myrtiwell removing config made it worse, surprisingly.. wouldn't load at all anymore00:21
=== myrti is now known as kaddi
kaddibooted an older kernel now, which seems to help but will prolly fail within a couple of minutes too00:22
kaddiah and i moved the .kde folder too for good measure00:22
kaddiwhich means all my logs are gone :p00:22
kaddiwell.. not gone gone but not in the history here00:22
=== myrti is now known as kaddi
kaddigonna try for the upgrade, everything else just seems to make it worse at the moment00:42
=== us-_ is now known as us0
kaddii think i'll just kill plasmashell for now.. :p00:46
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puntohi.. how do I hide the taskbar on kubuntu 15.10?02:41
puntook I found it02:42
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kaddihi, i just upgraded to 15.10 and now the search in application launcher no longer works. It does not offer any results at all. Any idea how to fix this?10:20
sammy_i want to ask how to move app panel to the left as ubuntu10:20
kaddiIt also broke my digital clock widget, which now only says: Error loading QML file: file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.digitalclock/contents/ui/main.qml:46:34: Type CalendarView unavailable. Any advice on this would be welcome too10:20
hateballkaddi: does krunner work?10:36
kaddinot sure.. it crashed on one login, but not consistently. How do I check?10:37
kaddihateball: i also noticed that i can no longer change screen resolution either10:38
hateballkaddi: You upgraded from 15.04 ?10:39
kaddihateball: yes10:39
hateballkaddi: What GPU are you using? Or rather which driver10:39
kaddii had kde 5.2.2 before10:39
kaddihateball: it's integrated intel, driver I would check with lsmod?10:39
hateballThat's fine, just wanted to know if it was nVidia/AMD which doesnt play nice with the regular screen settings10:40
hateballI thought 15.10 used krunner even in the application menu plasmoid, but I am on 14.04 on this machine so I cannot check10:41
kaddiyeah, it's not unlikely. I did see krunner crashing before :p10:42
hateballtry firing it up from a terminal, "krunner &"10:42
kaddialready tried that, it didn't help for the search at least10:42
kaddihang on, looks like the upgrade never really finished.. Just did a apt-get upgrade and there's 1200 packages being held back10:47
hateballyeah, that sounds a tad broken10:53
kaddiupgrade froze on me yesterday, but i did a dpkg --configure and a apt-get install -f afterwards which ran through with no complaints.. so I thought it was done10:54
kaddilol "we are sorry, kde5 (deleted) closed unexpectedly" guess whatever closed did so because it was deleted :p10:54
kaddiit's gonna be a while. :p I'll let you know about the outcome10:55
elliot_install conky ? kde11:02
apparleIs KDE 5.4.3 available as an update to 15.10 ?11:06
apparleIs it usually packaged into backports or similar ?11:06
elliot_yes  Plasma 5.4.311:09
apparleyeah Plasma 5.4.3. I always get confused on the naming.11:09
apparleI didn't see an announcement on kubuntu.org, so I wasn't sure11:09
elliot_Netrunner 17 released11:09
elliot_Posted on November 23, 2015 by starbuck11:09
elliot_The Netrunner Team is happy to announce the release of Netrunner 17 (codename Horizon) – 64bit version.11:09
elliot_(Note that the 32bit version remains at “16” until 18 LTS).11:09
elliot_Netrunner 17 ‘s codename is chosen as an indication of a mature Plasma finally emerging at the horizon with another update of KDE Plasma, Frameworks and Applications.11:10
apparleNetrunner isn't kubuntu right ?11:11
elliot_yes Netrunner11:11
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kaddihateball: seems to have been fixed with the configuration of the remaining packages. Sorry for the trouble11:51
hateballkaddi: :)11:52
hateballall is well that ends well11:52
kaddihateball: yeah, i'm happy too.. :)11:52
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jubo2Now that this Netbook is my irccin' base I gonna get a pressure air can and some silicon paste and take apart that stupid Lenovo12:08
jubo2Pressure air 400ml == 5.90€12:08
jubo2Silicon paste == 4.90€12:09
jubo2Screwdriver == costed ages ago12:09
