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Unit193https://launchpadlibrarian.net/227646343/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-i386.sqlitestudio_3.0.7-0vanir1~16.04_BUILDING.txt.gz  Ouch, nice failure there. :302:40
Unit193(Temporary failure resolving 'ftpmaster.internal')02:47
sarnoldUnit193: thanks, I've poked the IS staff02:51
sarnoldUnit193: did you retry the build? any luck with that?02:55
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Unit193sarnold: Of course, and yeah built fine.  Thanks, I was just commenting, I didn't think it was worth poking people about. :303:06
sarnoldUnit193: dunno, sometimes little things can indicate problems looming :)03:07
sarnoldUnit193: thanks03:07
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Unit193http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/11/23/%23ubuntu-devel.html#t22:44 Knew I'd seen it before.03:08
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pittiGood morning07:12
pittistgraber: yes, that's definitively planned, just a prio-3 work item; but Laney might beat me to it07:13
pittistgraber: and yes, lxcfs regression :)07:13
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dholbachgood morning08:04
seb128lamont, hey, saw my comment/question on bug #1519518?08:08
ubottubug 1519518 in gconf (Ubuntu) "gsettings-schema-convert has syntax errors" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151951808:08
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morphiscking: ping11:39
ckingmorphis, yep11:40
morphiscking: I am currently fighting against a suspend problem on the MX 4 phone and awe suggested talking to you about this11:40
morphisits https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/150524111:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1505241 in bluez (Ubuntu) "Phone does not suspend" [High,In progress]11:40
ckingok, MT662x waking it up I see11:42
morphisbasically I am searching for good ways to track this one done11:42
morphisas it seems to take quite a long time to occur11:42
morphiscking: should I give you a bit more background on what is going on and when this one first occured?11:43
ckingmorphis, I'm currently trying to debug an ext4 encryption bug, and my manager did inform pat mcgowan that we need to book in my time to look at these kind of phone bugs11:44
ckingsorry about that, I'm currently way overbooked on time11:46
morphisogasawara is your manager, right?11:46
ckingget pat to raise it with leann if it's a priority, yep11:46
morphiscking: basically I just wanted some tips how to tackle this one the best way rather than active help11:47
ckingsure, ok, well, I'd suggest actually adding debug into the kernel to see what's causing the lock11:48
ckinge.g. where it's coming from, when and why, gathering lots of debug info so one can see if one can spot a trend11:48
ckingbut that's all I can suggest w/o deeper diving, which takes time11:49
morphisok, thanks for that!11:50
morphisthat was a thing I am already doing, so let me continue with that11:50
ckingunfortunately it is a "gather loads of data and try to spot what's going wrong over time" kinda bug11:50
morphisbut lets see what I find11:55
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lamontseb128: I didn't.  looking14:50
lamontseb128: I only changed what it complained about as I iterated through it.  Ultimately, I tried smashing it back to python2, and the package I was actually working on didn't seem to fix the problem in the 3rd thing that I was actually trying to solve.14:53
seb128lamont, I tried, it complained about the exceptions but the str() didn't seem needed/it wasn't complaining about it14:54
seb128do you remember what error you had?14:54
lamontseb128: not at all14:54
seb128k, thanks14:54
seb128I might just not include it and wait for the next report :p14:55
lamonttrying to build ibus_1.5.11 (I think there's a copy in my ppa)14:55
lamontwfm :D14:55
seb128why do you need the new ibus?14:55
* lamont also didn't check the package for other py3 issues14:55
lamontpycharm hates the old ibus which hates gconf14:56
seb128how hate?14:57
seb128is that on 15.10?14:57
lamontbecause of crazy14:57
seb128oh, we still don't have .1114:57
seb128what is happyaron doing? ;-)14:57
seb128https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus/+bug/1512956 btw14:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1512956 in ibus (Ubuntu) "Update IBus to 1.5.11 on Wily" [Wishlist,In progress]14:57
lamontwell, I think I did the merge into my ppa :D14:57
seb128happyaron, ^ could you have a look to that?14:57
lamontotoh, it was pretty much a "smash it with a hammer until it fits" merge, without much attention to accuracy14:58
lamonttjaalton: if today's turkey doesn't put me into a vegetative state, I'll be working on bind9.1015:00
lamont-backports defaults to pinned low?  kewl15:01
lamontseb 1518118 would be related to 151295615:07
lamontas in near-duplicate15:08
seb128lamont, right, it was closed as duplicate15:14
seb128seems happyaron is on it, he did the update in Debian15:14
seb128so I guess it's a matter of merging/landing to Ubuntu now15:14
lamontyeah, which my ppa package might actually have done15:15
lamontit's ftbfs in the ppa, because of gconf215:15
lamontfeel free to grab that for your gconf2 testing fun15:15
seb128I'm not even sure why ibus is still doing schemas conversion15:21
seb128gconf is deprecated for years, it should ship a gsettings schemas and that's it15:22
tjaaltonlamont: wow, great to hear :)15:26
ogra_[FAILED] Failed to start Create Volatile Files and Directories.15:40
ogra_pitti, could we make that respect an existing mtab link on readonly filesystems ? ^^^15:40
pittiogra_: oh, it's failing to create /etc/mtab?15:42
pittiogra_: right, I think this should be quiesced; mind filing a but about it?15:42
ogra_we create the link at image build time because the rootfs is readonly15:42
pittibug too :)15:42
ogra_will do15:42
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juliankbdmurray_: I'll apply the patch for #1503979 as is upstream (+ gitified commit message), as I'm about to do a 1.1~beta1 release to match the APT 1.1 upload to unstable16:23
juliank+ the changes I mentioned16:23
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cjwatsonjamespage: Would it be possible for somebody to have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/charms/trusty/ubuntu-repository-cache/xz-indexes/+merge/277880 ?  The CI failures don't make any sense to me (testbed problems?), and it'll need a charmer to review and merge17:49
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mwhudsoni really must stop running apt-get source with sudo21:56
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