ready to scream get off my lawn to any kid that passes by and I don't even have a lawn :D09:14
SuperMattit might have something to do with the REM sleep cycle patterns09:16
SuperMatthttps://boingboing.net/2011/01/07/waking-up-without-an.html - I tried this for a period of time, and it did make me feel quite good.09:18
SuperMattthen I got a girlfriend and all hell broke loose09:18
SuperMattI couldn't imagine doing the same with kids involved09:18
foobarrywoke up every X minutes due to daughter coughing all night09:19
SuperMattthere's your problem09:20
SuperMattprocreation: bringing all of life's joys and woes in one precious, snotty bundle09:20
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Shopping Reminder Day! 😃10:37
awilkinsDoes Firefox still need a special patch / plugin on Trusty to integrate with the Unity menu?11:00
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMxX-QOV9tI11:23
davmor2JamesTait: or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noWriJ-YGws11:26
JamesTaitdavmor2, thanks for the earworm.11:26
davmor2JamesTait: you're welcome11:27
andylockranmorning guys11:42
andylockranhow goes things?11:46
SuperMatthurm, Ubuntu works really well as a gnome-boxes guest, installing and booting so much faster than Centos, but for some reason the shared clipboard doesn't work out of the box like it does for centos. You have to install the spice-vdagent package first11:49
davmor2SuperMatt: boxes is a redhat thing they may have bits in the system that ubuntu doesn't so you may need to install something for it to work11:51
SuperMattoops I put those in the wrong window12:06
SuperMattbut it looks like centos automatically installs the spice client12:06
davmor2SuperMatt: see :)12:08
davmor2SuperMatt: so out of interest if you install that does it then work in Ubuntu?12:11
SuperMattthough I had to reboot12:11
davmor2SuperMatt: kernel level change so that makes sense12:13
MooDoodamn rebooting12:13
SuperMattI know12:13
SuperMattI run linux, shouldn't have to reboot12:13
davmor2MooDoo: you love it you know you do, otherwise how else would you have time to talk to your family :P12:14
MooDoodavmor2: I've not touched my servers in months, so have had time to speak to them and feed them and all sorts :D12:15
davmor2MooDoo: see that's what happens when you stop using windows :D12:16
MooDoodavmor2: not stopped yet lol, still using hyper-v for my virtual machines and RHEL for my storage server :p12:16
foobarrywoot let me keep the extra tshirts12:26
zmoylan-pichristmas presents sorted \o/ :-D12:46
zmoylan-pias long as the sizes of t-shirts fit your recipients of course...12:47
safiyyahHi all, I need help setting me graphics back to nouveau , I already deleted Nvidia drivers and removed the card from the motherboard, I am not using my onboard graphics but cannot get the going well enough. I ran the commands: sudo apt-get install nouveau-firmware13:41
safiyyahsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg13:41
safiyyahali1234, daftykins directhex DJones foobarry Seeker`13:42
Seeker`1don't randomly ping people13:42
Seeker`if someone knows the answer, they'll answer. Otherwise, try #ubuntu13:42
safiyyahsorry Seeker` I pinged those who I thought could help, I am sorry you found it rude.13:44
SuperMattmake sure the nouveau driver isn't blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d13:44
SuperMattif all else fails, reinstall13:45
safiyyahSuperMatt, I checked, it isn't there13:48
safiyyahhave purged and installed13:48
safiyyahgoing to reboot13:48
safiyyahI rebooted, twice, reinstalled, twice, no joy13:52
safiyyahbrb, rebooting again13:55
safiyyahmeh, no luck!13:57
SuperMattwhat errors is it giving you?13:57
* bittin_ at work atm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDbyYGrswtg13:58
safiyyahSuperMatt, no errors at all13:59
safiyyahjust when I reboot the resolution is way off13:59
SuperEngineersafiyyah, this may be stating the obvious but why not put nVidia card back in, try if both noveau & nVidia drivers work14:00
SuperMattright, so it's probably that you're using nouveu, and you can find this by running lsmod | grep nouveau14:00
SuperEngineer...& how do know it's not working14:00
SuperMattit's entirely possible that your onboard is pooched14:01
SuperEngineer...& what onboard video are you attempting14:01
