menooband get the errorcode: xmodmap:  1 error encountered, aborting.00:00
mcphailmenoob: Could it be something to do with Unity already claiming the key binding?00:00
menoobmcphail: thank you for your reply :-). But I'm not using unity. Instead, I'm using i3wm00:01
mcphailmenoob: ok - was only guessing! I presume the same doesn't apply for i3? That is quite heavt on the keybindings, isn't it?00:02
menoobmcphail: as far as I know, alt+space is not occupied00:03
daftykinsthat's actually a standard function for bringing the menu down from window controls00:04
MWMIm connected with a USB3 to ethernet adapter, how can I keep Ubuntu from searchin for the network through any other inerface at startup?00:07
mcphailmenoob: https://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html#_default_keybindings - "focus floating/tiling"00:10
MWMremoving eth0 from the /etc/network/interfaces dows not stop the network check at startup , where else could I look?00:12
WelshmanHi everyone 'in' this room. Also, I am a 'new' Linux Mint. But I do have a question about/on PlayDeb, the unofficial Ubuntu games website. My question is: Are the games from PlayDeb safe? Or....Is it safe to download games from the PlayDeb website? Thanks.  :)00:13
Ben64Welshman: Mint isn't supported here, for support, join  #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:14
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Jordan_UMWM: What practical problem are you having?00:15
WelshmanBen64: Yes, I know that. My question is about/on PlayDeb, the unofficial Ubuntu games website! Thanks. :)00:15
slavka`hey guys... if im root, whats the diff between just running a command and running it with sudo prefix? e.g. sudo npm install... and npm install...00:16
Ben64Welshman: unofficial = not supported here00:16
Jordan_Uslavka`: Usually nothing, but you shouldn't log in as root, and even running a root shell is often a bad idea.00:17
bpromptslavka`:    dunno, but I'd think none, sudo is to run as superuser, but "root" is already a superuser, so I'd think the shell will run it, though neverminding the "sudo" part anyway00:18
WelshmanBen64: If that is the case then why is it listed on the Ubuntu website? Also, if you do not mind, I will wait for some else to answer/reply to my "Are the games from PlayDeb safe?" etc! Thanks again. :)00:18
bazhangtry #ubuntu-discuss Welshman00:20
Welshmanbazhang: Thanks for the suggestion. Will take note but if you do not mind I will wait for a few minutes to see if someone will answer/reply to my initial question! Thanks again. :)00:22
mcphailWelshman: please stop spamming the support channel00:22
bazhangWelshman, its not on topic here00:22
wootehfootSo, I logout, xorg bugged out, and re-logged me back in without the need for password. Nice.00:26
jeffreylevesqueanyone willing to test my machine learning program out - https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning?00:27
daftykinsjeffreylevesque: not appropriate here.00:27
k1l_jeffreylevesque: that is considered as spam here. better ask in the offtopic or chat related channels. #ubuntu-offtopic or ##chat00:28
jeffreylevesqueit uses ubuntu 14.04 vm00:28
menoobhi guys, I would like the activate Mode_switch in xmodmap with two keys, e.g. I want alt+space to activate the modswitch, and therefor I did the following:keycode 204 65 = Mode_switch. Unfortunately, this didn't work.00:31
Welshmanbazhang: I am now going to try to enter the #ubuntu-discuss channel/room as you suggested. So, I bid you a good evening/goodnight - it's 12.33pm here - and all the best! :)00:33
streamity is linux giving me amazon ads yo?00:47
benstrumentalstreamit: It's all about the $$$00:47
streamitdafuq tho? how do i turn it offfffff?00:48
streamitand why doesn't ubuntu call itself linux anymore? did they forget where they came from?00:49
somsip!adlens | streamit00:49
ubottustreamit: To hide online search results in Ubuntu Unity, go to System Settings > Security and Privacy > Search and toggle the option off.00:49
k1l_streamit: it does. see on their webpage00:49
streamitk1l_, yeah i'm looking i don't see it. where do u see "linux" on the front page?00:50
streamitor ANY PAGE????00:51
daftykinsstreamit: distros aren't Linux though, they *use* Linux, totally different.00:52
mcphailstreamit: please stick to support questions in this channel. Thanks00:52
k1l_streamit: http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu00:53
k1l_streamit: any more troll topics you gathered to ask in here?00:53
streamitk1l_, took you a minute though didn't it?00:53
streamitdaftykins, you were that nerd in kodi earlier huh? still no op in there?00:54
k1l_streamit: i muted you since you dont seem to actually need ubuntu support but just try to make drama. if you need actual ubuntu support you can request in #ubuntu-ops the mute to be removed00:55
k1l_i case anyone wondered if that is a troll00:55
daftykinswinter does seem to be bringing them all in.00:56
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foul_owlOn 14.04 where can I find /var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases ? Looks like it moved somewhere. Did a find on / but no luck. Thanks!01:05
daftykinsdpkg -L dhcpd01:06
ha1dfohi, anyone knows why https://www.ubuntu.com would redirect to http://www.ubuntu.com ?01:07
foul_owlLooks like I have isc-dhcp-client installed01:08
daftykinsfoul_owl: guess the above config won't be present then :)01:08
foul_owlDo you know how to view active dhcp leases with that package?01:09
daftykinsi'd bet its' logs would be handy01:09
foul_owlHmmmm I can't find any reference to dhcp in /var/log/01:11
foul_owlHow do I know where a package is going to log to?01:12
tgm4883foul_owl: have you checked the config files for it?01:12
tgm4883foul_owl: normally in /etc01:12
foul_owlOo wait I found the man pages via dpkg -L01:13
foul_owlI was trying "man dhcp" and "man dhcp-client"01:13
daftykinsfoul_owl: should be pretty obvious if any leases have been issued since you've only just set it up and configured it, presumably...01:14
tgm4883foul_owl: IIRC they are under /var. It's been awhile since I ran that as a DHCP server01:15
streamithi nerds it's me again! did you miss me? I know k1l_ did!! why are you ubuntu nerds pretending to not be linux? do you think your better than linux now? why unity suck so much? its sloooooooowwwwww01:22
daftykinsJiffer: do you have a support question?01:30
Jiffercan someone link me to a list of commands for linux01:30
Jifferlearning it01:30
daftykinslooking up an intro to BASH would be good01:30
Jifferanyone recommend some books to01:30
SeriouslyLaughJiffer http://www.nixtutor.com/linux/all-the-best-linux-cheat-sheets/01:31
SeriouslyLaughbooks, i can't really say01:31
SeriouslyLaughself taught01:31
Jifferim self teaching as well01:32
Jifferbut the more stuff i can get my hands on the better01:32
SeriouslyLaughi've had pretty good success with those idiots guide/dummy books for other topics01:32
Jifferalso what distribo do most people use01:32
OpenSorceJiffer, by the time you get a hard copy book read it's info could be badly outdated. Stick with online sources that can be updated as the tech evolves.01:33
SeriouslyLaughJiffer http://distrowatch.com/01:33
somsipJiffer: this is ubuntu, so people use ubuntu. If you want general suggestions, try something like distrowatch.com (from memory)01:33
k1l_Jiffer: start with ubuntu :)01:33
SeriouslyLaughyeah Ubuntu is the gateway drug for many linux users01:33
OpenSorceJiffer, without a doubt begin with Ubuntu.01:33
OpenSorcek1l_, I started with Slack :-P01:33
JifferI got a bunch of VM's on this computer01:34
SeriouslyLaughlooking back I wish I had started with Arch01:34
SeriouslyLaughif only to learn the most basic things of how Linux operates01:34
SeriouslyLaughpartitioning, etc01:34
SeriouslyLaughmost of that is hand-held through the ubuntu installation process01:34
OpenSorceSeriouslyLaugh, I learned a LOT having to compile and re-write apps to get them working.01:34
somsipSeriouslyLaugh: do LFS in a VM as a project - then you'll learn. But this is off-topic01:34
OpenSorceI made an LFS distro but it was made to mimic OSX and Apple made me stop :-P01:35
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:35
SeriouslyLaughcough elementary OS cough01:35
daftykinschat in -offtopic please folks.01:36
OpenSorcesomsip, sorry you're right. Topic01:36
OpenSorcedaftykins, good to see you again :-)01:36
SeriouslyLaughhow is answering a question offtopic?01:36
daftykinsyour chat about your own personal history, is chat.01:36
OpenSorceAnd mine as well.01:36
SeriouslyLaughso if anyone asks a subjecive question, make sure you dont answer01:37
OpenSorceSo what DM is Ubuntu using now for logins? Light?01:37
SeriouslyLaughOpenSorce no talking in this channel01:37
k1l_SeriouslyLaugh: this channels focus is ubuntu. for general chat use ##chat or ##linux for general linux questions01:37
k1l_OpenSorce: yes, lightdm01:37
SeriouslyLaughthe guy asked which distro to use01:37
SeriouslyLaughso if it's not ubuntu, we cant say it01:38
k1l_OpenSorce: but kubuntu uses ssdm, and mate ubuntu uses gdm, iirc.01:38
k1l_SeriouslyLaugh: stop that drama, please.01:38
OpenSorcek1l_, ty need to insert a command before it asks for a password to light up my keyboard. I know the command just gotta find the right place to put it.01:38
benstrumentalI am having trouble getting my .deb built with the binary included for a package (following the packaging guide: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/packaging-new-software.html) - I suspect the debian/rules Makefile is not calling 'make' in my source directory. Any ideas?01:38
SeriouslyLaughbenstrumental how far do you get? what is the last error you recieve?01:39
benstrumentalSeriouslyLaugh: I built the .deb .dsc etc. with `bzr builddeb — -us -uc`, but when I lesspipe my .deb, There is no binary01:41
benstrumentalSeriouslyLaugh: With respect to the guide I am around steps 6.3/6.4, trying to get a reasonable .deb/.dsc01:42
OpenSorceOkay so it's two part, lightdm and unity greeter. Are there other greeters?01:48
SeriouslyLaughi know of pantheon-greeter https://launchpad.net/pantheon-greeter01:49
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OpenSorceSeriouslyLaugh, thanks.01:50
JifferSo in Ubuntu, How do you go back one CD like " CD Desktop/1/2/3 If im in CD 3 how i jump back one folder"01:50
SeriouslyLaughJiffer CD ..01:51
Jifferyeah but thats not working01:51
JifferI did cd ../../01:51
SeriouslyLaughtype pwd01:51
SeriouslyLaughthat'll show you where you're at01:51
SeriouslyLaughcd just means change directory01:52
Jifferpwd did nothing01:52
pac1pwd = print working directory01:53
SeriouslyLaughthanks pac1 i did not know that one01:53
JifferI got it now01:53
pac1you need a list of common linux commands.01:53
Jifferin Kali you would do this01:53
Jiffercd/../../../.. for each one01:54
Jifferbut with ubuntu you have to do cd ..01:54
Jifferthanks Pac101:54
pac1What's Kali?01:55
SeriouslyLaughdistro for penetration testing, Debian based01:55
SeriouslyLaughnot sure why or how the terminal commands would be different though01:55
tgm4883precisely why kali isn't supported here01:55
SeriouslyLaughhas there been any discussion for what happens when the release naming convention reaches past the letter Z?01:57
pac1other than the list of commands, what would be different?  for example where's the space after cd i cd/../../../..n01:57
tgm4883SeriouslyLaugh: yes, although I'd have to look it up (and that isn't exactly a support question)01:58
SeriouslyLaughI suppose 20.04?01:58
SeriouslyLaughoh sorry01:58
k1l_SeriouslyLaugh: start with a again, i guess.01:58
anoncicadahallo for all01:59
pac1after Z comes A with circle on top.  circle means "hard to pronounce"01:59
anoncicadaHow does I install norton antivirus on new ubuntu? I clicked the exe many times but it not working02:00
somsip!av | anoncicada (and that's windows software)02:00
ubottuanoncicada (and that's windows software): Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:00
k1l_anoncicada: you dont do that on ubuntu.02:00
pac1virus? what virus.  on linux, you are just hacked...02:00
anoncicadaBut exe means executable no? Why it not working?02:01
pac1or not.02:01
anoncicadaI thought linux was best software?02:01
millertipac1: Well at least functionally, å serves the role of 'o' before its sound shifted to /u/ in swedish.02:01
k1l_anoncicada: troll somewhere else please.02:01
pac1you did do penetration testing didn't you?02:01
OerHeksanoncicada, you don;t use norton exe on apple too.02:01
millertiNot that I know much Swedish.02:01
anoncicadaif not exe, then how to install it? Please I need help and dont wanted to get hacked02:02
anoncicadaby the chinese02:02
OerHeksno help with norton, is is not going to work on linux.02:02
pac1anoncicada, Norton does not make a product for linux.02:02
OerHeksenable your firewall and you are fine02:02
anoncicadawhat antivirus will best protect safe me from hackers on ubuntu?02:03
anoncicadaI have enabled the firewall but that will not keep them out?02:03
OerHeksand reed !av from ubottu02:03
tgm4883stop trolling please02:03
Jifferis the mv command to move things but it also renames it too?02:04
anoncicadamillerti, i am thankful to you.02:04
somsipJiffer: yes02:04
millertiJiffer: The mv command does different things depending on what the source and dest are.02:05
Jifferhow do you define them02:06
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:06
somsipJiffer: man mv, then ask questions if you dont find answers02:06
k1l_Jiffer: see that link from the bot ^02:06
OerHeksmv /path/a.txt /path/b.txt02:06
RonWhoCaresI am trying to install wxcam.  I am getting the error ' Dependency is not satisfiable: libmjpegtools-1.9 (>=1:1.9.0)   Could someone help me resolve this?  I've tried searching on Google,. but am receiving error messages with the suggested methods.02:07
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares make sure you have "recommended updates" enabled in software center02:08
SeriouslyLaughsee this link for some screenshots that might be able to assist: http://askubuntu.com/questions/115694/dependency-is-not-satisfiable-error-when-trying-to-install-an-application02:09
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: Where is that option?02:09
anoncicadaubuntu is best linux software i have been told. you are good comunity02:09
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares Software Sources > Updates02:09
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: That is already checked02:10
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares in terminal, run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:10
OerHekswxcam,last update 2011-06-11 .. dead project02:10
daftykinsRonWhoCares: are you that guy with the old camera that records video as motion jpeg?02:11
RonWhoCaresI don't think so02:12
Extreminadordo you guys advise to change the default ftp directory to be the same has the apache2 or you guys have any tip to give ?02:12
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: 2 errors @ http://pastebin.com/3DhREVF302:12
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares do you happen to know the version you're using?02:12
SeriouslyLaughpaste the output of lsb_release -a02:12
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares you have a broken repo causing that error. one sec while I google that02:12
RonWhoCaresRelease 15.10 wiley02:12
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares run sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:osmoma/audio-recorder02:13
OerHeksit would even give trouble on precise too .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mjpegtools02:14
SeriouslyLaughthen run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:14
OerHekswhy an ppa?02:14
somsipSeriouslyLaugh: recommendations to install PPA should be accompanied with a warning about unsupported software02:14
OerHeksthere are much videorecorders ..02:14
RonWhoCaresMy original problem is that I am making videos with 'Cheese' and the audio is about 1/8 second out of sync with the video.  I am looking for another option for making videos02:14
SeriouslyLaughsomsip i'm advising him to remove the ppa per the -r flag02:15
auztyhow to create an upstart service ? i already put my upstart script in /etc/init , but when i try service myjob start (it's said unrecognized service)02:15
somsipSeriouslyLaugh: ok - didn't know about that flag and it looked like it was adding one. My bad02:15
SeriouslyLaughsomsip but thank you for the tip -- i will do that in the future02:15
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: I have now completed the steps you gave me.02:15
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: The final line of output was:  0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:15
somsip!ppa | SeriouslyLaugh (use this, just for example - some ops do not like PPA recommendations at all, so best to be aware)02:16
ubottuSeriouslyLaugh (use this, just for example - some ops do not like PPA recommendations at all, so best to be aware): A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:16
JC_Yanghi, all. I'm trying to cross-compile something to win32, with mingw, of course. but the default gcc and toolchain used is the one for ubuntu, how can I tell it to use mingw toolchain rather than the native ones? for example, I'm trying to build zlib.02:16
SeriouslyLaughty somsip02:16
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares perhaps try sudo apt-get install libmjpegtools-dev02:17
RonWhoCaresWhat program do you recommend I record videos with if I don't choose " wxcam "02:18
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: Done02:18
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: vlc02:18
SeriouslyLaughok now try sudo apt-get install wxcam02:18
SeriouslyLaughthat should work02:19
OS_ConnoisseurIs there a SDL-ttf 1.2 package available for Ubuntu 14.04?02:19
OS_ConnoisseurI can only find 2.0 which is NOT compatible.02:19
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares highlight02:19
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: How do I install Vlc?  Any idea?02:20
OS_ConnoisseurAh, there is one, albeit under the confusing name of libsdl-ttf2.0-dev.02:20
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: sudo apt-get install vlc02:20
RonWhoCaresDo you know if vlc is a dead project?02:21
OS_ConnoisseurVLC is not dead.02:21
OerHeksinfo libsdl-ttf2.0-002:21
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: i just suggested it02:21
OerHeksinfo l!ibsdl-ttf2.0-002:21
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares were you able to get your original request solved? try sudo apt-get install wxcam -- it should install now. i'm curious to see if that will work.02:21
OS_ConnoisseurWhy do you say that?02:21
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RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: Once VLC installs I will do so02:22
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares ok good luck02:22
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: No, same error02:24
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares ok try sudo apt-get install libmjpegtools02:25
RonWhoCaresIs 'vlc' 'vlc media player'02:26
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: Unable to locate package libmjpegtools02:26
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares maybe try sudo apt-cache search libmjpegtools*02:27
SeriouslyLaughoh it's under mjpegtools02:28
SeriouslyLaughRonWhoCares do sudo apt-get install mjpegtools mjpegtools-gtk02:28
OpenSorceSo I want to create a bash script that turns my scroll lock light on if it's off and off if it's on. Alternatively, it could just try either one each time it's run :P02:28
RonWhoCaresAny suggestions what I should use for 'Viceo input chroma format' ?02:29
Extreminadorguys i just installed the vsftpd, but can´t find the place to config username and password02:29
RonWhoCaresSeriouslyLaugh: Touch down!!!02:29
SeriouslyLaughawesome great RonWhoCares02:29
OpenSorceI know the command to turn it on and off, btw just want to make a toggle script for it. I used to know how to do this... I'm getting old :-(02:29
Extreminadoraccording to some sites it should have asked me for user and pass when i install it but it did not ask nothing02:29
lotuspsychjeExtreminador: maybe the #vsftpd guys might know?02:30
Extreminadorthanks ther is c channel for that02:30
VictoriaXOXOQ: Does anyone know how to block all ICMP timestamps requests and responses on Ubuntu 14.04? :)02:32
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: try the #netfilter channel02:33
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: Doing it right now.02:34
timmo123Hi apologies in advance since this is on my phone so it's slow to type02:36
timmo123I recently updated from 14.04 to 15.04 and rebooted after the update02:37
lotuspsychjetimmo123: upgrade from lts to non-lts isnt reccomended02:37
=== NickG365_ is now known as NickG365
timmo123Regardless, it's 15.04 now02:38
lotuspsychjetimmo123: how did you upgrade exactly?02:38
timmo123The boot menu gets up to the message "started update UTMP about system runlevel changes" and hangs02:38
timmo123Popup message02:39
anonimoculos todos02:39
timmo123I don't normally use ubuntu, almost everything on it is standard02:40
lotuspsychje!es | anonimo02:40
ubottuanonimo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:40
timmo123So it would be whatever is installed by default02:40
lotuspsychjetimmo123: clean install 15.0402:40
RonWhoCaresI don't see video files being created in VLC. even though I specified the path in preferences02:40
timmo123I don't have an install disk or the ability to make one02:40
Gr4cchusHey guys, off topic, but what is that software a bunch of people are using to collaborate on? I remember reading about it on hacker news how the new generations are comming in and implicit or explicitly phasing out irc02:40
lotuspsychje!ot | Gr4cchus yes its offtopic02:41
ubottuGr4cchus yes its offtopic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:41
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: you need to enable advanced settings to see vlc's record button02:42
timmo123Hi sorry02:42
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: Do you think this "net.ipv4.icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts = 1" would work?02:42
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: Where is that option?02:43
