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apuimedojamespage: gnuoy: I'm getting lxc deployment failures on 1.25.013:03
apuimedoany idea?13:03
apuimedoit worked on one of the machines provided by maas, doesn't work at all in another13:03
apuimedo        agent-state-info: lxc container cloning failed13:03
apuimedo(I have to say that it is for precise, I don't know if that matters)13:04
suchvenuWe have upgraded to latest 1.25 version of juju where unitnames are created in sequential order13:11
suchvenuPreviously we had used the following code in amulet test , unit_manager_0 = d.sentry.unit['charmname/0']13:12
suchvenuNow using unit_manager_0 = d.sentry['charmname'][0]13:12
suchvenuwhich is working right13:12
suchvenuwe had also used juju action in amulet as follows13:13
suchvenu uuid = d.action_do('ibm-db2/0', 'download', {"username": config.get('13:13
suchvenuHow do we correct this for the 1.25 version of Juju ?13:14
suchvenuI mean how to provide the unit name ?13:14
Iceyis it possible to use config values for some settings, unless a specific relation exists? I'd like to support using an external database provided by juju through a relation, OR a config specified one, and I'd like the relation to override the config13:27
apuimedocherylj_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/144131913:31
mupBug #1441319: intermittent: failed to retrieve the template to clone: template container juju-trusty-lxc-template did not stop <canonical-bootstack> <cisco> <cpec> <deployer> <landscape> <lxc> <oil> <regression> <systemd> <upstart> <juju-core:Triaged by cherylj> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1441319>13:31
apuimedocherylj_: added logs14:10
roadmrheya folks, I think I found a bug with juju not firing the leader-elected hooks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/151999414:18
mupBug #1519994: leader-elected hook never fires <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1519994>14:18
PrabakaranHello Matt,14:31
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suchvenuI want to give a juju action on a unit name as juju action do charmname/0 download15:25
suchvenuWith latest version of Juju the unit names are increasing in sequential order, How can I give the unitname in juju action ?15:26
suchvenuCan anyone pls help15:27
marcoceppisuchvenu: what do you mean get the unit name?15:42
marcoceppisuchvenu: you can just use `juju status ` to find the unit name15:42
suchvenuHi MArco16:56
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suchvenuI want to add juju action in amulet test and want to give the unit name there. For each deployment the unit name changes as charmname/0, charmname/1 etc16:57
suchvenuSo i may not know which is the unitname i need to give in juju action in amulet test16:57
suchvenubefore for getting the unit manager in amulet we used to call unit_manager_0 = d.sentry.unit['charmname/0']16:58
PrabakaranCan anyone help me how to deploy openjdk layer charm available in the link https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-openjdk as i am not able to find the deployment steps in the README.md file.16:58
suchvenuBut now with latest version of Juju 1.25, this gives an error as the unit names keeps increasing as charmname/1, charmname/2 etc16:59
suchvenuWe could get the unit name with this comamnd now : unit_manager_0 = d.sentry['charmname'][0]16:59
suchvenuSimilarly for juju action, how do we do it ?17:00
suchvenumarcoceppi, are you able to understand my query ?17:00
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