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bzoltanMirv:  would it be possible to push these MRs to the trunk? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/70506:56
Mirvbzoltan: in general we want to see it doesn't get stuck in proposed migration. train will do the merge in around 1h if there's no trouble.07:00
Mirvbzoltan: I mean, the forced merging needs to be an exception for some specific purpose, not a general rule.07:00
bzoltanMirv:  all right .. so it is not weeks07:00
Mirvbzoltan: nope, depends how many autopkgtests which I belive q-p-u has none, and if any of those have problems07:01
bzoltanMirv:  of course, no problem then, false request :) I can totaly wait an hour... the IDE build will start after that and will take 10 hours anyway07:01
Mirvbzoltan: ok, let's see. it's published in proposed 10 mins ago so we should know more within 30 mins07:01
bzoltanMirv:  in the meantime I join the autopilot QtC plugin to the train... ^07:11
Mirvbzoltan: ok!07:14
bzoltanMirv:  höhh... the qtcreator-plugin-autopilot does not exist in the archive ... so the CI train build failes ^ as it can not find the orig.tar.gz07:26
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Mirv_davmor2: could you have time at some point to do a bit of side-by-side comparison with your devices on silo 12 (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/QtTesting) with/without PPA? All known regressions are now pretty much fixed and I'm warming up to landing Qt 5.5 to xenial.10:01
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davmor2Mirv: no :P10:02
davmor2Mirv: I'll schedule it in somewhere I'm sure :)10:03
Mirvdavmor2: ok :D I can do without, I've tried to compare as much as I can by memorizing how bad it's on stock xenial and if it's any worse with 5.510:03
davmor2Mirv: xenial boots now at least :)10:04
Mirvdavmor2: let's see when you have time or if I should just land it when I'm happy with it10:07
Mirvjibel: do you want to dave to have a look before landing? just so that I know if to consider it a requirement or not10:08
MirvETA could be late next week during our sprint10:09
Mirvbefore holidays anyway10:10
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davmor2Mirv: I can probably have a look tomorrow or later today10:11
Mirvdavmor2: oh, ok10:15
jibelMirv, if there is no silo left to land in vivid, why not, but it is not a requirement for xenial and our plate is already full10:21
Mirvjibel: yes I can understand that. if davmor2 has a bit of time I appreciate a quick comparison but no priority10:26
sil2100Qt 5.5 yay \o/10:33
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jibelsil2100, Kaleo do you know if the gallery app approved yesterday has been published to the store?11:48
Kaleojibel, no clue11:48
Kaleojibel, bfiller is off for thanksgivign11:48
sil2100hm, I'm not aware of that11:49
sil2100Ah, today is turkey day in the US, right?11:49
jibelKaleo, yeah that's why I ask, it would have been nice to land it before he's off11:49
Kaleojibel, maybe he did, dunno11:49
jibelI don't tihnk he did. anyway now it'll wait11:50
jibelKaleo, regarding silo 48, the test plan has not been updated with the new options11:52
Kaleojibel, oh my11:52
Kaleojibel, good eye!11:52
davmor2jibel: I see camera, music, twitter and today scopes as updates on my dogfood so I'm gonna say he didn't11:52
Kaleojibel, doing it now11:54
robru___well that's just great12:02
Kaleojibel, the wiki is not letting me authenticate to paste the test :/12:06
jibelKaleo, uh, what type of access is required?12:07
Kaleojibel, just login to edit12:07
jibeljust an LP account?12:07
Kaleojibel, yes12:07
Kaleojibel, it's just broken12:07
Kaleojibel, :/12:07
Kaleojibel, hopefully it's  temporary12:07
jibelKaleo, it works here12:08
* jibel is not proposing to update the test plan ;)12:08
Kaleojibel, must be specific to my account for whatever reason12:08
Kaleojibel, I have the test here12:08
davmor2boiko_: I'm just looking at silo 35, the address-book-service test plan still talks about eds is that still used in addressbook?12:08
Kaleojibel, just want to paste it :)12:08
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Kaleojibel, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13514083/12:09
Kaleojibel, 4th attempt to login, still waiting12:09
Kaleojibel, AH AH12:09
boikodavmor2: I have no idea, renato or bfiller might know it better, but I think it is still used, I think only syncevolution got dropper12:09
jibelrobru___, I'm sure testing IRC clients at 4AM is really great :P12:09
Kaleojibel, working !12:09
davmor2boiko: ah thanks12:09