jubo2worst that I can happen is I cannot put it together and no data is lost12:10
jubo2If the CPU starts running cool I will have salvaged 250€-300€ worth of HW12:11
kaddiis there a rule what logs i can delete? ci have a 1.3GB kern.log atm which i'm not sure is of anyuse really12:11
jubo2that laptop cost ~ £1,70012:11
jubo2when it was new in 201112:11
jubo2kaddi: you have heard of automatic log rotation?12:12
jubo2kaddi: hmm.. that's weird. I'd imagine it is turned on by default on a GNU/Linukka shipment12:12
jubo2kaddi: goes like this12:13
kaddiold logs are deleted automatically?12:13
jubo2it periodically moves filename.log to filename.log.0.gz ( or something very similar )12:13
jubo2moves filename.log.<N>.gz to filename.log.<N+1>.gz12:14
jubo2and deletes the last in the rotation12:14
jubo2that way you have history of logs but it doesn't need maintenance from human like your situation12:14
kaddibut will that break if I delete kernel.log.1 now? I onl have 40GB on / (small ssd) and 1.5GB in logs that are old really make an impact12:15
kaddijubo2: i think it's working, i suspect something seriously freaked.. I do have kernlog.2-4.gz which are a coupl of kb only12:15
kaddibut kern.log.1 is 1.3GB12:15
jubo2kaddi: If I were you I'd look up the start-date and end-date from the file and move it to filename.log.2011-01-15-2015-11-26.tar.gz ( e.g. for start date Jan 15th 2011 and end date of today12:17
jubo2the touch filename.log12:17
jubo2and do that like yearly or so12:17
kaddiwhat's a good application to open a GB data file?12:17
jubo2then you have kernlog-2015.tar.gz kernlog-2016.tar.gz you get12:18
jubo2kaddi: any application that processet is serially without reading but small pieces of the file to memory at any time12:18
jubo2kaddi: grep is useful, awk, sed, tail -f..12:19
kaddiso the 1.3GB file is nov 15th to nov 23 201512:19
kaddilooks like it basically consists of a billion Bluetooth: hci0 SCO packet for unknown connection handle 0 lines12:20
jubo2so you name that kernlog-2015-11-15-2015-11-23.tar.gz if you need to maintain non-data-losing12:20
jubo2kaddi: notice it is little endian encoding12:20
jubo2a 'ls' will always automatically display bunch of filenames like this in chronological order12:21
kaddino, i don't need to mantain that, i want to know if i can delete it without breaking the rotation you told me about12:21
jubo2hmm.. I'm afraid I cannot help coz I don't know12:21
kaddiah ok12:21
kaddiThere's 12414292 lines of "Bluetooth: hci0 SCO packet for unknown connection handle" in that log12:22
jubo2kaddi: try12:22
hateballkaddi: yes, you can kill the file12:23
jubo2'cp kernel.log kernel.log.old' ( better to use dates than just .old )12:23
kaddiok it's deleted12:23
jubo2'rm kernel.log'12:23
jubo2'touch kernel.log'12:23
kaddidid a rm kernel.log.1 touch kernel.log.1.. so if it needs the file it's there, it's just empty :p12:23
hateballsyslog will just spawn a new file anyhow12:24
jubo2I thought it would12:24
hateballyou should probably see about why bluetooth is acting up tho12:24
kaddiand I now have 4GB free, which makes me feel much more at ease12:24
kaddiyeah, i probably should :p12:24
kaddii only use it once in a month or so.. but was planning on doing that tomorrow, so might be smart to check it out today12:24
jubo2Seems in GNU/Linukka if you snatch the some files or directory or something it will just use it's best judgement to create a reasonable set of confs for itself12:24
jubo2that's the usual thing12:25
kaddisee, now the /var/log directory went from 1.4GB to just 38MB12:25
* kaddi has a happeh :)12:25
BluesKajHiyas all12:26
SmurphyHowdy folks.12:26
BluesKajHi Smurphy12:27
SmurphyAh - folks - if you have slowing down systems - a very good thing to do - especially with KDE/Plasma: ln -s /dev/null .xsession-errors12:27
SmurphyHi BluesKaj :)12:27
Smurphyand if one wants to prolong the life of his SSD, mount /tmp, /var/tmp and /var/log to a ramfs. it will be cleaned upon reboot, and won't touch the SSD. Only - in case you need to troubleshoot - disable the ramfs.12:28
kaddibut only if you have a lot of ram too ;p12:29
Smurphymac mini here, i7 2.6GHz Quad-Core CPU, 16GB Ram. That should do it ;D12:29
