snizzoappdevs are there any resources for migrating to uitk 1.3?00:22
snizzosome docs... links in release notes are broken00:22
ahayzensnizzo, the notes in bug 1508363 maybe useful00:24
ubot5bug 1508363 in Ubuntu Weather App "Coordinated migration to UITK 1.3" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150836300:24
snizzoahayzen: ok, yeah that's helpful. Is there a change list on what has been fixed for music hub api?00:25
snizzosorry for asking a lot, again :D00:26
ahayzenyou mean media-hub api ?00:26
snizzooh yes, sorry that one00:27
ahayzensnizzo, you could look at this http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/media-hub/stable/view/head:/debian/changelog00:27
ahayzennote if your asking about the background playlists stuff, that is still WIP00:28
snizzoah ok. Yeah, that was in my interest. Maybe some bugs were fixed in ota8 :) because I think removing a single track wasn't working00:29
ahayzenand there is also qtubuntu-media, qtmultimedia etc to watch00:29
ahayzensnizzo, ah yes that was a bit broken00:29
ahayzenit may be fixed *now* in the dev channel, but not the stable00:29
snizzook, no problem. It seems I'm going to implement along with stable development :)00:30
snizzosilly question: is there the possibility to try apps on a bq e4.5 simulated environment without owning the physical device?00:31
ahayzenwe are getting there though, the music-app is nearly working nicely :-)00:31
ahayzensnizzo, yeah there is a emulator00:31
snizzofor bq?00:31
ahayzenits a generic emulator IIRC00:31
ahayzensnizzo, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/sdk/tutorials/using-the-ubuntu-emulator/ maybe worth a read00:32
snizzoah ok. I have an e5 but some people contacted me for problems with e4.5 I can't reproduce (I know where the bugs are though)00:32
ahayzenprobably best to ask for logs etc00:33
ahayzenthen work out if they are the app or platform00:33
ahayzenjhodapp is your man for media-hub if you have issues :-)00:34
snizzoahayzen: usually the app path is always /home/phablet/.local/share/<appname> in every device?00:42
ahayzensnizzo, define app path ?00:43
ahayzenthats one of the places for storing stuff, eg IIRC our music app database is there00:44
snizzouhm... the path of a folder writable by an app00:44
ahayzenyou have ~/.cache/<appname> and ~/.config/<appname>00:44
ahayzenyeah those 300:44
snizzoyeah, is that standard?00:44
ahayzenyup, let me see if i can find the docs00:45
mcphailscroll down to the bit about "Runtime Environment"00:46
ahayzenah ! thanks mcphail00:46
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dholbachgood morning08:04
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popeybeuno, in the store, someone shared an app with me, and it says "You can find the package in the Ubuntu Store on your device" but I can't10:14
popeybeuno, the app is not approved yet, is that why?10:14
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beunopopey, the phone might not be authenticating all requests to the store yet (CPI being the key word)11:46
beunoalecu & co would know11:46
alecubeuno: popey: I understand that every request to cpi goes authenticated as of OTA-8 (as long as the user has authenticated on the phone, that is)11:48
alecubeuno: popey: let's ask dobey to confirm that.11:48
popeyI'm on a phone which is beyond ota-811:49
alecupopey: beuno: do you mind sharing some package with dobey and me, so we can check this?11:49
popeymcphail, ^11:50
popeyit's his package he shared with me11:50
alecubtw, this sounds like a thing we should add to the click scope testplan.11:51
mcphailpopey: do you have the link - I don't have access to it just now. Perfectly happy for it to be shared on a public channel11:54
alecupopey: any app would do, I think we've only added the signing, and have not properly tested sharing packages.11:54
popeythe link you gave me in pm mcphail ?11:54
mcphail"one link fits all" by the look of things11:55
popeydobey, ^ alecu ^11:55
* mcphail can't cut and paste as he is IRC'ing fromn his phone :)11:55
popeyfile a bug ;)11:55
popeyterminal does have copy :)11:56
popeybut yeah :)11:56
mcphailpopey: not in a shaky taxi, it doesn't11:56
popeyhaha :)11:56
davmor2popey: no need for a bug know issue11:56
popeyI love your dedication to irc11:56
popeydavmor2, I was kidding :)11:56
alecumcphail: thanks!11:57
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alecupopey: beuno: found out the issue: the click scope is asking the webclient to sign the url, but it's not passing it the credentials, so it's not being actually signed.14:54
alecuI expect we'll have this fixed by OTA-914:55
popeyexcellent, thanks alecu14:55
popey^ mcphail14:55
alecupopey: I've reopened the bug for this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/148386615:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1483866 in Canonical System Image "Requests to the package index are not oauth signed" [High,In progress]15:01
mcphailalecu: popey: cheers!15:02
snizzoappdevs : /home/phablet/.local/share/<appname> is automatically created at app installation?15:12
snizzoIf this isn't the case, is it possible to create the folder via app code?15:13
snizzoI'm having troubles because on BQ e5 the folder is automatically created, while in e4.5 this doesn't happen apparently15:14
mcphailsnizzo: as far as I know it is supposed to be created. If not, you can create it yourself15:15
snizzook, I'll let you know if I still can't create that folder. (on 4.5 it's not automatically created for my app)15:16
mcphailhmm. I can test later on a 4.5 if you want15:16
snizzomcphail: can you bypass payments? My app is not free15:17
mcphailsnizzo: if it isn't created, it is probably a bug. Thinking about it, I suspect the default apparmor profile wouldn't let you create it yourself15:17