timmo123I didn't tap my phone for a second and it disconnected me02:43
timmo123Lotuspsychje: I might try reinstall from USB since I think my laptop supports it02:43
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: menu before 'help' and set to advanced02:44
timmo123I can download it at the library or something02:44
lotuspsychjetimmo123: you could try the 15.04 recoverymode/fix broken packages02:44
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: A record button just showed up --- but it isn't clickable02:44
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: ill let you think a bit now :p02:44
timmo123Lotuspsychje: from the USB you mean?02:45
timmo123Yeah that's a good idea02:45
lotuspsychje!recovery | timmo12302:45
ubottutimmo123: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode02:45
lotuspsychjeVictoriaXOXO: im not into iptables sorry, maybe the ##networking guys or #ubuntu-server have more experience?02:47
VictoriaXOXOlotuspsychje: Okay. :)02:47
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Guest_is there someone her that can help me with an install error. When i get to the part of the install where Grub is supposed to be installed it gives me The machine has Windows 7 already on the drive and i want to dual boot fatal error. t02:56
futurama140anyone have experience with running old games in wine?02:56
SeriouslyLaughGuest_ did you resize your Windows partition?02:57
futurama140im trying to run kings quest 1 and 2 remake in wine but nomatter what i do the resolution is 320x20002:57
VictoriaXOXO(I've asked in netfilter, networking, and ubuntu-server, but no one knows?) Q: Hello! How do I FULLY disable ICMP timestamp requests and responses on my Ubuntu 14.04 box? :)02:57
Guest_I resized the windows partition in windows SeriouslyLaugh by using shrink volume02:58
SeriouslyLaughVictoriaXOXO try this? http://www.unix.com/linux/11290-linux-icmp-timestamp-requests.html02:58
lotuspsychjefuturama140: did you try playonlinux?02:58
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: you realise ICMP is only possible on the same network right...02:58
somsipVictoriaXOXO: do you mean this? http://serverfault.com/questions/47269/how-to-disable-responses-to-ping02:58
futurama140nope. have no clue how to get that working.02:58
SeriouslyLaughGuest_ are you getting a fatal error? i think your original question got cut off02:58
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | futurama140 sudo apt-get install playonlinux02:59
ubottufuturama140 sudo apt-get install playonlinux: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.6-1 (wily), package size 957 kB, installed size 3241 kB02:59
Guest_SeriouslyLaugh: yeah it says that it is a fatal error02:59
OerHeksfuturama140, that old game was that resolution http://kingsquest.wikia.com/wiki/AGI02:59
SeriouslyLaughGuest_ do you happen to have any more information on the error? like are you able to type exactly what it says?02:59
VictoriaXOXOSeriouslyLaugh: I've read that thread, but it's from 2003 and the more updated ones are all using different methods. Hmm.02:59
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: What do you mean?02:59
somsipVictoriaXOXO: and the one I pasted from ubuntu with lots of upvotes?03:00
VictoriaXOXOsomsip: Yes, well, I've seen like 83 different variations of that text line.03:00
futurama140yea i know, but 320x200 is the size of like 4 icons togethr on my screen i need to scale it up so i can actually see it03:00
somsipVictoriaXOXO: did any of them work?03:00
Ben64VictoriaXOXO: iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -i eth0 -j DROP03:00
Guest_SeriouslyLaugh: it says "Executing 'Grub-Install /dev/sda' failed thats it03:00
VictoriaXOXOsomsip: Well, I don't know which one to test. I don't even know how to check for ICMP requests after trying one of them. XD03:01
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: if you're behind a NAT router, only devices on your local network can hit your host with ICMP queries.03:01
Ben64VictoriaXOXO: then why do you want to block them?03:01
daftykinsBen64: paranoid user that reads things then instantly wants to stop them, happened a lot in the last week or so03:01
somsipVictoriaXOXO: test them all, figure out why you're doing what you're doing otherwise the whole point is moot.03:01
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: This one has nothing to do with paranoia.03:01
Ben64"If you don't know what it's for, don't mess with it" is my philosophy03:02
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: oh, do tell03:02
VictoriaXOXOBen64: So if a dentist suggests something to you under an operation, and you don't know what it means, you decline? XD03:02
SeriouslyLaughsorry, how is this ubuntu related?03:02
Guest_SeriouslyLaugh: was that for me?03:03
Ben64in that scenario, the dentist is messing with it, and I'd hope he knows what it's for03:03
somsipSeriouslyLaugh: the original query was, but you're right - theory and reasoning is off topic03:03
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/RbVRmRqn03:03
Ben64VictoriaXOXO: doesn't answer the "why?"03:03
SeriouslyLaughGuest_ I don't have any personal experience with that error, but googling it gave me a few forums where people had a similar error and some people posted replies to help them solve it03:03
SeriouslyLaughi can't vouch for any of these links but here is one: http://askubuntu.com/questions/459620/unable-to-install-grub-in-dev-sda-when-installing-grub03:04
VictoriaXOXOBen64: You never follow recommendations from the people that wrote the software you want to use?03:04
Ben64VictoriaXOXO: and turning icmp off on your computer won't affect your router at all03:04
daftykinsVictoriaXOXO: who provided this...03:04
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Pre_Install_Advice#Linux03:05
daftykinsBen64: i think this is more for a VPN VictoriaXOXO uses, again from the paranoia angle03:05
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Nothing to do with a VPN.03:05
VictoriaXOXOStop spreading FUD.03:05
VictoriaXOXOI just proved you 100% wrong. Lol.03:05
daftykinsthen as i say, ICMP doesn't leap past the router03:06
somsipVictoriaXOXO: and whonix has it's own IRC channel so ask there https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Support03:06
VictoriaXOXOdaftykins: Oh, you always know best. :)03:06
VictoriaXOXOsomsip: Okay. :)03:06
daftykinswell, i understand what ICMP is if that's what you mean...03:06
timmo123Hi lotuspsychje update03:09
lotuspsychjetimmo123: did you got in?03:09
timmo123I followed the recovery mode guide and I now have a terminal open03:09
lotuspsychjetimmo123: from the recoverymode you should choose 'fix broken packages' not the terminal03:10
timmo123Oh, well it didn't quite happen the way the page said03:11
daftykinslotuspsychje: quick disk remount as rw first, no? :)03:11
daftykins<-- hasn't been following so feel free to ignore03:11
timmo123After I chose the recovery mode option it just booted me into terminal03:11
AcidRaini have a linksys wifi adapter, its not showing up in ifconfig. but it is listed in lsusb03:11
AcidRainhow can i solve this issue?03:11
lotuspsychjedaftykins: he upgraded trusty to 15.04 somehow, we testing if we can repair before clean :p03:12
syeekickwww.pastebin.com/2a9M0Hhd      I removed open ssh totally with apt-get purge and i still get this "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" error. I've tried googling but it keeps pointing to the same resoultion which simply does not work. Can someone help me please03:12
lotuspsychjetimmo123: reboot again into the recovery and try 'fix broken packages' its an option03:12
syeekickits over a local network and im trying to ssh to my ubuntu machine03:12
timmo123Ok I'll try it again03:13
daftykinssyeekick: your ~/.ssh will have remained.03:13
lotuspsychjeAcidRain: sudo lshw -C network shows driver= ?03:13
syeekicki figured purge would of got rid of them too :-(03:13
lotuspsychjeAcidRain: ubuntu version?03:14
AcidRainlotuspsychje, im on kali03:15
timmo123So first I hit shift which put me into the grub menu, then I selected advanced options, then recovery mode, then there's loading, then it asks for the passphrase to decrypt the disk (I have disk encryption), after that it loads daemons services etc03:15
lotuspsychje!kali | AcidRain03:15
ubottuAcidRain: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:15
timmo123Some fail to load, most load ok03:15
lotuspsychjetimmo123: why did you upgrade to 15.04 exactly?03:16
RonWhoCaresI am getting a VLC error in the video     An Error Occurred   Could not demuliplex stream'03:17
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: after doing what03:17
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: Trying to record a video03:17
RonWhoCaresThen I was playing back the video03:18
timmo123Now it's at the login prompt03:18
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: you have the right graphics drivers enabled?03:18
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: I honestly don't know.03:18
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: you can check perhaps03:18
timmo123Nothing came up with a fix broken packages option03:18
syeekickyeah still no luck03:19
syeekicki don't know what im doing :(03:19
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: I am able to play other videos; just not what is recorded through VLC03:19
timmo123Lotuspsychje: the machine hadn't been updated in a while, it prompted for an update to 15.04 along with other updates, I said yes03:19
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: Yes, the correct graphic driver is enabled03:21
lotuspsychjetimmo123: then you was on 14.10?03:21
timmo123No, I was on 14.04, pretty sure03:21
daftykinsRonWhoCares: install mediainfo and run it with "mediainfo -all <your file>" then put that in a paste on http://paste.ubuntu.com03:22
lotuspsychjetimmo123: did you see options like these: http://www.hecticgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/recovery-mode-options-in-Ubuntu-12.04.jpg03:22
timmo123No, nothing like that03:22
timmo123That menu never came up03:22
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: do you play them with vlc03:22
timmo123It went straight from selecting recovery mode in grub to login03:22
lotuspsychjetimmo123: if recoverymode cant get you in, i strongly advise you clean install mate03:23
timmo123Is there a way I can run it from that terminal?03:23
lotuspsychjetimmo123: you can try several things like updating your system to latest03:23
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: Yes, I am able to play videos through VLC03:24
lotuspsychjetimmo123: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade, see if that brings you further03:24
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: but not the ones you recorded?03:24
timmo123Ok, I'll try that03:24
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: Correct03:25
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: what extension the video have? .mkv?03:25
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: It has come up with .avi03:26
syeekickis there a way i can reset my ssh config files to default?03:26
lotuspsychjeRonWhoCares: try what daftykins suggested03:26
daftykins.avi is a video container format, it provides no indication of the codecs used within for audio and video - thus the mediainfo output is needed.03:26
daftykinssyeekick: rename .ssh to .sshold03:27
RonWhoCareslotuspsychje: I was working on this steps while answering your questions03:28
RonWhoCaresdaftykins: This is the paste  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13499110/03:28
syeekickmv /etc/ssh/ssh_config ssh_old   will that do it?03:30
daftykinsRonWhoCares: have you installed "ubuntu-restricted-extras" ?03:30
RonWhoCaresno; I am now installing it03:31
RonWhoCaresdaftykins: Done03:32
daftykinsnow close and reopen VLC and try playing the file again03:33
daftykinsactually i don't know why i said that since VLC won't use what was installed :D03:33
RonWhoCaresdaftykins: I still have that same error.  DO I need to reboot?03:33
daftykinsone moment03:34
syeekickdaftykins, did you look at the paste bin?03:34
daftykinssyeekick: why did you have something to add?03:34
syeekicki don't see why im getting the same error after reinstalling ssh and deleting all configs03:36
timmo123Lotuspsychje: no dice, it says network is unreachable for no reason I can figure out since it's weird03:37
daftykinssyeekick: oh did you paste? didn't see one. "mv ~/.ssh ~/.sshold" .03:37
timmo123Can't ping
timmo123I'm gonna reinstall I think03:37
lotuspsychjetimmo123: did you choose terminal with network support03:37
timmo123Oh, that would be a reason03:37
timmo123Again there were no options03:38
daftykinsRonWhoCares: open a terminal and try "vlc --rawvid-fps 24 --rawvid-width 640 --rawvid-height 480 --rawvid-chroma I422 ~/Videos/Webcam/vlc-record-2015-11-24-22h16m02s-v4l2____dev_video0-.avi"03:38
lotuspsychjetimmo123: right, clean install and make your life easy03:38
timmo123After I selected recovery mode it dumped me into a terminal03:38
lotuspsychjetimmo123: and make the right choice between lts or non-lts03:38
timmo123Thanks for the help03:38
HackerIIgo for 15.1003:38
syeekickhttp://pastebin.com/2a9M0Hhd    yeah this paste bin <03:38
HackerIIit rox03:38
lotuspsychjetimmo123: you never told me why you moved from 14.04?03:38
timmo123Well it probably would have been fine if the machine had been used03:39
Abehello I have a little problem. youtube does not work fullscreen anymore. it's in a wrong resolution since a new firefox update. It now looks like this http://www0.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=89243075 have the html5 player03:39
Bashing-omtimmo123: Networking : ' systemctl enable NetworkManager.service ; systemctl start NetworkManager.service ' .03:39
daftykinssyeekick: oh you've messed with /etc/ssh/ssh_config huh? it's pointing at line 19... i suggest you... look at line 19.03:39
timmo123Lotuspsychje: I haven't used the machine in maybe a year, I'm used to .04 being lts and .10 volatile03:40
daftykinsLTS is only every 2 years :) 14.04 + 16.0403:40
timmo123It prompted me for a ton of updates including 15.04, I figured it was the next lts and hit yes for all03:40
syeekickyeah it says host03:40
daftykinssyeekick: that's useless to me03:40
RonWhoCaresdaftykins: That works.03:41
daftykinsRonWhoCares: \o/03:41
daftykinsaudio too?03:41
daftykinsRonWhoCares: may i ask what webcam created this?03:41
daftykinsand what application03:41
RonWhoCaresThe web cam is the built in HP G6103:42
RonWhoCaresThe video was made by VLC Media Player03:42
daftykinsah ok03:42
daftykinsoh of course, the file name *facepalm*03:42
daftykins'raw' is definitely a bad choice :)03:42
RonWhoCaresWhat would you suggest I use03:42
timmo123Bashing-om: no such file or directory03:42
daftykinsRonWhoCares: i don't have a clue what VLC offers you03:43
syeekickahh shit03:43
daftykinssyeekick: inappropriate language03:43
syeekicksorry about that03:43
syeekickim looking through my bash history and it seems i put "rm -r ssh/"as one of my commands out of frustration03:44
daftykinswell ssh/ isn't a path03:44
syeekickseems my /etc/ssh directory has gone03:45
Bashing-omtimmo123: 15.04 init is systemd .. those are systemd commands to start networking .. recon you are still on upstart ?03:46
daftykinssyeekick: "dpkg -l | grep ssh | nc termbin.com 9999"03:47
timmo123It said 15.04 when booting, but it's in recovery mode with a maybe failed upgrade from 14.04 to 15.0403:47
Bashing-omtimmo123: ' ps -p1 | grep systemd && echo systemd || echo upstart ' see if you are now systemd or upstart .03:48
timmo123You're right, it says upstart03:49
syeekicki put that and it says http://terminbin.com/act403:50
timmo123I found an old install disk that I think is 14.0403:50
timmo123I'm gonna try it03:50
Bashing-omtimmo123: I realy think best at this time to do a clean fresh install .. as you failed to make the translation of the system over to systemd . BUT I could be wrong .03:51
timmo123Bashing-om: Yeah fair enough03:51
timmo123I didn't think I had an install disk before but turns out I did i think03:51
daftykinssyeekick: "sudo apt-get purge openssh-client openssh-server openssh-sftp-server && sudo apt-get clean" then ensure /etc/ssh/ is empty; then reinstall them03:52
syeekickE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code 103:54
syeekickwait i'll get a screen shot03:55
daftykinssyeekick: no, we don't screenshot text... we pastebin it03:56
daftykinsthough imgur may have popularised images of text being the norm, it's wrong ;)03:56
syeekicki would lol but its on  my headless machien that now has a head03:57
syeekickmy hands were shaking04:00
syeekickhttps://imgur.com/24fiJsn  much better picutre daftykins04:03
syeekickok /etc/ssh is empty but looking at the output of that command it seems nothing was removed or uninstalled04:04
daftykinssyeekick: you know, such situations are easy - you see the part where it fails so you just satisfy those issues then re-run.04:04
daftykinsso what's it saying? /etc/ssh doesn't exist... so i'd create it04:05
daftykinsthat will satisfy the removal script04:05
=== strictlyb is now known as sb
k1l_workaround: just create a /etc/ssh/04:05
syeekickok so mkdir /etc/ssh04:06
daftykinsi don't like that you use your system as root :)04:07
daftykinsnote you don't need to use 'sudo' when you are04:07
syeekickforce of habit04:07
syeekickdpkg: error processing package openssh-server (--purge) subprocess installed post-removal script error exit status 1 opeen ssh-server E: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code 1  < new error04:13
daftykins"opeen ssh-server"04:14
syeekickits gone04:14
daftykinsah just your type up i guess :P04:14
daftykinsok don't forget the "apt-get clean"04:14
syeekickok sweet04:14
syeekickim on track04:14
syeekickok they are all installed and still getting the same error on my client box04:18
daftykinsright but you're meant to move the ~/.ssh on the client end right04:19
syeekickoh i did that on the server end04:19
streamitAll of you suck especially k1l_!! Ubuntu needs to stop pretending it's not Linux! Ubuntu needs to stop being adware for Amazon! Ubuntu sends everything you type in Unity to Canonical! Ubuntu spies on you more than Windows!04:20
syeekickwell that told us04:23
syeekickdaftykins thanks for all your help04:25
syeekickno but i can't bug you anymore it's not fair04:25
daftykinswell at least provide a fresh pastebin so someone knows04:26
daftykins+what to work with04:26
syeekickwould using telnet and setting to listen only over local be a dangerous thing to do?04:28
=== intmed is now known as intmedvishnu
daftykinssyeekick: lol, just fix it04:29
=== intmedvishnu is now known as vishnu_pradeep
McPetersyeekick, what problem ? (if i can help)04:32
Valforhey guys, after performing an upgrade from ubuntu 15.04 -> 15.10, during the upgrade (and since), any pip3 installs crash, as well as apt-get commands, with a KeyError:'_convert' in enum34 as per http://paste.ubuntu.com/13499615/04:32
ValforI've tried reinstalling relevant packages, tried install enum with pip, tried reinstalling pip, etc. Does anyone have any further suggestions? I'd appreciate it :)04:33
daftykinsValfor: i'd boot live media, chroot into your install and then dpkg-reconfigure -a04:34
Valfordaftykins: no worries, I'll check it out - thanks04:35
Valforwasn't sure if it was a conflict 3.4 and 3.5 conflict04:35
Valforpython 3.4, and 3.5 **04:35
daftykinsdoes look like it's complaining over that a bit04:35
ValforI'll try it out and see how we go :) I was thinking of removing 3.4, and just going with 3.504:35
syeekickhttp://pastebin.com/2a9M0Hhd  this is the problem that occurs when i run ssh in verbose mode04:35
Valforbut it was gonna remove so many other things :P haha04:35
syeekicki tired reinstalling and using default config files too04:36
daftykinsMcPeter: ^04:36
daftykinsssh'ing as root is definitely blargh =|04:37
McPetersyeekick, connect root ?04:37
utu8ohello friends :)04:37
McPeteru sure ?04:37
syeekickthat wont work either04:38
daftykinstry as the normal user04:39
daftykinsand i hope you're not root on the client end too :P04:39
daftykinslooks like you are *sigh*04:39
twankHello has anyone used linux for music use?05:02
twanklike digital audio stuff05:02
daftykinsthat'd be more appropriate to ##linux unless you have a direct ubuntu support question regarding it?05:03
lotuspsychje!studio | twank05:03
ubottutwank: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org05:03
twanki tried KX studio05:03
twankloved it05:03
twanki had a dreadful time getting my guitar going with jack, is there an IRC channel for linuxaudio?05:04
lotuspsychjetwank: see what daftykins suggested you05:05
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http05:05
slavka`thanks for your help guys05:06
daftykinserr when was any given?05:07
lotuspsychje!language | twank05:07
ubottutwank: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:07
twankmakes sense that the best bot is on the Ubuntu IRC channel eh?05:08
twankoh my bot05:08
twankyou didn't flag that05:08
lotuspsychjetwank: stop it please, only ubuntu support here05:08
twankYou are so right, really as a Linux user i feelf bad, very sorry05:09
SentientTootsieRHey All. I'm running a teamspeak 3 server and I got it up and running originally and everything was fine. Since I want the server to execute on startup, I added a crontab -e entry for it. Not, it says the server is running but I can't connect to it for some reason. Any ideas?05:10
twankcan ya ping it?05:11
SentientTootsieRI can connect to the http server no problem05:11
twankmaybe something missing from the cron job?05:12
twankwhat happens if you delete the crom job?05:12
SentientTootsieRI was able to connect to the ts3 server earlier, no i cant suddenly.. hold on, i'll post what I put in the crontab thing05:12
SentientTootsieR@reboot /var/ts/teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64/ts3server_startscript.sh start05:12
daftykinsis this from their own docs of how to do it?05:13
SentientTootsieRnot sure if var is a good place to put it, but i figured it would be05:13
SentientTootsieRkinda.. http://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/67834-How-To-install-TeamSpeak-3-0-0-Server-CentOS05:13
SentientTootsieRit says centos, but there's a section for debian based distros05:14
daftykinscheck the server is listening with "netstat -tuln"05:14