kaddi4GB of RAM here ;)12:29
kaddiwell the bluetooth thing found it's own way of solving the problem, apparently.. it's no longer detecting my adapter >.<12:30
BluesKajSmurphy, ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘.xsession-errors’: File exists12:30
jubo2G'moring BluesKaj12:31
jubo2*morning even12:31
hateballSmurphy: Maybe there is a reason that logs get written12:31
SmurphyBluesKaj: Of course you have to remove it first :)12:31
jubo2Kids: moring is when a ship is at anchor outside the port waiting for docking and unloading or loading space in the harbor12:32
Smurphyhateball: I have nothing against logs. I have something against my .xsession-errors file being 5GB in size at the end of the day.12:32
jubo2Morning is in Irc Standard Time always, no matter what the timezone or time of day12:32
BluesKajold Hp 2008 vintage , amd cpu 5200+ dual core, 6G RAM, Samsung EVO 250G SSD12:33
SmurphyMy laptop is a Asus Netbook, 4GB Ram, 1.8Ghz 4Core Atom CPU :)12:33
jubo2I would just like a computer that works12:33
Smurphyjubo2: Got plenty of them here.12:33
jubo2The power button would have fallen off this one if I hadn't Jesus taped it12:34
kaddihmm, is there an easy way to check if the lack of bluetooth adapter is a hardware or a driver issue? should the bluetooth adapter show up in lusb/lspci if the drivers are missing?12:36
kaddi(i should probably mention again that I had a bit of a rocky upgrade this morning from 15.04 to 15.10, everything seems working now but the bluetooth. However I haven't used bluetooth in weeks so this problem may be unrelated)12:37
jubo2kaddi: yeah.. dist-upgrade is famous for causing some stuff to break but nothing very significant breaking12:38
jubo2kaddi: That is why I do semi-clean installation12:38
jubo2clean would be clean12:38
jubo2I mount /home at "clean" install time so it's semi-clean coz it obviously reads in some of the confs or just decline to write over owner's existing records12:39
kaddiyeah, due to my space issues, I didn't split / and /home12:39
kaddimight by a bigger drive12:40
jubo2kaddi: aha.. you save yourself from some headache you get yourself some other headacche12:40
kaddiyeah.. what i get for wanting a ssd :p12:40
jubo2Me fallen for the same allure12:40
kaddiwhen I had 500GB hard drive, i split /home / and all too12:40
jubo2bought 120GB SSD12:40
kaddinow I have a dual boot on 120GB and.. yeah.. it's not easy12:40
jubo2for 4 OS.. a Linukka in a Windows and a Windows in a Linukka12:41
kaddii should wipe the recovery partition and make that /home12:41
Smurphydmesg | grep -i Blu12:41
SmurphyThat would tel, you if it has been detected by your currently running kernel.12:41
kaddiSmurphy: it shows nothing12:41
clivejowhy would anyone want to dual boot into windows?!?12:41
kaddii'm fairly sure it doesn't since all programs are telling me there's no bluetooth adapter present12:41
kaddiclivejo: because work sucks and has windows only programs12:42
clivejokaddi: not setup a VM?12:42
kaddiclivejo: doesn't make much of a difference if I run Windows in a VM or as a dualboot, really.. The space used would be about the same12:43
kaddiand windows was already installed, so I don't go through the hassle of having to do the install again12:43
clivejobut windows doesnt like sharing with other OS!12:43
jubo2clivejo: All ain't got quadcore with such fine virtualization support and 16GB or more RAM that you can smoothly run Micro$hit Office in a Windows in a KVM or Xen12:43
Smurphykaddi: Then bluetooth drivers have not been loaded.12:44
clivejogonna give you no end of hassle12:44
jubo2clivejo: some of us poor12:44
BluesKajVMs have never been a satisfactory experience for me with windows guests , always some problem12:44
kaddijubo2: good point.. with 4GB of RAM, i'm not sure VB would be the way to go.. not if you want to work in the guest OS12:44
Smurphykaddi: amke a: sudo modprobe bluetooth12:44
Smurphyit should load all kind of dependend drivers.12:45
SmurphyThing is - it usually loads these at start automatically.12:45
SmurphyWhat computer is it  you have ?12:45
clivejoI have a laptop with 4Gb RAM and it runs windows fine12:45
clivejoin VirtualBox12:46