safiyyahit's me first time using my onboard graphics14:01
safiyyahalways had an nvidia card14:01
safiyyahwhich died a few days ago14:01
SuperEngineer..& SuperMatt just asked my next question :)14:02
safiyyahdecided to just use the on board lot14:02
SuperEngineerwhich board?14:02
SuperEngineeris that intel on board graphics?14:03
SuperMattpossible that the onboard doesn't even use nvidia14:03
SuperMattteam Super* is on the case14:03
SuperMattor Super.*14:03
safiyyahi deleted nvidia, including xorg14:03
safiyyahpurged it14:03
safiyyahand then installed nouveau14:03
safiyyahpurged bumblebee as well just now14:03
SuperMattI don't know why I'm regexing this14:04
SuperEngineersafiyyah, do oyu know what the onboard is supposed to be [nvidia/intel]14:05
safiyyahno idea about the board, an get the manual out and look14:05
safiyyahchecking manual now14:05
SuperEngineeryup, that would be a good idea14:06
SuperMattor you can run lspci | grep VGA14:07
SuperEngineeror you can ask yourself: "am I looking at the screen right now?" coz if so, something graphical might just possible at a long shot actual be working ;-)14:08
safiyyahGraphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (Intel GMA 3100) integrated Max. resolution 2048**bpp, HorizontalL14:08
SuperMattthere's your problem14:09
SuperMattyou're trying to use nouveau with an intel card14:09
SuperEngineerhmmm.. intel [do I need to go on]14:09
safiyyahokay I don't get the issue14:09
SuperEngineeragain... SuperMatt types faster than me!14:09
SuperMatttoo Super for some14:09
safiyyahwhen I do a fresh install of an OS, it works and then I put the nvidia graphics14:10
safiyyahbecause I used to like compiz14:10
safiyyahwell I am over it now14:10
SuperMattyou and everyone but the unity devs14:10
SuperEngineerand SuperMatt, you try sitting at a keyboard whilst recovering from a double hernia op!14:12
SuperMattI understand now14:12
SuperEngineer[sorry... I meant "double krytonote exposure"14:12
safiyyahI don't get it?14:13
SuperMattsafiyyah: the issue is that you're trying to use nouveau, which is an nvidia driver, but your graphics card is intel. You need to install the inter drivers14:14
safiyyahwhat are they called?14:14
SuperMattwell this is where I can't help because I'm running Fedora14:14
awilkinsThe Intel drivers are just part of the kernel14:15
SuperMattbut if you can get some of desktop access, the ubuntu drivers application *should* install the correct ones14:15
SuperMattah, there you go14:15
awilkinsYou don't need to install them, you just need to not tell the OS to use the nvidia ones when it has no nvidia hardware14:15
awilkinsAlthough isn't the Intel GMA the one built into the CPU?14:16
safiyyahawilkins, probably14:17
* SuperEngineer just opened synaptic & found a load of xserver-xorg-video, might be worth a look... but check before installing any14:19
SuperEngineer& check your BIOS / UEFI settingds allow the onboard video before doing anything.. I suspect they are fully ok as all is ok before you try to use nvdia again intel14:21
awilkinsThe newer nvidia cards sometimes need newer drivers14:23
awilkinsie when I got my GTX 980Ti I had to install newer drivers14:23
awilkinsThere's a PPA for that14:23
awilkinsYou should never have to manually install nvidia binary driver packages14:23
SuperEngineerawilkins, his nvidia card gone to meet its maker14:24
awilkinsDoing so mucks things up14:24
awilkinsAh, well, I'd follow your advice and go to the BIOS14:24
awilkinsBy default, xserver-xorg-video-intel is installed out of the box14:25
awilkinsSo it should work fine14:25
SuperEngineerawilkins, agrred14:25
awilkinsKernel drivers are also just part of the default install14:26
safiyyahok I understood to check the bios14:26
safiyyahdid I understand correctly?14:29
safiyyahI will reboot to do so14:29
SuperEngineerif you are not still trying to use the nvidia drivers, reboot14:30
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safiyyahSuperEngineer, am I to purge nouveau?14:34
SuperEngineeryes, oui, tac, si14:35
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SuperEngineerdefinitely even14:35
SuperEngineerp.s awilkins ... please send me your GTX 980 [mine is only a GTX 650].. need yours to check yours is not faulty.  I'll send it stright back, honest ;-)14:40
safiyyahno joy14:41
awilkinshahahaha :-) I've got the 560Ti it replaced still14:41
