knomehuhu, ok00:42
knomeok, website frontpage now updated with our articles widget14:24
knomein the future, please pay attention to writing/copy-pasting a sensible excerpt, if at all possible, or poke me14:25
knomepleia2, flocculant ^14:25
flocculantknome: writing/copy pasting to where? 14:58
knomeflocculant, in the post editing screen, in the top right, there's a button called "screen options"15:00
knomeclick that and make sure that "excerpt" is selected15:00
knomethen you can hide it15:00
knomeonce you have done that, an excerpt "box" under the article box appears15:00
flocculantknome: ok - that seems painless enough 15:03
flocculantso it's bound to go wrong for me :D15:03
knomewell, the thing is15:05
knomeif you don't put in anything15:05
knomeit will just take N words from the start15:05
knomeand append it with [...]15:05
knomewhich isn't the end of the world15:05
flocculantyea - I understand that 15:05
knomebut it's of course nicer to have hand-crafted excerpts15:05
knomeand we probably want to control that the boxes on the front page are about the same height15:06
flocculantyep for sure - if the excerpt is good enough then no need to read the whole if you're not really interested15:06
knomeso if the title is long (like for local doc building), the excerpt should likely be shorter15:06
knomefortunately we don't need these for old articles15:06
flocculantknome: so it takes the whole title 'as it is' ?15:07
knometitle is always as it is15:07
knomeyou can't control that15:07
knomeyou can only control the content excerpt15:07
flocculantok 15:08
knomeso yeah, coming up with sensible titles is a good thing too :P15:08
flocculantshort title = more excerpt room - got that 15:08
knomeand when all titles are ~same length, also looks better15:09
knomebut if it needs to be long, then it needs to be long15:09
flocculantyea - but rather unwieldy as a concept 15:09
flocculantyea indeed :D15:09
knomefor layouting purposes, the middle column is unfortunately a bit narrower15:09
flocculantquick comment on wording for 'The Team Blog' 15:09
knomeor more exactly the content area for that15:09
flocculantFind even more interesting articles implies to me that the ones there are less interesting 15:10
knomeso -even ?15:10
flocculanthang fire15:10
flocculantFor more articles perhaps15:10
knomeand as you can probably figure out, it's easily changeable15:11
flocculantyep that's better 15:11
flocculantyea - widget I assume 15:11
knomethis was just something i wrote quickly in order to have something there15:11
knomeyes, a widget indeed :)15:11
flocculantyea I assumed as much, why I mentioned the wording :)15:11
flocculantand does the widget promote newest to the left? 15:12
flocculantk 15:12
flocculantI got that :)15:13
flocculantknome: I assume you saw my MP moving qa links to common reference - wanted to at least get that sorted out prior to us getting it on docs.x.o 15:14
knomeyes, i'll look at it today15:17
flocculantok - only put you as it was us that was discussing it last week15:18
knomeif we can get the community funding for our own virtual server quickly, we should probably wait until that's up before setting up the contributor docs15:18
knomethe request was made by lyz yesterday15:18
flocculantnot sure I'd agree 15:19
krytarikknome: One thing I noticed earlier, the Developer Area still refers to Wily and its blueprints.15:21
knomekrytarik, right, i'll fix that next15:21
knomekrytarik, when do we have your next MP up?15:22
krytarikknome: Umm, it's already done.15:22
knomekrytarik, should be release-agnostic now15:25
flocculantis anyone else actually wanting to do anything with these docs?15:26
knomeflocculant, is anyone else wanting to read the current contributor docs we have?15:26
knomemy answer: i don't know15:26
flocculantha 15:27
flocculantI meant is anyone making noises about writing stuff :)15:27
knomei am :P15:27
knomei guess i've been involved so much with writing docs for all teams that i should make sure they end up in the new docs too15:28
flocculantas far as read - then who knows about them other than a few of *us* :)15:28
knomemaybe at some point i could let it go and start making others write :P15:28
knomenobody - yet15:28
knomewe will do massive publicity stunts15:28
knomewhere flocculant 'strikes' an arsenal - chelsea match for example15:28
knomethat was supposed to be a secret15:28
flocculantand by alll you mean not qa 15:32
knomeand a bit of it too15:33
flocculantthat I have to then unstranglish :p15:33
pleia2knome: noted re: excerpt16:20
pleia2knome: also, yay, site looks good16:20
knomebbl ->16:21
pleia2oh, and yeah I submitted the funding request yesterday, if all goes well (as I expect it to) I'll bring up the VPS next week16:26
flocculantand hi pleia2 :)16:26
pleia2o/ flocculant 16:26
flocculantdidn't see our testing session thing in the newsletter :'(16:27
pleia2oops, I'm sorry :(16:27
flocculantthings happen - don't apologise :)16:28
pleia2lost our core link collector recently, so it's just been me, and I failed16:28
pleia2social media activity was good on it though16:28
flocculantyea for sure :)16:28
flocculantI did go looking 16:29
pleia2I hope you have a decent turn out16:29
flocculantnot often I do ;)16:29
flocculantwell we will see :)16:29
pleia2or at least that quality overcomes quantity ;)16:29
flocculantit'll be in logs even if there are only a couple turn up 16:30
* pleia2 nods16:30