kaddiSmurphy: ok, now I get messages about bluetooth being loaded12:46
Smurphymake: dmesg | grep -i Blu12:47
kaddisystemsettings still says there's no bluetooth adapter though12:47
SmurphyOk. Did you enable KDE Bluetooth Integration ?12:48
kaddiis the result i get from the grep12:48
kaddiit's enabled in systemsettings ->Bluetooth ->Advanced12:48
SmurphyThen it should work.12:48
kaddiyeah, i agree that it should work12:49
SmurphyDo you have bluez and bluedevil installed ? that's what is linking to KDE.12:50
Smurphyalso rfkill is very handy.12:50
kaddibluez and bluedevil are installed12:50
kaddiwhat is rfkill?12:50
SmurphyIt gives you the possibility to enable/disable bluetooth12:51
kaddihow? rfkill bluetooth?12:51
SmurphyBy default, I disable them all (Bluetooth).12:51
Smurphy rfkill list12:51
Smurphyby example ;)12:51
kaddirfkill list bluetooth returns nothing12:51
BluesKajhow does the .xsession-errors file become so large on your machine , Smurphy, Mine is only a couple hunderd lines12:52
SmurphyBluesKaj: that is a good question ... As I was not able to reduce it, I decided that way.12:52
Smurphyrfkill list12:52
Smurphyonly that !12:52
kaddimyrti@mytree:~$ rfkill list12:53
kaddi0: phy0: Wireless LAN12:53
kaddi        Soft blocked: no12:53
kaddi        Hard blocked: no12:53
kaddithat's all12:53
SmurphySo there is no recognized bluetooth device there.12:53
Smurphywhen you do: lsmod | grep bluetooth12:53
SmurphyWhat do you see ?12:53
BluesKaji use autoremove and autoclean a lot12:53
Smurphybluetooth             516096  29 bnep,btbcm,btrtl,btusb,rfcomm,btintel12:53
SmurphyGot this.12:53
kaddimyrti@mytree:~$ lsmod |grep bluetooth12:53
kaddibluetooth             516096  5 bnep12:53
SmurphyOk - which Kubuntu version are you running ?12:54
kaddisince this morning12:54
SmurphyOK - check this: lsusb | grep -i Blu12:54
Smurphyusually a USB device.12:54
SmurphyThen your bluetooth device has not been recognized.12:55
SmurphyIs it internal, or a USB key ?12:55
kaddithat's what I was saying12:55
SmurphyCould you provide me the listing of: sudo dmidecode12:56
Smurphyit has all registered hardware inside.12:56
SmurphyIt doesn't show any Bluetooth. Could you also paste the "lsusb" please ?12:59
Smurphyand lspci12:59
SmurphyIt has to be somewhere... :}12:59
SmurphyAnd - last question. Have you checked the driver manager ? Eventually you need to load drivers.12:59
jubo2I want to force my GNU/Linukka to slow the chip down or disable the critical temp autoshutdown13:00
kaddiyeah, it said something about needing an intel driver for microcode, which I let it download13:00
jubo2I don't care if the latter solution burns my chip broken13:01
SmurphyMicrocode is smomething else.13:01
kaddiyeah i figure it might13:01
kaddii'll be back in a bit, i'll boot into windows to check for the bluetooth there.. this is starting to be evry weird13:02
SmurphyProbably a bluetooth modem or so.13:02
Smurphyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1388969 *prolly this*13:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1388969 in linux (Ubuntu) "bluetooth hci interface "down" on every reboot" [Low,Expired]13:05
jubo2LiveCD + 'sudo lilo -M /dev/sdc mbr' -> Yet another unbootable Win7 rescued13:06
jubo2and naturally need to 'sudo apt install lilo'13:06
jubo2Then when you get bored of just Windows you can install GNU/Linukka again by the side and that time GRUB will nuke lilo from the MBR and take over13:07
SmurphyReason I stopped using grub/lilo on UEFI systems.13:07
SmurphyOk I';ll be off a while. Of kaddi comes back, provide him the link I pasted before please.13:07
jubo2Smurphy: That 500GB had an UEFI boot sector13:07
jubo2till I smashed it to bithereens with Gparted lol13:08
BluesKajjubo2, using legacy mode and secure boot disabled?13:12
jubo2BluesKaj: uhh.. wut?13:13
BluesKajin your urfi/bios13:14
BluesKajuefi even13:14
jubo2The 500GiB disk that woulnd't boot eventhough Acronis said it would but that wasn't anything a 'sudo apt install lilo' and 'sudo lilo /dev/sdc -M mbr' wouldn't fix13:15
jubo2BluesKaj: I don't think I've seen such settings in the BIOS13:15
BluesKajI'm curious about how other users handle booting after wiping the uefi  boot partition13:15