SentientTootsieRi see tcp        0      0 *               LISTEN05:14
SentientTootsieRtcp        0      0    *               LISTEN05:14
SentientTootsieRtcp        0      0 *               LISTEN05:14
SentientTootsieRtcp        0      0   *               LISTEN05:14
SentientTootsieRtcp        0      0
daftykinsdon't paste here.05:15
SentientTootsieRoh, sorry05:15
inteus!pb | SentientTootsieR05:15
ubottuSentientTootsieR: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:15
daftykinsyou'd see the port # of the server as you configured it, if it's up05:15
twanki must say this a very nice bunch of folks05:16
SentientTootsieRhere: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13499906/05:16
SentientTootsieRhmm, let me check something05:16
SentientTootsieRyeah, thats why i love ubuntu. so many helpful people ;)05:16
SentientTootsieRlike you guys, lol05:16
daftykinstwank: we can fix that too ;)05:16
SentientTootsieRi see some of the ts3 ports listed, but not all. for example, voice uses port 9987, but it's not listed. i see 3033 which IS a ts3 port and it's lasted. how confusing :O05:17
daftykinsso your client should have connection logs05:18
SentientTootsieRit was working a moment ago05:18
daftykinskill the ts process then invoke that script manually to test05:18
SentientTootsieRit's saying that it started, but crashed and i need to find a ts log file... hold on05:21
daftykinsyou did kill the existing first right? if you didn't they'll be port binding errors.05:21
SentientTootsieRyeah, i did "kill 681", 681 being the proccess i believe05:22
SentientTootsieRsuppose i could reboot just to be safe05:22
SentientTootsieRok so i removed it from the cronjob and started it manually and it worked o_o05:26
SentientTootsieRand for some reason, i cant view the logs05:26
Lopewhere can I get a list of generally acceptable root CA's for my ubuntu openSSL installation05:29
SentientTootsieRthis maybe? https://www.geotrust.com/resources/root-certificates/05:32
=== Lamp is now known as Flechas
TheRinger_Heard there was nice folks here05:47
daftykinsthat depends :)05:49
therueare there websites that helps you discover interesting linux software/applications? better yet, one that allows you to find and compare all software of the same type?05:54
joeytwiddleIs there any good reason why I would install java 6 instead of java 7? (Ubuntu 12.04 default-jdk package points to java6-jdk)06:03
daftykinsi believe oracle have murdered both 6 and 7 now; 8 is current06:03
nitishHow can I install wine offline? Means where can I find full .deb package?06:04
lotuspsychje!info wine | nitish06:06
ubottunitish: wine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu10 (wily), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)06:06
nitishubottu: you are useless bot.06:07
ubottunitish: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:07
lotuspsychjenitish: loose the attitude06:08
nitishI am searching a way so that I can install wine offlie.06:09
daftykinspackages.ubuntu.com <-- download them.06:09
daftykinssnag all the deps too06:09
lotuspsychjenitish: you need to get online first to download something06:09
nitishlotspsychje: I can download with ms windows.06:10
lotuspsychjenitish: then see the url daftykins provided06:10
nitishlotuspsychje: I've unlimited bandwidth access in ms windows but limited in ubuntu.06:10
lotuspsychjenitish: scroll up06:11
daftykinslimited bandwidth per OS o0 wat06:11
nitishlotspsychje: there is no scroll up option. :(06:12
SentientTootsieRnit, what version of ubunt are you running?06:12
daftykinsthere always is06:12
goddardone of my USB ports isn't recognized.06:12
daftykinsgrep your dmesg for any "hci" errors06:12
joeytwiddlei don't think it's that easy to get all the dependencies for wine while you are in windows. it will depend what you have already installed on your Ubuntu.06:13
daftykinsit's easy with the packages.ubuntu.com page06:13
dionysus69hello everyone, I am troubleshooting hibernation with sudo program running, so I noticed that if I leave sudo program running and hibernate, the system hangs on resume. The reason I have sudo program running is I am accessing raw disk using virtualbox, it is a vmdk file couple KB big pointing to the whole SSD. how can I change permissions in order to use that vmdk file without sudo? It needed to be created using sudo so if I chown to the curr06:14
SentientTootsieRyeah it's right here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages06:14
SentientTootsieRyou just have to search by your ubuntu version06:14
daftykinsand grab all deps06:14
nitishHow can I run 32-bit application from my 64-bit system?06:15
joeytwiddleif i was nitish i would get VirtualBox and use that to boot up Ubuntu, and do the install while still in Windows/AOL06:15
daftykinslike what06:15
daftykinsjoeytwiddle: lot more work for a simple task06:15
daftykinsi'd fix the ubuntu wireless driver so there's no 'bandwidth' problem myself ;)06:15
SentientTootsieRdion, i dont believe you can change permission on a file without sudo06:16
joeytwiddlenitish, install ia32-libs (and maybe ia32-libs-gtk and ia32-libs-sdl)06:16
futurama140hey guys, im having some odd issues:06:16
SentientTootsieRso am i ;)06:17
SentientTootsieRbit im helping other people instead lol06:17
nitishjoeytwiddle: E: Unable to locate package ia32-libs-gtk06:17
daftykinsjoeytwiddle: pretty sure that's an outdated approach06:17
FlechasHey guys, quick question. Long story short, I'd like to know how can I revert to Nouveau from recovery. from the command line. Basically i'd like to try to switch to nvidia proprietary drivers and last time it wouldn't get past the purple screen. any way to boot into recovery and revert to Nouveau driver?06:18
SentientTootsieRjoey, try "dpkg --add-architecture i386" firsty06:18
lotuspsychjeFlechas: recoverymode/fix broken packages can help06:18
lotuspsychjeFlechas: or manually remove nvidia driver and reinstall nouveau06:19
Flechasbut I can do all that from recovery, right?06:19
daftykinsFlechas: sudo apt-get purge nvidia*06:19
lotuspsychjeFlechas: if things go right yes06:19
FlechasI'll google how to do that. Basically I want to try all the different drivers and see which one works best, but last time I tried, I couldn't find a way aroaund. eded up reinstallind. that takes too long :P06:20
daftykinswhat card do you have?06:20
lotuspsychjeFlechas: ubuntu version and card chipset?06:20
daftykinsversion chasing is pretty pointless06:20
Flechasthere might be something else to the problem as well. I'm dualbooting osx and ubuntu06:21
daftykinson a mac or...06:21
Flechas15.10 Geforce GT 330M06:21
futurama140hello? am i connected?06:21
SentientTootsieRcould be some propietary apple bs interfering06:22
Flechasnaaa, just dualbooting with Refind06:22
OerHeksSentientTootsieR this is wrong > joey, try "dpkg --add-architecture i386" as ubuntu is already multiarch06:22
futurama140oi. i have no idea if my question even posted because i keep getting DCed06:22
SentientTootsieRThen maybe he needs to add something to the repository?06:22
Flechasalso, its a mid 2010 and the GPU messes up with the logicboard already in osx. thats why I installed ubuntu. couldn't take the crashes anymore :P06:22
joeytwiddlemaybe you don't want to use hardware accelerated drivers at all!06:23
futurama140i hope this isnt spamming06:24
Flechasthats correct as well. maybe I don't. it just adds new pretty features :P06:24
Flechasit would be nice. just want to try and revert easy06:24
joeytwiddlefuturama140, none of us can hear you :(06:24
joeytwiddlefuturama140, j/k.  we didn't see your odd issue, just that you had one ;)06:24
daftykinsFlechas: then it's got hardware issues, an OS Isn't going to avoid that06:24
futurama140im in a hotel, and using a laptop with 14.04 and a monopiece wireless N adapter06:25
futurama140my wifi is intermitent at best06:25
futurama140the router is a netgear home router ssid: NETGEAR60 and is located probably 50 feet away06:25
futurama140when i try plugging the usb wifi into a usb extension cord it will not connect to the network at all.06:25
futurama140neither the pie tin parabolic antenna nor a pringles cantenna are boosting my signal at all, most likely because i just get no connection period when the wifi is on a usb extension06:25
futurama140anyone have any idea why im getting any of these problems?06:25
joeytwiddlethat is spamming though.  the bot says so!06:25
SentientTootsieRyeah looks like your hotel's shitty wifi can't transmit anything quickly enough06:25
daftykinsyes, cheap USB extension = can't provide enough power06:25
daftykins!language | SentientTootsieR06:25
ubottuSentientTootsieR: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:25
Flechasdaftykins: I hear you, but so far it has done just that. when I'm on OSX, it crashes at very specific instances (certain websites, external monitor conect), but in Ubuntu, I'm just hanging out. no crashes. its great06:26
daftykinsspeed has nothing to do with signal.06:26
Flechasnow it would be nice to use the extra features of the GPU06:26
joeytwiddleoooh there was a command i used to send to our dodgy WiFi USB to tell it to draw less power06:26
futurama140is there any way to work around this?06:26
daftykinsless power is just going to make the signal weaker ¬_¬06:26
daftykinsyes buy a better adapter06:27
daftykinsFlechas: not sure if so ancient a chip can be used with prime, you'll need nvidia-331 or newer with nvidia-prime installed06:27
SentientTootsieRit might. have you used public wifi? it sucks06:27
Flechassomething like that I've been reading online. yessss06:27
joeytwiddledaftykins, in our case it stopped the device from failing altogether06:27
futurama140i tried increasing the power to the usb wifi to "30" (whatever that means) but the hardware wont allow it06:28
futurama140im having the same issues with my cyanogenmod nook tablet as well.06:28
daftykinssounds more like you're talking about disabling power management, not reducing power06:28
daftykinsfuturama140: move room...06:28
daftykinsi really don't see how anything OS based can do anything for you06:28
SentientTootsieRask the front desk person to reset the router?06:28
futurama140daftykins: yea i wish06:29
joeytwiddlefuturama140, i think this was the command we used.  try out less imo.  http://askubuntu.com/questions/328418/how-to-increase-power-of-wifi-adapter06:29
daftykinswhat's so dream requiring about changing a room o006:29
joeytwiddledaftykins, it worked.  i was there.  you weren't.  :P06:29
daftykinsjoeytwiddle: well that's nice06:29
daftykinsunfortunately anecdotal evidence is worth 0 in the real world06:29
futurama140my hotel is packed06:30
futurama140its where parole puts people who just got out of prison so its always packed06:30
SentientTootsieRif it's anecdotal, is it really evidence?06:30
OerHeksmessing with txpower does not work that way.06:30
futurama140sure, just not scientifically accredited evidence06:30
ApteryxIs Nautilus using samba to connect to smb:// adresses? I tried using the "Connect to server" button to connect to a Windows share, and it always fail with: Unhandled error message: Failed to mount Windows share: Invalid argument06:31
functionoverformmessing with txpower via a power supply and homemade antenna on the other hand...06:31
ApteryxBut if I try on the command line using smbclient, it works!06:31
daftykinsApteryx: did you type smb://IP address/sharename ?06:31
Apteryxdaftykins: I used the domain name06:31
daftykinsyou mean host name?06:32
ApteryxBut I did try using the IP, and got the same error. I'll try again just to make sure.06:32
Apteryxdaftykins: yes, sorry, host name.06:32
SentientTootsieRWould \\hostname\folder work?06:32
SentientTootsieRjust a guess06:32
ApteryxSentientTootsieR: Actually I have no choice to use a folder, because the root is restricted.06:32
daftykinswell, wrong direction slashes and i don't think nautilus behaves like explorer on Windows, no06:32
futurama140joeytwiddle: Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) :06:33
futurama140    SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not permitted.06:33
SentientTootsieRah ok06:33
Apteryxdaftykins: the annoying part is I have to leave irssi to test (VPN on a network that blocks irc port... duh)06:33
daftykinsyou have to create a registry key called LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy and set it to '1' on win7+ to allow users to auth remotely against admin shares such as host/c$06:33
daftykinsnot that i've memorised that or anything... *whistle*06:34
Apteryxdaftykins: OK, but this is a corporate network, I cannot change the settings freely :)06:34
Apteryxdaftykins: the strange thing is I could connect using smbclient.06:34
daftykinshow come you're file sharing then o006:34
daftykinswell you could just mount it via CLI06:35
Apteryxdaftykins: What do you mean. The drive is there. I'm supposed to be able to access it as long as I have valid credentials. I don't think I read I had to use Windows exclusively to access it anywhere.06:35
daftykinssudo mount -t cifs //IP/share /mnt -o username=blah,password=blah,iocharset=utf806:35
daftykinssudo mount -t cifs //IP/share /mnt -o username=blah,password=blah,iocharset=utf8,uid=1000,gid=100006:36
daftykinsah well it's your job not mine :>06:36
Apteryxhaha, OK, let me try that. But do you know what Nautilus is doing under the hood? I'd like to understand why it fails... I'm not even sure what logs it would output to.06:37
futurama140no way to make my wifi better then, eh?06:37
daftykinsfuturama140: doubt it's the OS's fault06:37
daftykinsmove room or buy a better adapter06:37
daftykinsApteryx: does nautilus even get as far as prompting for login details?06:38
Apteryxdaftykins: yes06:39
daftykinsand you enter DOMAIN\username and password?06:39
Apteryxdaftykins: There is a field for DOMAIN, so yes, I enter it.06:39
daftykinsand you could run nautilus from the terminal to see error output06:40
Apteryxdaftykins: that's a good idea06:40
ApteryxLet me try these 2 things... I'll have to quit irc for a couple minutes.06:40
ApteryxThanks for the help if I don't see you again :)06:41
daftykinsit's pretty much law you have to report back!06:41
Apteryxdaftykins: hehe alright :)06:41
Apteryxdaftykins: It seems it cannot resolve the IP based on the host name: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13500652/ (I found this in /var/log/kern.log after trying to mount the share with mount.cifs07:01
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lemmyi have this error i need assistance *Wifi is disabled by a hardware switch*07:13
functionoverformlol, is there a physical hardware switch you accidentally hit?07:13
=== vincent is now known as Guest68010
pragomer_1hi. how can I change in /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober windows7 entry from "Windows 7 on /dev/sda5" to "Windows 7" ?07:32
stangelandI have attached a disk via usb 3, and the following comes up in dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13500810/    For some reason the disk is not being mounted. in that paste there is a line saying:  sdb: unknown partition table. Is that the reason why its not being mounted?07:34
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imran_whats up07:40
imran_its so quite in here07:40
Skrankyeah, its to early in the morning yet i guess07:41
futurama140hey, how do i install an... uh tar.zx file?07:44
Ignazgood morning :-)07:46
futurama140hey, how do i install an... uh tar.zx file?07:46
Ignazsomeone know if is possible to set the "noatime" attribute not for a partiton but for a directory?07:47
Ignazfuturama140, you must expand the .zx file07:47
Ignazits something like tar.gz07:47
OpenSorceDoes Ubuntu not let me select the default sound device on my machine natively?07:47
Ignaztar xvfJ filename.tar.xz07:47
Abewell tar is something like an compressed rar or zip file07:47
rogger_hHello, anyone free?07:47
futurama140ignaz: its expanded. what do i do with all the files and folders in it?07:47
AnakinSkyrogger_h, what's up?07:48
futurama140whats the difference between a tar.zx and tar.gx ?07:48
OpenSorceAnakinSky, you're not on IRC as root are you? :-P07:48
Ignazfuturama140, not sure which programm installation it is but i think this is helpfull --> https://robots.thoughtbot.com/the-magic-behind-configure-make-make-install07:48
rogger_him looking for sys admin07:49
Ignaz.xz has a another compressing07:49
futurama140do both work in ubuntu?07:49
Ignaznot sure at the moment but i guess it was better for binfiles07:49
OpenSorcerogger_h, of this irc network? You'll want to look in #freenode07:49
AnakinSkyOpenSorce, oh wait.. :P07:49
rogger_hbut here are all the linux specialists07:50
rogger_hwhy would i go to #freenode07:50
OpenSorcerogger_h, that's why I asked if you are looking for an admin of this network or not :-)07:51
Ignazmy question again - someone know if is possible to set the "noatime" attribute not for a partiton but for a directory?07:51
rogger_hOpenSorce: lol I mean Sys Admin07:54
rogger_hlinux specialist07:55
AnakinSkyOpenSorce, effed up config file.. :P07:55
rogger_hthat can help me with myserver (for payment)07:55
rogger_hor free , what ever he/she decide07:55
OpenSorceAnakinSky, cool. Just didn't want you to get compromised. If you're logged into your machine as root right now it would be bad news.07:56
AnakinSkyOpenSorce, nope.. it's just the config.. :) thanks for noticing07:57
OpenSorceAnakinSky, no worries :-)07:58
AnakinSkyhonestly i'm new to this whole IRC chatting..07:58
vickycqDoes 16.04 still use /var/log/Xorg.0.log?07:58
Kartagishttp://paste.debian.net/335845/ <--- how is this possible?07:59
geirhaKartagis: what does ''type ls'' output?08:01
futurama140how do i install files in a tar file?08:02
kerdelfuturama140: tar is like a zip file08:02
Kartagisgeirha: ls is aliased to `ls --color=auto'08:02
OpenSorceNow my question again, is Ubuntu not able to natively change the default audio output device?08:02
kerdelfuturama140: u have to untar it first08:03
=== kerdel is now known as VenomByte
VenomBytefuturama140: look here for info http://askubuntu.com/questions/25347/what-command-do-i-need-to-unzip-extract-a-tar-gz-file08:03
OpenSorceI mean I can edit files and reboot to get it done, but no way to do it on the fly?08:03
geirhaKartagis: Hm. Ok. Could also be mkdir is an alias or function that does something different, or it could be fd 1 (stdout) has been redirected elsewhere08:03
futurama140yea i know. ive extracted the tar file. what do i do with the stuff in it?08:03
VenomBytefuturama140: depends, what did u download?08:04
Kartagisgeirha: mkdir is hashed (/bin/mkdir)08:04
VenomByteOpenSorce: yes you can switch audio output on the fly08:04
VenomByteOpenSorce: what are you trying to edit?08:04
futurama140venombyte: CRDA and wireless-regdb08:05
OpenSorceVenomByte, how would I do that? I haven't found that functionality in Unity.08:05
geirhaKartagis: Hm. Then maybe the filesystem is the weird one out08:05
OpenSorceVenomByte, the editing comment was refering to using ALSA08:05
imran_has any one over here replaced pulse audio with Alsa ? in 15.1008:06
VenomBytefuturama140: after you did extract the files can u see something like a install.sh or make file?08:08
VenomByteOpenSorce: I don't really get what you are trying, is it changing your output device or making edits to unity??08:09
futurama140venombyte: makefile08:09
junhuihave a nice day guys!08:09
OpenSorceVenomByte, I want to be able to use my speakers when everyone is awake and switch to my USB headset when they go to sleep :-)08:10
OpenSorceVenomByte, forget the editing.08:10
khildinOpenSorce, I thought that is default behaviour?08:11
Kartagisgeirha: it was probably because I accidentally overwrote on the partition using dd08:12
OpenSorcekhildin, I want to manually change the default sound device. I keep the USB device plugged in because my default mic is going through it.08:13
Skrankcant belive ubuntu made an 14 year old laptop come alive again08:16
Skrankany suggestions as to what programs and apps i should use? just got the VLC player and it just worked fine.. the dvd works reallyy great08:18
futurama140hey i have a game, kq1vga.exe installed through wine. the resolution is 320x200. i have found no way of increasing t. is there some way to do that?08:20
VenomBytefuturama140: makefiles can be installed with something like make, make install08:21
VenomBytefuturama140: sorry for slow response08:21
Marichello there, i have a problem with my wifi (it says unavailable in the network manager applet (in cinnamon)) dmsg log i think are relevant are at http://pastebin.com/pYJZgny9 (after that log the last few lines just repeat every few seconds)08:23
geirhaKartagis: ah, that sounds quite plausible08:23
ha1dfoI have a fresh ubuntu 15.10 install, installed google-chrome from deb, but it wouldn't show up in the "ubuntu-contorl-center info" browsers section. Any ides where that one picks the choices from?08:23
cfhowlettha1dfo, from .deb?  better to do that from the ppa08:25
ha1dfogoogle-chrome? Please advise which one to use08:25
cfhowlettha1dfo, oh wait, chrome, not chromium08:25
ha1dfocfhowlett, I can select chromium, firefox and sometihng that looks like safari from the default browser list; but not the google-chrome-stable nor google-chrome-beta08:26
=== Alphakarem is now known as Guest79050
cfhowlettha1dfo, I'm on xubuntu, so my environment is quite different from yours.  ask again in channel, someone will know.08:27
Skrankwhy not just use firefox that comes with ubuntu?08:27
ha1dfoSkrank, this is a corporate laptop, plenty of internal sites that work best with chrome.08:28
Skrankoh, ok08:28
Skrankjust figured since the firefox accually works really well]08:29
ha1dfoSkrank, was using an install from like 2 years ago and kept updating it; it worked well, but thought i'll give a chance for a fresh install08:29
EriC^^ha1dfo: try sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser08:29
cfhowlettha1dfo, "infernal sites".  ftfy :)08:29
Skranki hear you ..08:29
ha1dfoEriC^^, x-www-browser, gnome-www-broswer both set to google-chrome-beta08:30
Marichello there, i have a problem with my wifi (it says unavailable in the network manager applet (in cinnamon)) dmsg log i think are relevant are at http://pastebin.com/pYJZgny9 (after that log the last few lines just repeat every few seconds)08:31
ha1dfojust removed google-chrome installations; reinstalled them from ppa, still wouldn't show up08:31