SuperEngineersafiyyah, reinstal14:41
SuperMattno! do not install nouveau!14:41
SuperEngineersafiyyah, ubuntu14:41
awilkinsYeah, backup your home folder and reinstall. I'd never recommend it for Windows because it's such a PITA, but for Ubuntu it's a sound strategy.14:41
safiyyahreintall ubuntu???14:42
SuperMattnouveau is a drive for nvidia cards only, you have intel14:42
awilkinsIt's not as horrible as it sounds :-)14:42
awilkinsWhat's your network connection like?14:42
SuperMattyou shouldn't need to back up /home, because apparently if you select the install over the top option, it will keep /home14:42
SuperEngineersafiyyah, you could even tell it to keep your existing home folder14:43
SuperMatt(but backing up is always advised)14:43
safiyyahits hell getting my scanner working14:43
SuperEngineerdamn! SuperMatt did it again!14:43
SuperMattsorry bud14:43
SuperMattlet me slow down a little14:43
awilkinsWhat scanner?14:43
safiyyahit's already backed up14:43
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awilkinsI had a Samsung one built into my last printer that worked over the network14:44
awilkinsBut you needed a horrible Perl script. Which was in my home folder.14:44
bashrc_cowsay "Scanners are nothing but trouble"14:44
safiyyahoh i guess i just have to bite the bullet14:44
NotSoSuperMattsometimes the simplest solution is the one you least want to do14:44
* zmoylan-pi still wakes up screaming about scanners... :-)14:44
NotSoSuperMattbut do not install nouveau when the box is back online14:44
awilkinsAlmost worth the reduced hassle to buy a RasPi to install the scanner on :-)14:45
NotSoSuperMattI don't mind getting scanners working, but printers belong in their own circle of hell14:45
awilkinsAnd then NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN14:45
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SuperEngineersafiyyah, in case you have an SD card slot in your printer/scanner do ehat I do... scan to SD card & "collect" the scanned article from the SD card14:45
zmoylan-piif it weren't for irfanview on windows to make scanners usable on windows...14:45
safiyyahthe scanner, thing of beauty when its workinh14:45
safiyyahhell on earth to sort out14:46
SuperEngineermany will connect directly to your pooter so no phtysical SD card moving required14:46
davmor2is it an all in one or just a scanner, if it's an all in one setup the printer then open simple scan and it should of pulled in the scanner section14:46
safiyyahdavmor2, that has never worked14:47
safiyyaham going in guys14:47
davmor2safiyyah: it should14:47
safiyyahpray for me14:47
SuperEngineerwill do14:48
SuperEngineerBad news for TUX - BBC Radio 2 Factoids: Polar bears can eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting.15:09
zmoylan-pims are thinking of changing their logo... :-)15:24
diddledan_or is that a joke referencing the bears?15:24
SuperMattSuperEngineer: that's fine, we'll just keep forking until there are enough penguins to outnumber the polar bear15:32
zmoylan-piand install tux on the polar bears...15:36
awilkinsBBC servers are dead : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news16:29
diddledan_works here16:29
awilkinsHmm, getting a 500 here16:29
diddledan_maybe it's something with edge caching - depends on ISP16:29
awilkinsYeah, VM do edge caching, definitely16:30
diddledan_with websites on serverfarms and with edge caching it's very difficult to determine if a problem is with the site or your isp or ....16:30
awilkinsNow a refresh is really thinking about it16:30
diddledan_hmm, I'm on VM too16:30
awilkinsYay, they rebooted16:30
diddledan_someone used the server power for the vacuum16:31
mappsgah cant access my routers config, looks like they must have changed the default user/pass16:33
Laneydamn it!!!!16:43
* Laney mixed up Famous Computer Passwords16:43
davmor2Laney: get your coat16:47
diddledan_see, I always see "get your coat" suffixed with ", you've pulled!"16:52
diddledan_flirting ftw16:53
diddledan_of course there's also the aussie foreplay "brace yaself, sheila"16:53
* diddledan_ hides16:53
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davmor2diddledan_: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2v6abw19:07
