OvenWerk1something has changed in the 1604 upgrades, pulse handles logout/in now.18:12
OvenWerk1gedit on the other hand greys out a "picture frame" around itself and has no window decorations. Or rather it makes it's own decorations. We may be looking for another text editor :P18:17
OvenWerk1Pulse in 16.04 has more options in using jack-sink/source. So my startup script doesn't work for 14.04.18:27
OvenWerk1everything is basically working for my autojack starting script. I just have to make sure I don't double start the user's choice device if it is not default :)18:31
OvenWerk1sakrecoer_: The extra desktop file in imagemagick may have been fixed. It is not listed as one of the files installed by the package. SO it may have been fixed but the new install did not remove the old file for some reason.18:39
OvenWerk1sakrecoer_: It may need to be verified that a live session from a new ISO only has one menu entry.18:40
OvenWerk1zequence: medit has more features than mouse pad and looks similar to what we have had with gedit in the past.18:56
OvenWerk1sakrecoer_: Imagemagick seems to need a file on the command line to open. Unfortuately, we are not the dev or packager so we can't really second guess what they mean. For our use, adding "Don't show" (or whatever) to the desktop file would make mosty sense... if it is meant to be opened from the menu, the it needs to start with no file.19:41
OvenWerk1zequence: in the case of adding extra audio interfaces with zita-ajbridge, I have set it to two channels only (the default) but maybe it should be all. Comments?19:45
OvenWerk1wow zita-ajbridge now allows no SR if the devices are already synced.19:46

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