edoderoowhen I create a symbolic link to a directory, it keeps linking to a folder one level higher ... what did I do wrong?08:33
EriC^^use absolute paths08:33
edoderoonow I use:  ln -s /hidrive/users/myusername/sourcecode/python/pywikibot /pwb08:37
edoderools /pwb will now show: /pwb/pywikibot08:38
edoderooI did this before, and it would show the contents of that pywikibot-folder08:38
futurama140viperbyte: make: *** No rule to make target `/desktop/crda-3.18/makefile'.  Stop.08:39
futurama140venombyte: make: *** No rule to make target `/desktop/crda-3.18/makefile'.  Stop.08:40
IgnazIs a LVM with two partions (one for / ; other for /data) on Hardware RAID10 usefull?08:42
Ignazi think for example if the /data is to small to increase them08:43
Ignazor to add a other hdd to /data08:43
Ignaznobody use lvm?08:45
cfhowlett!patience | Ignaz,08:45
ubottuIgnaz,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:45
rardohey guys, is there a way i can get "gedit filename.txt" to act as "subl filename.txt" while still typing gedit.?08:47
VenomByterardo: edit your .bashrc08:47
VenomByterardo: add an alias to make 'gedit' link to 'subl08:47
rardoand that would be located where?08:48
futurama140how do i install a makefile?08:48
ngaio_rardo, the command locate is your friend, i.e. locate .bashrc  You should be editing the version in your home directory08:50
jedininjarobi am looking for sources for the voice to txt software on Ubuntu, i cant find them specifically just the voice capture, and word recognition/return08:51
VenomByterardo: its in ~/.bashrc08:52
cfhowlettjedininjarob, accessibility options08:52
futurama140how do i install a makefile?08:52
VenomBytefuturama140: first write ./configure08:52
VenomBytefuturama140: then make08:52
VenomBytefuturama140: followed by sudo make install08:53
VenomBytefuturama140: sorry busy with work08:53
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)08:53
jedininjarob<cfhowlett>: any specific folders or just under options?08:53
futurama140venombyte: its all good08:53
futurama140venombyte: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory08:53
cfhowlettjedininjarob, assistive technologies would be the app locations.  data files? I would think in your /home directory but I don't know for certain.08:54
rardoi sed the gui base search and gor several bash.bashrc and dot.bashrc files.  there are only copyies of them in the usr/share folders. :/08:54
VenomBytefuturama140: ok then there is no configure file, but do u get any errors from make?08:54
jedininjarobok ill take a look08:54
futurama140venombyte: luke@luke-Lenovo-G50-45:~$ make /home/desktop/crda-3.18/makefile08:55
futurama140make: *** No rule to make target `/home/desktop/crda-3.18/makefile'.  Stop.08:55
VenomBytefuturama140: no other output before that line?08:55
geirharardo: why do you write gedit when you really want subl?08:55
VenomBytefuturama140: can u run: sudo apt-get install build-essential?08:56
VenomByte~ brb08:56
futurama140venombyte: it's downloading08:57
geirharardo: If you just want to change the default editor from gedit to subl, then overriding gedit with a function or alias won't help you.08:57
rardogeirha: i copy paste a lot of stuff, it just seems easier to change what gedit and vim do rather than changing them indivdualy in each line i paste. XD08:57
jedininjarobdo you know of any sorces for ubuntu voice to txt apps?/code08:57
TJ-futurama140: first of all start from the directory where the project is, secondly, the file is likely called "Makefile" not "makefile", 3rdly you may need to run 'automake' to create the Makefile from a 'Makefile.am', or if there's a 'Makefile.in' you'll need to use "./configure" ... if that doesn't exist you'll need to generate it with "autoconf" ... etc. etc.08:58
geirharardo: Oh, odd. Ok then.08:58
OerHeksjedininjarob, such speech2text software is high on the wanted list. if you find something workable, let us know.08:58
jedininjarobahhh i see..08:58
geirharardo: subl ~/.bashrc   and add    gedit() { subl "$@"; }08:58
jedininjarobi dont want a whole wraped program just the recognistion part08:59
jedininjarobill keep searcchinmg08:59
futurama140TJ: when i type ./config i get errors08:59
embeddedHi! I installed nvidia cuda and i trashed my ubuntu machine... I'd like to reinstall. However, my homme dir is encrypted. Do I have to do anything special to preserve it when I reinstall???09:00
futurama140TJ-: luke@luke-Lenovo-G50-45:~$ ./config /home/desktop/CRDA-3.18/Makefile09:01
futurama140bash: ./config: No such file or directory09:01
futurama140luke@luke-Lenovo-G50-45:~$ ./configure /home/desktop/CRDA-3.18/Makefile09:01
futurama140bash: ./configure: No such file or directory09:01
geirhafuturama140: just install it from the repositories09:03
geirha!info crda09:03
ubottucrda (source: crda): wireless Central Regulatory Domain Agent. In component main, is optional. Version 3.13-1 (wily), package size 60 kB, installed size 295 kB (Only available for linux-any)09:03
futurama140says it's installed already09:03
geirhaproblem solved09:06
embeddedHi! trying to reinstall ubuntu, I have an encrypted home drive, how do I preserve this dir when reinstalling? (14.04)09:09
ashleyhindleHi - how can I find out how libapache2-mod-php5 is installed, and where it gets its php.ini from?09:09
klejphi guys. I just plugged in a mouse but it will not fire up. No red light at the bottom. Is there a driver for a plexgear mouse in the ubuntuverse?09:09
embeddedthe /home is in a different partition09:09
ashleyhindleAs far as I can tell there isn't a php.ini in that .deb, or php5 or php5-common, though php5-common has default php.ini files (like -development), so I just wanted to see if it gets it from there09:10
TJ-futurama140: what was the point if wanting to build CRDA?09:10
futurama140TJ-: my wifi is rancid and i'm swiftly runing out of options. so: http://askubuntu.com/questions/597546/iwconfig-wlan0-txpower-30mw-not-working09:11
TJ-futurama140: are you trying to overcome a crowded frequency band, or some interference you've identified?09:15
TJ-ashleyhindle: it may generate/install the php.ini it used in the package .postinst script09:16
ashleyhindleThanks TJ- I'll gander09:16
TJ-ashleyhindle: you'll find that (and other packages conf files) with  "ll /var/lib/dpkg/info/libapache2-mod-php5.*"09:17
futurama140TJ-: not that i'm aware of. i figured if i can increase power to my wifi dongle i'll pick up signal better. as it is, my signal drops off intermitently and when i do have signal its super slow09:17
TJ-futurama140: increasing Tx power isn't going to help if the problem is received signal strength09:18
futurama140TJ-: look, obviously i have no clue what i'm doing and i'm grasping at straws. someone suggested this method so thats what ive been trying. please, do you have a better idea that doesnt involve money?09:19
OerHeksfuturama140, told you before: messing with txpower does not work that way.09:19
TJ-futurama140: USB devices typically don't have very effecient antennas09:19
TJ-futurama140: Yes. Read the logs, gather *evidence* as to what is going on first, then act on that evidence. Don't try random things, you'll just get confused, frustrated, and possibly break the system especially building code locally09:20
futurama140TJ-: i have a pringles cantenna and a pie-tin parabolic antenna but when i plug the wifi dongle into a usb extension cord i cant even get any signal ever09:20
futurama140TJ-: i've tried two seperATE USB EXTENSIONS09:20
futurama140TJ-: what logs?09:21
TJ-futurama140: start with /var/log/syslog. Network Manager, which maages wpa_supplicant (which is responsible for maintaining a Wifi connection) are quite verbose in reporting what's going on09:21
futurama140TJ-: ok, i have no idea what anything means. pastebin here?09:22
nitishVenomByte: ask your question.09:22
nitishSwashbucler: ask your question.09:22
VenomBytenitish: i don't have a question, sorry09:23
Swashbucklerhow can i install wine in ubuntu09:23
VenomByteSwashbuckler: sudo apt-get install wine?09:23
nitishVenomByte: this is support channel.09:23
cfhowlettsudo apt install wine Swashbuckler09:23
TJ-futurama140: if the PC has intermittent reception problems, the root cause is likely either the location of the AP it is connecting to, or other APs/devices in the unlicensed frequency band causing interference - things like Wireless CCTV, Baby monitors, burglar alarms, microwave ovens, all use the same frequency band and don't have to cooperate09:23
VenomBytenitish: I am helping people too if I can ;)09:23
TJ-futurama140: "pastebinit <( tail -n 1000 /var/log/syslog )"09:23
Swashbucklerthanks VenomByte09:24
VenomByteSwashbuckler: yw ;)09:24
VenomByteSwashbuckler: also lookup playonlinux and winetricks if u want :)09:24
futurama140TJ-: in terminal? all i get is: >09:24
TJ-futurama140: I think you typed a leading " ... type another " and press enter09:25
TJ-futurama140: as a rule I surround anything I want you to type literally with " ... " marks but you shouldn't type the "s themselves. It helps separate my commentary from the commands09:26
futurama140TJ-: there is no prompt. enter only starts a new line with >09:26
futurama140TJ-: i understand, i didnt use quotations09:26
pandoxeris ubuntu equally supported and efficient on vmware and virtualbox or should I favor one over the other?09:26
futurama140luke@luke-Lenovo-G50-45:~$ pastebinit <( tail -n 1000 /var/log/syslog09:28
TJ-futurama140: you missed the closing )09:34
=== Damier- is now known as Damier
futurama140TJ-: http://pastebin.com/x59ydYkH when i install pastebinit09:57
Skrankanyone knows a good ftp server for movies?10:03
lotuspsychje!warez | Skrank10:04
ubottuSkrank: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o10:04
Skrankok, sry bout that.. new to this thing10:05
lotuspsychjeSkrank: you joined an ubuntu support channel10:05
Skranklike i just said.. im totaly new to this and agian. sorry10:06
futurama140TJ-: what do those errors mean?10:06
futurama140http://pastebin.com/x59ydYkH can anyone tell me whatthese errors mean?10:08
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=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
momomois there a way to hide minimized windows from appliation switcher ?10:26
momomoin gnome 310:26
momomo if you are running twenty applications and what to focus on three .. why would you be interested in even seeing the rest ?10:26
momomoi tried to create a separate workspace, and even on the other workspace, the windows are there10:26
Jack__Hello, how can I force my Ubuntu 14.04 lts get a new IPv6 address from DHCP server, instead apply for the old one. I have tried to use dhclient -r, but it doesn't work. PS: I am using Network Manager10:30
futurama140can anyone help me decipher these errors? http://pastebin.com/x59ydYkH10:32
Jack-zhangHello, how can I force my Ubuntu 14.04 lts get a new IPv6 address from DHCP server, instead apply for the old one. I have tried to use dhclient -r, but it doesn't work. PS: I am using Network Manager10:33
TJ-futurama140: you've installed some package called 'wibom' that fails to configure itself10:33
futurama140TJ-: is that going to affect  the install?10:34
TJ-futurama140: it's broken the packaging system, nothing can be installed successfully until that's fixed10:35
TJ-!info wibom10:36
ubottuPackage wibom does not exist in wily10:36
futurama140TJ-: how can I do that?10:36
TJ-futurama140: seems like that's not an Ubuntu package10:36
pshrHi, I have installed gnome ubuntu on mac osx, recently I am getting a error while setting up grub-efi-amd64, this happens when I do any of apt-get install or autoremove : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501469/10:36
futurama140TJ-: its wine bottle manager10:36
dionysus69bash script file extension is .sh right?10:38
futurama140TJ-: can i just go manually delete the wibom stuff?10:43
ddr_can smb help me with this problem:10:44
TJ-futurama140: you'd need to try "sudo apt-get purge wibom" and hope :)10:45
futurama140i just tried sudo apt-get remove wibom10:46
futurama140TJ-: it's working so far10:46
TJ-futurama140: that's good :)10:46
futurama140ok what was the command you wanted me to use to pastebin the wifi log?10:47
futurama140ive restarted twice since then cause of the wifi10:47
futurama140JT-: not sure which log file it was10:48
lotuspsychjeddr_: make your life easy and install ubuntu single + virtualbox + w810:50
futurama140TJ-: not sure which log file it was10:51
ddr_lotuspsychje, ko, but for now i have to solve my actual problem10:51
bumbar_if i build some lib manually, how do i tell package manager i have it? so it won't implicitly overwrite10:51
mcphailbumbar_: the package manager will not touch anything under the /usr/local tree, so install it there10:51
TJ-futurama140: " pastebinit <( tail -n 1000 /var/log/syslog ) "10:54
futurama140TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501544/10:55
bumbar_mcphail, thanks10:55
voozeHi, i'm trying to compile my "own" kernel, in order to apply this patch: https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/423494/ - Following this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - I have done all the steps until it says "patch kernel" but It only says: "read the instructions from the patch provider to learn how to apply it." but the patch does not say. Any ideas? :)10:56
TJ-futurama140: that's helpful. line 818 is an example of why its disassociating10:57
futurama140TJ-: so is it something fixable?10:59
TJ-futurama140: now report this: "pastebinit <( iwconfig wlan0; sudo iwlist wlan0 scan )"10:59
Priceyvooze: `patch < the.patch` is usually a good start.11:00
futurama140TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501573/11:01
voozePricey, should I place the patch a specific place? like ~/kernel/linux-lts-wily-4.2.0/debian.master or something? or does that not matter?11:01
Priceyvooze: more important is that you run the command in the right directory. you can do `patch < /path/to/the.patch`11:02
DancoHello, would anyone be able to inform me whether it is legally allowed to ship computers I sell with an OEM version of Ubuntu?11:02
lotuspsychjeDanco: you will have to contact canonical11:03
lotuspsychjeDanco: and have some legal disclaimer11:04
DancoAlright thank you, I already contacted them, but I got a batch of 800 computers that are taking up space... Just wanted a quick answer is all. But thank you!11:04
lotuspsychjeDanco: can you join #ubuntu-discuss ?11:05
voozePricey, I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501597/11:05
dionysus69I have a script that I want to be able to run from terminal, do I add it to /usr/local/bin Or to /usr/sbin? and whats the difference between those dirs because both seem to include executables11:06
Priceyvooze: "more important is that you run the command in the right directory" :) cd to your kernel tree11:07
voozePricey, oh :D11:07
voozePricey, should I be in ~/kernel/linux-lts-wily-4.2.0 or ~/kernel/linux-lts-wily-4.2.0/debian.master or maybe ~/kernel/linux-lts-wily-4.2.0/debian.wily?11:08
EriC^^dionysus69: /usr/local/bin is for locally compiled packages ( not from the repos )11:08
Priceyvooze: I haven't a clue, wherever the source is that you're trying to patch.11:08
EriC^^dionysus69: /usr/sbin is for packages downloaded from the repos11:09
dionysus69EriC^^: thanks ! where do I learn those stuff ? I mean how linux system functions etc. where did you learn that for instance? haha11:09
ddr_lotuspsychje, do u know the solution to my problem?11:09
EriC^^!hier | dionysus6911:09
ubottudionysus69: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier11:09
dionysus69EriC^^: thanks again, diving11:10
lotuspsychjeddr_: paste that issue to EriC^^ he might take a look at it11:10
EriC^^dionysus69: np11:11
EriC^^ddr_: what's up?11:11
TJ-futurama140: The good news is you don't appear to have other APs locally causing interference (although non-Wifi devices could be - microwaves, etc.). From lines 617/619 of the syslog pastebin I'd suspect the r8188eu dirver for the device is the cause. e.g. "r8188eu: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned."11:12
futurama140TJ-: so what are my options for fixing it?11:13
TJ-futurama140: is the PC using 15.04 Vivid?11:14
futurama140TJ-: 14.04 LTS11:14
TJ-futurama140: ahhh, with the LTS Enablement pack11:15
futurama140TJ-: in the software center?11:16
EriC^^ddr_: can you boot a live usb?11:17
TJ-futurama140: I just checked the kernel source; there have been 196 patches to the rtl8188eu code since v3.19 which is the kernel version currently installed. I'd suggest testing the system with either the 15.10 Wily v4.2 kernel, or a recent mainline kernel build11:17
futurama140TJ-: how d i go about doing that?11:17
voozePricey, I can see /kernel/linux-lts-wily-4.2.0/drivers/rtc/class.c and /kernel/linux-lts-wily-4.2.0/include/linux/rtc.h like the patch says, but the patch is saying like a/ and b/ but I cant find those. You have an idea?11:17
voozePricey, like it says: diff --git a/drivers/rtc/class.c b/drivers/rtc/class.c11:18
TJ-vooze: from the base of the kernel source-code tree: "patch -p1 < path/to/patc/file.diff"11:18
Priceyvooze: ignore a & b, those are the before and after versions. As long as you're in the bit with the next part of the path it should work.11:19
TJ-vooze: "man patch" you'll see '-pX' strips off X path directory components11:19
EriC^^ddr_: boot a live usb11:20
k_szewtf, I booted Ubuntu Desktop 15.10 as live CD and I can't install gddrescue. The package is not found even after apt-get update.11:20
EriC^^!info gddrescue11:20
ubottugddrescue (source: gddrescue): GNU data recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.19-2 (wily), package size 108 kB, installed size 386 kB11:20
EriC^^k_sze: sudo add-apt-repository universe11:20
voozeTJ-, cool, it seems to "work" now, but I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501668/ is this normal?11:22
eahmedshendyWhen I tried to 'apt-get upgrade -y' I got this error on Ubuntu 14.04, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501665/11:23
eahmedshendyI tried many solutions but no one solved the problem, and for mention this is a production server11:23
eahmedshendymay be I am missing something11:23
Priceyvooze: That likely means your tree has been modified since the patch was authored. So what the patch suggests changing doesn't match up with what's already there. Resolution will likely require looking at the source and patch and applying manually.11:23
cursesis the wheel group used at all on modern Ubuntu?11:23
voozePricey, ah okay, I'll give it a try :) thanks for your help so far.11:24
voozePricey, could it be that the ubuntu kernel is a bit modified and I should try a "clean" kernel?11:25
ddr_eric, already bootesd11:26
Priceyvooze: It will be the case, it may even be that that patch has already been applied and you're trying it a second time. If you use a vanilla kernel you will likely break features ubuntu relies upon.11:26
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voozePricey, ah okay :) i'll look into what the ubuntu kernel have different is that file :)11:27
ddr_EriC^^, already booted11:27
k_szeIf I get ata1: comreset failed (errno=-16) while booting up (and then it gives up), is there a way I can ask Ubuntu to retry once it's fully booted up?11:28
Priceyvooze: I find 'meld' an awesome tool for that kind of thing.11:28
kayrooneHey there, I want to add a ';' on position 7, 9, 11, 13 in every line in vim. how do I solve this issue? :)11:28
EriC^^ddr_: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999911:28
k_szebecause I have this HDD that's failing and it usually would timeout right after power on.11:28
voozePricey, ah really cool, will look into that.11:28
futurama140TJ-: can i go to 15.04 through the software center?11:29
ddr_EriC^^, done11:32
EriC^^ddr_: link?11:33
ddr_EriC^^,    termbin.com/d9kf11:33
EriC^^ddr_: sudo mount /dev/sdc5 /mnt11:34
futurama140how do i upgrade to 15.04?11:34
cfhowlettfuturama140, what is your current version???11:35
futurama14014.04 LTS11:36
m1dnight_When I logged in via ssh the system said I had mail. But executing `mail` just returns `~mail`11:36
cfhowlettfuturama140, long term support = 5 years.  150.4 support = 9 MONTHS and ends in January.  are you sure this is the right move??11:36
m1dnight_Hwo can I read my mails?11:36
ddr_EriC^^, ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sdc5 /mnt11:37
ddr_mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc5,11:37
ddr_       missing codepage or helper program, or other error11:37
ddr_       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try11:37
ddr_       dmesg | tail  or so11:37
EriC^^ddr_: type dmesg | tail | nc termbin.com 999911:37
futurama140cfhowlett: TJ- said that it has the updates for my wireless driver i need11:37
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | futurama140,11:37
ubottufuturama140,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:37
futurama140cfhowlett: dissasociation or something11:38
cfhowlettfuturama140, eolupgrade 14.04 > 14.10 > 15.04 OR download 15.04 and clean install.11:38
futurama140how do i do the first method?11:38
cfhowlettread the link11:38
ddr_EriC^^, termbin.com/fjfs11:39
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EriC^^ddr_: try sudo fsck -f /dev/sdc511:40
voozePricey, I see a lot have changed in that file, since the patch was written, but I guess i'm Gonna try ;) worst that can happen is it fails I guess.11:42
ddr_EriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13501749/11:43
ddr_i should say yes?11:43
ddr_EriC^^, now i should restart the pc?11:45
EriC^^no, hold on11:45
EriC^^try sudo mount /dev/sdc5 /mnt11:45
PudgePacketI have a program that comes up in ubuntu search but I can't find it to uninstall it11:45
EriC^^PudgePacket: which program?11:46
PudgePacketthe problem is it shares a name with the unity window manager11:46
ddr_EriC^^, what is next?11:46
EriC^^ddr_: did it mount?11:46
ddr_i think that yes11:47
EriC^^PudgePacket: type grep -iR "Name=Unity" /usr/share/applications11:48
EriC^^ddr_: ok, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done11:48
PudgePacketEriC^^: Found the .desktop file of the program11:57
ddr_EriC^^, imgur.com/W8QG5e911:58
EriC^^PudgePacket: ok, type dpkg -S /usr/share/applications/<desktopfile>11:59
PudgePacket$ dpkg -S /usr/share/applications/unity-editor.desktop  unity-editor: /usr/share/applications/unity-editor.desktop12:00
EriC^^PudgePacket: ok, unity-editor is the package12:01
EriC^^ddr_: type sudo chroot /mnt12:01