mcphailsnizzo: not sure about the payments thing15:18
snizzoi can share a click package right?15:18
mcphailsnizzo: doesn't work to share from the store - see above converation :(15:19
snizzoahh ok. Well also via mail...15:19
mcphailsnizzo: yep - if it is small enough15:20
snizzo104k :D15:20
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snizzomcphail: is it possible that folder is not created due to "There has been a AppArmor denial for your application."?15:40
mcphailsnizzo: if the system doesn't create it, I'm not sure how your app is supposed to as your app cannot write to .local/share itself15:42
snizzoat the first run, my app was erroneously trying to write in places it can't write lie /sdcard/15:43
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mcphailsnizzo: my log - http://termbin.com/e1er15:48
mcphailsnizzo: cerainly looks as if it is looking in the wrong path15:49
snizzoproblem is, that click works perfectly on e5 because there's the folder /home/phablet/.local/share/com.ubuntu.developer.reavsoft.liveshuffle15:50
snizzocan you check if your device has that folder?15:50
mcphaildoesn't have it15:51
snizzothere is my problem (my main problem)15:52
snizzomy apparmor: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13515732/15:53
snizzomy manifest: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13515741/15:53
snizzoI could better isolate the problem by disabling parts of the app, but I don't own an e4.515:56
mcphailI'm not sure. Is it something to do with the appname? Probably doesn't make a difference but I name my apps as per the guidelines at https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/publish/packaging-click-apps/15:59
mcphailperhaps your way of naming confuses the install hooks?15:59
* mcphail is just guessing here15:59
snizzoit could. Well, I don't actually have better ideas...16:03
snizzotried to change name and reupload, following guidelines and on myapps web interface16:11
snizzo"The package name com.ubuntu.developer.reavsoft.livetouch is not valid. It can only contain dashes, numbers and lowercase ascii letters."16:11
snizzooh well16:12
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snizzoahayzen: are there cases in which an app at installation time doesn't have /home/phablet/.local/share/<appname> folder?17:13
ahayzenpossibly, not sure, usually something creates them for us IIRC17:14
ahayzeneg we just go Settings {} in QML and that makes the .config/<appname>/<appname>.conf maybe that creates the dir as well idk17:14
ahayzenpopey, didn't you have an issue with creating directories with something? And had to bundle mkdir ?17:15
popeyI bundled mkdir, mcphail bundled busybox in his17:15
popey(which is better)17:16
popeyso I will switch to that in future)17:16
snizzoahayzen: I have this app that only on bq e4.5 doesn't create /home/phablet/.local/share/<appname>17:19
snizzoon e5 and nexus 7 (latest devel) works17:19
ahayzeni'm not sure why that would be17:19
snizzoon e4.5 ota 8 doesn't. I've been lucky users sent emails instead of 1star ratings :)17:19
ahayzenyou would need the log files from the device17:19
snizzowhich file exactly shoud I ask for that is the most comprehensive?17:20
snizzohttp://termbin.com/e1er this is mcphail's log on e4.517:20
ahayzensnizzo, possibly the syslog for the period when the app is running, this will tell you of any apparmor denials17:22
snizzomcphail: ^^ you think I can bother you for this? :)17:23
JanCcan't you create a directory in the app itself instead of using mkdir?17:24
mcphailsnizzo: yep - can you give me 15 minutes and I'll have a look17:24
snizzoJanC: mm, I'm not using mkdir... I use the standard xdg data folder, but it's not existent (only in e4.5 and I have e5)17:25
mcphailsnizzo - couple of relevant lines - http://paste.ubuntu.com/13516969/17:46
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popeyAnyone know of a way to stop the phone from locking, from the command line?19:39
popeyI can stop the screen blanking/dimming, but dont know how to stop it locking19:40
davmor2popey: no way I don't think the lock is tied to the screen blank, so keeping the screen away stops it locking19:53
davmor2awake even19:54
popeydavmor2, might go looking for gsettings keys to poke20:25
davmor2popey: just remove your password that means it doesn't lock20:26
popeyno, i'm talking about the lock when idle20:27
davmor2popey: ah right with you unity8 guys might be able to help you more with that, don't know when they are back20:28
popeyi may have found it20:29
popeycom.ubuntu.touch.system activity-timeout20:29
popeyhm, that'll stop it locking, but on a fresh flash you get the lock screen, how do you bypass that I wonder20:30
popeyphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ gsettings get com.ubuntu.touch.system activity-timeout20:31
popeyuint32 020:31
popeyphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ gsettings get com.ubuntu.touch.system activity-timeout20:31
popeyuint32 6020:31
popeyyup, thats the one20:31
popeywondering how they do this in the lab20:37
popeyaha! https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg08825.html20:42
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snizzoahayzen: you got e4.5?23:26
ahayzensnizzo, nope, just a mako (nexus 4) :-/23:27
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snizzoahayzen: XDG app folders are created when the package is installed, or at the first run?23:56
ahayzeni don't know i'm afraid23:56
mcphailsnizzo: just home and going straight to bed so i'll have a look at the app tomorrow23:57
snizzomcphail: no problem at all23:58
snizzothank you a lot :)23:58

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