davmor2http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/6776984/adele-25-42-percent-record-sales-7-5-million-200  and with her clothes on, lets see miley match that :D19:27
diddledan_that's of ALL music sales?!20:36
zmoylan-piso... adele is the answer to the music industries questions? :-)20:39
MartijnVdSa Dell?20:39
daftykinsdude, you're getting Adele20:49
MartijnVdSmy laptop is a dell..20:49
diddledan_what do you want a dell for?! :-p21:48
diddledan_time to catch-up on shield22:24
diddledan_agents thereof22:24
awilkinsWhat the cheapest VPS with US servers? (really, I'm taking Raspberry Pi levels of hardware...)22:32
diddledan_digitalocean do 5$ per mo22:33
diddledan_I've not looked at linode in a while22:33
awilkinsHeh, annoyed by the loss of my current DNS proxy for Netflix usage :-)22:33
awilkinsAll the DNS services specifically for the purpose charge about $5 a month22:34
awilkinsI pay $2.95 for 15GB of Usenes22:34
diddledan_usenet ftw22:34
awilkins$5 for a few tens of kB of DNS requests seems excessive in comparison22:35
diddledan_I think for netflix they might need to do some proxying of some stuff too22:39
daftykinsawilkins: eh, as in for netflix US?22:42
daftykinsdigitalocean setups are neat, you can get OpenVPN fired up within 30 mins of creating an instance22:42
awilkinsdaftykins, Yeah, all you need is the DNS proxied a bit22:43
awilkinsdaftykins, The names are the same for their content servers across the globe... they geolocate your DNS request22:44
daftykinsah so you can probably tunnel that over SSH instead?22:44
awilkinsHmm, maybe22:44
awilkinsThere are whole docker containers with the relevant gubbins in to just be a DNS server22:44
awilkinsSet up to do it22:45
awilkinsBeen binging Deep Space 922:45
awilkinsBut something is up with the DNS server I've been using22:45
awilkinsThey have ALL the Star Trek on US Netflix22:45
daftykinsah i've watched all of that not long ago :>22:45
* zmoylan-pi has all trek on a hard drive barring original series... must sort that22:46
zmoylan-piwhich is odd as i do have animated series :-)22:46
daftykinszmoylan-pi: but you can't go without fine moments such as - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4n7k0td4rur4jjs/spock.JPG?dl=022:46
diddledan_sobbing mathematically?22:46
zmoylan-pii held of buying the dvds as they said they were going to remaster the original series but never got around to getting them22:47
daftykinsi got some blurays with the re-done CG sequences, they don't actually ruin anything compared with the originals22:47
daftykinsi'd not seen TOS before22:48
awilkinsUS Netflix apparently has the remastered22:48
daftykinsawilkins: how far did you get in DS9?22:48
awilkinsClose to end of Season 222:48
awilkinsGarak just had his brain implant melt down22:48
awilkinsS3 I think actually22:48
zmoylan-pilike a lot of trek season one is never great22:48
awilkinsThe Maquis stuff just kicked off22:48
daftykinsthe Doctor and Garak scenes are ace22:49
awilkinsRIght, beddy byes time22:49
zmoylan-pigarak commenting on the boy who cried wolf...22:49
zmoylan-pigarak and quark and the root beer...22:51
zmoylan-piall of gark and odo22:51
* zmoylan-pi puts on red dwarf 'psirens'22:52
zmoylan-pithe one with the models of trek and space 1999 ships :-)22:53
zmoylan-pi'this baby's crashed more times than a zx81' :-D23:13
diddledan_if you thought csi cyber was funky hacker depictions, scorpion is awesome!23:50
diddledan_(awesomely bad that is, which I love!)23:50
zmoylan-pihollywood hackers at it's silliest?23:51
diddledan_the introduction credits have "</" and ">" before and after random headings23:51
diddledan_that tels you how awesome it is23:51
* zmoylan-pi is intrigued and makes a mental note to look for it23:52
zmoylan-piif only coding at night wearing a balaclava was photogenic... :-)23:54
diddledan_ooh, that's what I'm doing wrong, I don't have a balaclava23:55
zmoylan-piif you're a noob you can slum it in a hoodie... :-P23:55
zmoylan-piespecially a new hoodie with a kittie pocket...23:55
* diddledan_ wanders off to find a hoodie23:55
diddledan_I've got a poo-load of empty pepsi bottles, does that help?23:56
zmoylan-pino they have to be cans that you mount onto a board and paint black to make a solar radiator :-)23:56
diddledan_"I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your son is a genius"23:58

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