PudgePacketEriC^^ Awesome, thanks for your help!12:02
EriC^^PudgePacket: no problem!12:02
Aloiziobom dia12:03
ddr_EriC^^,  i got into:    root@ubuntu:/#12:03
ubuntu-studiohi everybody12:03
EriC^^ddr_: ok, type grub-install --recheck /dev/sdc12:04
ddr_aloizo, ola12:04
ddr_Aloizio, Ola12:04
ubuntu-studioi need help can help ?12:04
EriC^^ubuntu-studio: what's up?12:04
ubuntu-studioim first timy on ubuntu. how to install apps ?12:05
ddr_EriC^^, installing for i-386 pc platform. instalation finished. No error reported.12:08
XaveriusCould anyone recommend a decent vpn client for 14.04, cheers guys12:10
EriC^^ddr_: type update-grub12:10
ddr_EriC^^, imgur.com/s9iT2xh12:12
ddr_xaverius, filezilla12:13
EriC^^ddr_: looks good, you have a ton of old kernels though you could remove12:14
EriC^^ddr_: type apt-get autoremove12:14
Xaveriusdrr_: Thankyou12:15
ddr_EriC^^, now i should restart the pc?12:15
lignuxhey guys i cant seem to install steam. I need the libgl1 mesa glx but i cant install it. I tried all the workarounds i found from google and none worked. Im using ubuntu14.04 64bit12:16
EriC^^ddr_: type exit, then restart12:16
lignuxno one?12:18
ddr_EriC^^, i love u12:23
EriC^^ddr_: :)12:23
voozeHave anyone tried to compile the ubuntu linux kernel with something like a i7 quadcore desktop (skylake in this case) - just wondering how long time it will take :)12:25
heinzelm  /script install buffers.pl buffer_autoclose.py iset.pl go.py colorize_nicks.py12:27
sruli might be the wrong place to ask, but i searched the net and cannot find an answer,  is there a veracrypt expander for linux? i can only find one for windows, how do i expand my veracrypt volume in linux?12:27
BluesKajHey all12:35
lignuxcan anyone help me install steam here?12:35
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NerdsincHey guys, I just finished installing Ubuntu Gnome. Is there any software or resources i should be installing rn?12:44
Guest63077Hi does anyone know how to use inotifywatch to get filenames? It only gives me directories12:45
jpdsNerdsinc: That does depend entirely on what you want or need12:45
DrSlonyHi, what is the git package name in ubuntu?12:45
jpdsDrSlony: 'git'12:45
DrSlonyjpds thank you12:50
wootehfootHello! Apport wanted to report a xorg bug. Where is that bug sent, and where can I find it? Is there a bug entry for it?12:59
wootehfootI can't find any information regarding this. The reason I want to do this is because I want to add anformation to the report.13:00
wmorri!bugtracker | wootehfoot13:02
ubottuwootehfoot: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:02
TJ-wootehfoot: if it does send a bug report it should open a web-browser window for you to add to it; it's likely there was already a bug report matching it, so it'd just me-too on that bug13:03
wootehfootTJ-, thank you, this is the answer I was looking for.13:04
wootehfootTJ-, the reason I wanted to add info on this bug is because this xorg crash triggers a relogin without the need for password.13:05
wootehfootTJ-, that security concern can't be seen from the bug data alone13:05
TJ-wootehfoot: the system cannot login without a password. What can happen is the user session doesn't close and the X session greeter can hand over to the already-running user session13:06
futurama140anyone have experience with wine here?13:07
wootehfootTJ-, you're telling me the xorg crashed, and triggered an immediate handover?13:07
wootehfoot(without the need to fully logout?)13:07
TJ-wootehfoot: the greeter runs as the root user, but a login session starts once the password is authenticated. It is possible for the X server user session to crash but the login session to remain, so rather like when you repeatedly 'sudo ...' the password is only needed the first time13:11
AtuMis there some sort of wizzard to integrate ubuntu to windows AD available?13:11
futurama140i'm trying to run a game called king's quest 1 remake through wine, and the game i set to run on the virtual desktop, and either way I run the game, it's set to a resolution of 320x200, and there is no option to change the resolution in the settings. is there some way to scale up the resolution13:11
AtuMfrom the official repositories13:12
ikoniaAtuM: you really don't want to do that with a wizard13:12
AtuMikonia, I really do13:12
ikoniayou don't as it will break13:12
ikoniait really is a per use basis13:12
n1n0hi, why are some games from 2 years ago are missing from the software centre?13:12
wootehfootTJ-, I see13:13
AtuMikonia, some "official" aka "supported" way to integrate should be possible with a wizzard.. things can be built on top of that later13:14
AtuMintegration like this https://dubious.cse.unsw.edu.au/drupal/cifs-kerberos should come out-of-the-box by now13:15
hateballn1n0: what games? It is possible they are no longermaintained13:17
hateballn1n0: or if you do not have universe/multiverse enabled and they have been moved into there13:17
n1n0hateball how to enable it?13:22
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.13:22
hateballn1n0: ^13:22
Promilleyou could use !multiverse | n1n013:23
Sonderbladeany way to "reset" an ubuntu installation to a known good state?13:24
Sonderbladei have a weird driver issue which causes gnome-shell to hang13:24
ikoniaAtuM: not really as people run differnt extensions in their AD13:24
futurama140i'm trying to run a game called king's quest 1 remake through wine, and the game i set to run on the virtual desktop, and either way I run the game, it's set to a resolution of 320x200, and there is no option to change the resolution in the settings. is there some way to scale up the resolution?13:24
Promillefuturama140 -  you could also try #winehq . more chance of getting an answer13:25
futurama140promille: ok thanks13:25
frostschutzfuturama140, there is a remake? for the original you should probably use scummvm http://www.scummvm.org/screenshots/agi/kq/13:26
AtuMikonia, true.. but some sort of basic integration would be nice. I'm doing a class on how to do this, so I will explain the basics on how things work.. I will then have to say that integration is a project, not a procedure.13:27
AtuMikonia, as you know, windows ppl expect it to be "a procedure" :)13:28
futurama140frostschutz: yea its a third-party remake with the engine and raphics of later titles in the series13:28
bithorizonI'm trying to daemonize a script through start-stop-daemon13:35
bithorizonBut I can't figure out it's usage13:35
bithorizonCan anyone help?13:35
styler2goIs there something like jDownloader but without java? For linux?13:37
voozePricey: I got the kernel working with the patch :D13:39
voozePricey: Just wanted to say thanks again.13:39
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hateballstyler2go: maybe if you explain what it is13:40
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers13:41
hateballoh they left...13:41
styler2gohateball: A download manager with web interface13:42
hateballstyler2go: appears to be something called uget in the repos13:43
Priceyvooze: woop woop!13:43
Paul-ZHey, guys! I got a problem again....13:44
Paul-ZI'm using Ubuntu 12.04, how can i install the python 3.5?13:45
PiciPaul-Z: its not available in the official repositories, the deadsnakes ppa has a copy though: https://launchpad.net/~fkrull/+archive/ubuntu/deadsnakes?field.series_filter=precise13:47
Paul-ZPici, Oh, thank you, so, I need add this ppa first...13:48
PiciPaul-Z: yep13:48
Paul-ZPici, Mmm... I just want to use it on python virtualenv, so are there some other way to solve it?13:50
eahmedshendyWhat is the problem with this guys: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13502312/13:50
eahmedshendyThe previous version was 5.5, and this is my 4th time to remove it13:51
eahmedshendyand install it again13:51
futurama140im trying to increase the size of a game window in wine and this http://askubuntu.com/questions/16733/adjusting-resolution-for-individual-wine-programs didnt work. can someone help me?13:52
zetheroo1has anyone had any luck getting Nautilus to browse a domain workgroup?13:55
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* bittin_ at work atm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDbyYGrswtg13:58
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ArchNoobHello, I'm trying to update my fstab file and place a new drive to always automount. Where can i see the mount options provided there? Like explanationis of the mount options which are in the fstab file!?14:02
mcphailArchNoob: "man 5 fstab" for the file format and "man mount" for the mount options14:04
ArchNoobmcphail: I tried man mount and started searching for "nousid" (one of the options i know and a prove if they are there) but i didn't find it.14:06
ArchNoobmcphail: Aww.. Thank You I had a typo.. ^_^14:08
mcphailArchNoob: ha!14:09
mcphailArchNoob: the "man mount" page is veeeeeery long, but has all the info you need :)14:10
deathonfridayhow to tail?14:10
reactormonkhow can I set ulimit -c unlimited globally?14:15
hrobi123I'm using the graphics driver ppa  to support my GTX 97014:16
hrobi123I noticed they now have newer drivers,  nvidia-358   vs my current nvidia-35214:17
hrobi123I wanted to give it a try... do I first have to purge my current nvidia install?14:17
hrobi123or is it ok simply to install the never driver?14:17
mcphailhrobi123: usually the old driver will be removed automatically. I assume the ppa will have the dependencies set up to do that, but you never really know with PPAs14:18
ikoniahrobi123: is there an ubuntu package for the newer drivers ?14:19
hrobi123ikonia:  ehm this is not canonical drivers, no.14:19
hrobi123ikonia:   you need to use PPA ,   user supported repos "untrusted" repos to get this14:19
hrobi123ikonia: or compile it yourself.14:20
Inopiaikonia: if you're interested in graphics drivers you should check out https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa14:21
hrobi123mcphail: ok I best just try it then.  I guess this PPA should be correctly set up with dependencies14:21
hrobi123Inopia:   I tried x-org edgers first... but someone told me its being phased out in favour of the "graphics driver" ppa14:21
Inopiaoh that seems right14:22
mcphailhrobi123: wosrt comes to the worst, you can unpick it all from the command line ;)14:22
ikoniaI'd keep away from non-official nvidia PPA's14:22
Inopiax-org edgers even has a link in the description14:22
ikoniayou're just going to hit problems and pain,14:22
ikoniathe ubuntu ones are normally not far behind and have been compatability tested properly14:22
hrobi123     ikonia true... but there is always that special not so common user with special requirements... mine is doing 3D rendering on GPU using the latest GTX 970... pluging into a stereoscopic tv screen... tooo14:23
hrobi123ikonia:   I'm way to "special" to be using the tried and tested drivers,14:23
Inopiais there an "official nvidia PPA" ?14:24
hateballInopia: That's as close as it gets https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa14:25
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reactormonkI added * soft core unlimited to my limits.conf, but java still complains core dumps have been disabled14:25
deskwizard'morning ! anyone else getting 'megasas' kernel panics on 15.10 ?14:36
Summhi think this excited...... GENITAL WARTS! maybe. it is sacd. i think this a game - NFL just this a joke14:37
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Summhgood girl. by the basektball album. its ok. 1187songs, 12hrs downloading them sucked to kickin my teeth. spit is been has born14:37
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang14:37
Summhes those? heh. lol. ultimately, "speed" is clean. never inconvenience to see14:37
Summh_Forbin: the most and the patience to get used to leave asked her worlds. meh14:38
eahmedshendyCan anyone help, 'What is the problem with this guys: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13502312/'14:42
Jan\how do I enable sudo for a new user I just made ?14:43
k1l_Jan\: put him into the sudo group14:43
deskwizardJanC, add to sudo group14:43
EriC^^Jan\: sudo usermod -aG sudo <newuser>14:43
Jan\ok ty14:43
k1l_or make him "admin" in the users and groups interface gui14:44
ikoniano problem14:44
paladin_i just join14:44
paladin_i do not know anything14:45
Dirkosis there a place where i can find the compile options for the "nginx" package?14:46
DirkosI need some extra modules where no package is available so i need to compile it by hand14:46
ikoniain the ubuntu package14:46
Dirkosyeah but how can i see that?14:47
ikoniadownload the source deb14:48
ikonialook at the manifest14:48
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ins3ct.cmd help14:55
ins3ct.join netsplit14:56
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TJ-Dirkos: the package configure options are generally set in the source's debian/rules makefile15:03
sukeehow can i scan from a printer ? is there an application for that ? i am using ubuntu-mate15:03
TJ-sukee: impossible15:03
sukeeand why is that ?15:04
TJ-sukee: printers print, they don't scan15:04
highdivrscan from a scanner15:04
zetheroo1has anyone had any luck getting Nautilus to browse a domain workgroup?15:04
sukeeTJ-, yeah sorry about that i have an all in one printer15:04
sukeeTJ-, its a scanner/printer/copying machine15:05
TJ-sukee: Ahhhhh! so a multi-function device (MFD) with a scanner... you'll need the SANE drivers for the device15:05
TJ-sukee: I have 2 here; HP and Samsung15:05
sukeeTJ-, mine is Epson15:05
TJ-sukee: uhoh :)15:05
HackerIIel oh el15:06
dweidlerHey, some of my icons and the menu bars on my two smaller screens (1920x1080) are out of the screen area. All works fine on the 2560x1440 screen. Any fix for that? :x15:06
TJ-sukee: I don't see any epson scanner drivers in the archives, maybe Epson publish their own15:07
TJ-dweidler: Unity?15:07
dweidlerusing MATE15:08
TJ-dweidler: hmmm, not used that. I don't have those issues with LXDE, XFCE or KDE on 6 a monitor system15:08
deskwizarddweidler, try in #ubuntu-mate15:09
TJ-dweidler: but all the montors are identical resolution. It sounds like a scaling/panning issue15:09
deskwizarddweidler, running mate here too, desktop icons are finnicky too15:09
TJ-dweidler: is the larger monitor set as the primary?15:09
dweidlerApparently yes15:09
TJ-dweidler: it might be worth experimenting with a smaller monitor set as primary15:10
deskwizarddweidler, what version are you running ?15:10
dweidlerthe latest one. How to set a screen to primary? Can't see any option in screen settings15:10
deskwizarddweidler, theres a command for that, 1 sec15:11
TJ-dweidler: "man xrandr"15:11
deskwizardor that yeah15:11
deskwizarddweidler, https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-control-center/issues/17 (jarrpa, 08-04-2013)15:12
TJ-dweidler: either "--noprimary" or "--primary" depending on what experiment you want to do, and which R&R version is supported15:12
dweidlerChanging the primary didn't help. I guess the only solution is to move the smaller screen's top to the bigger screens top. But when having more icons that could fit vertically, the will still exceed the display size15:16
apaI have the latest mate installed on another PC, when I boot it does not load the usbwifi, but on lsusb it is there.  It does connect if I reseat the wifi in the usb slot, any fix for this?15:17
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Mskplease tell me count a word from a text file15:23
SeriouslyLaughMsk try the wc command15:24
SeriouslyLaughtype man wc for usage15:24
geirhaIf you want a GUI alternative, many editors will also give you a word count. E.g. in gedit: Tools -> Document Statistics15:26
swashbucklerI can't able to loggin in Ubuntu15:30
nicomachusswashbuckler: can you explain that issue a bit more?15:30
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ch_hi there15:40
ch_anyone know hows the privacy is on ubuntu? thinking about collecting data and such? thinking of running ubuntu gnome edit and this is my major issue :/15:43
k1lch_: what are you concerned about?15:44
ch_if thay is collecting any data. like loggin ip and things on my computer. know the unity search bar is collecting but thats not my concern since i will run gnome15:45
SeriouslyLaughch_ here's a link to the privacy policy: http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/privacy-policy15:45
mcphailch_: firefox collects data for advertising purposes15:46
MonkeyDusti guess the ghostery plugin can prevent that15:46
mcphailI would guess it would15:47
k1lch_: of course it logs who is logged in. or who is using ssh login etc. that is a standard procedure on all linux systems15:47
k1lch_: you can turn it off on unity, that it generates online results, btw15:47
SeriouslyLaughif you have genuine concerns about provacy to the extent that you're worried about your operating system, maybe invest in a VPN of some kind15:48
k1lch_: but logging doesnt mean that this gets send to any 3rd parties outside.15:48
ch_ye have seen that. i have done that and using vpn daily. but having some small concerns about if ubuntu or canonical is having another finger around this?15:49
ikoniathen don't use it15:49
ikoniaif you're in any doubt - don't use it15:49
ikoniayou have no reason to think any of this that I can see,15:50
k1lch_: they dont steal your data.15:50
ikoniaso no logical discussion is going to put your mind at ease15:50
ikoniaif in doubt - don't use it15:50
SeriouslyLaughyeah, you can't reasons someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into15:50
* nicomachus seriouslylaughs15:50
* mcphail thinks it is perfectly reasonable to check these things out before installing an OS15:51
k1lch_: its labeled "online search" where you can search and get online results too. but you can set that off. but there is no hidden agenda to steal someones data. its open source, look into the code if you dont believe.15:51
ch_y i know. was thinking of ubuntu since its made for ubuntu or i will do it the hard way with arch...15:51
nicomachusmcphail: there's a difference between doing your research, and being stupid paranoid thinking that Canonical is going to log your IP (???) every time you log in to your OS.15:58
finetundraHey folks, how would I go about transfering music to my Ipod on my ubuntu pc?16:01
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod16:01
hiwkhi! ubuntu 14.04. I ran a command that started a butload of terminals, all of them ended up on top of each other. is there any automatic way to spread tem out/tile them?16:04
hiwkdefault window manager16:04
freakyyhi all. i have a problem with the ati graphics driver. it displays strange lines etc. and the screen starts in the middle, goes out to the right continuing at the left. now, when i plug in another monitor, the inbuilt monitor which showed the lines and was messed up, gets reset and everythign is ok. how can i have the screen get refeshed automatically or what can cause this?16:04
h4mI have a question. When I logout and change over from Metacity compiz to Metacity classic, I lose the wallpaper it just turns black? cant change it when I try in appearance.16:07
MonkeyDusthiwk  is this useful  http://askubuntu.com/questions/7798/how-do-i-arrange-my-windows-automatically16:08
MonkeyDusthiwk  also, 'xdotool' comes to mind16:09
rettopI'm running 12.04 LTS. I locked my screen, came back to my computer and found that everything was frozen. I tried to reboot, but the fan kept spooling up, slowing down and stopping....with nothing happening on the screen16:10
rettopIf I shut it off and power on, I get the same thing. Fan spools up, then slows down, stops, then spools up again without anything appearing on the screen, not even bios16:10
mcphailrettop: sounds like hardware rather than software problem16:13
rettopyeah, for some reason #hardware won't let me in. it tells me I cannot send to channel16:14
hiwkMonkeyDust: will check em out! thanks16:14
rettopno idea why? Maybe I need to ask for permission? Who do I ask16:14
Paul-ZMmm... I installed a app via pip, and How to run it using python3.5 (default is python2.7, I  dont wnat to change it))16:15
mcphailrettop: I'd guess it would be a double-hash channel i.e. ##hardware16:17
leSaucyrun /usr/bin/python3 ?16:17
freakyyhi all. i have a problem with the ati graphics driver. it displays strange lines etc. and the screen starts in the middle, goes out to the right continuing at the left. now, when i plug in another monitor, the inbuilt monitor which showed the lines and was messed up, gets reset and everythign is ok. how can i have the screen get refeshed automatically without me having to plugin another monitor -  or what can16:17
freakyycause this?16:17
mcphailretoaded: and make sure you are signed in with a registered nick16:17
mcphailretoaded: sorry - sent to wrong person16:18
Paul-ZleSaucy, nope... I don't want to run python shell... just want to run a app which is installed via pip...16:18
mcphailfreakyy: open source driver or prorietary?16:19
PiciPaul-Z: maybe #python would be a better place to ask...16:19
Paul-ZPici, Oh, Sorry, I think yes...16:19
nat0Can anyone tell my why preseeding a fresh install of 14.04 fails after searching for dists/precise-updates/Release, which doesn't even exist on the 14.04 installer DVD?16:19
freakyy14.04 is trusty not precise16:20
nat0Why would a fresh install need to reference updates/Release, especially after already having verified precise/Release?16:20
mcphailfreakyy: ok, sorry - don't have much experience with the proprietary driver (beyond swearing at it) so won't be of any help to you :(16:20
freakyymcphail: ok ;D16:20
freakyythanks anyway :)16:20
mcphailfreakyy: :)16:21
nat0freaky: sorry I confused the two16:21
nat0But that begs the question further.16:21
nat0Why does a fresh install of trusty fail upon not finding an upgrade path for precise machines?16:22
nat0Shouldn't the installer be able to recognize a fresh installation, and skip that part?16:23
nat0If not, then shouldn't the trusty image come with a dists/precise-update/Release path?16:23
recon_lapO roll on 16.04 and pray the installer is better16:23
nat0recon_lap: Unfortunately this is for a production deployment server.  We need to roll out 14.04 in a production environment, and don't have the luxury of waiting until 16.04 comes out.16:25
recon_lapmight be getting some loving with nomodeset16:25
recon_lapnat0: wonder why you are using xubuntu as a production server16:27
nat0I'm not16:27
nat0Where did you get xubuntu from?16:27
nat0It's a stock ubuntu-14.04.3-server-amd64.iso image16:28