flocculantha ha ha 16:30
flocculantso it can be linked out whatever happens ofc16:30
pleia2yeah, that'll be useful16:31
pleia2ok, time to pack up my laptop, off to the other side of the country for thanksgiving16:31
pleia2see you16:31
flocculanthave fun pleia2 :)16:32
pleia2thanks :)16:34
jjfrv8knome, I have a few corrections to suggest for the building docs locally article. How would I go about submitting those?19:17
flocculantjjfrv8: do an MP - it's what I've been doing :)19:20
jjfrv8but where do I pull the article from? And where would I point the MP?19:21
jjfrv8or will I find out Sunday? :)19:22
flocculantjjfrv8: sorry wrong end of the stick - all that stuff is on contributor docs too 19:41
krytarikI think he's referring to this though: http://xubuntu.org/news/building-xubuntu-documentation-package-locally/19:43
krytarikOh yes, you might have just indicated that. :P19:44
krytarikAlso, since we are talking that article, I might reiterate: "'fonts-droid' added in Wily too, but installed in Xubuntu by default".19:49
krytarikjjfrv8: And if you are eager to include that in the docs too, there is a pretty wide gap to be filled yet :P - https://unit193.net/xubuntu/docs/contributor/C/documentation.html#docs-building19:54
knomejjfrv8, send an email to me or slickymaster 21:23
flocculantcheating 21:25
knomewut is? :P21:25
knomeor you can send the mail to flocculant... who can then nag others to update the article :P21:26
flocculantha ha 21:26
flocculantI could update the article anyway :)21:26
flocculantbut yea - I haz lp:stuff on the brain atm so assumed wrongly :D21:27
ochosievening all21:53
flocculanthi ochosi :)21:53
ochosihow're things?21:54
ochosi(apart from sidi spamming everyone with his sandboxing project ;))21:54
flocculantwell - I gave up reading anything because of that :p21:54
flocculantplodding along - no change on the enormous grey borders yet - not seen any mention of that since darkst was in -desktop the other morning21:55
flocculantother than that not much from me going on21:56
flocculantthough we are running the 'how to test' session on Sunday hopefully21:57
flocculanthow's ochosi ?21:57
ochosiyeah, read about that session naturally21:58
ochosinot sure whether i'll manage to be around on sunday21:58
flocculantyep - I assumed so 21:58
ochosifamily time there with the grandparents and all21:58
ochosii'm good, just really really busy and often tired :)21:58
flocculantochosi: well - it's aimed at the new people we've had joined really21:58
ochosibut i'm plotting to go to fosdem in january21:59
flocculantochosi: that sounds awesome - g'parents are always good :)21:59
ochosiso its not like i've forgotten about FOSS, i just need more time to get folks at my new job to appreciate it :)21:59
ochosiUnit193: are you still following up on the -core issue/s?22:03
ochosii mean: are you actively pinging people about it22:03
ochosi(unfortunately i don't get to pinging folks anymore, just not around enough for that)22:03
krytarikochosi: Last ping was on Nov 17th: "[20:06] <slangasek> Unit193: cheers, queued for looking at this afternoon".22:17
ochosiok, good to know22:17
ochosieven though that was a week ago22:17
ochosianyhow, please follow up with him22:17
ochosilikely he just needs a friendly reminder22:17
* ochosi needs some sleep22:18
ochosinight y'all!22:18
flocculantnight ochosi :)22:18
knomenighty flocculant 22:26
knomeerr, ochosi 22:26
knomeflocculant, FYI, i'm eating now, then looking at the MP's22:27
knomeflocculant, i lie! merged.22:33
knomejjfrv8, changes taken to production with some further changes on wording on the last paragraph - thanks23:28
bluesabreevening all23:37
knomehello bluesabre 23:37
bluesabrehey knome23:38
bluesabrehow's it going?23:38
knomenot bad!23:39
knomegot the new stuff landed on the webite23:39
knomeand it looks goood now23:39
bluesabre"The Blog" on the far right looks odd23:40
knomewhere should it be then?23:41
bluesabrebut it's like "no categories love me!"23:41
knomethanks for the input, sean23:41
knomei appreciate it23:41
knomewell we can add categories in the dropdown23:42
bluesabreknome: I was just enjoying all the fine, lovely looking site, and then I saw The Blog alllll alone :'(23:43
* bluesabre needs to work on his approach23:45
knomewhat would you suggest?23:45
bluesabreknome: I am talking about the bottom, btw23:46
bluesabrenot the top23:46
knomeput some submenu items for categories?23:46
knomewell, the menu is the same23:46
knomeif there are items in the dropdown menu, they are in the footer23:46
knomesame other way23:46
bluesabre"The Blog" on the top has a dropdown popout... despite having no content23:47
bluesabreone sec23:47
knomei can't see that.23:47
knomedon't see in chrome/ff23:47
knomei believe you see it and i can *try* to fix it..23:48
knomejust to confirm, can you see the same in the staging site23:49
knomeno you can't23:49
knomethere is no blog menu23:49
bluesabrethe footer blog looks better now too23:50
knomeit's the same theme and all23:50
knomewhat the...23:50
knomeor did you refresh the main site?23:50
knomemaybe you had some cache.23:51
bluesabrerefreshed main site23:51
bluesabreThe Blog on the footer looked like a child element with no breathing room initially23:51
bluesabrenow its all better23:51
bluesabreso go knome23:51
knomei haven't tested stuff with partly cached CSS :P23:51

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