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pstolowskimzanetti, hey! were you able to confirm it was your test scope causing freezes?10:38
mzanettipstolowski, not yet, had to do something else, but I'll retry in a bit10:39
Guest552342hi all, i am running unity8 fake on x11 but  hoverEnabled: true   doesn't seem to work14:15
tsdgeosGuest552342: in which context it doesn't work?15:00
Guest552342WindowsControlButtons.qml / i have hoverEnabled: true but i  get logs from onEntered  only when i click the area15:05
Guest552342tsdgeos, ^^15:06
Guest552342also propagateComposedEvents: true doesn't seem to work15:07
tsdgeosGuest552342: that's defenitely weird, don't have much expertise on WindowsControlButtons.qml though, not sure if they're doing something that would make hoverEnabled not work15:13
Guest552342tsdgeos, or maybe i'm doing something wrong :D nevermind :P thanks15:15
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ltinklGuest55Aw, check this how to do it: https://code.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/newWindowDecosAndPanel15:18
ltinklGuest55Aw, basically you need to (visually) nest the hover-enabled MouseAreas to get the desired effect15:19
Guest55Awthanks ltinkl :D i'll take a look at your code later15:22
mzanettilpotter, hey, fyi, I asked our sdk guys to give the inputinfor api a look.16:32
mzanettithey have some very good comments, I will ask them to leave them on gerrit16:33
mzanettiso if you wonder who those guys are, now you know :)16:33
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mterrymzanetti, my tutorial redesign branch got approved by patriciadavila.  So if you want to re-review or hand off to someone else, it should be good to go (not to land yet, just to be approved for now)17:07
mzanettimterry, ack17:07
mterrySaviq, patriciadavila says that she has some SIM PIN unlock redesign plans coming down the pipeline.  I'm happy to take that on (I've done *something* in that area in the past), but if you'd like to assign elsewhere, let me know and I can tell her who to talk to17:08
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lpottermzanetti: ok. thank you18:37
Saviqmterry, one thing there is with notification/dialog redesign, the UI code for those will likely move out of unity8, but we might do the changes here for now and when they move out, they can move out new18:39
mterrySaviq, ah I haven't been tracking that redesign18:39
Saviqmterry, I probably meant refactor more than redesign18:39
mterrySaviq, I figured  :)18:41
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