nat0Being booted from a cobbler PXE deployment server.16:28
recon_lapsry, getting my channels mixed up, statment still stands, why ubuntu for a production server16:28
nat0With a preseed file.16:28
nat0Because some clients want to use ubuntu.16:28
nat0Believe me if I could not use it I wouldn't.16:28
nat0Ubuntu is a PITA compared to Debian or CentOS.16:29
will_wielderwhat is best for production server16:29
nat0will_wielder: Standards depend on where you are.16:30
nat0Most US MSPs use CentOS.  In Europe the standard is SUSE.16:30
MonkeyDustnat0  you're free not to use ubuntu16:30
nat0I prefer Debian.  It's very frustrating how Ubuntu devs arbitrarily rename packages, or interfaces in /dev, etc.16:30
nat0Thanks MonkeyDust.16:31
nat0I'll tell that to the client paying 5000/mo to provision their servers here.16:31
somsipnat0: for 5k a month, suck it up and stop whinging16:31
nat0Yeah cuz all that money goes into my pockets.16:31
nat0Are there adults here/16:31
nat0Perhaps with sysadmin experience?16:32
nat0Or is this a teenage alphanerd desktop support channel?16:32
MonkeyDustnat0  i havent followed... there's also #ubuntu-server16:32
nicomachusnat0: there are plenty of experienced adults here. Do you have a support question?16:32
mcphailnat0: #ubuntu-server for server and #ubuntu-offtopic for ranting16:32
nat0Thanks MonkeyDust, mcphail.16:32
somsipmcphail: offtopic isn't for ranting. !guidelines apply there too16:33
recon_lapnat0: I've a feeling you know more about ubuntu installs than me. I take it you got some VM setup going16:34
ivan_on_tracI can have only one public key (id_rsa.pub)? Where the same public key would be in all my servers (.ssh).16:36
shreezWhen trying to add a new large drive to a headless box with no GUI, what is the best tool to use to create the partitions and format the drive?16:37
functionoverformor fdisk if you like16:37
numnum4meDoes someone knows nother GUI Conky manager then the usual "conky manager"16:37
Skaaglast night I installed 14.04 on an Intel NUC system, install went fine, booted fine, etc. but then it offered a dist-upgrade via the desktop UI, I agreed, it upgraded itself, rebooted, and now the NUC doesn't boot ;-)16:37
Skaagit doesn't find an OS at all...16:38
nicomachusnumnum4me: that's the only one I know of.16:38
EriC^^shreez: cgdisk / gdisk for gpt partition table16:38
SkaagI booted again from the USB Stick, and made sure /dev/sda1 has the 'boot' flag, it does, and now I don't know why else it doesn't even reach grub16:38
Skaag(or whatever boot manager is used in 14.04)16:38
functionoverformEriC^^: does ubuntu have cfdisk by default?16:39
EriC^^functionoverform: yeah16:39
boxmeinohai, my fn-left key is being used magically as a screen configuration swap thing16:46
boxmein(like win+P on a windows machine, it cycles between duplicating between two screens, having both separate screens, and having only one screen on)16:46
boxmeincan I disable that because fn-left is also my decrease backlight brightness key16:47
MWMIm trying to set a USB ethernet adapter to start automatically.  Ive added the driver to the startup files, but it still wont start16:54
n1n0hi. os is ubuntu 14.04 and inside is amd radeon r7 m360 graphic card. should fetch the drivers, but sudosh ./amd-driver-installer-x86.x86_64.run returns "unknown command"16:56
hiwkMWM: what do you mean by "wont start"?16:56
hiwkn1n0: it probably says which command is unknown?16:57
MWMI reboot -> login _> then no network connection until I manually load the driver.  THis last time  it hasnt even started by manually loading the driver (modprobe)16:58
MWMnor is it listed in the ifconfig -- which it usually is16:58
maxtimboMWM, does sudo service network-manager restart do anything?16:59
maxtimboI put a little bash script that runs that command on startup because my usb wifi card wasn't working properly17:00
MWMyessir:  connected after sudo serviece network-manager restart17:00
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
maxtimboMWM, you know how to make bash scripts?17:00
MWMresolv.conf appears to be empty on this reboot as well.  I had already set it to use google DNS17:00
Back2Basicsis /etc/environment run before a service starts?17:01
MWMno bash scripting knowledge.  Crash course anywhere?17:01
=== morgan is now known as Guest83440
dev__i have few query related to udev rules..17:03
maxtimboMWM, you're encountering the same problem i had. Use this bash script: http://pastebin.com/Gs4nGSJU17:03
dev__i want to know which all udev scripts create nodes inside /dev folder17:03
functionoverformMWM, there's lots of bash books, the manual, etc. if you're in a hurry you should figure out exactly what you want to automate, then go from there.17:03
functionoverformbut basically just write what you want to a file, chmod +x filename17:03
functionoverformand put it in /bin/bash if you want to create a custome command.17:04
maxtimboMWM, use the command  "sudo chmod 755 network-restart.sh" to change the permissions.17:05
maxtimboMWM, move the script to /etc/init.d17:05
MWMis "+x" the actual argument or meant to be a variable for whatever permissions I want to set?17:05
dev__i want to know which all udev scripts create nodes inside /dev folder??17:05
dev__can anybody please help me?17:05
MWMAhhh.  thanks guys.  Ill drop back in if it doesnt work :)17:06
n1n0hiwk just returns "unknown command"17:06
maxtimboMWM, finally make sym link to /etc/rc4.d and append S07 or something like that17:06
MWMthanks for the link BTW17:06
PeanutHi - is there an online repository where I can see the history of a particular file in a particular package? How does Ubuntu track its source internally, do they use e.g. git?17:06
maxtimboMWM, http://askubuntu.com/questions/228304/how-do-i-run-a-script-at-start-up17:07
nicomachusPeanut: http://packages.ubuntu.com/17:07
Peanutnicomachus: thanks. That gives me the per-release versions of the packages, but I would like to see the inside of those packages.17:07
TJ-dev__: the list of installed udev rules is got with "dpkg -L udev"17:08
dev__thanks for the info17:09
dev__will check it17:09
nicomachusPeanut: search the package you want, then select the version you want, then you can view the changelog, download the source, whatever you want.17:09
mcphailPeanut: have a look on launchpad.net. Most packages are versioned using bzr, but there is support for git now so some may have switched17:09
Peanutmcphail: ah, that might be useful, thanks.17:10
tewardPeanut: any specific package in question you're looking for?  We can point you where you need to go17:10
Peanutnicomachus: I was hoping to prevent that, but that would work as well, yes.17:10
tewardPeanut: though, to determine changes to a file that are *outside* the packaging itself (i.e. changes made upstream in the source code by the people who develop that program), you'd have to check those repositories and changelogs17:10
Peanutteward: the partman-auto udeb package. Something seems to have changed between Precise and Trusty which I'm trying to track down.17:10
mcphailPeanut: https://code.launchpad.net/partman-auto17:12
mcphailPeanut: does that help?17:12
Peanutmcphail: great, that seems to be just what I was looking for.17:13
n1n0hiwk had to "sudo sh amd-driver-installer-x86.x86_64.run" (space btw sudo and sh), but returned ""sh: 0: Can't open amd-driver-installer-x86.x86_64.run".17:13
MWMive got no rc4 driector in /etc/init.d .... create it?17:13
tewardPeanut: that should help you then, that link, note that between Precise and Trusty you're talking about two years of time, so finding the specific change/commit may be difficult17:13
n1n0hiwk should I have the "uni/multiverse" repository thing enabled somewhere?17:14
Peanutteward: I realise that - but I think I know which file has changed, so this should allow me to track the history of just that file, I hope.17:14
tewardPeanut: indeed.  Good hunting, and good luck!17:16
n1n0hiwk the ref. link here http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Catalyst-Linux-Installer-Notes.aspx#Install17:19
rain_Have anyone tried to use strace to find out what files are written?17:20
Guy1524guys, is there a way for me press a button to toggle whether or not the mouse cursor is displayed on my screen?17:20
Guy1524I need this for a workaround for a game called Unturned which fails to hide the system cursor17:20
nicomachusGuy1524: are you running it in Wine?17:21
Guy1524I am running the native version17:21
nicomachusok. come on over to #gamingonlinux and we can help you out there. this isn't really an ubuntu question.17:21
Kartagiswhy would I be getting Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) as a result of apt-get install or autoremove?17:21
Guy1524ok, well I thought it would because I dont want to do anything directly with the game, disabling the cursor would be an OS question right17:22
nicomachusnah it's most likely in-game.17:22
nicomachusKartagis: try 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' and then run your install again17:23
Guy1524I know that the problem is with the game, but the solution I want has nothing to do with the game17:23
Kartagisnicomachus: Errors were encountered while processing:17:25
nicomachusKartagis: when you tried dpkg --configure -a?17:25
Kartagisno, dpkg ran smoothly17:26
Kartagisafter that17:26
Kartagissorry, yes17:26
nicomachusok, can you paste the full output at paste.ubuntu.com and then link here?17:26
Kartagisoh, no space left17:26
nicomachusthat'll do it17:28
Kartagisnicomachus: but no space left on /boot, I've still got 46gb on /17:29
nicomachusKartagis: ok, no problem. What's the output of 'sudo ls -la /boot'?17:30
Kartagisnicomachus: I see many images not related to my kernel17:32
nicomachusKartagis: yep, gonna have to manually remove some. Can you paste the full output on paste.ubuntu.com and link here?17:32
Kartagisnicomachus: ^17:33
nicomachusthat's not it...17:33
nicomachusthat's only one line17:34
nicomachusshould look like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13504165/17:34
Kartagisnicomachus: heh, sorry I pasted uname -a output17:37
oaulakhis there any way i can get back my sound and ubuntu settings :(, nothing is working and nothing is fixxing with "apt-get install -f". help please17:37
KartagisI removed them now, and I got 186m back17:38
nicomachusKartagis: good. all set now?17:38
finch_i need help17:38
Kartagishope so17:38
Kartagisfinch_: don't we all?17:38
finch_how can i recover my deleted file from usb17:39
finch_with ubuntu mate17:39
oaulakhis there any way i can get back my sound and ubuntu settings :(, nothing is working and nothing is fixxing with "apt-get install -f". help please!17:39
nicomachus!patience | oaulakh17:40
ubottuoaulakh: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:40
finch_any software for that17:40
nicomachusfinch_: can you explain what you're trying to do a little more?17:40
nicomachusrecover what kind of file? from what kind of usb?17:40
finch_i have deleted my file from my usb drive i want it back17:41
finch_and software to recover the file17:42
nicomachusfinch_: you may find this helpful: https://askubuntu.com/questions/3883/how-to-recover-deleted-files17:43
nicomachuswhat type of filesystem is the USB using?17:43
oaulakhis there any way i can get back my sound and ubuntu settings :(, nothing is working and nothing is fixxing with "apt-get install -f". help please! http://paste.ubuntu.com/13504234/17:44
MWMbooya!  bash script given above + http://askubuntu.com/questions/228304/how-do-i-run-a-script-at-start-up worked.  THanks17:44
finch_i want software for that is there any17:45
nicomachusoaulakh: "you have held broken packages" can often be fixed with 'sudo apt-get clean', but I'm curoius about how you ended up in this state.17:45
nicomachusfinch_: there is, but first you have to tell me what kind of filesystem the USB uses. ext3, NTFS, FAT?17:46
oaulakhi was removing pulseaudio and asla-base and ended up with in this :(17:46
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
finch_i will do what u show17:47
nicomachusfinch_: then testdisk is probably your best option. see more here: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/testdisk/17:47
oaulakhnicomachus, do have any solution other than clean :( bcz it's not working and i dont want to install all cousmizationand my softwares from again in new ubuntu17:48
nicomachusoaulakh: Try just installing pulseaudio* and alsa-base*, see what happens. You've got a LOT going on in that paste.17:49
oaulakhits not working too :(17:50
oaulakhthis paste was from some ubuntu form and i try install my system packages from that thing but nothing seems working17:51
parapanhi all; I am using a piece of software installed under ubuntu server 14.04; how do I uninstall it correctly ?17:51
Piciparapan: how did you install it?17:51
parapanPici: the software is youtruck ...a track issue software ..by running ./youtrack.sh if I recall correctly17:52
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest92768
Guest92768hiya, i messed up with the usb somehow and now it wont mount17:53
mmx_agarcan any one tell how to fix an unreadable usb drive17:53
daftykins"the USB?"17:53
Guest92768nothing happens, the partition table cant be deleted, it can be formatted17:53
Piciparapan: You'll need to look at the youtrack documentation then, as that doesn't describe a standard install process.17:54
Guest92768i tried dding something to it, that also wont work17:54
daftykinsuse dd to wipe the table by writing some zeroes on17:54
daftykinsyou just said you did that already.17:54
mmx_agardaftykins: it cant read the usb17:54
Guest92768i did sudo dd if=some big file of=/dev/sdb17:54
parapanPici: that's the problem, they do not have a procedure for it; I want to re-install the software, but on a clean environment ...to be sure i'm doing everything correctly ..17:55
Guest92768it says io error cant sync17:55
Guest92768i think it happened when i tried to reformat it and it was still mounted17:55
daftykinsGuest92768: then it just sounds dead.17:55
daftykinstry another port + PC.17:55
Guest92768ok, it was a nice usb sigh17:56
daftykinsthey're a dime a dozen these days, you'll get over it ;)17:56
Guest92768hey, i forgot to tell this17:56
Guest92768there are two partitions on the usb and the second partition gets mounted17:57
Guest92768the first one is problematic17:57
daftykinsis it read only...17:57
parapanPici: sorry . . .some times one should just read all pages . . . ".If the previous version was installed from ZIP: delete the old installation directory.""17:58
Guest92768how to see if it is read only?17:59
Guest92768i copied a file to it, it was there for a minute, then i removed the drive and reinserted, it was gone18:00
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
=== ndancer is now known as Guest59314
Guest92768i made a txt file on it, wrote characters and saved but it said the same thing io error18:01
Guest92768so now its gone?18:01
AlexRednaxHi :)18:03
daftykinstry another system and try another USB port...18:03
AlexRednaxTomorrow i get a new 500GB SSD. Which size would you recommend for / and /home partitions?18:04
daftykinsyou know what software you use, check your current disk usage.18:05
Bashing-omAlexRednax: ^^ totally subjective to how you use your system and furure plans on the software that you "might" install .18:06
Guest92768daftykins, thanks, but i threw it out the window ;D i feel relieved18:09
Guest92768that usb was bad, it had attitude >.< so it wont work the way it should18:11
BernzelI'm using Chromium and I need adobe flash 10. How do I install it? Can't find it on Software center18:12
daftykinsBernzel: sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree - it's not v10, that's ancient.18:12
Bernzelthanks! Do I need to restart for it to take change?18:13
daftykinsBernzel: the browser yes18:17
momomoanyone here using gnome 3 ? when I log out, i don't get logged out immediatly ... it takes about 30 seconds ... there is a timeout .. i am not sure why ... how can I get rid of that ?18:19
lickalotthey all.  Recently (can't realy determine when exactly) my networkmanager service isn't starting.  I have to start it manually.  Is this a way to correct this?18:20
aristoteleshello to all people18:21
* lickalott waves18:22
Bernzelhmm didn't work daftykins18:23
geniilickalott: Check in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf to make sure managed=true is there in the [ifupdown] section18:25
zuippoI'm using the ubuntu minimal cd to install ubuntu. During the network configuration the installer forces me to use WLAN, but i want to use LAN. I have the cable plugged in and the router reports that he has assigned an IP to my device. But the installer forces me to enter WLAN stuff.18:26
lickalottgenii, it was false.  I changed it.  But why all the sudden would that be an issue, what would cause that?  BTW:  Thanks for the assist!18:28
TJ-genii: lickalott "managed=false" is how it should be; that controls whether NM tries to interfere with interfaces declared manually in /etc/network/interfaces18:30
TJ-lickalott: if the NM service doesn't start at boot-time, check it is enabled to auto-start, and if so, check the syslog or (with systemd) the journalctl log for that service18:31
lickalottTJ-, so keep it false in the .conf - copy.  How can i determine if it is enabled to auto start? systemctl?18:32
geniiTJ-: Ah, I thought this usarder was the one who altered his interfaces file to use the external USB->LAN adapter as the default instead of the onbo18:32
TJ-lickalott: which Ubuntu release is it?18:32
TJ-lickalott: we have *three* init systems to work with :) ... you sure? 15.10 means systemd then18:33
lickalotti'm starting to think it may have happened after the update18:33
lickalott15.10 sir.  100%18:33
=== intel is now known as Guest8344
TJ-lickalott: OK "journalctl -u NetworkManager.service" will show you the log of that service18:34
Bashing-omzuippo: Really, does not make a lot of sense to me as the minimal (14.04)has no WIFI support . Maybe make sure the hardware is switched off, wired connection is plugged in and try the install once more ??18:35
lickalottTJ-,  this was the first "failed"18:36
lickalottnm_device_get_device_type: assertion 'NM_IS_DEVICE (self)' failed18:36
pers3usTJ-: on fire! :D18:36
lickalottthis was the 2nd - failed to enumerate oFono devices: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.ofono was not provided by any .service18:36
zuippoBashing-om: I'm using the 15.10 minimal from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD the wlan module is builtin and I don't want to use a screwdriver to install ubuntu :D. I'm trying to unload the kernel module18:38
aswartzawhat's a recommended ubuntu backup backup tool that includes a cli?18:39
Bashing-omzuippo: I am surprised that ANY WIFI support is in the default minimal environment . Is this a laptop with a WIFI toggle switch to turn on/off the WIFI ?18:41
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=== simonquigley is now known as tsimonq2
dionysus69please anyone explain to me why I might be getting this on resume from hibernation. https://gist.github.com/webzorg/bfea833f4348a49290f1 I also get the following error sometimes that the UEFI variable memory is full and whether to clean it or not.18:41
TJ-lickalott: best to pastebin the entire log: "journalctl -u NetworkManager.service | pastebinit"18:43
zuippoBashing-om: ip link show tells me it detects only a single network device. The minimal installer tells me it failed to scan for wlan networks and asks me for an SSID and if it's WPA/TKIP or WEP. I think the installer detects the ethernet card as wlan... It is a laptop, i will try to switch wlan of and run ip list show again18:43
lickalottk.  wait 118:43
TJ-zuippo: sounds like that may be caused by systemd-udevd and its naming scheme. what's the name of the network interface?18:44
lickalottTJ-,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13504825/18:44
=== tsimonq2 is now known as tsq2
zuippoTJ-: wlp0sp or something like that18:45
=== tsq2 is now known as tsimonq2
TJ-Ouch! I've just found a ~20 year old bug in every single package in Debian and all derivative archives - trust me to do unconventional things !18:46
MWMsignon-ui crashed with SIGSEGV .... because Im running headless?18:46
pers3usTJ-: Is that for real?18:47
TJ-zuippo: right, and the 'wl' prefix is given to Wireless. What device is the chipset, can you tell with "lspci -nnd ::0200'18:47
zuippoTJ-: wlp2s0b1 to be precise. Any way to force it to use it as a wired connection?18:47
Bashing-omTJ-: Trusted to "read the code". when it makes no sense, finds out why !18:47
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Guest75502How do you get the unity launcher bar unstuck?18:48
TJ-pers3us: yeah, it's a weird one, a 'convention' but it bites if you do things unconventionally18:48
Guest75502It's set to autohide, but now it's stuck out, and the damned thing wont pop back away :/18:48
pers3usTJ-: Is it with packaging?18:48
zuippoTJ-: Broadcom BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe [14e4:1629]18:49
TJ-pers3us: yes18:49
pers3usTJ-: Link for issue tracker?18:49
TJ-lickalott: right, let's check the service status: "systemctl status NetworkManager.service" tell us what the 3rd line "Loaded: ..." shows18:50
TJ-pers3us: none as yet, I need to figure out how to report it... diplomatically18:50
pers3usTJ-: Oh, that kind of a bug :D18:51
zuippoTJ-: was that directed to me? I don't have systemctl since I'm in a minimal cd (only have a CD and no usb stick here...)18:52
TJ-pers3us: summing it up though, 'tar' used to create the .deb packages doesn't use "--numeric-owner" when creating the packages, which means on a system where root != UID 0, things break in interesting ways. Just got hit by it using deboostrap, for example18:52
TJ-zuippo: no, that was for lickalott18:52
zuippoTJ-: sorry thought you confused name since it also sounded network related :x18:52
TJ-zuippo: so, the problem (bug) is udevd thinking that 14e4:1629 is wireless and giving the i/f a "wl" prefix18:53
lickalottTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13504913/18:53
zuippoTJ-: and there is no way to force the minimal cd to treat it as an ethernet connection?18:53
pers3usTJ-: That is weird. Why would they assume that root will always be UID 0?18:54
TJ-zuippo: ok, see "man systemd.link" for an explanation. That also hints at some boot-time over-rides you may be able to use to work around it18:54