robrujibel, what else would I do at 4AM? you want me to break the train instead? ;-)12:09
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jibelrobru, well, 4AM is still time to socialize or sleep12:10
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Kaleojibel, one test added, other one coming up12:12
jibelKaleo, add a comment on the card once it's done, and we'll unblock it12:12
Kaleojibel, ok, thanks12:13
Mirvpopey: I wonder if you can get http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/dropping-letters-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/com.ubuntu.dropping-letters_0. to the store? see https://code.launchpad.net/~dropping-letters-devs/dropping-letters/trunk (four lines removed)12:51
popeyooh, that landed finally?12:52
popeySure will!12:52
Mirvpopey: ok, thanks! what about the clock? rev 411 would have its similar part done https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/trunk . I don't see a .click successfully built anywhere however. but it seems the UITK 1.3 is still in a separate branch so I guess it wouldn't be conflicting.12:53
Mirvpopey: that said, I can't set alarms on xenial anyway so right at the moment it's no difference...12:53
popeythey moved to https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/12:53
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popeywill take a look12:54
popeyi cant get to s-jenins12:54
Mirvpopey: ok I don't see other than branch builds there12:57
Mirvpopey: what about https://private-fileshare.canonical.com/~tjyrinki/droppingletters/com.ubuntu.dropping-letters_0. ?12:57
Mirvpopey: it tries to build clock too in s-jenkins but fails with /trunk_dir/backend/modules/Alarm/sound.cpp:27:56: error: 'AppDataLocation' is not a member of 'QStandardPaths'12:58
Mirvbut in that job there hasn't been a successful clock build for at least three months12:59
Mirvheh, sudo pbuilder --execute --basetgz /var/cache/pbuilder/utopic-armhf.tgz --bindmounts out -- click_build.sh13:00
Mirvsudo pbuilder --execute --basetgz /var/cache/pbuilder/utopic-armhf.tgz --bindmounts out -- click_build.sh13:01
Mirvmaybe it's that outdated clock job, I try commenting out and modifying to be more like the dropping letters job13:01
popeyDon't worry, I can build fine13:01
popeyIt's just that I cant see that server13:02
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Mirvdavmor2: FYI tested citrain on 12 which I claim to be problematic on QtTesting page. it seems to work (thanks to the recent fixes in the citrain tool) but I needed additional rm -rf ~/.cache/QML/Apps/ via adb shell still before it booted properly up13:21
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jibelKaleo, it seems that the shutter sound option doesn't work, if I turn it off I still hear the sound13:54
ogra_you're just holding it wrong13:57
ogra_(just hold it in a way that your finger covers the speaker and it will work ;) )13:58
Kaleojibel, hmmmm, I'm going to guess it's a security thing and I tested in debug mode14:01
Kaleonerochiaro, ^14:01
nerochiaroKaleo: jibel: what do you mean with debug mode ?14:04
Kaleonerochiaro, forget what I said about that14:04
Kaleonerochiaro, can you verify again that your code works?14:04
nerochiaroKaleo: sure14:04
jibelKaleo, I removed the pre-installed click, installed the new one, and rebooted, then played with the camera14:04
nerochiarojibel: if you restart the app, does it change anything ?14:04
Kaleonerochiaro, does it not work the very first time?14:05
Kaleonerochiaro, maybe gsettings key not there yet?14:05
jibelnerochiaro, no restarting the camera with shutter sound off, or restarting the device then the camera doesn't change anything14:06
nerochiaroKaleo: that's my thinking (though it is not a gconf key, it is a QSettings key). let's see what jibel says14:06
jibelsound is still playing14:06
nerochiaroKaleo: jibel: ok, i will look into it some more14:06
jibeland the QML cache seems to be broken too btw14:06
nerochiarojibel: krillin ?14:06
jibelnerochiaro, yes krillin 18914:06
Kaleojibel, QML cache?14:07
Kaleojibel, nothing to do with the camera right? :)à14:07
jibelKaleo, no nothing14:07
Kaleook :)14:07
jibelKaleo, I was just checking if the cache from previous version could confuse the app14:08
jibelKaleo, but there was none for the camera14:08
Kaleothat's bad14:08
Kaleovery bad14:08
Kaleounless you never ran the previous version?14:08
jibelKaleo, it seems to be cleared on boot14:08
Kaleoah I heard something like that before14:08
jibelKaleo, I tried with the gallery too, verify that there is a cache, reboot, and then .... nothing14:09
