sergio-br2ugh, didn't work00:13
sergio-br2why it was working with gcc 4.9.2, but not with 4.9.300:13
sergio-br2damn launchpad01:06
sergio-br2damn apt01:11
sergio-br2I just installed the gcc for dolphin ppa, with 4.9.301:11
sergio-br2and i can't install the packages01:11
sergio-br2it asks to remove a bunch of packages01:11
sergio-br2or conflicts01:12
sergio-br2it's just a bug fix update 4.9.2 --> 4.9.301:13
sergio-br2never saw something like that01:13
sergio-br2why that didn't happened with 4.9.2, from the same toolchain ppa?01:18
sergio-br2ok, I just deleted the 4.9.301:21
sergio-br2it's possible to put the 4.9.2 again in the ppa right? (i deleted it too...)01:21
sergio-br2"You should not attempt to use deletion requests to re-upload the same source version with different contents, as this is still prevented even after the content has been deleted. "01:50
sergio-br2oh man01:50
sergio-br2I really need to re-upload gcc 4.9.2 in that ppa01:50
sarnoldeven though the archive is very picky about that, _copying_ from one ppa to another ought to work01:51
sergio-br2can someone help me here?01:51
sarnoldit's building that it refuses to do01:51
sergio-br2I hope it works01:53
sergio-br2launchpad should be less pick about this01:53
sergio-br2yay seems it worke01:56
sergio-br2thanks sarnold01:59
sarnoldthe 4.9.2 copies?02:05
sarnoldis your build underway? o rjust the copy worked? heh02:05
sergio-br2yeah, it copied02:09
sergio-br2it's pending yet02:09
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morphisI am currently trying to register a launchpad project with the name 'wds', however I always get from launchpad "wds is already used by another project"10:05
morphisI've searched for a project with the name 'wds' on launchpad but couldn't find one10:05
morphiseven the url https://launchpad.net/wds is not used by anything10:06
morphisthere is also no source package with that name either in debian or ubuntu10:06
morphisanyone has an idea what else could it be?10:06
cjwatsonwxl: Launchpad has private branches, but it's a paid commercial feature.11:02
cjwatsonmorphis: It's an old inactive project.  File a question on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad explaining the situation and we'll see what we can do.11:04
cjwatsonmorphis: (i.e. it is used, you just can't see it)11:04
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morphiscjwatson: thanks, will do that11:39
Odd_BlokeSo I'm trying to create OAuth configuration to put on a Jenkins system, but passing consumer_name to Launchpad.login_with doesn't seem to stop it using "System-wide: Ubuntu (<my local hostname>)" as the consumer.11:52
Odd_BlokeI also don't want to run it on the system in question, because we'll use the same credentials across multiple slaves, and having a specific hostname there will probably lead to confusion.11:53
Odd_BlokeHmm, looking at the launchpadlib code, I don't have much choice in the matter.11:58
Odd_BlokeUnless I want to delve in to the API more than I want to.11:58
cjwatsonIt has to be a subclass of lazr.restfulclient.authorize.oauth.Consumer, I believe, not just a string.12:01
cjwatsonEr, an instance of, I mean.12:02
cjwatsonConsumer("Your consumer name", application_name="Your application name") should do; you can leave out application_name if it's fine for it to be the same as the consumer name.12:03
cjwatson(application_name goes in User-Agent)12:03
cjwatsonI don't know the OAuth stuff very well, but this doesn't seem to be very much delving into the API.12:03
Odd_Blokecjwatson: Aha: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lazr-developers/launchpadlib/trunk/view/head:/src/launchpadlib/credentials.py#L61512:13
Odd_BlokeSo I'll just do a system-wide integration on one of the slaves and live with the potential confusion.12:15
cjwatsonOdd_Bloke: Ah, true, you'd need to pass an authorization_engine, which gets a bit more complicated.12:25
* xnox recalls there were two types of tokens "system-wide" and "ad-hoc" one. With one type, one gets to set time limits, with the other one access permissions (e.g. read-only, write, write-private, etc.)12:31
xnoxand it did depend on the magic consumer name.12:31
* xnox is sure i have used straight oauthlib before to get both types of launchpad tokens, bypassing launchpadlib. (when i was trying to write a minimal wadlwalker in python3, instead of porting launchpadlib to python3)12:32