TJ-pers3us: I've been hitting a few of these issues since I started building an unconventional distro spin and one thing I do is have root != 0, just to spoil the fun of some immature malware code.18:56
TJ-lickalott: how do you determine, at boot-time, that network manager isn't running?18:57
foul_owlDoes Ubuntu release a dhcp lease when the system is shutdown with the "shutdown -h now" command?18:58
TJ-lickalott: That systemctl output shows the service is enabled for auto-start "enabled; vendor preset: enabled" ... and the log doesn't show any problems with it starting.18:58
foul_owlOr do I have to manually release the dhcp lease before shutdown?18:58
TJ-foul_owl: generally it keeps the lease. I think you can custom-configure dhclient to release18:59
pers3usTJ-: Interesting. What exactly is this distro?19:00
Gambit15Hey all, anyone here able to give a hand with port binding issue I'm having?19:00
foul_owlAh gotcha. I ran out of leases from testing too many vms!19:00
Gambit15I've got apache configured to listen on port 80 on 1 IP, and now I'm trying to setup another service on port 80 for another IP19:00
Gambit15netstat shows apache is bound to that one IP19:01
TJ-pers3us: me respinning Ubuntu for security integration, self-healing, and general joined-up thinking :)19:01
Gambit15...and yet when I try to start up the service on the other IP, it throws me a bind error...19:01
MWMIf I use a dummy driver/monitor on a headless machine do I even need a video card at all?  Can I set the Resolution and screen size to any size?19:03
pers3usTJ-:  Nice, ya saw deboostrap, they are using forcing UID 0 to tar it..19:03
TJ-foul_owl: I think "dhclient -r" should release19:03
foul_owlSounds good!19:04
foul_owlI was curious what the default behavior was19:04
TJ-foul_owl: see /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.leases for the current/expired leases19:04
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refoskjoin #zuba_hlod19:06
pers3usTJ-: Distro Name?19:06
TJ-pers3us: off topic :)19:07
pers3usTJ-: PM?19:07
refoskpm #pers3us19:08
refoskfck XD19:08
btorch_anyone here knows how to find out which drive actually has xfs corruption when the logs do not actually show the device block19:10
foul_owlAh yeah, I've looked through that file19:10
=== btorch_ is now known as btorch
foul_owlJust wanted to know if Ubuntu releases a dhcp lease when shut down19:10
btorchscanning 90+ drives that are 3T would just take crazy long time with xfs_repair -n19:11
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daftykinsBernzel: define 'didn't work'19:12
=== stuard is now known as bankiline
TJ-pers3us: nice workaround: bind-mount a 'fake' passwd on /etc/passwd whilst debootstrap is running, sorted it19:13
pers3usCool. I sent you a PM btw TJ-19:15
TJ-pers3us: oh, sorry, I have umode +g so don't get them19:17
pers3usTJ-: I got a response back saying u have g+ :D19:18
pers3usTJ-: Just wanted to know more about this distro you are working on.19:19
cyber37Hi guy's, i have a problems, i can scroll down with my mouse, but whe, i croll up it scroll but stop scrolling afte some lines19:22
cyber37is it a known bug ?19:22
cyber37Virus possibility ?19:22
nicomachuscyber37: scrolling in what?19:22
subjzy video on Ubuntu is lagging too much in virtual box???19:23
nicomachussubjz: You need to enable 3D acceleration19:23
cyber37with the mouse19:23
cyber37in everything19:23
cyber37a web page, eclipse etc19:23
nicomachussubjz: see here: https://www.maketecheasier.com/enable-3d-acceleration-in-virtualbox/19:24
cyber37I scroll down, then i can scroll up "a litle"19:24
cyber37But if i scroll up it stop scrolling after some lines and then i can't scroll up while i don't scroll down19:24
cyber37I don't know if it's a know issue on ubuntu , or what19:25
cyber37Maybe if the mouse was HS i will be not able to scroll up after a scroll down ..19:25
k1lcyber37: never heard of such an issue19:25
cyber37oh wait !19:25
cyber37I see that in the console it work perfectly19:25
cyber37i can scroll all the history messages of irssi19:26
cyber37if doesn't stop scrolling19:26
nicomachus!pm | subjz19:32
ubottusubjz: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.19:32
nicomachussubjz: that's a very common error, and the very first recommended fix is to make sure guest additions are installed and 3D acceleration is enabled.19:33
subjz@nicomachus thanks man19:36
CafeAnyone here know a little about C++?19:38
TJ-Cafe: Probably, but that might be a question better suited to ##programming or a c++ specific channel19:40
PiciCafe: the folks in ##c++ do19:41
CafeThanks for the tips19:41
CafeI joined the ##c++ channel, but couldn't type for some reason19:41
sweatsuitdoes anyone know how well ubuntu 14 handles a 4k monitor?19:41
CafeI'll try out ##programming though, thanks!19:41
benstrumentalCafe:  I hear #debian is pretty good at answering C++ questions, #ubuntu is more for Python questions IMHO19:42
Picibenstrumental: err... lets not spread that misinformation here.19:42
PiciI know you meant it as a joke, but text isn't a great joke medium :)19:43
=== ed___ is now known as heedly
TJ-yeah, comedy belongs on the radio!19:43
heedlyIs there any way to search for markings that have similiar bases in Character Map?19:43
benstrumentalPici: Just trying to liven things up around here19:44
benstrumentalPici: There are still some humans around here19:44
TJ-I'm a C++ 'bot19:44
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nicomachusyou wish19:46
nicomachussweatsuit: should handle it just fine, the question is your GPU and drivers.19:48
RipmindHow can i debug a service? i am trying to do service pyload start and nothing happens19:48
Ripmindthe init file looks like this: http://p.styler2go.de/?36 and when i execute the pyLoadCore manually it also works19:49
k1lRipmind: which ubunut are you on?19:50
Ripmind14.04.03 LTS19:50
sweatsuitnicomachus: thanks... hardware considerations aside, i was curious how well the UI scaling is across apps19:51
foul_owlAnyone know how to manually release DHCP leases from a dhcpd server?19:58
k1lfoul_owl: reconnect to the network on networkmanager, erstart whole networking, ....20:00
k1lfoul_owl: sudo dhclient -r20:01
foul_owlThe client no longer exists, I'm talking about from the _server_20:02
foul_owlie, I've been creating and nuking vms all day, now my dhcp server is out of leases20:03
foul_owlSince ubuntu doesn't release the lease upon shutdown...20:03
k1lfoul_owl: what server is that? a router?20:04
geniifoul_owl: /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases  or if using dnsmasq to assign them, /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases20:05
k1lfoul_owl: today some(most?) routers/dhcpservers) are set to reuse the same ip for the same mac adress. so make sure that setting is off if you dont want that20:05
foul_owlIt's a dhcp server, that's all20:06
foul_owlRouter is a separate device20:06
MannyLNJHello. Using the guide at http://www.instructables.com/id/Host-Your-Own-Virtual-Private-Network-VPN-with-O/?ALLSTEPS I am having a problem installing OpenVpn . I get to step 5 and then I get the message  cp: cannot stat ‘/usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/easy-rsa/2.0/*’: No such file or directory20:08
foul_owlOk so I find the relevant lease {} block, remove the block and then?20:08
foul_owlDo I restart dhcpd or is there a reload command?20:08
ioriayou cannot flush them ?20:09
foul_owlIs flushing different from releasing?20:09
ioriano, i think basically not20:12
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Ntemishello guys20:18
Ntemisi want to setup an ubuntu arm board to be a router20:19
Ntemisit has only 1 eth0 port and several usb220:19
Ntemisi want to setup my usb wifi stick to be the one that clients connect to20:20
lickalottsorry TJ- my battery died and I didn't have my laptop plugged in.   I see a message (i'd have to grab it from the system log), but mostly I notice that from within the desktop it's not enabled.  I have to manually start the process.20:24
eFfeMhi, i want to install the fglrx driver but it tells me fglrx-core depends on lib32gcc1, but this is on a 64 bit system, what is wrong  here and how to fix ?20:25
umdxhi, how do i install the graphic driver for Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller. it won't let me watch twitch tv without lagging20:29
Jordan_Uskasturi: On BIOS based systems the boot firmware doesn't know anything about partition tables at all, let alone boot flags. The BIOS will read the first sector of the drive, the MBR, into memory and jump to it. So you need to be sure that you have a bootloader installed to the mbr, /dev/sda , not to a partition like /dev/sda1.20:29
Jordan_Uumdx: Intel graphics should be configured with the correct driver by default, do you have issues with other video playing applications?20:30
cadoIs this an appropriate venue to ask questions about headless booting of 15.10? I have an odd issue where only when the graphics card is removed, my networking seems to fail. I have noticed the names ubuntu renames the interfaces to are deterministic but different between video card present versus removed. I attempted to define a consistent naming scheming in udev/rules.d but that didn’t seem to have any affect even when adding arguments to the boot list. I do 20:32
cadoknow if that is the point of failure, but I figured I would try to isolate it as not being the problem if possible.20:32
umdxanyone here uses i3/?20:34
cadoI have pastebin’d the failure and success boot logs respectively http://pastebin.com/jUzNdR02 http://pastebin.com/whYfMbN620:37
DaleTtrying to upgrade 14.04 to 14.10. getting error An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.20:38
k1lumdx: usually you dont need to install a driver for intel since its drvers are in the driver20:38
k1l*drivers are in the kernel20:38
k1lDaleT: 14.10 is dead since july.20:38
Bashing-omeFfeM: What release ? 15.10 presently so far As I am aware the released proprietary driver has not hit the repo .20:38
k1lDaleT: do you want to upgrade to 15.10?20:38
DaleTcan i upgrade 14.10 to 15.10?20:39
k1lDaleT: what ubuntu are you on exactly? "lsb_release -d" gives you a number20:39
DaleTUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS20:40
k1lDaleT: so you want to upgrade to 15.10?20:40
SkyriderIs there any bandwidth monitors for databases?20:40
SkyriderWould be nice to see how much bandwidth my databases are using up20:41
DaleTyeah, have it on all other computers, this is the stragler. sweetie is ready for it. 15.1020:41
DaleTnever had this error before20:41
k1lDaleT: the see !eolupgrades to get to 14.10. then same procedure to get to 15.0420:41
k1l!eolupgrades | DaleT20:41
ubottuDaleT: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:41
ioriainfo iptraf20:41
k1lDaleT: non LTS only got 9 months support now and the 14.10 repos are shut down already.20:42
ioria!info iptraf20:42
ubottuiptraf (source: iptraf): Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.0-8.1 (wily), package size 151 kB, installed size 595 kB20:42
popsikleDoes anyone know when https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00JV9TBA6/ref=srh_res_product_title?ie=UTF8&sr=0-3&qid=1448483548623 will get updated for all the new flavors, like m4?20:43
DaleTthank youi k1l20:43
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Grimm_Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 15.10 on my other computer (it runs Windows 7 and is 32bits) but it keeps giving me an error: 'Boot Error'.  I'm installing from a bootable flash drive made Ubuntu 15.04's Start-up disk creator20:51
Grimm_Please how ddo I fix this?20:51
Grimm_ *do20:52
TJ-Grimm_: "Boot error" is a report from the syslinux boot code, meaning it cannot find the rest of the boot-loader20:52
ioriaGrimm_, can you type   help  ?20:52
Grimm_ioria: Please ioria, I don't understand what you mean20:54
TJ-Grimm_: this is a known bug, due to being built by GCC v5 ( previous releases used GCC v4.9)20:54
ioriaGrimm_, after Boot error , do you have a prompt ?20:54
TJ-Grimm_: I committed the bug-fix yesterday but it'll be a while until it gets into the archives20:54
TJ-Grimm_: bug 150700220:55
ubottubug 1507002 in syslinux (Ubuntu) ""boot error" due to gcc v5 transition" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150700220:55
Grimm_After the Boot Error when I press any key it beeps and the error is written again20:56
ioriaGrimm_, try    help20:56
TJ-ioria: it's no good; it won't do anything. the fix is not yet in the archives20:56
ioriaTJ- i had a similar issue with start-up disk creator... i type help ann then enter and the system booted...20:57
ioriaTJ- i admit... i don't know why20:58
TJ-it can depend on the host CPU, the issue is the data structure alignment changed due to GCC 521:01
qu4nt1n!s limitless s01e0921:01
ubottuqu4nt1n: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:01
ioriaTJ- it was a pentium 4, ibm netvista21:02
TJ-Grimm_: this is the duplicate bug that probably describes your issue: bug 149974621:02
ubottubug 1507002 in syslinux (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1499746 "boot error" due to gcc v5 transition" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150700221:02
Grimm_So how do I fix it21:03
TJ-Grimm_: you'd need to build syslinux yourself with the patch attached to the bug report, or wait for the fixed packages to get into the archives21:05
TJ-Grimm_: there's a version in my bug-fixes PPA if you want to test it https://launchpad.net/~tj/+archive/ubuntu/bugfixes21:06
Grimm_I am sooo new to Linux that I dought if I'll be able to build syslinux myself21:07
Grimm_But I'll check the link21:08
TJ-!ppa | Grimm_: see my PPA then21:08
ubottuGrimm_: see my PPA then: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge21:08
jeboyydenniswhen I boot into my new elementary os install next to windows I get the grub command line21:21
jebnoyydennishey again, oolps disconnected21:21
jebnoyydenniswhen I boot into my new elementary os install next to windows I get the grub command line21:21
jebnoyydennisI try to get help here as elementary os is based on ubuntu and there is no one active on their irc21:22
OerHeksjebnoyydennis, sorry to hear that, but forks are not supported here, elementary has its own issues21:22
TJ-!elementary | jebnoyydennis21:22
ubottujebnoyydennis: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.21:22
jebnoyydennisI tried there21:22
jebnoyydennisbut there is no one there21:22
jebnoyydennisand I get the same issue on other distros21:22
jebnoyydennisso not sure if its related21:22
k1ljebnoyydennis: then try ##linux or see their website where to get support.21:22
EriC^^jebnoyydennis: /join ##linux21:23
jebnoyydennisalright guys!21:23
jebnoyydennisEriC^^: 1 sec I need to reg nickserv21:23
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asad_Hi. I'm having a problem with the touchpad of my laptop. It doesn't work but if I close the lid then reopen it, it starts working. How do I fix this?21:25
TJ-asad_: that sounds like an ACPI issue21:26
TJ-asad_: what make/model of PC?21:26
asad_TJ-: Dell 734821:26
TJ-asad_: which Ubuntu release? That model is certified for 14.04 LTS:  http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201408-15442/21:28
asad_TJ-: It's one of the certified laptops listed on ubuntu's website. Why, then, is this a problem?21:28
eelstreborwhere can i get detailed info on using kaffeine using a dvb card? the info i've found so far is seriously lacking21:29
asad_TJ-: What do I do?21:29
blademy question regarding how to configure proxychains in virtualbox21:31
=== qwertyuiop is now known as Guest66166
bladewhen i type this command sudo nano /etc/proxychains.conf21:32
Guest66166what happens, blade21:32
bladeim getting a blank screen, can someone help me21:32
Guest66166ok im only 11, but trying leafpad /etc/proxychains.conf should work21:33
bladeguest66166 leafpad in the terminal ?21:34
Guest66166yo blade did it work21:34
officialdellacryIm running ubuntu 15.04 and i am having trouble getting Steam to run, it installed ok21:34
k1lblade: what do you expect?21:34
k1lblade: do you get the nano editor in terminal? what is the issue?21:34
bladegetting a blank screen21:35
asad_TJ-: ?21:35
bladeis not giving me anything to configure21:35
k1lblade: is there a proxychains.conf in /etc/ ?21:35
bladei try that, and when i type enter is just a blank screen21:36
Guest66166maybe try checking in a graphical text editor if the file appears blank21:37
k1lblade: did you install it? what ubuntu is that exactly?21:37
officialdellacryIs there a way I can post the terminal output when i run 'steam' in terminal?21:37
blade14.04 lts21:37
bladeyes i have installed it21:38
TJ-asad_: I don't think you answered my question yet: which Ubuntu release is it?21:38
thecheshirecat_hi everyone !21:39
thecheshirecat_i have a problem with my notebook (asus e202s)21:40
mentocHello, I'm trying to customize my boot by hitting f6 or e or something to get grub to show me options, but instead it just shows a purplish-black screen and ignores my input.21:40
asad_TJ-: Oh I'm sorry. It's ubuntu 14.04.03 LTS.21:40
thecheshirecat_it freezes during the boot, line Starting WPA Supplicant, when it is not connected to power21:41
mentocI'm trying to fix a problem that causes the screen to be completely blank. I don't mean that the screen is on and it's painting black pixles, what I mean is the screen has no light on at all21:41
mentocit works fine with ubuntu live usb21:41
Jordan_Umentoc: Is this a BIOS or UEFI based machine?21:41
mentocJordan_U: how do I tell?21:42
mentocIt says BIOS21:42
thecheshirecat_(scuse my horrible english, i'm french)21:42
officialdellacryHello, I am running Ubuntu 15.04 and I am trying to get Steam to run. It installed fine but outputs nothing and hangs in Terminal when 'steam' is run from there.21:42
thecheshirecat_and the battery indicator is wrong21:43
mentocYeah okay wtf, all of a sudden it works21:43
thecheshirecat_it doesn't change the state when i plug/unplug the cable21:44
* mentoc shoots himself21:44
Guest92064officialdellacry: i have tried to get steam run multiple times on ubuntu. had issues over and over again. i then installed steam os on a dedicated hdd, that works like a charm. you might give it a try21:44
=== Guest92064 is now known as DanielL
officialdellacryDedicated HDD? I mean, this is a somewhat-older Gaming Laptop with a Core 2 Duo T800 and 4GB of ram as well as a Nvidia 8800 GTS.21:45
officialdellacryCould it run Steam OS?21:45
k1lofficialdellacry: nvidia-current installed?21:45
officialdellacryI'm not sure.21:45
officialdellacryHow do I tell/Do that/21:46
DanielLofficialdellacry: depends - not tried yet on such a hardware. unfortunately, steam os requires a dedicated hard drive since the installer will format the whole disk....21:46
officialdellacryI do not mind giving it a try.21:46
officialdellacryI have nothing to lose on this HDD.21:46
k1lofficialdellacry: lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'21:46
officialdellacryTerminal output:  Kernel driver in use: nouveau21:47
k1lofficialdellacry: there you go21:47
officialdellacryHow do I install nvidia-current?21:47
k1lofficialdellacry: "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current"21:47
officialdellacryokay, thank you.21:47
officialdellacryokay, thank you.21:47
DanielLwould like to know if that works, can you test that right now?21:48
officialdellacryI can try installing SteamOS to give you an answer.21:48
officialdellacryI dont mind at all ^^;21:48
DanielLi still remember that nvidia-current didn't solve the problem for me...21:48
k1lthere is no need to install steam os. just install the prop. nvidia driver and steam will load21:49
akikDanielL: how do you install steam on a laptop if it formats the disk?21:49
officialdellacryCurrently installing it.21:49
akikoh steam os21:49
DanielLif that works, fine :)21:49
officialdellacryItll be a bit21:49
officialdellacryGG WIndstream.21:49
DanielLakik: you can download steam os as an iso file. burn it to a disc or usb flash drive21:50
TJ-asad_: I'd look at /var/log/kern.log for clues, and possibly /var/log/syslog. Look for anything mentioning the synaptics (touchpad) driver. Also, possibly /var/log/Xorg.0.log (that's the GUI X server log)21:50
thecheshirecat_nobody knows this problem ? :(21:50
DanielLakik: don't mix it up ---- steam -> package for ubuntu..... steam os -> operating system21:51
officialdellacryit finished installing, attempting to launch steam now.21:51
officialdellacryIt hung again.21:52
officialdellacryTerminal Output: Xlib:  extension "NV-GLX" missing on display ":0.0".21:52
asad_TJ-: There are a lot of "i2c_designware INT3433:00: controller timed out"21:52
k1lofficialdellacry: need  to at least logout and relogin (maybe restart) to load the drivers21:52
asad_TJ-: in /var/log/kern.log21:52
officialdellacryRight, sorry.21:52
officialdellacryStill new to this.21:52
TJ-asad_: 'designware' ... seen that before, isn't that some kind of HID/mouse/game controller?21:52
officialdellacrybe right abck.21:53
asad_TJ-: I'm sorry but I don't know much about all this...21:53
daftykinsthecheshirecat_: was it a clean install? we have no information on the history of this system21:53
thecheshirecat_@daftykins : yes, clean install, ubuntu wily21:55
daftykinsthecheshirecat_: considered trying again with 14.04.3 ?21:55
thecheshirecat_no ! i tried with wily, xenial (alpha) and under fedora21:56
daftykinswell 14.04 is LTS, so it's a worthy choice21:56
thecheshirecat_ok, so i will download an iso and try again21:56
thecheshirecat_thank you =) i'll come back if it still doesn't work21:57
TJ-thecheshirecat_: that sounds like the ACPI firmware interface isn't informing the OS of the event.21:59
=== newbie is now known as Guest8601
thecheshirecat_@TJ : i tried to add acpi=off and acpi_osi=Linux22:00
thecheshirecat_in grub22:00
thecheshirecat_but it hasn't changed the problem22:01
thecheshirecat_solved* (scuse my poor english >>')22:01
TJ-thecheshirecat_: you were on the correct lines with "acpi_osi=" but my bet would be you need to set that to one fo the Windows versions that ACPI DSDT supports22:01
TJ-thecheshirecat_: the usual problem is that the firmware doesn't provide full services when the OS is Linux, so it has to pretend to be a Windows version instead22:01
TJ-thecheshirecat_: what's the highest Windows version reported with "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows" ?22:02
asad_TJ-: So there is nothing I can do?22:02
