Kiloshellooo africa06:54
Bilel_mkhey Kilos14:29
Kiloshi Bilel_mk craigzim14:34
Bilel_mkam new here :D14:35
Kilosyes welcome14:35
Kilosfeel free to hang here all the time14:35
craigzimhello Bilel_mk , Kilos14:35
Bilel_mksure thanks14:36
Bilel_mkhiya craigzim14:36
Bilel_mkwell Kilos I was invited here by Naeil14:36
craigzimHi Bilel_mk14:36
Kilosif you need help with any thing just atate what the prolem is and wait for someone to get to you14:36
craigzimwhere are you14:36
Bilel_mkcraigzim , i am from tunisia14:37
Kilosnaeil in tunisia?14:37
Kiloshot and dry hey craigzim14:39
Kiloswe in serious drought mode here in za14:39
craigzimdry here but maybe rain later14:40
Kilosmany cities are on water restrictions14:40
craigzimhere too not much so far14:40
KilosBilel_mk craigzim is in zimbabwe14:40
* Bilel_mk is swimming here xDD14:40
Bilel_mknice to meet u craigzim :D am from Tunisia14:41
craigzimI swim when I get home14:41
Bilel_mkKilos, hello! Sorry if i bather you ,did know from where can i download Ubuntu touch to my phone?18:12
Kilosoh my18:13
Kiloslook here18:14
Kiloshi Na3iL18:15
Na3iLhiyas Kilos Bilel_mk18:16
KilosQA google where to download ubuntu touch for cell18:16
QAKilos: "Install Ubuntu Touch - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install :: "Ubuntu on phones | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/phone :: "Touch/Devices - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices :: "Ubuntu on tablets | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet :: "How to install Ubuntu Touch on your Android phone or tablet - How ..." http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/linux/how-install-ubuntu-touch-image-3531970/…18:16
Bilel_mkKilos, thank's a lot18:16
Kilosyou guys must use the bot18:16
Kilosyou welcome18:16
Kiloshope you get it18:16
Na3iLQA, please need a coffee18:18
QANa3iL: Sorry...18:18
Na3iLhow can I ask for coffee Kilos :(18:18
KilosQA coffee on18:18
Na3iLIt is raining here, I can't go out18:18
* QA puts the kettle on18:18
Kilosif you want a mug type in QA coffee please18:19
Na3iLgot it :D18:20
KilosNa3iL ask quick she has it ready in 4 mins18:20
Na3iLQA, coffee please18:20
QANa3iL: Righto18:20
KilosQA are you a bot18:22
QAI am the Queen of bots Kilos18:22
QACoffee's ready for Kilos and Na3iL!18:22
KilosQA thanks18:23
QAKilos: no problemo18:23
Na3iLQA, thanks18:23
QAsure thing, Na3iL18:23
Kilosim not sure how much i have taught her yet18:23
KilosQA gracias18:23
QAKilos: What?18:23
KilosQA gracias18:25
QA¡de nada!18:25
Na3iLaw! it speaks espanish too, very impressed!18:25
KilosNa3iL you guys can teach her to speak your language18:26
Kilosyou type in QA whatever is <reply> answer18:26
melodieKilos ! How are you?18:51
melodiehi again20:00

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