seb128it's on purpose I think14:09
jibelwe already had such regression last cycle but I think it had been fixed14:09
seb128don't remember the details, but it ensures there is no stalled buggy cache or at least that reboot fixes issues with those14:10
jibelseb128, is the a bug or a reference somewhere?14:10
jibelhm, okay14:10
seb128could also be that it ensures caches are rebuilt after a qt update14:10
jibelseb128, ah no it was bug 1500372, cache was cleared on stop not reboot, clearing it on boot is fine I suppose14:12
ubot5bug 1500372 in QtMir "QML cache always being deleted on app stop" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150037214:12
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mardyjibel: I see that you marked bug 1418090 as committed, but according to https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/614 the silo is still under QA14:24
ubot5bug 1418090 in webapps-sprint "Layout problem with a password prompt dialog" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141809014:24
mardyjibel: just wondering if it was a mistake14:24
jibelmardy, let me check14:30
jibelmardy, it is fixed in  ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (0.7+15.04.20151120-0ubuntu1)  published yesterday which should be on today's image14:32
jibelaccording to the changelog14:32
jibelmardy, and this is the version on krillin rc-porposed 18914:33
jibeltrainguards do you know why https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/614 is not set to landed while the package is in the archive?14:34
sil2100jibel: because the xenial package is still in -proposed14:35
sil2100Autopkgtests are failing14:35
jibelsil2100, ack14:35
jibelmardy, ^14:35
sil2100Failing autopkgtests are making me a saad panda14:35
mardysil2100, jibel: did you just do something to that ticket? Before, it was not telling me about this problem; it was in "Ready for QA" state, that's why I was asking14:36
sil2100No, I just looked at it14:36
jibelme too14:37
mardysil2100: weird. Anyway, in this case anyway the autopkgtests have a good reason to fail: I forgot to update them according to the latest changes14:38
mardysil2100: what should I do now? Fix them in the same branch, or something else?14:39
sil2100mardy: you can fix them and re-release the same silo14:39
mardysil2100: excellent, thanks14:39
rvrbrendand: charles: Silo 27 approved14:54
rvrjgdx: Do you know how to reproduce crash on silo 39?14:56
jgdxrvr, I think so.14:56
jgdxrvr, let me produce some steps14:58
jgdxrvr, 1. Select worst data connection (cellular/bad wifi). 2. Open System Settings -> Updates 3. As soon as you've pressed the updates icon in System Settings, enable Flight Mode from the indicators.15:00
rvrjgdx: Thanks, I'll try15:01
mardysil2100: about this error: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-058-1-build/17/console16:03
mardysil2100: does it mean that I should take the published package and apply the same changes to trunk?16:03
sil2100mardy: so that's the version that is blocked in proposed, right?16:04
mardysil2100: exactly16:04
sil2100mardy: if that's the version and you're using the very same silo for re-releasing, then just use the force_rebuild flag16:04
mardysil2100: if I sync that to trunk, there's nothing left to merge...16:04
mardysil2100: ah, perfect16:05
sil2100mardy: since you'll be re-releasing with some new changes on top :)16:05
tvosssil2100, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/227692032/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-ppc64el.trust-store_2.0.0%2B15.04.20151126-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz16:14
tvosssil2100, seems like a ppc64el hiccup, do I just retrigger?16:14
sil2100tvoss: what silo is it?16:18
tvosssil2100, 4716:18
sil2100tvoss: it *might* be a hiccup, or an issue with the system on ppc64el - retriggering in the meantime16:20
sil2100tvoss: yeah, looks good now16:24
sil2100jibel, davmor2, robru: anything to discuss on the landing meeting?16:25
jibelsil2100, not really16:25
davmor2sil2100: well there is congratulating a new core dev and more important seeing cats but other than that not really16:25
tvosssil2100, thanks16:28
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cjwatsontvoss,sil2100: Just a hiccup, there are some known guest memory corruption issues *hides* but fortunately they're quite rare.16:53
* tvoss notes that mentioning ppc64el is a very good way for calling out to cjwatson :)16:53
tvosscjwatson, thx :)16:53
cjwatsontvoss: More that I tend to look into hiccups people report with Launchpad :)16:54
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