TJ-asad_: if the model is certified that suggests there is something unique that has changed on your particular PC, possibly the firmware version?22:03
TJ-asad_: as I said earlier - the logs will be the place to discover clues if there are any to be found22:04
thecheshirecat_@TJ : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13507301/22:04
thecheshirecat_looks like Microsoft Windows NT22:05
asad_TJ-: On http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201408-15442/, it says "hybrid suspend does not work on this system"22:05
lmmxHi, I think Unicode Entry (via Ctrl+Shift+U) is broken on Linux Mint 17+, but it was notably the version that switched to Ubuntu 14.04: can anyone on Ubuntu 14 confirm non-working please? It doesn't seem to have been registered in changelog known bugs for Mint http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/209293/mint-17-cinnamon-ctrlshiftu-not-letting-me-enter-unicode-symbols22:06
Jordan_UTJ-: You've got to love "Windows 2017".22:06
daftykinslmmx: i take it you know of the IRC network and channel where you get Mint support? since we don't support it here (i know your question is about how it works on proper Ubuntu)22:07
thecheshirecat_Jordan_U: why  ? it's the result of TJ's command22:08
daftykinssince 2017 is the future ;)22:08
Jordan_Uthecheshirecat_: It's just funny that the firmware seems to be trying to guess what Windows will call itself in the future.22:09
daftykinsit's not.22:09
thecheshirecat_ok ><22:09
thecheshirecat_hard to recognize irony in english22:10
TJ-thecheshirecat_: I'd suggest trying "acpi_osi=Windows 2016"22:11
lmmxdaftykins: I asked already there, but I want to check if it's the Mint upgrade or the base Ubuntu upgrade, so need to know from both parties22:11
daftykinslmmx: okie dokie, just checking22:12
lmmxCould anyone on Ubuntu 14 check for me please? e.g. Ctrl + Shift + U + 2022 will give a bullet point symbol22:12
TJ-thecheshirecat_: on the kernel command line make sure to surround the entire parameter with quotation marks else the space after 'Windows' will prevent the option being parsed correctly22:12
Jordan_Ulmmx: Works fine on Xubuntu 14.04 here.22:13
tgm4883lmmx: works on Ubuntu 14.04 here as well22:13
lmmxthanks Jordan_U tgm4883, grr.. I use this all the time, no note it was broken in Mint changelogs22:13
daftykinsthat's Mint for you :)22:14
adrian_1908hello. I have a problem. I'm mounting /tmp as ramfs. So far I ran into no issues but now that Ubuntu wants to do an update, it reports "not enough space in /tmp". I have no shortage of RAM and can copy gigs of data onto there.22:14
tgm4883daftykins: lol22:14
lmmxheyyyy haha22:14
Bashing-omlmmx: my result : sysop@1404mini:~$ ) .22:14
daftykinsadrian_1908: "mount" would probably show you /tmp is small though no? surely you have to define a size to use22:15
lmmxthanks all, I'll take it back to mint :-)22:15
TJ-adrian_1908: using tmpfs is a better bet for /tmp/22:15
thecheshirecat_TJ-: thank you very much :22:16
adrian_1908These are my fstab settings: ramfs    /tmp    ramfs    defaults,noatime,mode=1777,size=16G    0    022:16
thecheshirecat_i'll try this solution and i come back later to say if the trouble is still here22:16
adrian_1908TJ-: tmpfs won't use swap unless it's the very last resort, correct?22:16
adrian_1908I have plenty of ram and don't want linux to be stupid about it.22:17
TJ-One downside of ramfs is you can keep writing data into it until you fill up all memory, and the VM can't free it because the VM thinks that files +should get written to backing store (rather than swap space), but ramfs hasn't got any backing store. Because of this, only root (or a trusted user) should be allowed write access to a ramfs mount.22:17
Jordan_Uadrian_1908: According to "man mount" ramfs doesn't accept any options, it really looks like you meant that fstab entry for tmpfs.22:17
adrian_1908TJ-: I see, I wasn't aware of that.22:18
TJ-adrian_1908: just switch it to use tmpfs :)22:18
adrian_1908Jordan_U: Ok, my mistake. I'll switch over to tmpfs then.22:18
lmmxcan anyone give me the value of `echo $GTK_IM_MODULE` on Ubuntu please?22:19
lmmx(preferably Ubuntu 14)22:19
k1lshould be ibus22:20
Jordan_Ulmmx: "xim" for me.22:20
lmmxhmm.. okay that's what I have..22:20
Bashing-omlmmx: xfce4: no return for " echo $GTK_IM_MODULE " .22:21
lmmxBashing-om: sounds like you have problems with your setup from those last 2 outputs22:21
lmmxBashing-om: or maybe it defaults to something else if blank, don't know22:22
Bashing-omlmmx: Minimal install .. All works, I have no presently known peoblems .22:22
jedininjarobhey is there a terminal command to save an open Gedit document befor closing?22:26
k1ljedininjarob: press ctrl+s22:27
jedininjarobi know that but from terminal?22:27
k1lbut i dont know a remote command to save an opened gedit session22:27
MonkeyDustjedininjarob  man gedit does not show that option22:28
Jordan_Ujedininjarob: What is your end goal?22:28
jedininjarobto control the open gedit file with terminal save then close22:28
jedininjarobi geuss a macro/ script22:29
Jordan_Ujedininjarob: Yes, but why? What is your end goal?22:29
MonkeyDustjedininjarob  why not edit the document in the terminal?22:29
adrian_1908Jordan_U: Sorry to bug you again, but looking at the mount manpage section on tmpfs, are the options listed there in addition to the ones mentioned early on in the page ('noexec', 'relatime' etc.)? Do you happen to know?22:29
adrian_1908(Or are they the only ones that apply)22:30
Jordan_Uadrian_1908: They are in addition to. So noexec and relatime do apply to tmpfs.22:31
Jordan_Uadrian_1908: You're welcome.22:31
MonkeyDustjedininjarob  short answer: no it's not possible22:31
jedininjarobwhat i am asking is there a way to save and close any open gedit documents by pressing a hot key//// with out using the mouse/// an automation task22:31
jedininjarobahhh ok22:32
thecheshirecatit doesn't work22:32
thecheshirecatbut i get some lines after WPA Supplicant :22:32
MonkeyDustjedininjarob  edit the document with nano or so22:32
Jordan_Ujedininjarob: *WHY* do you want such a hotkey?22:32
thecheshirecatNMI watchdog : BUG:soft lockup22:33
MonkeyDustjedininjarob  i guess you think there's only gedit to edit text documents22:33
jedininjarobjust a task i am trying to solve make things faster with out having to use mouse all day22:33
thecheshirecatCPU#0 stuck for 22s22:33
MonkeyDustjedininjarob  in a terminal, type    nano [your document]22:34
thecheshirecatit's a nightmare22:34
TJ-thecheshirecat: right, so try some of the other values; maybe "Windows 2015" and work backwards. Each of those values causes the firmware to configure different functionality22:35
TJ-thecheshirecat: generally, the more recent the Windows version, the more functionality provided22:35
Jordan_UMonkeyDust: I don't see how that actually helps jedininjarob get any closer to closing and saving all text files they're editing with a hotkey.22:35
jedininjarobwhat i am asking round about is if the mouse can do it with just a click why could there not be a way to exacute that via terminal?22:35
thecheshirecatok, i'll try 201522:35
guest-HrN9Nxhelp me22:35
akikjedininjarob: there's a tool called xdotool which you can use to simulate x11 events. maybe that could be used22:36
jedininjarobhmmm ok22:37
jedininjarobseems so simple22:37
jedininjarobwounder whys it hard22:37
jedininjarobill look into the xdotool thanks akik22:37
thecheshirecatno differences with 201522:39
officialdellacryHello, I'm trying to get steam running on Ubuntu 15.04 and i was here before and was told to install nvidia-current and restart.22:39
officialdellacryI tried doing so22:39
officialdellacryIt worked. Steam started, but every time it started the machine hung completely.22:39
akika big part of learning is trying out tools and what they can do22:40
officialdellacryI had to hard reboot every time.22:40
Jordan_Uthecheshirecat: What is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline"?22:40
meisth0thi'm trying to make a deb package with dpkg-deb. the application i am trying to package is a daemon. and i don't understand how can i build package to work with both upstart and systemd. is there a documentation on this?22:43
thecheshirecatJordan_U: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.2.0-18-generic.efi.signed root=UUID=744fee67-2646-41cd-946e-f86f4f401a97 ro "acpi_osi=Windows 2015"22:44
jedininjarobwhat about putting window focus on gedit and from the command line running a keyboard script that will simulate the   cntrl-S  and cntrl-Q?22:45
OerHeksmeisth0th, for a start, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers and maybe this channel can be a help #ubuntu-packaging22:47
Jordan_Uthecheshirecat: That looks correct. Not sure what to try next.22:48
officialdellacryHello, I am running Ubuntu 15.04 and trying to get Steam to start but the system hangs everytime i start it.22:48
thecheshirecati'll stop here today22:48
thecheshirecatmaybe i'll come back tomorrow to go on22:48
cadoAnyone seen networking failures related to dynamic names for ethernet interfaces when switching from headed to headless ubuntu 15.1022:49
akikjedininjarob: did you even read the xdotool page? it is able to search for a window and select it. to call the xdotool script you can bind keys in your desktop environment's settings22:49
thecheshirecatthank you very much, especially TJ- and Jordan_U22:49
jedininjarobi am reading now22:49
thecheshirecatgood bye everyone22:49
Jordan_Uofficialdellacry: Do you know if it's a kernel panic or just X crashing? Does your capslock key flash? Can you use alt+sysrq+k to kill X?22:49
officialdellacryNo, Nothing works at all.22:50
Jordan_Uofficialdellacry: What happens when you try to use sysrq magic to cleanly unount and reboot?22:50
officialdellacrywhat is sysrq magic, what keys22:51
OerHekscado, unlikely network interface name changes by enable/.disable monitor, there are changes when you upgrade http://askubuntu.com/questions/689070/network-interface-name-changes-after-update-to-15-10-udev-changes22:51
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key22:51
cadoOerHeks I’m actually removing the video card22:51
officialdellacrylet me reinstall steam and nvidia-current and try again, and will report back22:52
cadoIt was a fresh install directly of 15.1022:52
=== slowrich1rd is now known as slowrichard
Jordan_UIs sysrq functionality endabled by default in Ubuntu?22:52
Extreminadorguys how can i check what port's are being listen ?22:52
asad_Will my ubuntu system break if I install the latest kernel?22:53
cadoThe logs show it being called something different when i boot without video card22:53
EriC^^Extreminador: netstat -tuln22:53
Jordan_Uasad_: What do you mean by "latest"? Install from where? Are you using any proprietary drivers?22:53
Extreminadorthanks EriC^^22:53
EriC^^Extreminador: np22:53
asad_Jordan_U: I was going to follow this guide forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=13143322:54
Jordan_Uasad_: Are you using Ubuntu or mint?22:56
OerHeksasad_, we know you are on mint, not ubuntu :-D22:56
asad_Jordan_U: I'm using ubuntu 14.04.0322:56
asad_What's the kernel's version in 15.10?22:56
k1lasad_: which kernel do you need?22:57
akikJordan_U: look into /etc/sysctl.d/10-magic-sysrq.conf to see which sysrq options are enabled22:57
asad_k1l: 4.2.6 has support for my touchpad.22:57
k1l!mainline | asad_22:57
ubottuasad_: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds22:57
asad_k1l: the latest stable version.22:57
k1lasad_: you can try the mainline kernels. or you could see if you test the 16.04 alpha/beta22:58
Extreminadorcan you guys tell me the best ftp to use ?22:59
k1lExtreminador: sftp. its in ssh included already22:59
Extreminadorwas traying to configure the vsftpd but i can´t access it from other's computer's23:00
Extreminadoryehh will try with that one...23:00
Raccoon1400is it a bad idea to add a windows install to grub manually? When I learned this I'd just go into menu.lst. Stuff I've read says now there are more automated utilities to do this, and that it could harm my computer editing the files?23:01
cadoThese wild network naming changes should probably be pulled and better tested before integration23:02
Jordan_URaccoon1400: If your Windows installation isn't being detected and added automatically, there's probably something else wrong with it.23:02
Raccoon1400I liked the manual way before, it was efficient and hard to break your sytem as long as you had some idea what youare doing23:02
k1lRaccoon1400: menu.lst is old grub1. we have grub2 now23:02
Jordan_U!bootinfo | Raccoon140023:02
ubottuRaccoon1400: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.23:02
k1lRaccoon1400: run "sudo update-grub" that should find your windows install already23:02
Raccoon1400Jordan_U: Windows install what not connected when I installed, it is on different drive23:03
Raccoon1400the other windows install was detected23:03
Raccoon1400I'm setting up a new install for my dad. I want him to be able to boot between the new install on one drive, and the old install on the other drive until everything is transfered23:04
daftykinsjust finish it and get it done? :)23:04
Raccoon1400I installed ubuntu on the new drive as a backup/recovery tool23:04
daftykinsinterim solutions are a bit of a waste of effort23:04
k1lRaccoon1400: run my command. it will scan for installs23:04
Jordan_URaccoon1400: Plug in the Windows drive, run "sudo update-grub".23:04
asad_What's the current version of the kernel in 15.10?23:04
k1lasad_: 4.2.023:04
asad_k1l: exactly that?23:05
k1l!info linux-image23:05
ubottuPackage linux-image does not exist in wily23:05
k1l!info linux-image-generic23:05
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 10 kB23:05
=== boxznc is now known as boxmein
OerHekslooks like the same as in Mint 17.2 Rafaela23:06
k1lOerHeks: depends on what mint version you are :)23:06
k1land what updates mint thinks you should get and what not.23:07
asad_k1l: If I install 16.04 from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/, will it work?23:08
k1lasad_: yes it will work. but its in alpha stage yet. so it might not work full from one day to the next.23:09
brumMy problem is, Acpi Pcc Prob Failed23:10
asad_k1l: How do I upgrade my kernel ro 4.2.6?23:10
k1lasad_: if its just about the kernel see mainline kernels23:10
k1lthe bot already gave you the info and link23:10
Bashing-ombrum: The kernel is probing ACPI, looking for the "Platforms communication channel" interface. This is a new ACPI interface and not much hardware currently supports it.23:11
brumDrive Nvidia report error23:12
daftykinsyou have to give us errors if you want to know what to do with them23:13
asad_k1l: Do I have to first upgrade ubuntu to 15.10?23:14
k1lasad_: no23:14
asad_k1l: because there's 4.2.6-wily. so it doesn't matter?23:15
asad_k1l: can I install the kernel using apt-get ?23:18
k1lasad_: no23:18
k1ldpkg is the command23:18
genii!mainline | asad_23:20
ubottuasad_: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds23:20
kosaqhow do i create a live usb squashfs and overlayfs with only dash, X and GFX driver pkgs?23:21
kosaqanyone have a script for this?23:21
daftykinskosaq: what are you trying to achieve?23:22
kosaqdo i need anything else? like systemD or is it enough to get it booting?23:23
daftykinsi refer you to my above enquiry :)23:23
kosaqdaft: custom live usb start with minimum of pkgs23:24
kosaqisnt there anyone capable of creating a working script for this job?23:24
daftykinsi doesn't see the point23:25
daftykinser, i don't*23:25
k1lkosaq: that is more a question for ##linux then for #ubuntu, right?23:25
LambdaComplexkosaq: i really don't think ubuntu is the right distro for that23:26
LambdaComplexkosaq: sounds more like something you'd wanna use gentoo or arch for tbh23:26
k1lubuntu ships a minimal iso for those who would like to start small. there even is  a netboot iso.23:26
daftykinsi'd say it sounds more like something you shouldn't need to reinvent the wheel for23:27
kosaqthe thing is im not a linux expert so i need to have it easy23:27
k1lkosaq: then use the minimal iso. add what you need to it.23:27
kosaqdafty so there can i find this kind of distro?23:27
kosaqiwe searched the hole net, after live linux with only Xorg = NO answer23:28
daftykinskosaq: if you want it easy, why don't you just create a live USB of ubuntu with persistence and install some packages... no point in pursuing this lightweight approach you have in mind.23:28
daftykinsi find that hard to believe given the number of bootable distros out there designed for certain tasks, but again - if we knew why you want this then it might help.23:29
* LambdaComplex stills says arch or gentoo 23:30
LambdaComplexarch would be easier23:30
* SlidingHorn votes arch here, too....23:30
LambdaComplexjust figure out the bare minimum packages you need23:31
SlidingHorntheir documentation is pretty impeccable, too23:31
kosaqkill: can i run the minimum iso with try ubuntu menuentry? like only on squashfs/overlayfs or is it installed on the usb?23:31
k1lLambdaComplex: SlidingHorn you have seen the "i am not a linux expert"?23:31
daftykinsthey have not (:23:31
SlidingHornthat I didn't.....lol, sorry23:31
LambdaComplexbut this isn't exactly a beginner problem...so, oh well23:32
kosaqlamba: because the damn distro is at least 1 000 pkgs23:32
LambdaComplexkosaq: which?23:32
zykotick9kosaq: fyi, you _might_ find this page http://live.debian.net/ helpful, if you want to create a debian-based livecd?  ymmv.23:32
LambdaComplexHeck, Arch's base group isn't even that big23:33
LambdaComplexOnly 50 packages23:33
kosaqok so no easy scripting to get it up and running ?23:33
kosaqlamda: that the minum iso right?23:34
LambdaComplex(or remove)23:35
LambdaComplexoops, i was scrolled up. my bad23:35
LambdaComplexkosaq: no, Arch Linux's base group contains 50 packages23:35
LambdaComplexAlthough you don't _need_ all of them23:35
mcphailkosaq: you do realise that having X without a window manager (at least) is fairly useless?23:35
kosaqthe other thing is the kernel modules, its way to many of them23:35
LambdaComplexDon't need nano or vi or sed or which or gawk or bash.23:36
LambdaComplexI wouldn't wanna uninstall them, but you don't _need_ them23:36
mcphailkosaq: http://puppylinux.org/wikka/Barebones?redirect=no might bring you closer to what you need23:36
k1lkosaq: no the minimal iso can only install.23:37
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
* zykotick9 notes vi is a posix command, so if your install doesn't have it - it's broken ;)23:37
kosaqhell i tink Arch Linux is the thing, but now i know how debian/ubuntu works23:37
LambdaComplexzykotick9: But the system _will_ boot without it :P23:37
zykotick9LambdaComplex: yes, boot a "broken" system ;)23:37
kosaqkll: damn why can i try it? sucks to install GRUB etc23:38
mcphailkosaq: and have a look at busybox instead of the gnu utilities23:38
LambdaComplexpacman -S neovim && echo 'alias "vi"="nvim"' >> ~/.bashrc23:38
LambdaComplexzykotick9: Good enough? :P23:38
k1lkosaq: well, good luck with that then as a linux beginner. but  we can put the arch talk then into the arch channels or ##linux23:38
* zykotick9 also notes this is #ubuntu and arch isn't really on topic...23:38
daftykinsyep it'd be great if all the non-ubuntu talk headed off to relevant channels :)23:41
LambdaComplexman, ubuntu is just a social construct23:42
LambdaComplexit's not even real, man23:42
frank1eanyone knows if there is some way to give some specific texts in terminal specific colors?23:42
LambdaComplexfrank1e: tput?23:42
frank1eI am controlling my bitcoin wallets via terminal and it all looks boring and gives me anxiety lol23:43
LambdaComplexis it like, a shell script?23:43
frank1eLambdaComplex what is tput please, am not that familiar with terminal in general and everything23:43
frank1eLambdaComplex uh23:43
frank1eit is to be exact:23:43
frank1ethe same like the bitcoin gui client (aka bitcoin core - the qt gui) but just in terminal23:44
frank1ehold on23:44
frank1eam bad at explaining and also not familiar with customizing ubuntu or similar. especially terminal. but I need some more color going on in here. this could also help finding for example wallet adresses, balances etc more easy for me23:45
LambdaComplexare you asking about coloring specific parts of the output of a command?23:46
Extreminadoris this tuturial is still right23:46
frank1eyes somehow23:46
frank1eand also23:46
frank1ecoloring specific things in general like23:46
SlidingHornfrank1e, try to keep your responses to as few lines as possible.  Makes things easier to keep track of23:47
frank1eeverything that stands in between a { and a }, where special custom colors like adresses/balances override these colors23:47
LambdaComplexeh, that'd require either modifying the command itself (which may or may not be feasible) or making a custom script to format the output23:47
LambdaComplexwhich wouldn't be easy either23:48
frank1eyes, custom script to format what is printed in my terminal23:48
LambdaComplexwell, the script would have to run the command, look at its output, format it accordingly, and then print it23:48
frank1eI remember having special color themes for php, css codes etc in text editors. thought something like this would be exist for ubuntu terminal23:48
frank1eLambdaComplex, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/solarized-must-have-color-paletter-for.html the screenshots I see there look perfect23:54
frank1edoes that work for ubuntu trusty with my case of terminal usage to color things up a little?23:55
LambdaComplexfrank1e: Is everything in your terminal currently a single color? O.o23:56
frank1eLambdaComplex, Yes, I use elementaryOS which is based on Ubuntu Trusty if that helps.23:58
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.23:58
daftykinsif you guys want to talk it, please go to their channel23:58
daftykinswe don't support it here23:58
frank1e(the helpchat makes it impossible to get help there, nobody helping)23:58
frank1eso I ask here, since this is basicly exactly the same as Ubuntu, just with a different optical style23:59
tgm4883frank1e: no, it's not23:59
daftykinsno. elementary has its' own problems, such as a lack of community23:59
LambdaComplexdaftykins: I think he's noticed that part already :P23:59
frank1etgm4883 well all terminal commands so far worked exactly as in ubuntu23:59
* LambdaComplex rolls his eyes23:59

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