cjwatsonProbably a bit much for what Odd_Bloke is trying to do.12:33
HeOSHello! Could you help us with the problem:  we want to get information from LP by the link: https://launchpad.net/fuel/+milestone/8.0. But we see only 'Timeout error' instead data. Why it happens?14:14
cjwatsonHeOS: Do you have an OOPS ID?14:54
HeOScjwatson, sorry, I closed that tab. :(14:55
HeOSI'm going to open it again.14:56
HeOScjwatson, (Error ID: OOPS-a6e1220cbc8ffb650971d176846a10b1)14:56
cjwatsonBe with you as soon as I can - having difficulty getting oops.canonical.com to answer me just now.15:03
cjwatsonIn the meantime you could perhaps get equivalent information using the API.15:04
HeOScjwatson, yes, I can, but not all members from my team can do it too unfortunately.15:18
cjwatsonHeOS: I understand.  Unfortunately the OOPS must be absolutely gigantic as I can't get it to load at all here15:25
cjwatsonOh wait, it *just* did15:25
cjwatsonHeOS: I've filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1520281 as a starting point15:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1520281 in Launchpad itself "Milestone:+index times out with enormous XRef query" [Critical,Triaged]15:34
HeOScjwatson, great thanks!15:39
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thopiekarHey, I started two days ago a recipe build, which takes a long time, and it normally takes 19hours, but stopped after 9hours. For me it is not a problem if you stop my builds. But is there time in a week where armhf is almost idle? Maybe on weekends? I also wonder why you stopped the build, because the quere for armhf was empty most of the time (just interested).16:34
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HeOScjwatson, btw, who should fix that bug?16:36
cjwatsonHeOS: I'm working on it16:39
cjwatsonthopiekar: As far as I'm aware, we didn't manually stop it, it must have crashed16:39
cjwatsonthopiekar: Feel free to retry that16:39
cjwatsonthopiekar: (That sort of "failed but no build log" is a symptom of the buildd crashing for whatever reason; we can look into it if it's reproducible)16:41
HeOScjwatson, thanks. :)16:42
cjwatsonthopiekar: virtualised armhf builds are in fact run on x86 builders with qemu-user-static emulation to execute armhf binaries - not very reliable, best we can do just for the moment16:42
thopiekarcjwatson: Ok, thanks. I just remember that you already contacted me in the past because of other build of other projects which were wasting your build time. And whenever it is possible and needed I will trigger builds less as possible and tweak them as well :)16:43
cjwatsonthopiekar: I don't remember that, but it's probably less of a problem nowadays16:43
thopiekarcjwatson: I don't know much about arm64. But isn't it possible to run armhf, like i386 on amd64?16:43
cjwatsonthopiekar: That's the plan, but we're not there yet16:44
thopiekarOk, because I saw some arm64 builders ^^16:44
thopiekarcjwatson: Thank you for you feedback :)16:45
cjwatsonthopiekar: Right, we're working on those but there are some reliability problems in the infrastructure that we still need to investigate, and we'll need a kernel patch and a couple of other things to get their armhf emulation sufficiently accurate for us.16:45
thopiekarHow many of these builds do you allow me to run at once?16:46
cjwatsonthopiekar: It's not currently limited.  If we see you managing to take up a very significant fraction of the build farm on your own then we'll probably come and have a word :-)16:50
cjwatsonhttps://help.launchpad.net/PPATermsofUse applies16:51
thopiekarcjwatson: Ok, like we had in the past. Hope you are not counting :D16:52
cjwatsonthopiekar: It would normally only be if it causes complaints from other users.  Just remember it's a shared resource.16:52
thopiekarOf course. I just often don't notice that I take so much resources because many of me work is made by recipes. To be honest I use recipes for 99% of the packages. 1% of the packages are copied because I have missing dependencies :)16:54
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cjwatsonHeOS: I've pushed a fix for review, but it may not be reviewed+landed+deployed until next week, and it's non-trivial enough that I certainly want to get review for it18:12
HeOScjwatson, great work, thanks! We will wait merging of your request and implementing. :)18:15
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