jubo2that machine is weird.. It's a 2011 1st generation i513:16
jubo2When in Kubuntu it burns the chip off13:16
BluesKajI just letkubuntu ubiquity do it's thing and install grub13:16
jubo2When in Windows it slows the clock to 1-1.5GHz13:16
jubo2no sorrly 1.5-2.013:16
jubo2and does not overheat13:17
BluesKajnm, we're not even on the same page13:17
jubo2also in Windows the readings are by an order of magnitude less volatile13:17
jubo2something fishy in mi HW or microcode or somewhere13:17
jubo2** the temperature13:18
jubo2the sensor does crazy in Kubuntu and causes overheat shutdown now and then13:18
* BluesKaj shrugs13:18
jubo2in Windows the temp fluxes like 2-3C13:18
jubo2they prlly just mellow it out algorithmically13:19
BluesKajis there a question in there ?13:19
jubo2but the 15-20C variance in matter of few seconds without noticeable change in CPU load or current clock speed13:20
jubo2vs 2-3C variance in the Windows readings13:20
BluesKajguess not  :-)13:20
jubo2BluesKaj: I should prlly write about this in mah http://juboblo.gr13:20
jubo2the case is so bizarre13:21
jubo2and annoying13:21
jubo2and fixable13:21
jubo2silicon paste is 4.90€ / syringe13:21
jubo2400ml pressured air can is 5.90€13:21
jubo2and I gotta go to the HW store to get mi mum's RAM13:21
BluesKajwell, this isn't your personal blog for musings and thoughts , if that's what you mean , jubo213:22
jubo2so I get all on same trip13:22
jubo2BluesKaj: yeah13:22
jubo2not irc material13:22
jubo2BluesKaj: You want question?13:22
BluesKajthis is Kubuntu support iirc13:22
jubo2BluesKaj: Why does my Kubuntu15.10 GNU/Linukka burn the chip at ~ 90C ~ 2.0-2.5Ghz operating speed causing emergency shutdown because of temperature because the readings viewed in Psensor may flux 15-20C somewhat interdependent of CPU load. Windows 7 keeps the CPU ~ 1.5-2.0GHz quite independent from the load and the temps are in the acceptable ~ 70C zone with only 2-4C variance in the readings13:26
jubo2Dear #kubuntu, what is this?13:27
jubo2Psensor is a copyleft program 'sudo apt install psensor'13:30
jubo2Core Temp is a Windows program and reports real time temp sensor data ( prlly algorithmically smoothed but much more stable ) and real time CPU frequency13:30
lordievaderGood afternoon.13:30
jubo2with these I have been able to cross examine the behaviour of the various operating systems13:31
jubo2G'afternoon lordievader13:31
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BluesKajjubo2, dunno but have you cleaned your cpu geatsink and fins lately?13:38
lordievadero/ How are you guys doing?14:00
Smurphyjubo2: If there is a UEFI/EFI Partition on the disk, install refind - it can boot directly from the Ubuntu kernels.14:21
Smurphyapt-get  install refind - but make sure the efi disk is mounted.14:22
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pat_rickhey all15:24
pat_rickI've got trouble getting video hardware acceleration to work on Kubuntu 15.10 when using fglrx15:25
pat_rickusing the packages from the official repositories, vainfo reports an error15:25
pat_rickusing the packages from the AMD site (which are a bit newer), vainfo looks ok, but whenever I play a hd video on youtube all I see is a green video15:26
pat_rickas in, the entire video is green when I switch to hd15:27
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pat_rickhey all16:16
pat_rickI've got trouble getting video hardware acceleration to work on Kubuntu 15.10 when using fglrx16:16
pat_rickusing the packages from the official repositories, vainfo reports an error16:16
pat_ricksing the packages from the AMD site (which are a bit newer), vainfo looks ok, but whenever I play a hd video on youtube all I see is a green video16:17
pat_rickas in, the entire video is green when I switch to hd16:17
hmeineHi, since the update from 15.04 to 15.10 I am missing *kdesvn* (not available in muon, no up-to-date online information about packages).  I did not find any sign that it is abandoned or so, so can anybody here point me to how to get it?16:22
lordievader!info kdesvn16:24
ubottuPackage kdesvn does not exist in wily16:24
lordievader!info kdesvn vivid16:24
ubottuPackage kdesvn does not exist in vivid16:24
