xubuntu50iHi, i'm trying to install xubuntu 15.04 all the instalation was good except the partitions formating i get the message: GTK-Message: failen to load ''overlar-scrollbar''00:23
xubuntu50ilook the problem:   http://k30.kn3.net/3/F/2/B/E/8/376.png00:25
xubuntu50iPuedo hablar español, and a little of english00:26
xubuntu50iThank you everyone, nobody helps me, i gonna return to windows.00:27
knomei wonder what the problem was?00:40
function9xnot sure, he didn't hang around long enough01:06
cdk_What is the recommended hardware/and is for beginning training towards  CEH certificatoin?03:29
xubuntu01whi, looking for help with the sound icon/menu in the system tray.09:36
xubuntu01whi, can anyone help?09:46
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fsociety[00]datis it possible to set a different hinting for xfce4-terminal from general settings?12:55
newkehey. ive installed 15.10 xubuntu. trying to set Super+1 Super+2 keybinds for switching workspaces, but it doesnt work. Is there something i should know?13:15
flocculantnewke: not sure how you're doing that - try editing in Settings Editor, might need to remove the existing first not sure13:24
flocculantnvm - doesn't let you do that :)13:25
hyperboriaLong live xubuntu!13:29
newkei found that i had to set more workspaces before using them. did that from settings manager>workspaces. silly me13:31
newkedo you use any software for backups and making snapshots?14:26
hyperboriai heard systemback is good14:26
knomethere are many alternatives in the repositories14:27
hyperboriaI installed bumblebee in xubuntu 15.10, nvidia 352 . After reboot i got no boot, because there was "nvidia" screen in xorg.conf.  Log said smth like , Screen not found. It helped to just delete xorg.conf. but After reboot i got same ***. Can anyone help with it?14:28
hyperboria Also to change screen to "intel" in xorg was helpful too14:28
knomehyperboria, unfortunately, the nvidia+intel GPU's are known to have many problems14:29
nikow_hyperboria, Purge bublebee, restore old xorg.conf from backup14:50
nikow_hyperboria, then install it again but with drivers community14:50
nikow_It helped for me.14:51
hyperboriadrivers community?14:51
hyperboriawhat is it?14:51
hyperboriabtw, it seemd to there was no old xorg.conf...14:51
nikow_In graphical settings, i do not have Xubuntu close, but in graphic settings or repo settings are setting14:51
nikow_You can copy one from LiveCD :)14:52
hyperboriacant find graphic settings (14:53
hyperboriawhich one i need ?14:57
nikow_hyperboria, I am using nouveau ones15:06
hyperboriahm, i found that i have nouveau. What i need to do ? just new install bumblebee and then optirun smth?15:07
nikow_hyperboria, All other drivers (i checked it by just trying) was failing for my ASUS15:07
recon_laphi all, trying to install 14.04 and I keep getting it frezzing or giving me blank screens and various places. anyone got suggestions?15:43
recon_lapwondering if I should set -nodetect (or whatever it was) option in the boot sting15:50
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:00
newkedo you also have blink on lightdm greeter? when i turn on, lightdm greeter starts with fading in wallpaper after fading finishes black screen appears for ~ half second. it bugs me16:09
newkehave freshly installed xubuntu 15.1016:09
newkewell not really fresh, but done only minor configurations16:10
recon_lapbooting from DVD, keeps frezzing or getting stuck on a black screen16:13
recon_lapis the install any more robust in 15.09 or is there still a alt text install option?16:14
xubuntu82wHi there16:24
xubuntu82wTrying to install Xubuntu on a USB drive16:25
xubuntu82wStep 2: Select your xubuntu *.iso - not sure what that is16:26
ubottuXubuntu Wily (15.10) torrents can be downloaded from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/wily/release/desktop/xubuntu-15.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent and http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/wily/release/desktop/xubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent16:37
bazhangthat ^16:37
recon_laphe left i think16:38
flocculantrecon_lap: there's no alt text version - closest would be a netboot and pick xubuntu-desktop I guess16:38
flocculantrecon_lap: re your issues I assume you've checked the burn/source iso veracity?16:38
recon_lapguess I better md5 it, froze again, I bloody hate computers that wont boot from usb16:40
flocculantcan't remember the last time I burnt a cd/dvd - certainly not on this machine - not got anything to do it with :p16:41
recon_lapI'd dont know, the check DVD option said Checking ./cas[er/filesystem.squashfs.deb: ok4.deb and now looks like it's froze again16:53
flocculantmmm - well if it's crashed doing that either it is a dodgy burn or something that's way outside what we'd have looked at16:56
recon_lapgoing to see if I can get a usb to boot16:56
flocculantthis might help it is doesn't want to boot from a usb http://xubuntu.org/news/booting-the-xubuntu-usb-image-from-a-cd/16:58
recon_lapbit lax linking you to a torrent download link and not suppling a md5 hazh17:03
newkelightdm-gtk-greeter is kinda glitchy. when it starts, it starts with wallpaper fading in, when fading finishes there is a black screen for about 1/3 second. do you experience the same?17:21
AlexRednaxHi :)18:05
svipI have a problem with notifications stealing focus.19:34
svipCan I turn off notifications entirely?19:34
recon_lapwill boot into live desktop, just will not install. thinking of trying stright debian20:05
recon_lapso, is there anyway of finding out where a 14.04 install crashes?20:50
function9xrecon_lap: gpu,cpu specs?20:52
recon_lap3.06GHz Celeron , 2006 vintage , onboard video, dont know the MB , live CD works fine20:53
recon_lapgets about 2/3 of the way into the install and frezes20:53
function9xdo you get the same issue with debian?20:55
recon_lapnot tried it yet, got to download it first20:56
recon_lapmight give the 32bit install a go20:56
recon_lapactualy, seems to be locking up randomly21:04
flocculantrecon_lap: checked memory? option exists on the boot menu21:10
recon_lapcheck memory takes forever, might run it overnight21:10
recon_lapanyways, bloody waste of a day. thx for the input, I have to get dinner, later21:11
flocculantin my experience if it's going to fail - it's pretty quick21:26
xubuntu301buen día alguien habla español22:03
krytarik!es | xubuntu30122:05
ubottuxubuntu301: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:05
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