mazalMorning thatgraemeguy06:26
superflymorning thatgraemeguy, mazal08:39
mazalLo superfly08:53
superflyhow g oes mazal08:53
mazalOkish and you ?08:54
pieter2627morning all09:03
mazalMorning pieter262709:08
pieter2627hi teh3rdSock and welcome to our channel10:56
pieter2627if you would like help with anything then just ask away...10:57
* pieter2627 wbbl10:57
teh3rdSockis it possible to create a network using virtual machines with 3 vm's? 11:02
Kilos--afternoon all of ya16:05
=== Kilos-- is now known as Kilos
pieter2627_afternoon Kilos16:24
pieter2627_and bye again all16:24
Kilosoh my16:29
kulelu88I made it for the meeting?19:08
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:08
Kilosmeeting was last night19:08
Kilosang got cancelled due to lack of attendance19:08
kulelu88yo gremble 21:48
grembleHey kulelu88 21:49
grembleOur electricity just came back on. 21:50
grembleApparently some idiot with an excavator cut the wire at the transformer station 21:51
grembleSo it's been pretty dark21:51
grembleHow are you?21:51
kulelu88woops, forgot I was here. I am ok gremble 22:33
grembleThat is good22:33
kulelu88sorry man22:33
kulelu88was slogging earlier22:33
kulelu88fekking PHP and its ugliness making life hard22:34
kulelu88food time now. I plan on working with an obscure programming language over the next 2 days, crystal or OOC22:34
kulelu88or Genie22:34
kulelu88or all 322:34
superflyI should really get to bed23:06
tumbleweedat some point23:07

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