lordievaderhmeine: According to [1] 14.04 was the last version with kdesvn. [1] https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdesvn16:25
hmeinelordievader: thanks a lot. apparently, nobody here heard about its fate either. :-(16:33
lordievaderhmeine: I suppose you could compile it from source.16:33
hmeinethe link is useful, though - thanks16:33
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hmeineyes, I could.  I just wonder about it – I thought it was one of the most important projects within kdesdk16:34
hmeine(along kdbg and kdevelop, I guess)16:34
hmeineand one of the best SVN GUIs for Linux16:34
hmeineI'll ask in #kde16:35
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patrick__hey all17:39
patrick__I've got trouble getting video hardware acceleration to work on Kubuntu 15.10 when using fglrx17:39
patrick__using the packages from the official repositories, vainfo reports an error17:39
patrick__using the packages from the AMD site (which are a bit newer), vainfo looks ok, but whenever I play a hd video on youtube all I see is a green video17:39
patrick__ as in, the entire video is green when I switch to hd17:39
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thesola10Oh hi17:57
elliot_I have a question17:58
elliot_rss install ?17:59
elliot_How to inaugurati17:59
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krytarik!details | elliot_18:05
ubottuelliot_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:05
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patrick__hey all19:26
patrick__I've got trouble getting video hardware acceleration to work on Kubuntu 15.10 when using fglrx19:26
patrick__using the packages from the official repositories, vainfo reports an error19:26
patrick__using the packages from the AMD site (which are a bit newer), vainfo looks ok, but whenever I play a hd video on youtube all I see is a green video19:26
patrick__as in, the entire video is green when I switch to hd19:26
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lordievaderpatrick__: Is the driver loaded?19:34
patrick__lordievader: fglrx is loaded, yes19:38
lordievaderWhat happens when you disable the graphics acceleration for your video player?19:39
patrick__almost everything seems to work, with the exception of video acceleration and blender refusing to acknowledge my GPU as an OpenCL device19:39
patrick__lordievader: no change in firefox or vlc19:44
patrick__interestingly vlc cpu usage is relatively low even for an hd movie19:44
patrick__might be the source material, though19:45
lordievaderHmm, does this happen to be a hybrid system?19:46
lordievaderpatrick__: Could you pastebin the output of glxinfo?19:51
patrick__lordievader: have fun https://paste.kde.org/poxr7qaic19:56
lordievaderpatrick__: That looks alright. Not really sure what is causing the green screens, etc.19:59
patrick__lordievader: yeah, me neither, as I said, I suspect the video hw acceleration20:03
patrick__vainfo reports an error with fglrx(-updates) from the repositories20:03
patrick__the green videos only happen with fglrx from amd.com though20:04
patrick__if nothing helps, I guess I could go back to radeonsi20:04
patrick__fglrx isn't really good enough for most games anyway20:04
lordievaderDoes the driver load when using the one from the repo?20:04
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lordievaderHmm.... Not really sure what this mean. What model card do you have anyways?20:05
patrick__both the amd one and the repo one work with the exception of the video thing20:05
patrick__7850 w 2gb20:05
heinkel_111patrick__: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?69302-Graphics-card-driver-advice20:07
heinkel_111<--- not sure if this is relevant for you20:07
heinkel_111but take a look20:08
patrick__heinkel_111: unfortunately not, but thanks anyways!20:09
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r_riosHello. I just updated to Kubuntu 15.10, but Plasma won't start up. LightDM shows up, but it gets stuck at the splash screen23:37
r_riosGNOME runs just fine23:37
finetundraWhat backend should amarok be using?23:48
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